The Good But Generally Bad Police Thread

The “LA Cop Shoots & Kills Naked Drunk Civilian Locked Out of Apartment” thread renamed, post all your bad police stories here.

This is just messed up

Fatal LAPD shooting involved ex-college football player/model | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times

Guy must have been on something other than just alcohol, but did they really have to shoot him?? Not sure I really believe the part about him punching them and trying to take their gun, sounds made up.

On pcp and grabbing at their guns, yea fuck that shit. Shoot him.

Are you fucking kidding me? The guy flees police and attacks two officers. You think they should’ve tried reasoning with him? LOL.

Maybe they thought he was packin a gun in his boxers.

Good thing I don’t do drugs although, I take a asprin every once in awhile for head aches. lol

I’m sure he actually attacked them. The police never lie about these things.

yeah im pretty sure police have never made a false report to cover their asses, I mean it is the law and the law won

Im sure their tazers needed some batteries, the pepper spray was low, and that two grown men could not take down one person

17 months on the force…pfft…

people bitch about tazors but they really are the best. dont know why they werent used here. ah well no biggie dude was dangerous

na man despite my training I should I have to do so id rather just shoot him in the leg

oh wait…

Doesn’t matter if he was or wasn’t on drugs, naked an tried running away, they should have just tasered him.

Damn you :rofl:

that also plays American football? No, in hindsight that just sounds like a bad idea…

Are you being for real?? How is that even possible!?! :confused:

Why you believe what the police are saying?

They killed a man and are the only witnesses…

I dunno, sound like they botched it from beginning to end, and this is in their own version. ‘yeah we harassed him until we had to shoot him.’ Nothing will come off it tho’, the police investigate themselves.

I am hugely sceptical of what you are saying. I need to see these vids

I say we taser Johnny Knoxville to test this theory. If anyone in the world is likely to have built up a tolerance, it’s this cat.

man i thought there was only one [media=youtube]cY_oKve-bH0[/media] Apparently SRK is full of em, Thank the heavens we have you all here to tell us what went wrong and with out being there how it should have been done…

Maybe he eats a lot of magnesium as part of his diet

Very convincing evidence, only problem I have the story is that Cops pulled their real guns first, nobody was around to see what happened. You’d think the racket he was making someone would have woken up and seen the whole thing.

Fact is, only 2 people know what really happened. Hindsight doesn’t come into this, the officers were supposedly trained and chose to act in this manner. The fact that they have chosen to release the amount of time this officer has on the beat also suggests to me they know they are in the wrong and are trying to find an excuse.

they should just make it legal for US cops to shoot people, that way the police doesnt have to waste time and money by “investigating” every time

Good shoots never make headlines. If it’s in the news, and the victim was black, it shouldn’t have happened. Cops routinely hunt down black people and find any reason they can to murder them in cold blood. And if they can’t find a valid reason, they fabricate police reports to justify the executions.

There are no exceptions.

i’m sure no one here is thinking the police lied just because he’s black and they think any black guy killed by cops is a victim

the BART thing was legit, this is just whiny fuck the man nonsense CO2 TRANQUILIZER OR IMMOBILIZATION RIFLE

Problem Solved