The End of a "Empire"?


Thoughts? I will share mine later.

Obligatory “You’re all free now”

I thought emp died in 2010 :smokin:

Who cares? FGD?

Whats EMP??o_O

Nah, not FGD. This is not dealing with a game of any sort. This is a clan or crew and I want to see opinions and thought.

I haven’t kept up with all the shady shit that has happened with them. Somebody share some details on what happened.

Uhg who cares. Let that creepy dude fade into obscurity.

dunno why they got so much hate

the dude wanted to advance esports, good for him. so what if he wore a power glove?

this sucks I wanted to join emp at some point but looks like my dream has been deferred. looks like all those guys will have to join one of the other countless stupid fighting game crews out there

So what? I don’t think anyone has ever taken Empire Arcadia or any other gaming “clan”/sponsor/whatever seriously.And if they do…I feel pretty sorry for them.

End of the empire, and no one cares…

whats this “shady story” behind emp ? people talking bout it on eventhubs too.

lol everybody jumping ship. Sanford mentioned this was gonna happen last week on the Guard Crush stream. Andre gone, Yipes gone, Justin Wong LONG gone. Everybody trying to get some real sponsors.

Team Spooky has done more for the community in a year then EMP has in their entire existence.

mixed feelings on empire.

the guy wasnt a shark…in fact. triforce is an idiot in my opinion. a truly altruistic idiot who had members feel like he was cheating them not because he was trying to but because his idea was unsuccessful.

get a job.

heres a new model. get 6 people with jobs. rent a large apartment or house. setup consoles for games. expect and understand you’re subsidizing each others costs of living. expect to pay money to travel anywhere. try to win money to lower or pay back the costs of travelling. keep working that job. dont expect anything huge to happen you’re not justin wong. keep working that job you may wake up one morning and feel why am i playing video games like this? this is retarded. well at least i was working that job i can just continue living here with my buddies cause its a nice big place that has multiple people paying rent. and if you dont like them anymore on top of disliking games all of a sudden. move out.

the idea of a daddy organization is retarded. especially when that daddy is some random dude who doesnt even work or have any income.

triforce isnt a mogul of any kind. he doesnt possess his parents assets or have an education. so theres no reason for him to ever act like a philanthropist for gamers. and his ideas were never good enough to get everybody a “free ride”

fucking guy promises a free ride to himself and to others cause he is salty that he had to live out of a taxi cab for his childhood.

Anyone know the back story behind all of this?

You can adopt me dude…
thought he was gonna dance and/or do the tony yayo dance…

sucks for them but its sounds like its gonna be okay… maybe

Many people are gonna be like wtf, especially new people, and especially since the avs aint around anymore

good luck

This is pretty sudden but I think Yipes was the glue(I am going to ride this till the wheels fall off). I remember that quote. I am sure folks got tired of only being about to do mostly east coast tourneys and wanted to venture out more to other big goings on in the tourney scene. I am not going to name call the man and rip him apart but it seemed like he had a noble idea that just got messed up in it’s execution. Only time will tell if he can rebuild the fighting game division like he wants to.

I’m excited to see where all of Empires players will go now. Maybe new members for EG, Hori, Brokentier???

Never really cared much for EMP, however I’m curious to know why they are “temporary” dropping out.

It’s a little unfair to compare to 2, since they both represent 2 different things in terms of how they treat the fighting game community.
However, Team Spooky has became rather successful with there streaming as of late.