The GranGlue Fighter Lounge: Corona Virus bodied Shadaloo Free AF

Oh man. Hope you recover fast. Ankle injuries are the worst.

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Zio with the S Tier Time management flexing on us lesser humans.


Also I went around and finished Kiwami 1.
The best part of the game was by far Majima being literally everywhere, he was not just a great character, but a great gameplay feature as well and also had my favorite Boss fight in the game.
But FUCK JINGU!!! When a Boss is only hard, cause he has Minions swarming you, then is the boss not good designed. After his Minions were down he had literally 0 Challenge left.
Nishki was pretty good and the end was heartwarming.

After that I went back to Zero to unlock the Dragon Style. Kiryus Pose during the unlock was the Cover of the Original Yakuza 1, that was pretty cool to see.
But the best Part about the Dragon Style, is the Theme that comes with it.

Fighting people to this theme is incredible. You bulldoze trough hordes of opponents with ease, performe some of the coolest Heat Actions in the entire game along with it and feel like an unstopable force, while this tracks plays in the background.
Really Zero might be one of my favorite games periode.

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Kinda used to it at this point, seems that every other year during cold season I get injured. It costed me a promising volleyball career in my younger days, as in 16 and being in the national selection.
last time I did an x-ray of my left foot I had over 20 micro-fractures that didn’t calcify properly.

What’s unbelievably enraging is that despite the fact I was playing basketball when it happened, I wasn’t actually playing, we were in-between days and I took a step back, as in fucking walking back, and my ankle went “naaaaaaa! fuck this” and I crumbled.

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This looks really good. Definitely bookmarking this.

Mind reposting it in the Granblue thread?

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The irony

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What irony?

Of Corona posting that in this thread despite harping on everyone to use game/character specific threads for months.

On second thought, maybe irony isn’t the right word? Hypocrisy? That sounds more like it.


Discourse limiting my likes at the worst time…


This shouldn’t surprise you Corona already posts like he lacks higher brain functions.


thats the point. maybe some of you dumbfucks realize with this how stupid it is to use this threads for tech and stuff :wink:

i did do it for a other place, just puke it in here…so its not wasted work.

Oh that’s rich. Next time my wife catches me wacking to porn, I’m going to say I did it just to show her how wrong it is.



did she wack before on it? when not its pointless and not comparable.
at least some of you might think for a second about it and thats already more then i expect.

That’s about as convincing as Trump’s tan. :rofl:

that you , who doesnt even understand what a complete pack is…doesnt get it does not surprise anyone here. but believe whatever you want pal.

That’s misleading and deceptive. It wasn’t branded like that. Besides, I did admit and explain my mistake.

Say, I’ve been noticing you’re posting here quite a bit. Missed the community? :rofl:

i dont see a community, what are you talking about?
do you know how djin is doing? do you even care after his last post about what he is gone trough?
have a nice day everyone :coffee:

On the real, I think about DJ often, but have no way of getting an update from him, and I certainly don’t want to tag him and maybe make him feel guilty for not posting. He’ll post when he’s up to it…

Btw, you’re such a fucking asshole dude.

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