The Gen bible ~ Memoirs of an assassin

Still a work in progress, but the main portion is pretty much there. Really happy how this is turning out right now, but it contains all the information someone looking into Gen needs and more!

What I will add later:

  • section about advanced footsies with Gen
    -section about misc tricks that fit under the notion of ‘gimmicks’

I still need someone to make a cover, with a tricolor filter much like the makoto bible, that would be lovely.

I will update this OP if I add stuff.

Reading right now. Great stuff, man! Looking forward to the crossup Oga and reversal crossup sections; been a while since I updated myself on the former, and the latter was unknown to me before I started playing again recently.

Yeah that was something Ugo2 wrote down, but I actually have no idea what he means by that. Maybe he could elaborate on it because that term I have never seen or heard before.

I think it’s “hit in the front and land in the back” stuff.

I really like the document so far. Just one thing tho; that Oga spreadsheet is not made by myself. I think the creator was CantoEsper.


Yeah getting the hitbox images would be great, if not essential. It makes it feel official. Also, it would be nice if the frame data on the moves weren’t so spread out. It needs to be a bit more confined so that it’s easier on the eyes. I know you’re still working on the layout and if you’ve already considered that then there’s nothing to worry about haha

To be honest I will not be doing any layout work at all. Uni is starting up again pretty soon and I will only focus on the writing because otherwise it will become a much bigger timesink than I can bear right now.

That’s why I think if anyone has an idea (for example how to make the data on normals more tidy and confined) they should execute it since the file can be downloaded.


I haven’t seen him respond anymore so I guess he lost interest in doing the layout. Well in any case, as long ast he text is fine the layout can be done later.

By the way, I will not be doing a unblockable section purely because in the next update they will adress unblockables and its a big focus on adressing them so it seems useless to write about so many unblockables that probably will not be returning in Ultra SF.


great work so far. Just being a stickler but maybe higher resolution images would be better. The Jab, Strong etc… icons are terrible.

also hopefully there isn’t much changed in Ultra, would suck to do all that work and have to go through it all and take out what doesn’t work and what’s new. btw that wasn’t sarcasm. That’s a lot of work put forth

I imagine much of gen will remain the same, but I guess we could wait for Ultra seeing as we don’t want an outdated guide.

I’ll be doing an in depth video guide once it drops with better production value than my other videos. I’d be happy to work with anyone to complete this. My last combo break down video took me about 2 months to complete. Like always I give credit where credit is due at the end of my videos. Wish I had more time during the creation of this to put in the work. Great job guys. Let me know if any graphics are needed to clean it up.

What specifically will you need when Ultra drops? I can capture in HD and send you the files.


I’ve done a few videos on how to play gen like handling projectile characters. It will be the same thing. It will be video with commentary with music when there is none. I might do it in a volume set, then just make a playlist. instead of doing it all at once, making it so people learning Gen can follow along.


This Gen Bible is very good, however it REALLY needs to be proof read. There’s quite a few grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and the like. For example in the introduction we have:

“library of effective poke” - No plural, no full stop
"characters that combo his Super" - Do you mean can combo?
“Gen’s health” - Gen Is health? Should just be Gens
"practising" - practicing

I know it may not seem like much, but having a guide for a character should be totally correct or else it not only takes away the users interest, but the fun out of reading. I’ll never correct someone’s grammar on the internet but in a guide that is created to be viewed by alot of people I think it’s mandatory to have a perfect guide. What would happen if a BradyGames guide was littered with mistakes and errors?

I’d be happy to help fix it all up and make it readable unless this is already a known problem. The guide is very good (although obviously not finished).

There should also be a section of how to actually hit hands from your normals. Not very many people uses these characters with multiple input moves and I think as an introduction to Gen it would be wise to include the best and easiest way to hit hands from necessary normals. For me, the easiest way to hit hands is:

From st.lp/cr.lp: LP, HP, MP, LP, HP
From MP, LP, MP, LP, HP
From st.hp: HP, MP, LP, (HP, HP) or (MP, LP)
From Target Combo (HP > MK): HP, HP + MK x 4
From MK+LP, HP, MP, LP, HP

My ways never require you to go up the fight stick (LP, MP, HP) because everyone iv e tried teaching has trouble doing it that way, yet I show them the ways I do it and they catch on quickly. Of course feel free to add your own easy ways but I think this section is 100% needed.

I’ve found that for>Hands plinking MP with LP twice then hitting HP is very effective. It doesn’t have to be a plink because you only need the punch input, but thinking of it in that manner has increased my success rate. Also I believe “practising” is just the non-North American spelling for “practice” similar to “criticize/criticise” and “organize/organise”