The end of our Queen's reign?

Sf4 timeline is over with ae. That means…there’s a chance no more juri. I doubt she’s in sfxt and I doubt shell make sf5 whenever that’s out. How does everyone feel about this? You think well get marvel dlc for her?

Or will she be one of the characters never to be seen again like q?

I hope not. I need her.

Dude you need to quit this “omg she’s my queen” tune … This just makes this forum creepy :confused:

Soooooo… You’re sad this ends sf4?

I personally think she’s in SFxT. I think Alex, Abel (confirmed) and Juri who are the lead characters of SF3, SFIV and Super will be in this game. Aside from that reasoning…

Juri is the 5th most used character in SSFIV AE in Japan, considering her assumed tier position that’s an amazing showing. Shes also been highly requested on western forums for future MVC3 DLC.

Versus City ? Blog Archive ? Virtua Fighter player/title charts

Super Street Fighter IV AE character usage ranking

  1. Ryu: 9.5%
  2. Ken: 7.2%
  3. Akuma: 5.1%
  4. Yun: 4.5%
  5. Juri: 4.2%
  6. Sagat: 4.2%
  7. Chun-Li: 3.6%
  8. Zangief: 3.4%
  9. Sakura: 3.3%
  10. Balrog: 3.3%

I’ll be surprised if one of those ten don’t make SfXt…

You know whenever there’s a new sf game there always will be the ‘gimme poison’ ‘gimme karin’ crowd. Sorry but I’m not one of them.

She’s SSF4 main character and besides all the things against her - being low tier AND complicated to use - she still is pretty popular. And she’s the only female villain in the series. I’m sure she has staying power.

Plus, someone needs to show Hwoarang who’s boss.

I bet avatars for a month she gets introduced with Bison/Dict as her tag partner.

Isnt sf3 before sf4? We didnt have a bunch of characters in sf3 that have been mainstays besides chun, ryu, ken, akuma. I say sf5 or SFxT. She never died like seth or bison supposedly… She should be the future dictator for sf5. xp

SF3 is actually dated after SF4, but I wouldn’t waste my brainpower trying to keep up with the story :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m at work right now and the only thing near me that could do damage is the 3 hole puncher. So that will have to do.

If I could go through my phone right now, I’d beat you upside your face with this 3 hole puncher.

Upside the face. Boom upside the face clap clap

We don’t take kindly to physical threats on SRK. I would suggest cutting that shit out right now.

I always thought that Dhalsim character in SF3, Necro or whatever, and 12 could mean more advanced models than Seth and his brothers. Maybe Gill and his organization stole from and destroyed S.I.N. and Juri will swear revenge against Gill or something. I dunno about you, but I will keep spamming Ono on twitter to bring Juri to all his next games :stuck_out_tongue:

As for SFxTK, she is the most suitable to pair against Hwoarang, I also tweeted him about both, and Ono said it was a good idea once!

As for TKxSF, I tweeted Harada the same.

I suggest you do the same if we don’t want Juri to “disappear” though I doubt she ever will. Would seem like a waste.

That’s sad and all, i’m gonna miss the mistress if this is it, but i have one thing to say…WHERE THE FUCK WAS MY KARIN! ;.; I HATE YOU CAPCOM I HATE YOU THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MUCH! Long live Juri! Emo time over.

For the most part i think having a decent character picking strategy in SF is necessary especially if you stick around for the years to come.

If you mained Ryu since the days of ST chances are you never really needed to learn alot of new stuff with him because his main fundamentals have never changed. If you mained Yun in 3S chances are you know what to start looking for and working on in AE.

I dont like to think that my main in the first fighting game i took seriously is going to die. Because for the most part if they keep core mechanics like fireball storing im already used to that and can carry it on if she got introduced in a new game down the line.

That being said SF x TK has Abel, who is kinda like a second main to me, so at least my time invested is going to somewhat move on to my next main game. If Juri was there it would be awesome though, Abel x Juri tag team, make it happen.

I mean… If worse comes to worse I can try some tekken characters because juri and a few others (none of the ones shown) from streetfighter I didn’t like

Juri is the core focus of SSF4 as an antagonist. Too much went into her design. I can’t imagine the next SF without juri. Plus if you think about it those older games were built on older game architectures. This means they would have to do work to port them, which explains why yun and yang are dlc. Since they basically have the groundwork laid for Juri already on modern hardware\programming architecture it would be natural to assume she’d make it in future releases (from a technical standpoint).

What Albino said^

Dont you guys remember? In her ending for arcade mode, she ends up killing Seth. I think that she’ll become the new leader of the S.I.N thing for the SF5 series.

I’d love for her to be in SFxT and MVC , she deserves more exposure to the people who arent comfortable using her.

BTW, I made a potential moveset for Juri MVC 3 DLC, you guys should check it out if youd like. I basically added all her moves while adding some of my own stuff in there as well.
If you guys feel like I’m missing something, or If I should add something to it, do tell.

I’m sure Capcom will bring her back in future games. It’s more of a question of when. Juri will never die as long as people keep playing her and keep her relavant through things cosplay and art.

Can’t ever go by endings though. It’s so iffy.

Just saying. I hope so. I’m prepared to move away from juri if she’s not available in new games… But I’ve never had more fun playing a fighting game than with her.

If they announce her for sfxt prepare yourself for the Hypetrain. I’ll be conducting that train.