The GameStop Hatred Thread

I don’t exactly hate 'em, but they do manage to get under my skin from time to time. The one nearest to me is cool, and they hook me up, but it seems like every other one I’ve gone to is full of annoying clerks and far to much pre-order sales pressure.

I try to avoid GS like the plague. I’ve gotten broken discs from them, stupid upselling (yeah it’s their job, but no means NO), and a heap of other stuff I won’t even bother mentioning.

I stick to Amazon unless absolutely neccessary. Gamestop buying my used games for cheap and selling them like they’re new, no thanks. I generally tend not to support them at all costs

Bought a “new” game once, only to find the clerk taking a cd out of a pouch and putting it in the box.

Turned 360 degrees and moonwalked out of there as fast as I could, never to return again.

Unless they have a really good deal I stay away from gamestop

I don’t shop there unless there’s a special edition or pre-order bonus I want that’s GameStop exclusive. That ends up happening more often that I’d like it to, though. Otherwise, Amazon gets most of my money.

I know that this is a gamestop hate thread, and I hate gamestop as much as the rest of you- but the above is business. How the hell do you expect them to make money? Mom and Pop stores do the same thing. Gamestop aren’t fucking anyone over with this you don’t have to trade your game into them, if you want to make that $55 for it used, post it up on Craigslist.

My local one did give me a Fire Emblem Awakening pre-order art book recently, though. And I didn’t even pre-order. Haven’t even bought the game yet actually. Not bad.

I don’t like shopping there, but I did preorder MG Rising from them. I need that Grey Fox skin.

There’s a reason why my scene calls an unfair trade in a game a “gamestop trade”.

I say Sakura’s jump ins should be sponsored by them.

This is why I mainly stick to Steam. If I have to go somewhere to get a game, Target, Best Buy and Walmart are just fine, in terms of big chain stores. Best Buy seems to be better in terms of trade-ins than Gamestop.

Persona 4 Arena is only $20 new from them though…

<—Has always had a pleasant experience with gamestop :coffee:

This thread is like Dracula:

it was called here by humans who wish to pay it tribute.
It gets reincarnated periodically
It will never go away, no matter how many people rise up to stop it

But enough talk … HAVE AT YOU!!!

A thread dedicated to complain about how you walked into a store run by 16 year-old kids and somehow ended up with shitty service

SotN reference ftw.

I’ve never seen a 16 year old working at gamestop.
Like the youngest i’ve seen was 24.

The supposed, widespread aversion nerds have to Gamestop is suspect, given how the stores always smell.

Calm down slugger, you’re the one who is mad you couldn’t pawn off your Christmas gift, not me.
It’s pretty obvious I was joking, so try and read further into my comment, instead of getting pissed off at a franchise that is infamous for bad business.

About 5 months in between Gamestop hate threads. This has to be a new record.