The Green Lantern and all related Corps. Thread

If there was a thread for it already, it’s prob. AGES old, anyway a new one would suffice.
ATM I’d like to know of some good GL stories with Gardner and Kilowog.

Did you read the Giffen/DeMatteis JLI and the I Can’t Believe It’s Not the Justice League comics? Those comics have some of my favorite Guy stories. Maybe a year or two back, Chaykin did a prestige format two-parter Guy miniseries entitled Collateral Damage. I only have the first book, and I thought it was a fun read - it captured the haughtiness and egocentricity (is “egocentricity” a real word? My spell check gave me the red squiggles when I typed “egocentricism.”) that makes Guy fun to read. I never could find part two for some reason.

Painy will tell you that Collateral Damage sucks, but I think that’s mainly because he hates Chaykin.

I don’t really know too many specific comics about Kilowog. But everybody could always use more of the big poozer in our lives.

^Not yet at least, but I will.

Kilowog plays an important role in the Sinestro Corps, which is basically the GL bible for us. In fact I’m wearing my spiffy new GL shirt right now!

I’m re-reading old Justice League comics with Kyle Rayner, and plan to pick up the Ion mini soon along with the Sinestro Corps hardback. I want to catch up on the current story arc as well, since it’s getting rave reviews.

All and all it’s a good time to be a Corps member.

Alright so I got the Sinestro Corps hardback #1 today, along with most issues in the current GL arc. It’s like pure magic dancing of the damn page in all honesty, I’m absolutely loving this.

Geoff johns

Yeah Jones really knows how to do GL, his work on it thus far has been great.

Rage of the Red Lanterns comes out next week :br:

Johns is a beast…DC must be paying him a grip.

post up the red lantern oath

With blood and rage of crimson red
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead
Together with our hellish hate
We’ll burn you all–THAT IS YOUR FATE!

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I’ve read somewhere months that Hippolyta may be one of the Black Lanterns to rise.I’m curious myself as to who would be the Black Lanterns

Hippolyta’s Ares daughter right?

RotRL was fucking dope



Good thing I try to never piss off cats :V


RL oath sucks

Well it does sorta reflect how the Lanterns feel and their power. I mean heck most of what they did was burn and decapitate people.

What happened?

In a nutshell

Issue starts with Atrocious forming his Coprs and the rituals they must undergo.
Later on Sinistero is taken for execution on Korugar, his home planet and Hal and some Lanterns are ordered to escort him there.
The party is ambushed by members of the Sinestro Corps who try to free Sinestro, but then BOTH teams are attacked by the Red Lanters who pretty much fuck up everyone killing some Lanterns from both sides!
The Red Lanterns manage to abduct Sinestro leaving those who did not die from their attack to die in space as their Rings are unable to process the Red Lanterns energy.
However they are saved by a Blue Lantern!
Oh and one of the Red Lanterns is a cat by the name of Dex-Star which pretty much fucked up as many Lanterns as it fellow Red Lanterns[/details]

You forgot the cat