The GTASF Hits York University on 01/22/2005 (CvS2, MvC2, 3S, GGXX)

OK first off I have to say I’m amazed at the awesome turnout we had despite A SNOWSTORM!

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (21 Entrants)
1st - Ratio1beatdown
2nd - JS Master
3rd - Gerjay
4th - Nguyen Luu
5th - Original Gatsby
5th - Jiggabry
7th - WB!
7th - YellowS4
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - X-Pac786
9th - Neo
9th - Dogberry
13th - Angry Black
13th - Ocean
13th - PsychoChronic
13th - Noodleman
17th - RXS
17th - Amar
17th - Kymah
17th - DaflipmastaXV
17th - Chr0nic

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (16 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - JS Master
3rd - Gerjay
4th - Ratio1beatdown
5th - Kevin
5th - G3nn
7th - Ruben
7th - Daren
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - DM
9th -
9th -
13th -
13th -
13th -
13th -

1st - Ack
2nd - YellowS4
3rd - JS Master
4th - Adam B
5th - Melvin
5th - Louie
7th - Don
7th - ChunliWhyTry
9th - Dickson
9th - AneurismX
9th - Frank
9th - King
13th - Ocean
13th - ChaChaMan
13th - VRus
13th - Gerjay
17th - Neo
17th - S.K.
17th - Ratio1beatdown
17th - Marv
17th - Jiggabry
17th - Kymah
17th - Dark
17th - Strider Shiryu
23rd - PsychoChronic
23rd - Erik
23rd - Bridie
23rd - Dogberry
23rd - Angry Black
23rd - RXS
23rd - DaflipmastaXV
23rd - G3nn

Guilty Gear XX (6 Entrants)
1st - Louie
2nd - Dark Dragon
3rd - Boa
4th - Hong
5th - PsychoChronic
6th - Nagata Lock II


Obviously we’re missing the full Marvel results. I would venture to guess Jiggabry has the full bracket and he can fill in the blanks when he gets home.

Guilty Gear XX was Round Robin format with Louie winning all his matches and Stephen only losing to Louie.

CvS2 was a split pot with Roger leading after the medium kick on the 2p side completely died and the tech wasn’t there.

Marvel took forever to get off the ground because the cabinet was fucked. CoveGuy (Mark) went way above and beyond what was necessary and moved the entire board over to a new cabinet so we could have the tournament. Thanks so much man.

Big thanks to Dark Dragon for loaning me the use of his camcorder so I could tape multiple tournaments at once. Also thanks for hooking up Team White Boyz with help for their cars.

Much thanks to Chris Poeta for running Marvel, Eric for running 3rd Strike and Stephen for running GGXX.

York U has potential. We were in a snowstorm and still had a huge tourney. Better weather will come in April when we return there and we should have a monster of a tournament.

Really fun tourney this time. Probably one of my favourite tournies in a long time even with trashy marvel… Good games all, I also see potential in york… but you can’t keep marvel on that dc machine… ate at least 10 dollars in quarters.

So much props to give out today damn. Huge thanks to Chris Poeta for making it out in that nasty weather. car breaking down, pushing it half a km to a convience store and waiting there for 2 hours. Thanks to Darkdragon for picking us up at the convienence store and taking us to York U in that horrible crap that was the weather. Props to Mark (coveguy)for working so damn hard to get us a marvel tourny and for driving us back to Chris’ car, trying to boost the car and waiting with us till the cab came.

Props to steve for beating Justin :smiley:

Tekken 5 is the future

York U needs sentinel! :sad:

GG’s with AngryBlack, Tyrel, Steve and Doggy in Tekken 5:tup:

Nice to see the people in the scene come together like today to make shit happen. Good stuff.

Getting used to the sticks more and more. School for me is almost over soon so I can go play more casual there. nice tourny!

**special big Fuck You to whoever york pricks was trash talking my first match. You all can suck dick and go fuck yourselves and your moms. bitches.

its awesome being up 3-0 then giving it away hahah. 3s is still boring. t5 bitches

awwww you guys broke medium kick on 2P side man!!! its a fucking chore to get them to fix it during the week!

oh yea and all in all great tourney I had a good time!! gg’s vs everyone I played

great turnout guys. glad to be of help
my appologies for the cvs2 button. i had to jet over to orbit to take care of a few things.
my applogies to the mvc2 players who were waiting so long. and sorry we couldn’t get the characters unlocked. i’ll take a look at orbit and our other mvc2s and see if i can figure something out.
if anyone finds out anything with concerns to the mvc2, please email me at
note do not email me with the 4 codes on damage leve, demo sound, etc etc. we’ve done that already.

cool stuff (that i liked atleast)
jay losing 4 roudns straight -_- dudley against urien dammit! i’ve lost faith in you jay :stuck_out_tongue:
bry with that miracle comeback in mvc2
people buggin me to fix the mvc2 constantly… wait… that wasn’t cool :stuck_out_tongue:

btw… it’s marc, not mark :stuck_out_tongue:

i fixed cvs2’s medium kick when i got back… wait… i thought it was the 1P side though…

who’s ack?

hmmm I dunno well I’ll see Monday when school’s back on!! haha yea than-x for all the help man looks like you were really busy, haha it was funny when we were chanting for marvel lol didn’t expect you to hear it!

ack is Jeff! York U student, plays a lot of 3S during the school days I had faith in this guy winning! :tup:

But I let him :clap:

Baek bitches!

Why don’t u just admit u lost to Jeff, u goldfish.

I sure enjoy the tourny espeically how SF3 was such a disadvantage SETUP for the York U players and also JS Master giving up his 2nd spot INTENSIONALLY just so Jay can play Jeff again(is there a bribe somewhere there? i wonder) And what i luv the most is that under such circumstances Jeff won.

And someone should really shut JS Master’s pile-hole up during the match between the Goldfish and Pedo-killer.

wow someone here is bitter…

and whos pedo-killer?

k i dunno wut u mean by sayin it was a disadvantage for york players… 32 ppl joined the tourney, we had to make it 2/3 rounds or we’d be staying there till 3am. and i gave up becuz i didn’t wanna play ne more, and chances are i woulda lost ne wayz, simple as dat.

PS. if u wanna play in a quiet environment den go to a library… i dun’t see u telling those fobs to shut up wen they’re yelling during yun CCs :lame:

and ya nice tourney guys… can’t believe bryan won again! ughh :mad:

OMG York actually repped in GGXX? This is unbelievable.

Oh well, UofT will rep that shit next tourney. I’m gonna bring it like it’s brought!

It was a fun tournament overall. Just wasn’t my day for me.

The York players had great matches in the 3S Zone and a good majority of players on their side are really good IMO. That Necro dude was really good and the people who kept taking turns with Alex were raping during casuals. Amazing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone that does the Yun “Hey Hey Hey” thing outside of Japan is :lame:

Come to think of it, its getting old when its done in Japan vids now too… :xeye: Was cute at first I guess but god damn that shit has run its course.

Anyways, great tourney and major props to Marc for putting up with all that shit. Metro bitches!

ah you must be one of those retards that was trash talking my first match. you need to shut the fuck up and you probably didn’t play in the tourny because you’re a pussy.

no, its cuz hes a tool.

And the GGXX results were spelled wrong.
1st Lewis (ky/eddie)
2nd Stephen (jam/baiken)
3rd Boa (ky)
4th Hong (dizzy)
5th Brett (eddie)
6th Nagata Lock