The Heihachi Mishima Thread


[SIZE=17px]Unstoppable King of Iron Fist[/SIZE]

The man known as the King of Iron Fist, a formidable figure whose incredible strength betrays his age. He is usually a callous and heartless individual, but from time to time shows a softer side. He is currently fighting his son Kazuya and his grandson Jin for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu. After discovering that both Jin and Kazuya have begun to search for Pandora, Heihachi begins his own journey to exterminate the two in order to reclaim the Mishima Zaibatsu.
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Moves from gameplay:

  • TGF (Thunder Godfist) Anti-Air
  • EWGF (Electric wind god fist)
  • Palms
  • Dan-like Tatsu
  • His :db:+:mp: in Tekken looks like a good low with good range.
  • Strong counter that can even grab Dhalsim’s limbs from across the screen.
  • A Wavedash.
  • Very fast sweep.
  • Overhead that you can combo from
  • Super fast full screen super that has some fireball invulnerability
  • Front throw is ‘Neck Breaker’
  • Back throw is ‘Broken Toy’

Capcom included Dr.Wily?

They included my favorite Tekken character of all time, I am super-hyped about him… and this game!!

I kid, Tekken is my #1 fighter. I do hope he retains his EWGF.

Honestly… not feeling this look… hopefully his alt is his younger version…

The look is expected since that skin colour is what Capcom seems to prefer for old farts.

What I really can’t stand is his voice. Maybe I’m just a big fan of Gouri-san, but the new voice doesn’t fit old Hei as much as he did.

My problems are more so stuff like his mouth… I dunno I think they could’ve handled it better. He’s looking like a joke character right now… but I guess that’s fine since he’s pretty much a joke character in all his Tekken endings anyway lol.

True, he went from a threat to rather comical…not so bad though since he has some of the best endings in the game and is a great character all around. If they can fix his mouth up to look like he doesn’t just have gums it’s cool. But eh I doubt it, Capcom is fucking lazy when it comes to graphics in this game. Six months and counting and they still have the “everyone is covered in dirt” look to the game.

I’m glad he’s in but that model is horrid. I can undersatnd why everyone hates SF4 art style so much.

Who changed the thread title? I liked it…
Funny thing is about Heihachi, he has a hella of a big head with a quite small frame

So hyped that Hei is officially confirmed!! Thank you Ono.

I’m gonna wait for more pics and vids, but so far I’m not liking his 3D model or voice actor. I do like the hair though, but he does look and sound like comic relief right now. A deeper voice and more “serious” animations are needed (why is he talking thoughout his Super and Cross Art? the real Hei would slam you down silently like a ninja and possibly just laugh or say “Nishtanu!”).

Hei is supposed to be the most feared Mishima and one of the most vicious gangsters in the world, not some crazy old man who is “eccentric”. If you agree with my post, head over to and make your voice heard. Cuz if we, the fans, don’t say anything, Ono will turn Hei into the Dan of Tekken.

About his voice: His VA is the same as in TTT2 and Tekken Blood Vengeance, FYI. If anything, they followed Namco’s choice (as they did with the other characters, especially the Japanese characters). So don’t expect that to change.

Unless Capcom mean that his real age is revealed by his strength, I suggest they buy a better thesaurus.

His Voice Actor is fine. It’s the overall package that is not good. His body language is eccentric, his stance seems to be comical, during combos he’s yapping like a chatterbox. That’s just not Heihachi.

One thing I always loved about Tekken’s endings, the characters don’t say shit, and that’s what makes them so interesting. I wish Ono would incorporate that aspect of Tekken into SFxTK.


so we have Dr. Willy on SFxT

I’m really glad to see Heihachi in the game but I can’t get past how underwhelming his model is…

In the Tekken series, Heihachi is an OG with a good sense of humor and is built like a tank despite him being 70+. SFxT, he looks like a goofy geriatric cartoon character. Even his stance looks whack.

Damnit, Capcom.

Need more Heihachi love up in here. Ugh needs more gameplay vids too, I wanna see some hell sweep mix ups!

Does Heihachi have some power-up stance orsomething? His skin is red and when he gets hit he gets normal again