The IDAHO Thread

Looking for more players in Idaho. I know we have communities in Boise and Burley, but I was curious that maybe the SFIV surge brought in some new SRK members from Idaho.

And I thought I had it bad. Good luck, bro. SEEK THEM OUT!

I’m from idaho

Theres a fighting game community in Boise?!
I lived there for a couple months in the end of 06, and I never found a 3rd Strike machine to save my life!
Besides console, where is this community hiding in Boise?

Not much of a arcade scene in Boise, at least not one i have found. I do enjoy to play SF4 online though hit me up sometime.

hey we’ve got a pretty solid community going down in utah, i know its a trek but maybe we can plan some big events coming up. i was always wondering why i never saw anything for idaho on these boards, but they have utah posting in pacifc west. keep the search up and let us know if anything comes up


Idaho. . .you guys are pretty much Northern Utah. Check at the Pacific: North thread. We have a decent Utah thread and active community going.


Are you all willing to make drives to Missoula, MT? I’m gonna start something there in August/September. I like the sound of “Inland Northwest Ranbats”.

I am in Boise, as well as Toodles, and another good player named EyeDK.

I’m down for playing people in the area and a little out of the area. A 3 hour drive is about as far as I would drive on a monthly basis for comp but I could drive up to 5 hours for a big event if someone would be willing to off a floor to crash on.

Hey guys I’m gonna be in boise from utah this weekend if anyone wants to get some game on. Next saturday is huge event in slc if anyone wants to travel. Atleast 30+ GOOD players.

Boise people get with me

I am in Boise and have had some tourneys at my house. Looking to get the community together for a big one before evo. xbl is LottaMercy and email is if you interested

I think it’s tight that there’s even that many of you out in the boonies like that. How’d all you guys find this thread, do all you idaho-ites just lurk the forums until a topic like this comes along? I’m not trying to hate, I think it’s cool… just curious.

Good way to find competition hopefully. I know that there are good players here I just gotta find em

we are all hiding

You should do what I did bro. Go to the search and type in your town. It will find some of the people who list their real loc. It’s good to see others making a local scene. Best of luck acllaim!!!

Yeah…I actually wait until a random topic pops up then I make a post.

I do post in other areas where the GG threads are at, and arcade stick modding pages. Every now and then I do check the northwest forums to see if theres anything going on.

Players in Boise? I didn’t think it would happen for a bit. What games and characters are you guys playing? Lately I only play SF4 and I use Vega, Ken and about 6 other characters. Also, I play on a stick on the PS3

I have been focusing on sagat for a few months now. Dabble in ryu and blanka. Looking forward to learning one of the new guys, prob rufus. I play on a beautiful aiab stick (highly recomend, worth insane long wait). You don’t play on xbox at all eyedk?

Nah they play on PS3 so they can dodge me :encore: What is up Mercy we had some good games going on live. I am currently trying to learn how to take my Pad game to Stick atm and hopefully expand my game. On pad i will play Vega on stick i am currently playing Balrog (sellout i know). I can really play just about any character thought expect gen and c.viper.

Edit: Mechanica I wouldn’t call Boise the Boonies lol. For arcades maybe, but then thats a lot of places.