The GTASF Hits York University on 01/22/2005 (CvS2, MvC2, 3S, GGXX)

If you wanted someone to shut up his “pile hole”, then why didn’t you do it tough guy?

Cause then STC people would have to deal with his case one time stillllllllllllllll :tup:

Wow I butchered those results pretty badly. It should be noted I only played one match against Lewis because I don’t think I even left my entry fee in the pot. I’m going to learn XX and #R though so when the next ORBIT tournament hits in March I’ll be better prepared.

shit i didnt know that tournament was going to be so huge

congratulations to Jeff. I’m training him for Evo

Next time, wear headphones. It works for me.

wow i’m not the only one who found that fuckin retarded.

this tourney was fun :tup:

i started drinking (yes…i brang liquor) after i lost my 1st match in 3s to ParryMaster-Jay, i got half-drunk after my 3 matches in XX (can only play #R :sad:) found out Steve was Original Gatsby on Live :rofl: i used Athena and Raiden in CvS2 (and it worked!) but got eliminated 2-1 in close matches, met some cool peoples from all around such as Steve, Tyrell, Jiggabry, JS-Master, etc…(now you know psychochronic is not some random white guy :rofl:)

…tournament was dope! :tup: i got 5th in XX; i beat Baisden :rofl:

MAD PROPS to Dogberry for giving me a ride back to Meadowvale Terminal :tup: i thought i was stranded but i found my way home and sobered up after walking 20 minutes in -30C windchill

i’ll try to make it to Metro Square for February 19 (or whatever date Baisden sets it on)

I did, didn’t you hear someone say “shut the f*** up”?

Ya Vrus maybe it was me who trash talk u after the first round, but u’re a bigger pussy cuz u didn’t say anything back. and let me guess, u must be one of JS master and the Goldfish’s bitches

If anyone heard you then they probably didn’t take you seriously.

Props to no one cause I got snaked out of showing up. Oh ya xpac what happened?? I thought you were so good.

If you didn’t play at the tourny, stop posting. Theres no more room for cheerleaders. Honestly, you’re like the 4th person to make up an account just to talk shit online. Why you didn’t silence js or make fun of jay to his face is beyond me.
Just leave e-thug.

I was actually quite happy with my performance. I didn’t expect anything from facing JS Master although I tried my best, he still beat me and I was in loser’s bracket. From there I managed to win the next two and I was up against Jamie in a close matchup which I lost. I’m glad I lost to him and no one else actually, we’ve been playing each other a lot lately on those same sticks and it could have gone either way. But I was soooooo looking forward to facing Justin in the round after that one!! Too bad neither of us made it there. Lookin’ forward to facing you again Jamie! :karate: Oh ya and than-x for guarding my food hahaha popeye’s rocks

What days are the busy days at york?

After this week I’m finished highschool for ever and will have a lot of spare time for awhile and might consider coming up to york to play some time.

hmmm its strange because people that play always have class now and then … from what I know the best days are Tues/Thurs. Mondays are not bad, but Fridays aren’t busy at all … pretty much anytime before Friday! And arcade starts to get packed usually around 11am

I didn’t say anything back because I like to concentrate on the game. Please, why should I start shit when:

#1 I know I’m better than you
#2 You ride on other people’s nuts.
#3 You follow the crowd :rolleyes: (Keep yelling out hey hey hey!)

Don’t even try to reply justifying yourself. It’s obvious you don’t know the scene and you’re trying to fit in. Just remember everytime you lose at sf, vrus is laughing at you, because he knows thats how much your shit :clap: . I’m not going to bother replying to you anymore.

x-pac is cool.
chunliwhytry is much better than the last time I played him.
And I forgot to say ggs to everyone I played.

Vrus just admit u’re their bitch, thats all, u really believe i trash talked u on the first round, i arrived on the 2nd round. You’ve been taking out on the wrong guy, but is ok, i forgive u cuz u’re related the goldfish and JS.

JS u said u don’t wanna play, well then u shouldn’t waste ppl time playing CvS2 while everybody is waiting for u to play Jay on SF3. Then u just sat down and “give up” (in ur words, in mine is call “ga ball”). Here i suggest u next time just say “I give up, cuz i luv jay”

Let me get this straight, you didn’t enter the tournament and yet you’re talking shit on the guy that came 3rd in 3S, 2nd in CvS2 and 2nd in MvC2 in the same day? Wow, you may well be the most stupid person to come through here in quite some time.

It’s also Eric’s choice whether or not to play through his match against Jay. The guy had already locked up third where as you didn’t even have the balls to show up and get probably peaced out by the same people you’re trashing now.

BTW; Eric didn’t waste anyone’s time. He had to play through his match in CvS2 because it had come up before 3S. One tournament match doesn’t take precidence over another because the former has a bigger crowd.

I was tempted to hide the food on you to be honest but seriously, no problem. Hell, around that time I was hungry as hell, you’re lucky I didn’t eat the stuff.

I’ll try to make it to York again, but unfortunately not for a couple of weeks…too busy with my work placement right now. Good games man and keep owning up the place.

StFu n00bs god jeff is a scrub we all know jay is the best in 3s if you wanna talk shit to him then you’re a fucking idiot and should go kill yourself unless you’re marvin cuz he’s the only guy who is at jay’s level so go fuck yourselves see man arcades are the shits these days with little random faggots talkin shit all the time FUCK YOU I’LL FUCKING SLAP YOU ALL i don’t give a fuck who you are

man whatever happened to Will’s god tier flames -_-;;

fun tournament, even though getting there was insane.
thx to poeta for getting us most of the way there, sorry about your car man =/ thx to roger and the cate for bunning that blunt and mark the cove guy for tryin so hard to fix marvel, even though it didnt have sent. :sad:

guy you should appreciate the fact that a lot of York U players showed up for 3S and mixed things up a bit so instead you got a tourney that was different than usual. I told Jeff from the beginning that he was going to win, I did this to encourage the guy and I had a feeling he could too, he was pacing nervous before his final rounds against Jay, and he tried his best and came out on top, what’s with all the hostility yo? He plays everyday at York and runs that cabinet. I’ve never seen Jay and Jeff square off I knew it’d be interesting because Jay shows up and takes everyone else out on many days throughout any given month.