The End of the World Can't Come Soon Enough

Seriously, patch 2012 needs to happen, and it needs to happen NOW. Hakan fucking sucks, he blows even.

I love the character design but he absolutely lacks utility. Any chump who spams jump or crouch or DPs can beat him without a sweat in the lower rankings. I love a good challenge when I pick these low tier characters but Hakan’s uselessness is off the scale. Mad props to Wildcat815 for playing him so well cause he must be like 3 times better than half the opponents he faces to effectively use this piece of garbage.

I had just gotten on today after being busy for several days. My mindset was to just have some casual fun. I didn’t expect to subsequently lose 10 games in a row to people of equal or lesser rank than me. Half of the players didn’t even know what they were doing. The first guy played a Ken who just literally spammed DP the whole game. But because Hakan’s priority is so bad, his moves come out SO slow, his grab range is so short without oil, and he can’t trade effectively against half the moves in the game, there was nothing I could do EVEN when I knew what the other guy was doing!

If Capcom is going to make games with a bunch of characters, they need to actually take into account that some of us like to play characters OTHER than damn shotos. It seriously feels like a friggin’ chore playing this game if I can’t be throwing out fireballs or DPs every 2 seconds.

I disagree, I think the buffs he got from super to AE are more than enough, and I don’t really want any of the 2012 buffs that are on the plate. He’s a character that requires skill and honestly all the matches I lost (I’m still a scrub), I could’ve won after watching my replays if I played a little better/smarter.

I know losing to scrubby DP mashers is frustrating, but at the end of the day, one whiffed DP can be punished hard by hakan if you are on your toes. I’m pretty sure once the 2012 buffs come, there will be one hakan player who absolutely brings him into the limelight (wildcat) and people will really find out how crazy good DNC’s are and its potential to wreck havoc.

We’ve been through this. He’s a pretty good character in the right hands; you obviously just don’t know some of the key techniques with him.

Obviously. I didn’t say I was a good player, I’m still C rank. I’m saying at my level of play, everyone around me who has picked another character can wreck Hakan. I constantly lose to people who are D or D+ because they spam bullshit that Hakan cannot effectively counter without perfect timings. Then there are certain characters like Sakura or Dudley who have these endless combos with huge block stuns that once they lock me into a pressure situation, I can’t even get out of it without some perfect (and extremely risky) focus attack. Even against other crap characters like T.Hawk, Hakan’s grab range is horrible in comparison, as is his damage. Hakan’s only advantages are some gimmicky combos he can pull off when oiled, which are hard to do for someone at my skill level.

I sometimes alt as characters like Guile or even Vega just for giggles, and they are so much easier to use despite only being low-mid tier characters. At my level, I can literally win matches using Guile with almost nothing but flash kicks, it’s just that good. Of course Guile is like a charge-up pseudo-shoto, but that’s my point. The game is so easy as soon as you have this one-move-beats-all DP special that you can just spam without thinking. Vega is a bit trickier since he’s got low HP, but at least his flying barcelona attack is tough to deal with for a lot of newbies, so that’s another thing I can just spam whenever I get into trouble to either cross up or get out of a corner with.

Hakan has none of these useful tools. Everything he has is so situational that one wrong guess results in eating a huge combo. It doesn’t even matter that he’s got high HP because that just means he can eat one more free combo before he dies. He needs ways to defend. And what he’s got to work with is trash.

He has the most life in the game while oiled. His normals are in the top 10 of great normals. His FADNC combos are excellent and are not remotely gimmicky (see Drew’s pressure tutorial, for example). His air to air normals may be the best in the game. While oiled, he has one of the top 3 back dashes and the best throw range. He’s the only character that can FADNC in the whole game, which is huge.

Is he hard? Sure. He’s probably middle-tier, if you’re knowledgeable enough about him, though. He’s quite tricky, but he’s not weak. I’m certainly nothing special skill-wise and have neglected putting in the type of practice needed to up my game. Still, I can hold my own against a lot of high PP opponents; I don’t win a lot against 3000+ opponents, but I hang in there and don’t feel like I have no chance. That’s largely due to being knowledgeable and is the case despite me being too impatient and reckless. (Working on that, though).

The trick is to accept Hakan for who he is; avoid his weakness and try to play Hakan’s game instead of your opponents’.

The keyword here is “could’ve”. Yea even a scrub “could’ve” beat Daigo or Mago theoritically if he did A, B, C, D, E, F, and G all properly. The problem is the difference in the amount of effort it takes to play Hakan vs other characters.

I have no problem with certain characters being harder to use. Diversity is good, and it makes the game more fun. But that difficulty needs to be balanced out by something else. I feel Hakan doesn’t do enough damage or have enough HP to justify all the turtling up he has to do just to avoid dying. Also, when a character has to be so defensive just to do anything, it stops being fun. Hakan is not like Guile where holding block consequently also helps to charge up really good counter moves. His best defenses against pressure are what? Oil Slide? Too slow on startup and can be punished. Oil Rocket? Unless I’m sandwiching myself up against the opponent, I can’t grab with this without oil, and under pressure I can’t oil up. Focus Attack? There are so many characters with multiple hit combos or special moves that it is tougher to pull one off when cornered than an overcooked steak from last week.

