yup u did!! but meGAYYY over here thinks i picked it!!!

thank u chunksta for opening this …

Haha this thread is funny. All I have to say is " Will the REAL Illan please stand up" lol. Please keep this friendly, afterall its only Marvel!

i agree lets keep it friendly

Illan 3rd: LoL, I remember that day. Hmm, ill think of another name for ya bro…

Illan: The true Illan just stood up. Props in your ranking at FFA…

sp33dracer: ill be waiting 4 that new name! Lol

Good shit Illan!

I need to come to socal again for more than just a week! I wanna playyyyy!!!

u sure u just wana play
:smokin: :smokin: :smokin: :smokin: