The Fast Food Thread

I can’t believe we don’t have a fast food thread on here!

What do you guys usually get on your daily commutes? I just recently tried out the BK Chef’s Choice Burger and LOVE it, although it is a bit pricey.

Aww c’mon, there’s no chefs’ at BK…

Usually after I get out of class I go to Winco and get a Ceaser (?) Salad or head over to the nearest Subway and get a Turkey Sandwich on flat-bread. The occasional burger for me would be from In and Out. I’m a bit of a health-nut…

it varies with me if I dont feel like going to store to get groceries ill probably head to Sonic’s,Zaxby’s, Captain D’s, or this Jamaican spot on the way home…

The only fast food I get is the Arby’s Market Fresh sandwiches. Those are pretty good and healthier than most fast food. I used to get the home-style fries instead of the greasy curly fries, but they don’t have them anymore.

As far as the lower communities are concerned. Jack in The Box is seriously the king to me right now that and Wendy’s.

Jack In The Box- 99 cent 2 tacos, Hearty Bowl Serving Breakfast all day, Big Texas Cheesburger less than 2 bux, jr bacon cheeseburger. Str8 beast.
Wendy’s-everything is damn good for their prices.
Chik Fil A-Best fast food chicken ever.

Whataburger, McDonalds, and any other places besides those 3 is garbage tier.

YES. Jack in the Box has the best value and selection on their menu by far. Not only with the tacos, but pretty much everything else. The dollar chicken sandwiches are an amazing deal as well. Them serving lunch AND breakfast all day is a major plus.

Biscuitville in the morning is about the only fast food I can genuinely claim to enjoy. Dat sausage egg and cheese biscuit, fresh baked too, my girlfriend has to be in at like 2:30 am to get that shit ready for open

So Burger King recently launched a new menu for those who haven’t heard.


Has anyone tried anything yet? I’ve tried the mango smoothie, wasn’t all that… I’m thinking of trying out the little chicken wraps perhaps tomorrow.

I tried the chicken wraps from there, and its aight; it reminds me of a lot of chicken wraps

and i tried the chef burgers, and has anyone noticed the change in the quality of the meat? that and how weird the new sauce tasted

Bleu Cheeseburger from Red Robin.

Hot damn, I’m gonna miss eating like that. =(

Roscoes Chicken and Waffles.

Yes, the quality seemed to have been drastically improved, almost like a gourmet steak. I was shocked to have tasted something of that caliber from a mainstream fast food restaurant.

Sorry to say this, but I’ve NEVER had chicken and waffles. Are they seriously a match made in heaven like everyone makes it out be? Sadly, I never took advantage of having a Roscoes when I lived in California.

You have never lived until you had some Roscoes Chicken and Waffles. That shit is incredible.

A golden fluffy waffle, succulent chicken fried to perfection and a ice cold Blue Moon beer with orange juice makes for one winning combination. It is the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.

Fuck “Fast Food.” What are you, a Burger King company stooge, paid to put adds on unsuspecting SRK forum initiates?

My Fast Food includes roasted nuts, seasonal fruit, baby carrots, and dried fruits, amongst other foods I am forgetting.

Fuck Fast Food, fuck burger king, fuck KFC, fuck chicken and waffles.

I’ll spend the 15 minutes it takes to cook my own burger; oh wait is that how long it takes to drive to [insert fast food] and get some food? Oh I thought you were saving time?

Thanks but I’ll think 5 minutes ahead next time I eat food.

p.s. Pho is the best fast food available.

Shut up Hippie :arazz:

Sounds like some gay shit to me.

Am I the only one who hates Chick-Fil-A? They want 5.50 for a standard chicken sandwich combo; a sandwich that consists of a chicken patty and a couple of pickles on a bun. What a rip-off.

The closest place to my house is McDonalds. I’ll grab a couple of value sandwiches but I won’t go near the fries.

Chick-Fil-A has overpriced food, it’s like the Starbucks of chicken sandwiches.

I enjoy the fries at In N Out myself. Good shit, though it doesn’t come with salt. Some think it’s a bad thing, but I like it the way they are.

Only fast food I eat is a spicy chicken sandwich combo at Wendy’s & that is maybe once every other month…if that. Not really a fan of fast food. I dont care for BK, I cant fuckin stand McDonalds, that shit is nasty.