The " I can't Kara Throw on pad!" Thread

Hey fellow ken users! ive been playing with ken on sf4 for a while. learning his normal move priorities, zoning strats, DP uses, etc. but the one thing i cant get used to is kara thrwing or canceling. my good friend dr.chaos can’t help cause i use a pad. :arazz: im getting a TE stick the 27th:rolleyes: until then, any tips? and yes, i’ve checked others threads for tips . ( found nothing)

It’s easy. Just kara with f+hk instead of mk. At worst you can map L2/LT to mk or grab since Ken doesn’t have a kick ultra you don’t need it anyways.

My L2 is broken so I disable it in game and use f+hk to kara and if I play with a kick ultra character then I just press the three kick buttons (thumb for LK and MK and index for HK).

F+HK? Hm never done that.

What I have is… I put grab to A. Or to light kick. No one really uses/I dont use standing light kick anyways. And you can just use cr. Light kicks easily. What this does is, your thumb covers Light kick + mid kick. So the only thing you have to do is kinda time it.

That makes it pretty easy for me.

Although tbh I can’t count on it with a pad to really come out 24/7 > : So I have to get a stick to. Ill try the F+HK though. Although isnt the point of kara canceling his f+mk/

hmm, well when I kara throw I have to play “claw”. My right thumb is on X and A, while my index is curled onto the B button :X It’s pretty uncomfortable, but i’m used to it from playing gears :X I dunno, that’s just what I have to deal with until I get a stick. :frowning:

Hm, I just found out Kara throwing goes very easy, After doing a cr. mp for some reason. I know its better on block or something [So thats good to use it for : D], but it seems my kara throw like…Gets easier when I do that. I have a 9/10 succes rate, while normally 4/10 or so. Maybe cause I already press forward to get closer after the then I just press B first then A. (I have throw to A, it helps)

I just hold my ps3 pad in the regular fashion without using a “claw”, and just use my right thumb to press the mk/lp+lk buttons… so forward on d-pad, then using the middle joint of the thumb to press mk and using the fingerprint area to press the lp+lk. I tend to have to move my wrist 45 deg. upwards though so my thumb is horiztonal across the 4 buttons area to do it or I find myself pressing mp (triangle) by accident.

Kara canceling is only to move you forward as you cancel into your special/grab giving it more range. A lot of the characters can kara cancel (all with different buttons) it’s just that Ken goes the furthest. His F+HK and F+MK have the same startup frames and both can be canceled. I think F+HK might be a little shorter on range but I’m not sure.

Yea I know the concept. But yea, as you said, I think Kens is the main kara thrower cause of his range of his F+Mk. Ill try Hk in training, but I dont think it gives that much range.

And I gotta thank you for making this thread other dude =D I just made my own kara set up, that seems to work 9-10/10 and im using a pad. I cant seem to do it with other random moves that consistently. but Cr. Mp, kara does wonders, and never seems to fail.

: D /happy that he got his first kara in the game.

Edit: @Crazed: Yea it works to =D Didn’t even realize that. But yea it has half the range/ 60% of a normal kara throw, so hm. I tested it in training mode. 1 full square.

F+HK Kara = 1/4 moving forward
F+MK kara = 2/4 moving forward

But its not THAT much of a differenc, but still about half the range of the F+Mk. But thanks for the tip dude…I have throw on A, so it doesn’t matter either way. But when I go back to default, and just do it like that man. Good tip, I hope the rest reads it. Although I think F+Mk is also saver, if you mess up it does a forward poke. While F+HK leaves you completely open and is pretty slow. And I dont know the frame data. I think F+MK kara is 5 frames before it hits.

Damn I learned a lot today O:

whats kara throw?

anyway i register to this forum jus to ask something but dammm this forum dont let me make thread without having 50 post. mannn i dont like forums that have restriction. should of been 10 post or something not 50. but im jus to ask and leave.

how do we do all-you-get without going all the way?

i see alot of player do all-you-get then quickly cancel while did hit the oponent. quickly recover from the all-you-get stance once hit an oponent.

how they do that?

ahhh! good advice but i truly think kara cancels orkara throws dont hinder my ken game at all. even on a pad, to be honest.

f + mk and then slide to lk+lp. Can’t get easier than that to explain

I map my throw button to a shoulder button to make it easier since the xbox controller feels very unforgiving. I try to not use a bumper because how awkward if feels hitting it but then on the other hand a trigger has a slight delay in the button press.

Yeah played at a friends house today and he played with my stick while I played with pad. The only thing I couldn’t do was kara throw and it messed up my game so bad. I even tried mapping the medium kick to left trigger, didnt wanna put it on the bumper cause I use that for ultra.

I wouldn’t play around with teh controlls on Pad to much. But that’s just me. I only have throw on A (Orignal light kick button) cause Kens don’t really seem to use STANDING light kicks anyways. When you crouch, or jump you can still use light kicks so its fine. I wouldn’t put throw on a bumper or anything though.

Or just use F+HK (Right trigger) but it has less rage I noticed. About 2.5/4 of a F+mk

I like using the left trigger for my throw key. I prefer the feel over a bumper or a face button. I also like the way the button presses are timed aswell.

My setup is
LB: lp+mp+hp
LT: throw
RB: hp
RT: hk

I just wrapped up a mini training session ad placing the throw command in place of lk is much more effective that on a shoulder button or trigger. Nice find Bryan.

I was just messing around with kara throwing today for the first time and I use a pad. What I found helps is to rotate my wrist inward a bit to that my thumb is horizontal pointing towards the dpad and is covering 3 lower buttons (so just not the top button. Triangle, or Y, or 4 or whatever) and then just play around with pushing the 3 almost at the same time but mk before the grab combination and what not. It’s a super niche thing to get down and will take practice to get constantly but I was able to do it about 8/10 times in about 5 minutes

Hmm…I’m putting some clues together. You play on pc as Shwayfromv, you were reading about sf4 on /v/ and decided to play some games, then got kara-thrown on for a good 10 games or so, courtesy of myself, and now you’re on our side. sup bbgirl, invest in a stick :[


the dpad is tremendously frustrating in general. rather than remapping any of the buttons (as i’ve become rather accustom the absurdity of it all) i just use F + HK for my kara. it’s relatively effective and the range loss is minimal (i think?).