"The King is back!" Sagat Video Thread

Well I noticed there wasn’t one already so I wasn’t sure if you guys just didn’t want one or no one cared to make one (or I just flat out missed it)

Either way I have some matches of myself mainly for better Sagat players to critique my play. I watched these already and already made changes to my game but I would still like to hear some opinions if that’s cool with yall.




It’s probably best to watch them in HD since my recorder is HD x_x

question? why the lack of tiger knee’s? i must say by the video’s i would say your a better Sagat player then i and was wondering why you didn’t in these fights use any knees? other then that nice vids, i always love to see ken get his kicked!

I played that truehood guy earlier today lol

I would like to put up some videos of me, but no capping equipment. Maybe I should set upa camera and record it one day

Yea I started using the knee more but unless the opponent doesn’t know how to get around it I would use it more. He knows how to get away from the trap so I preferred to zone him. Which I’m still working on learning the range of my s.lk and m.Tiger Knee.

We need a video thread. I’d like a resource of watching Sagat videos besides SF Dojo.

What’s wrong with the dojo? I was just about to say go to the dojo and look there, otherwise, type in a pro player’s name in Youtube and watch some of theirs.

Zak starring in the UK Championship in which he won.

Sagat vs Ryu - Quarter Finals

Sagat vs Blanka - Semi Finals

Sagat vs Sagat/Sim - Finals

Zaks sagat is awesome, makes me realise how crap I am with him though!

how are you guys capping your videos? some more people need to share :wink:

I agree.

Your Sagat is trash :bgrin:

I have a HD PVR so I can record against any of my opponents :slight_smile:

@ quest2be1
nope :slight_smile:

we should get games in sometime :slight_smile:
I can record them. . . .someone will be put out there x_x

Sweet, nice capping device you got there. I’ll be sure to hit you up for some games bro. I better practice my fireball game :slight_smile:

If you have a nico account, 3 high level Sagats in this vid including Masatsugu and Mago. And might I say some SICK Sagat play from Mago.

Mago is @ 11:15

Is that a new thing with nicovideo? I never had to register before to watch videos. I found a cool website that would let me search the site in English.

I highly suggest you all get nico accounts. TRF ranbats are too good. This link will tell ya how.

Good link shoryu. Now I can register :slight_smile:

Nice vids Ninja. Question, at 2:00 of first video, that TU connects on what looks like Ken is trying to do a hk jump in to either a cr.mk or cr.lk, can this always be punished in this manner? Many Kens I face cant help but j.hk>cr.k .

No sh1t, good question neemo. Does that work pretty much all the ninja? I have been FA’ing the first part of the jump kick. For real nice sagat dude and I can tell I’m going to learn a thing or two from you. I like how you constantly keep sagat moving and your fireball game looks mad tough. Lastly, I added you.

I will look over the vid and make sure so I can remember what was going through my mind lol.

But for the most part I will attempt it if the jumping attack isn’t deep enough and I can sneak it in. Because usually you can’t interrupt a cr.lk but I think you can against cr.mk.

And I’m not mashing on SRK motion either I only do it once lol

Try to FA it next time. I find it pretty reliable for that move in particular. Lol at not mashing SRK, didn’t want to yell noob on that one eh? Online it’s worth doing it though because the hickups in timing exist.