How much have you went into training with this character? How much match-up exp do you have against characters? Do you go to offline tournies?

Honestly how many people actually take this game seriously enough to go to tourneys? Or have the time and money to afford such trips? I’m just talking about the average player’s experience with Hakan, which frankly is awful. I shouldn’t have to spend hours upon hours in training mode to beat people who just spam DP because it makes them invincible for like 80% of the time. Hakan has no move that’s even close to spammable. When I see players like that, I recognize it, and yet I let my guard down for 1 second and instantly I eat a huge combo, which for come characters is quite easy to pull off. I feel like when I’m trying to hit them, it’s like playing whack-a-mole, but for them I’m this big red target they practically can’t miss. How is that fair?

noobs and scrubs are 2 totally diferent things

I think my problem while playing is the blocking part. Ambiguous cross up and low,high in addition with tick throw make me lose a lot of times.
Like Ken, Fei long , Bison, Ryu.
When you are in a situation when opponent has tick throw you quite a few times, just mash the shit out of U1 during the block string. He will learn not to do that and has to jump.

Hmm, I made that tutorial video so threads like this wouldn’t happen. Guess that was a fat chance! You’re obviously playing the game and don’t want to put much time in, but if you’re having such a hard time now, things aren’t really going to change for you in 2012. Hakan requires smart, dedicated players with good fundamentals and understanding of the game, in order to do well, so if you want things to improve either put the work in or use someone else.

Though to be fair, I always thought Hakan was brilliant fun, even when I was just starting out. I think it was that feeling of learning a new character and improving with him. Anyone else go through a similar start as StirFriedTofu?

you are doing at least two things wrong here:

  1. you are ranting to the wrong audience. many playeres here take this game seriously enough to go to tournies, and spend the time and moeny to do so. Hakan in general requires a higher technical threshhold that exceedes those of the “average player”. this may be where your problem lies. as an average player, who feels no need to pick this game up, your solution is easy. change characters, or change games. this board is dedicated to the improvement of a character, not the consolidation of every person’s complaints and rants.

  2. you are placing your own inadequacies on the character.

Ok look. Hakan is the hardest character to master in the Street Fighter universe and from reading your posts, your learning this the hard way. YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE… ALOT when you first start using Hakan. PERIOD! SO your going to have to either Sh!# or get off the pot. If you wanna learn how to use the Oil king, then sit down and read through the sticky’s here and go watch some of the vids in the video thread here. If you dont want to learn Hakan and just want to stand on your soap box and scream, “HAKAN’s ASS!” then do it elsewhere. Im not going to sit here and convince you to play Hakan. He’s not for every body. As for torunaments? Im going to Seasons Beatings this weekend with my mediocre Hakan and Im going to find out just how good Ive become and also level him up against the best in the world at the same time.

As long as you’re not in the corner, you can also backward to punish. They’ll start jumping to chase you; that’s when you start doing a very fast air throw to punish that. ha ha

Someone make Drew or in fact any intelligent regular poster a Hakan mod please. I’ve returned after 2 weeks and its the same old song.

Here’s a new technique. BLOCK.

I swear, sometimes the people who complain about spammed DPs and fireballs are just as scrubby as the players they talk down about.

Blocking can’t be the answer to everything. Hakan has to block more than any other character in the game and it makes his offensive and pressure game really weak. His whole schtick seems to be waiting for the other guy to make a mistake.

I’ve lately faced a number of opponents who see that I picked Hakan, and they just crouch block the whole round, and Hakan can’t do ANYTHING to punish that except get up really close for a risky oil rocket, and usually I have to waste a bar just to do that.

If I don’t try to get in, then it becomes a boring long game of baiting, where all I can do is keep oiling up and dodging fireballs till the other guy gets fed up.

If they just changed ONE thing like made oil dive hit crouching opponents instead of being completely worthless, it would change Hakan’s whole game, but right now he is highly predictable and easy to beat.


I was browsing this thread and I didn’t really read anything, but that line caught my eye

I literally laughed out loud and choked on my own spit.

Shut up guy

Hakan is the most complex character in the game. He requires more time in training, more matchup knowledge, and more reading ability than anyone. If you’re concerned about beating your friends on a consistent level as soon as possible, don’t learn Hakan. In fact, if you don’t like playing with hakan, don’t even play him. Learn a top tier character. You’re going to get destroyed when picking up Hakan, end of story.

Am I wrong?

I like playing Hakan. I just don’t like losing all the time with him. It wouldn’t be so bad if he at least had SOME tools that are worth a shit, but he doesn’t. One tiny mistake will cost me a huge lead in a match and possibly the game. It’s not like I get Perfected all the time, I often take the other guy down to low HP before losing, but I still end up losing because of something I can’t do anything about.

I never pick up top tier characters/weapons/races because I feel it’s the cheap and lazy way to play fighting games, or any game really. What does it prove if I can consistently beat noobs with Yun? That I can abuse easy-to-do moves and combos and that I only need half-assed timings to pull stuff off?