Alright…All i gotta say is that ever since I came down here I have never seen so many Illans! SHIT IS RIDICULOUS!


Because i believe illan the 3rd is the revolutionist of all ironmans in the world!

Will the Illan army continue to multiply at an alarming rate at which the human race could go into extinction?!


Will the real Illan please STAND UP AND PUT AN END TO IT!!!?!?!?


PS- Illan_the 6321987654 from the year 2028 has came back through time to reunite a huge army of ILLANS!!!


hahahahahah…this shiit is funny

o shit illian the 3rd? any vids of this kid? always fun to see an iron man match

Yeah, especially if Iron Man is getting molly whopped. http://youtube.com/watch?v=t7Cq3UKc7Ok&feature=related
this Iron Man fuckin sucks. What a disgrace to be called Illan the 94359435903590. :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:

there arent any current vids of me at this time and the ones on youtube are about a year old and i have improved a lot with IM since then, but i think theres one of me vs clock jr that should be put up on youtube sometime this week!! and well… i had a shitty stick as u can see cuz i couldnt air dash/dash/fly/unfly consistantly!! so yea… nothing i could do about it

but ill try to get some recent ones and those wont be on a shitty stick i guarantee U!! :tup:

DAMN!!! U STILL BE TALKING SHIT EVEN after i stated to ur DUMBASSS that those vids were a year old!!! bitch u aint got no vids up so i wouldnt even be saying shit like “u suck” cuz ur bitch ass prolly sucks WORSE THEN ME !! and im just a “kid” :rofl: its always FUN to see someone talk shit and NOT back it up!!! shitt ill prolly OCV ur STUPID sooo called godlike team of chun/sent/rogue!! all it takes a launch and there ur done!! :lol:

Illan Jr is the next best think to Illan “the original”(IMO)

UMAD? fuckin little punk ass kid talkin all this shit. little dipshit. Man i bet if you played speedracer now, it would be the same shit like the vid i posted. He’d stomp a fuckin mud hole on your wangsta IM cuz you’re not that good. Post that vid where u play clock jr. I heard you got raped too, by commando. fuckin scrub. the next phat toi? lol get the fuck outta here with that shit. just for thinkin that, phat toi should slap you in the face. :nunchuck:






omg this dum nigga still talkin shiit:rofl::rofl::rofl:

yea, i know what u mean!!! hell i didnt even pick the name it was just given to me!! and i couldnt think of a name so i stuck with it!!

nah i aint mad!! cuz i aint someone who gets butthurt then says “stfu”!! :rofl: if i played speedracer NOW id WOOP on his ass and my IM could be dominating his sent cable storm!! just like i did at the last TOURNAMENT i went to and i RAPED HIM WITH PAD BITCH!!! and i bet ill RAPE U ON PADD TOO cuz U SUCK!! :lol: ur like a lost cause theres no point in trying to explain to u cuz ur that ignorant!! :arazz:

the next phat toi cuz this next phat toi is gonna RAPE U ON PaD!! :rofl:

lol wtf?? Sounds like a challenge. Illan 3rd vs Speedracer! Make that money!

Shut your bitch ass up. gtfo with your weak ass Sent. Since your sent is such a bitch, it should be downgraded to Iron Man, the true mini sent. Yeah you’re gonna say “still talking shit? still butthurt?” With that out of the way, what else you got to say to me bitch? Nothing cuz you’re a fuckin faggot that can’t come up with different things to say. Or is your boyfriend, i mean girlfriend, illan the 349590345903453940683434534^99999999 gonna come here to back you up like she always does? She does have a mouth, tell her to shut it before i do it for her =). It’s ok tho, you need smaller/younger women to fight your battles. Douche bag. hahahahahahaha you want sentinel lessons from finesse? i wouldnt blame ya cuz you fuckin suck. What’s next, you want magneto lessons from soo? hahhahahahaha fuckin faggot. :woot:
While you’re at it, your girlfriend should get some sent and IM lessons too. Since she has a big mouth, that mouth of hers would pay off both of your lesson fees. :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: :amazed:

Bitch you’re the one that’s dumb, you fucking dipshit. Go to school. :tup:

soo yeah!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

nobody knows wat ur talking about dude, SERIOUSLY!!! this is some funny shit!! :rofl:

dont TALK !!! PLAY!!! ill MM U and ill even do it ON PADD!!! :rofl: LMAO

I’m not gonna waste my time money matching garbage. I have more class and self respect then that. Go cry to your wangsta boyfriend gayfresh.

yo chunk, you should give gayotic_one some sentinel lessons and name him chunksta’s bitch so you can start the “my bitch evolution.” How dope would that be, having shitty marvel players as your bitch? I can see it already… Illan the 94539050950^345903453940 would be illan’s and phat toi’s bitch, gaywongsta would be Combofiend’s bitch, and gayotic one would be your bitch.

WOWEEE!!! LADIES AND GENTS it had been confirmed!! meGAYY is all TALK and NO ACTION!!! poor guy ranked out on a MM~~!! :rofl: if ur soo confident y not MM me? easy money, no?? oh wait thats right u dont wanna MM cuz ur TALK TALK TALK!!! and NO ACTION!! :lol:

We can play for money, but my minimum is at $50,000. If you ain’t got that type of money, don’t waste my fuckin time. Bitch

Hey whoa whoa how the hell did I get involved in this cough K-h-a-o-s cough LoL…

Illan 3rd: I think I gave you that name LoL…