The Hwoarang Thread

My main since T3 has unsurprisingly joined the cast of Street Fighter X Tekken.

Series: Tekken
Debut Game: Tekken 3
Country of Origin: South Korea
Fighting Style: Tae Kwon Do

Hwoarang started off as a street fighting hustler. He and his clique used to con people out of money buy picking fights with people and placing bets. Their trick was that they played like they were weak when they really had skills. One day Jin was in town and he tried to hustle him but only managed to draw. As the only blemish in his perfect career he dedicated himself to becoming better and enters the first tournament in hopes of beating Jin. He never got the chance to fight him. In T4 he was drafted to the military and he left for the tournament as soon as he heard of its annoucement. Again, he never got the chance to fight Jin, but after the tournament he met him in the parking lot and the two fought there. Their match was interrupted when the military officers arrived to take Hwoarang back into military custody.

In T5 after completing his military duty he enters the next tournament. He finally gets the chance to fight him uninterrupted in the tournament and wins, but Jin’s unconscious body rose and transformed into Devil Jin. Hwoarang got his ass whooped so bad that before he knew it he was in a hospital bed without a clue of how he got there. Just like anyone else would be, he was pissed and trained harder than ever to return the favor to Devil Jin.

Move List
:lp::lk: Throw (Falcon Dice Kick)
:hp::hk: Launcher (Plasma Blade)
:3k: Flamingo Stance (Unsure what it does in this game, but it probably acts like it does in Tekken and gives him different normals.)

Unique Moves: Credit goes to ZeroX03

-Spinning Trip Kick

-Tsunami Kick:

-Iron Heel

-Fade-Away Kick

-Reverse Kick
:mp: --> :mp:

-Chainsaw Kick
:mp: --> :lp:

-Flashing Trident
(in air) :lp: --> :mp:

-Middle Kick Combo
:mk: --> :mk: --> :mk:

-High Kick Combo
:mk: --> :mk: --> :hk:

-Low Kick Combo
:mk: --> :mk: --> :d:+:lk:

-Low & High Kick Combo
:mk: --> :mk: --> :d:+:lk: --> :hk:

-Low & High Smash Kick Combo
:lk: --> :mk:

-Quick Kick Combo
(during Flamingo Stance) :mp: --> :mp:

-Flamingo Kick Combo
(during Flamingo Stance) :lk: --> :mk:

-Fire Storm
(during Flamingo Stance) :mk: --> :lk:

Special Moves
:dp::p: Special Step
:dp: :k: Sky Rocket
:qcb::k: Hunting Hawk :lk: 1 Kick :mk: 2 Kicks :hk: 2 kicks and overhead :2k: 4 Kicks. Last kick creates a wall bounce.
:hcb: :p: Dynamite Heel
:qcf::k: Dive Kick (Can be done on ground or IA)

:hcb: :3p: Iron Heel

Gameplay vids








He is a beast.

I think an eventhubs forum has some of his moves. Anyway he’s gonna be beastly with Ibuki or Yohsi

Thank for the help. Gold star for you.

Whoa he can chance stances. This game is gonna be deep. and they were not lying when they say tekken character will have tekken type combos

If you like offensive gameplay, it surely is. Played that duo with Ibuki a few times yesterday and wee, awesome.
Unfortunately didn’t play Hwoarang since Tekken3, so didn’t remember lots of combos…
But the basic things are already good enough, it’s either Hwoarang or Cammy for me as Ibuki’s partner so far, probably Hwoarang.
Just love his gameplay.

(Character based on kicks with an OS for launcher? Figure it out… aaaand up they go.)

Throw (Falcon Dice Kick) :lp::lk:
Launcher (Plasma Blade) :hp::hk:

He also has Sky Rocket, Heel Drop and Dynamite Heel (don’t know the commands yet).

Ah, thought they had gotten rid of his stance. This will be interesting.

That great to hear that he works with Ibuki. Because I love to play offensively. Did you try anybody else with Hwoarang?

Yep, did some Ken/Hwoarang. Ken just has some lovely setups I could figure out to get into the launcher and Hwoarang… ye.
Most of the time I tried things like that combo:
Launcher > EX Hawk+Followup > Tag… just love Hwoarang for that.
Hwoarang just suits my playstyle and if it’s him as main or tagging in, he does his job perfectly fine.
Mixing a Tekken and Street Fighter char may not be that cool story-wise, but imho it feels better having one of each game system.

Still would love to play more and think about going to Gamescom for another day, got me hyped.
Even searched whole appartment for my Tekken 6 disc to play some more Hwoarang… :v

Lol I think with those types of combos Hwoarang will be good with somebody such as Ibuki who can jump into the air to do some extra damage and then continue it. Where you able to combo into his super easily?

One of Hwoarang’s heel moves (don’t know which one. the faster one), negates projectiles.

I’ve barely seen any of the moves/strings from Tekken, but having a long-ass command dash, divekicks, and multi-hitting special makes Hwoarang sound fun *and *look good on paper.

Flamingo stance looks worthless, though. :bluu:

The move at 1:58 is a 2-hit juggle starter it bounces the character of the ground. it’s like Ken’s forward HK but i don’t think the second hit is an overhead. Oh I know this cuz i was at the NYC fight club using Ken/Hwoarang.

This is for his moveset (Checking if both match)


Thanks for the contribution Genistar.

Sounds to me like Hwoarang will be a yun type mix-up heavy character, having a wall bounce basically insures (imo) that hwoarang will be tourney worthy. He has some serious potential pair him with a tank who can take lots of punishment and look out.
Ibuki/Hwo seems waaaay to risky to seem practical to me. Hwo plus a zoner or grappler sounds smarter imo

I’ve already marked him down as my main… him and Asuka Kazama for my Tekken team ~


I’m not surprised at the lack of Hwoarang news he has always been a hard character to play. But with all his tools I am sure once someone exposes what he can do he’ll be a favorite like he always is.