The GranGlue Fighter Lounge: Corona Virus bodied Shadaloo Free AF

So what you’re saying is, when you start spreading propaganda unstoppably, you’ll at least give us a warning first.

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Psn is King_tubb_


I’m rather disappointed in all of you. Including myself.

Our only mod got banned for “Abuse of power” and we didn’t make a single “With great power comes great responsibility” joke.


Imagine if this shit had gotten on twitter though. Then we’d have to have an uncomfortable conversation about why black SRKers were divided into two categories: Balrogs and Dee Jays.



Oh cool, there’s a Granblue lounge? Nice to see an actually good game with so much activity. I wonder who’s in the-

clicks open


hobbles back to VGG

There is a Granblue lounge tho.



This is the GranGlue lounge to commemorate the one true poster: @PerthoEatsPaste .

PerthoEatsPaste came one day, revealed us the good truth and never came back.

Praises be to him.



When i swe your alt acoount i figured it was a paste eater spin-off tbh.

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Oh and…


Me last night going through the Amazon Prime movies on my roku.

Wife: oh lol the street fighter movie.
Me: yeah…“lol”…:eyes: :sweat_drops:


I’m glad to see his gospel finally getting around :triumph:




With my coffee every morning. Keeps my antibodies harder to dodge from all these diseases.



Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game. I bought it cause I loved SC2 back in the day, but these days, I really prefer 2D. I can’t seem to get into 3D games, unfortunately…

And even then, I drop a lot of 2D games :rofl:

It took a while to find out what I really look for in a fighting games.

Several months ago I was buying any fighting game on sale with a serious intent to get into all of them. It turns out my taste is a lot more rigid then I thought, but at least now I’ll save a bit of money, haha.


So what is it?


Brian F really did spend 5 hours trying to land the most baby shit infinite in MvC2.


Wtf it was really drama in here today

Glad you’re still around Pert


It depends actually. I like more slower, neutral based games (like classic street fighter games), and fast paced games with complex and open combo routes, which tend to be tag style games but don’t have to be - for example, MKX had a great combo system that I loved, though other parts of the game were lacking. Right now, MVCI is filling this void (though I haven’t played anything other than Doom in like 3 weeks lol)

I have to like the art style (not a huge fan of anime designs and such, though I love ASW’s 2.5D “sprite” style).

I have to like the characters and think they’re cool. Again, don’t have much affinity towards anime type designs. I like more classic designs SF, MK, Marvel, etc. I’m honestly pretty boring in this regard

And I don’t want too much neutral bypass shit. Every game has it, but stuff like DBFZ’s super dash is not something I typically like. SFV also has too much of it, IMO.

I also have to agree with the mechanics and think they’re cool. I love GBVS’s mechanics but am having a hard time getting into it because of the art style/characters, but I want to to see how Zeta feels since the last latch. She’s the only character I really like. Also, I don’t like SFV’s mechanics. Mainly CC’s, but VT’s can EAD too… took me too long to figure that out though.

Oh, and 2D.


I don’t know about drama, but I really did get banned until 3021 for a bit there.


@Naeras best feature ever is the sound that Tekken plays that corresponds to inputs. Holy shit does that help a bunch.


Yeah I like slower games or hyper fast games. When it’s sort of in the middle I just end up not satisfied.

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