The "I Hate MvC3", "I Love MvC3", "I Hate MvC2", and "I Love MvC2" Thread

Do you hate MvC3?
Do you hate MvC2?
Do you love MvC3?
Do you love MvC2?

Post your rants here in this thread, because if you open a new one you’ll be infracted.

Figures you avoid mentioning TvC

Well this is the MVC3 subforum, not the TVC subforum.

Don’t be retarded. We have a TvC subforum. We have a MvC2 subforum too, but I closed 5 posts about hating mvc3 today. One topic with all the posts will be fine. If you want to love/hate on TvC, feel free to do it here.

i love mcv2. plz kick it old school like yall did with mega man 9 and make it a hip and happening 2d fighter. hah i wish.

ahem A poetry recital:

I hate MVC3, :encore:
I love MVC3.
I hate MVC3,
This thread was made for me!


We love MVC2,
We hate MVC2.
We love MVC2,
This thread was made for you!

I like how this thread is open

isn’t this technically a suggestion? so it belongs in the suggestion thread right? I like how you single out threads if they bash TvC but you’ll leave the TvC threads up. You should probably mod fairly instead of playing favorites for your shitty game. This thread has been riding for daysssssss by the way.

edit: TvC sucks!!!

oh wait this isn’t the TvC sucks thread, should I make one?

"Use the suggestions/guessing sticky thread if you really must behave this way."

I guess TvC controls are so important to mvc3 that it needs it own thread? because IMO, its clearly a suggestion but who’s really taking notes?

You guys really making Keits work on this subforum. XD
I don’t think he loves you. ;_;

I like MvC2
I like other games as well

It doesn’t matter to me if MvC3 turns out like MvC2 or not.
I’ll like it if it’s good.
I’ll hate it if it’s bad.
That is all.

It’s obvious Keits has a hard-on for Jun the Swan and boring ass games no one plays.

He likes to close threads that try and explain the mechanics of Marvel 2 in order to establish some middle ground for better discussion between new players and veterans, but he keeps that shit up. Someone make a “Petition for TvC character cameos” thread.

“What’s on your mind today, Keits?”

Why are you simplifying all of your fighters CAPCOM? Are human beings becoming progressively more stupid and lazy as time goes on?

Simplifying your games isn’t going to help newbs compete with vets. It doesn’t matter what fighting game it is, new players are going to eat it.

SFIV was supposed to be easier to get into (it is) however new players still get raped vs pros. The Marvel Vs series has always had the most demanding execution requirements.

Dumbing the controls down still isn’t going to help a newb think during a match. That’s the real problem. If you think Marvel is all mashing and infinites, you have no idea how ignorant you are. Pick Cable, Sentinel, and Storm against a vet, and mash your heart out. You’ll lose every game. Now, go home and learn some infinites, AHVB, Fast Fly, and put together a cohesive gameplan. You’ll still die. Why? Because a vet knows how to out think you and counter your BS.

Marvel isn’t random at all.

On Topic:

I am one of the few people who likes TvC. For people who just can’t hack it in Marvel, I can play this with them instead.

I don’t like scrubby ass TvC players though. Very few if any of them are genuinely knowledgeable about any other fighter, yet they feel they can comment on them.

I’m looking forward to MvC3. If they can take the best elements from both games and successfully fuse them together, then I am all for it.

It goes without saying that I love MvC2. Been playing since 2000.

How about they just put an easy mode for the scrubs and leave the regular mode for the good players, just like they did in mvc1 where they had an option for scrubs to choose between easy mode and regular mode. This way everyone is happy! the noobs get to mash buttons and get random hypers out while the pros get to play competitively.

"This game won’t be exactly like the last game, so it’s going to be awful by default.

Never mind that I know next to nothing about the game, never mind that this game is a SEQUEL and not a remake, I’m not gonna give it a chance becaus it’s not Marvel 2."

dont forget: “ONLY 30 characters? OMFG this game sucks!”

ive seen that a couple times now.

Keits is a TVC fanboy, you guys hurt his feelings.

The reason that people are bitching is because they basically said that MvC3 will be dumbed down right in the interview.
Saying “one button moves, Simple controls, and TvC” in the same interview is not a good first impression. Especially when the only way the
controls can get any simpler in MvC in if they add the TvC controls, limiting the game a hella lot. And what saddens me is that no matter how dumbed down this game will be, reviewers will praise it and influence sales. Nisuma needs to be fired from this project immediately.

I don’t mind change, it’s just that almost every suggestion I’ve seen made here is really bad.

Looks at Cyclop’s eye projectile thing and Sentinels Lazer

How exactly will we be able to tell if a 1 button move in Marvel was meant to be a special or not?
For all we know simplified controls also may simply be talking to the people used to stuff like qcfx2 or 720 supers, in other words it may be simplified in the way that Marvel controls already are. (Well either that or an EO mode, which whilst scrubby, is nothing new (CvS2 anyone?) and it’d never get used anywhere that matters anyway)

Hatin’ bad suggestions and hating a game that we have no info on yet are two different things. I completely understand.

I like TvC, but I agree that it’s probably not the way the Marvel series should be going. Four + Two will be enough for me.