The Haiku Thread

I write haiku as a hobby. I can usually spout them off at will, so here’s one of mine.

Speak English, you tard.
Shit makes no damn sense.

That was just out my ass. I think it’s kinda funny.

Share your haiku, I guess, in this thread. I figured, since haiku are so easy, someone else’s gotta enjoy it besides me.

low forward super
super jump cancel mixup
low forward super

S Beast FRC
Dash in, 6p, you blocked low?
LOL, loop time

All my recent posts

Have been in Haiku format

Check my history

I work for FedEx

I do all of the work there

I hate FedEx… dood!

My cars in my name

But I still have no license

I am twenty one.


Play Killer Instinct
Learn the dizzy combos dude
Now dominate peeps

Charge back forward punch
Button mash kicks and punches

I rise facing east
just like my good friend, the Sun…

Even my daughter
is able to count to 5
Damn you fucking suck

Ah shit I messed up!
Too late to edit it now
Onward with the thread…

So the other day
I slit my finger open
On a can of soup.

Hopefully cousin’s
PSP that I play now
Will be mine real soon

Sitting in the class
Listening to the teacher
When can I go home?

Stupid writer’s strike
Keeping me from watching House
Bring me Cuddy’s thong!

The King of Haiku
I write to smite you I’m too
obscenely fly dude

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Oh man this game sucks!
Oh man this game is awesome!
Street Fighter Four hype.

I’m so hood
I’d fuck your bitch
then leave her fo’ good.

You SO HOOD? No bro.
Smoke dope? You must have O. D’ed
Thought you were SO HO?