The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match Thread

Well you probably know this already but if you didnt, this remake of KOF 2002 is coming to the PS2.

While were at it, let the discussion/hype begin!

KOF2k2 has 43 playable characters, hoping this one will add 7-10 more characters so we can have over 50+.

Which character that was missing from KOF2k2 you like the most to appear in this remake?

For me is Heidern…i like him in 98’ UM, but i like the '01 version better…I have a good feeling hes going to be in this game.

im excited simply on the presumption that if they follow the same method as 98um and add every nests char, lin and jhun will be in

If they bring foxy back and add diana id get it.

I want Heavy D! I like boxer characters so let’s put him in.

I hope they buff the gimped characters so the game is not as boring as regular 2k2. Making AAs not shit would be nice too. And they should make new music, because the original music is really fucking terrible.

If that give it a little of that balancing treatment like they did wtih 98UM. I’m fucking pre-ordering that shit.

Good point about 2k2 having terrible music. 2k3 got updated music in it’s PS2/Xbox release, but 2k2 didn’t and it really shows. 98 had good music though, so I guess they just sucked that year in the music department.

Any pics or something?
That’ll be good.

This is being shown at TGS along with 98UM XBLA and KOF XII.

if they bring back heavy d then lucky glauber should tag along too. to me he was the best kof character ever

Eolith was the problem. 2k1’s music was even more terrible, even if it’s hard to believe.

I don’t think D! will be in by the way, for some reason SNK never has two boxers in the same game.

make ramon god tier ;_;

Heidern should have never EVER stopped being a charge character. Whoever came up with the idea of him being a motion character in Eolith should be hunt down and shot. :mad:

^^Replace Heidern with 99/2000 Robert and I feel the same way.

And there hasn’t been anything released. No pics, no vids. So sit tight.

Heidern was fine as a non-charge character. Dunno why people freaked out about that.

Hopefully SNKP won’t take forever to release the game like they did with KOF98UM.

I’m wondering if they’ll make any changes to MAX mode.

Yeah, that stuff was awful. Sounded like someone farting in the bath. :rofl:

new music and better sound quality,new backgrounds(old ones sucked),new art(please for god sake) and smoothed graphics

nerf choi and billy kane

an indicator showing when you can use the HSDM would be nice