The King Of Fighters XV General Discussion Thread

Details about kofxv:

  • will be on the unreal engine
  • is scheduled for 2020
  • will apparently have better graphics than samurai shodown

This post will be updated upon the release of more information.


KOF !!!
This is it!

It’s roster time :stuck_out_tongue:

Teams I want/predict:

  • THREE TREASURES TEAM. Chizuru - Kyo - Iori
  • BENIMARU TEAM. Benimaru - Shingo - Moe Habana
  • ASH TEAM. Ash - Shen Woo - Elisabeth
  • EVIL TEAM. Duolon - Oswald - Malin
  • GAROU TEAM. Tizoc - Gato - Khushnood Butt
  • RESURRECTED OROCHI TEAM. Yashiro - Shermie - Chris
  • ART OF FIGHTING TEAM. Ryo - Robert - Takuma
  • FATAL FURY TEAM. Terry - Andy - Joe
  • WOMEN FIGHTERS TEAM. Yuri - Mai - King
  • IKARI WARRIORS TEAM. Ralf - Clark - Whip
  • K’ TEAM. K’ - Kula - Maxima
  • BURIKI ONE TEAM. Gai - Seo - Takato
  • BURIKI RIVALS TEAM. Silber - Rob Python - Jacques Ducalis

Hold a sec… I could actually prefer to be back at the FOUR CHARACTERS TEAMS :smiley: and bring in some more innovation to that ^^

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still will be hoping for krauser, kaiser wave!

would be interesting to have ratio match like in cvs2. but that wont make it in

I’m more curious as to the system mechanics. Runs, hops, rolls, and guard cancels are all but guaranteed. I assume wall splat on grounded to grounded CD will remain.

I’m very interested in how they’ll handle meter (max mode, quick max, super cancels, EX moves, etc). I hope one feature is all normals being special cancellable during max mode (for timer like 02um, not free like in XIII).

I doubt it’ll happen but maybe they’ll make this game a system select game I.E. advanced, extra, ultimate; or grooves; or isms; or power, speed, EX; or even infinity stones (IMO this is the worst example amongst these but it’s recent). I feel this is unlikely as most games seem to just have character variations instead of full system choices these days (if that).

If anything, I hope they reduce reliance on Max mode combos. Bring the game back more in line with the older games like 98.

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I see it as highly likely that a max mode will return in some shape or form. A quick max of some form will probably come back as well. To me it’s more how will they implement. I’d be fine with 98um style where it only shortens the recovery of the current attack and then standard max mode after but I see that as unlikely. I hope they find a satisfying balance but that feels like a tight medium to find.

The interesting thing to note about the kofxv reveal is the amount of hype for it compared to kofxiv. It says a lot about how well snk did with samurai shodown that kofxv would get the reception it did. This isn’t to say that kofxiv is awful or anything, but for all intents and purposes samurai shodown is the comeback game for snk.

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If it was for me, they can remove the roll mechanics. I think they became pretty useless in recent installments.

I would like them to radically alter the way KOF is played. 12 tried to do that but you know that was kind of an overthought over a product in crisis. But I’d really like to feel like I’m playing something fresh when playing KOF.

Also, I’d like them to revisit the strikers/tag concepts in new forms, creating something new and original with them. For start, I want teams with 4 characters and then add something like striker/tag systems and make them very dynamic, like it was in KOF 11.

As much as I’d like to see them do something different and just ditch the roman cancel system (we’ve had enough iterations of that already), I think they’re gonna keep it for XV seeing how much time they’ve given themselves to release samsho and this title

All I want, is a return to 98 style max mode where it just buffed damage and didn’t make for longer combos.

Also, dump EX moves while you’re at it.

What are you talking about? They already ditched Drive Cancels in XIV.


They kept super cancels. As far as I know those fit the definition of roman cancel very well. I could be wrong though.
Super cancel is what irked me most about XIV. It extended combos and made for easy confirm, simple (or rather easy), big damage combos that got abused to death.

I agree totally on dropping EX moves. They are a staple of Capcom fighters. I don’t like seeing them implemented in this franchise.

If you’re talking about Advanced Cancels (DM to SDM), then those are nothing like roman cancels at all. The only roman cancel-like mechanic the series has ever had is XIII’s drive cancels.

If you’re talking about Max Cancels, then those are something the series has had for some time now.

In any case, the cancels aren’t the problem in themselves. The issue with XIII and XIV is how HD/Max mode works in those games. XIII’s HD mode was basically SNK’s take on custom combos from A3/CvS2, (yes, 2002 had something similar with free cancelling, but XIII took it overboard). XIV was a return to the fundamentals of KoF, but in trying to retain a bit from XIII, used EX moves in Max as a way to extend combos.

Just make Max mode like in 98, where it was just a general 25% damage buff, then we should be fine. Especially if we have big damage off single hits like in 98.

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I was referring to canceling a special move into a super. But since you’ve mentioned them, yeah super xx super cancels are problematic in the same vein as special xx super or special xx special (HD combos).

I don’t think these are problematic at all. In fact, you want people to be able to get big damage by cashing out their meter. You want people to be able to take out other people quickly. A bit problem with XIII and XIV is how long it takes precisely because you have to do so much more (HD and Max mode combos) to do big damage.

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Meterless combos do around 20%-30% damage, not bad at all. If anything these fancy cancels are exactly why you’re under the impression of “needing to doing more”. Who wants to attempt 3+ mixup combos when they can just land a single combo that does more damage? Why learn these risky framekills and gimmicks when the game presents better options like fishing with st.D and os maxcencel it into hell?
It’s this mechanic (super cancel, etc) and the metagames revolving around it that give an incentive to cash out on meter on first rounds. afaik you don’t want to go to your last round with anything less than 3 bars. Otherwise, no party, you’re screwed.

In XIV’s case, players can afford doing one and two level combos because the game grants a lot more resources. The amount of meter you get to build in a single round by just blocking, taking hits, or losing a round is pretty generous. XIII is a little bit strict in that regard. Earlier games you don’t even get the chance to go all-out in a single opening, you would have to create/find another one.

Because you still need the ability to cash out meter to do big damage so that 3 v 1 situations don’t become super disadvantageous, especially if you’re going for a game with only 20-30% damage on meterless combos. Now if you had 40-50% meterless on the other hand, then that could be a different story altogether.

I’m curious to see how they’ll address all of this. If they stick with meter dependent combos then fine with me. I understand a year or two isn’t enough of a period to roll out drastic improvements. I just hope if they don’t go the classic route and decide to keep the cancels, they go back to 2002, either vanilla or um, type of gameplay. That’s the closest to what they already have

Nothing for KOF 25th anniversary?