The Diary of a Gen player

Diary Entry 8/18/2013 1:00PM

I am glad the Gen riot is finally over, now that I play Balrog I must admit its good to leave the old man, he is back in china and running his restaurant and doesn’t mind taking a break, we write each other often though.

Was able to get all my hands combos on pad and it wasnt so difficult transitioning to stick although I still cant get sMK hands and TC1 x hands on stick but who cares anyway.

Working on making tutorials based on the notebook I have been keeping and it seems no one cares about Gen, which is good. Hopefully it will help someone who is hoping to use Gen.

The net has been scarce of good footage of Gen so I guess once again no matter what the update will bring Gen will still be under explored. I feel sorry for those big fools.

Diary Entry 8/18/2013 10:06PM

Laptop finally gave in, I can no longer capture with fraps without it dropping to 15 frames lol, a user in youtube said I played the game on a toaster lol! *SALT SHAKE. So I decided to call it quits, tried recording with Roxio Gamecap but found out my component cable is faulty and the red wasn’t working hehehe. not to mention it was skipping frames too. none the less I captured footage and recorded some voice narration on it lol. with the help of some cool editing was able to upload it hehehehe
First up a video showing all the mixups I personally use when playing gen vs shotos. possibly nothing new to most veterans. for some reason I forgot to add the xian gekiro mixup that he uses on daigo if he refuses to quickrise.
Here I went through the basic oga setup with Gen on Ryu. trying as much to remain as simple as I can.
Being a pad player I find buffers to make my life easier and this one was one of such buffers.

I wonder if this old movie look goes down well with the viewers though.

Diary Entry 8/21/2013 12:44PM

Spent a good part of the morning reading the book of Matthews (well I spent alot of time reading frame data, a little spiritual reading will do me good) so I decided to pop in on youtube and I found this

FT10 between Xian and Ryan Hart. Should make for a good watch if I do say so my self. Where are my popcorn and cheap soda?!

Too many unblockables landed, I feel sad. Gen hmmm. More! More! Yes unblockables!!!

Dairy Entry 8/25/2013 8:01PM

SRK Forum dying again, nothing new showing up, nobody chatting or sharing tech, memoirs of an assassin still piling dust (mine is already in my mobile though tweaked to my taste) Till the next tournament Xian wins and the OP and hate group show up.

Only @Warlike still walks this ghost town of a thread, the other veterans like @Yeb @Street11 @nubbb are all gone, like the age of the samurai all good things must come to an end.

I watced that Xian fight vs a Sagat player recently, was it just me or did he seem a little out of touch?

since EVO he hasn’t played much, making videos and other sponsorship stuff so he is bound to get a bit rusty, but if there is a tourney he will polish up in time. no worries

Diary Entry 8/31/2013 9:24PM

I now realize that spending time in the lab now is not that fruitful anymore. I have almost maxed out my potential and now I spend more time reading strategy books and adapting them to SF. lol, I shall post them here so I can refer to them with ease in the future

“People say fundamentals and footsie making SF a game of maths. If u hit and avoid getting hit that’s all the fundamentals u need.”

"Anger and Greed brings downfall to any warrior, get your opponent angry or bait them with an offer they can’t refuse. "

“Always remember that no defence is impenetrable, be observant and exploit any opening”

“Block a projectile as a last resort. Neutral jump is the best, by blocking you give up one cube of space and corner yourself”

“When low on life do not be hasty to attack, rather solidify your defence and then plan how u can turn the tide in one or two moves”

Last Entry

The journey has been swell. Forum is dead and there is no point lurking around anymore. They say third time is a charm. The journey was fun. There will always be someone to step up. Gen is a top tier character in my books, always shall and always will be. Till next time. only fate will decide

I stopped playing for a while and just picked this game up again yesterday, proceed to lose to a 1000+PP Ryu WTF.

Hahaa, its sometimes like that.

Diary Entry 3:51am 9-17-2013

Now that I have finally retired from competitive play I can go back to just finding stuff for fun. Whenever I go on break I come back with something new. figuring new setups and stuff like that. The forum has been quite of recent, I wonder where the other Gen players that use to frequent these forums are. Almost all if not all the tournament Gen players no longer post here and thats sad.

My practice on the BnB tech have been yielding much fruit on medium sized characters, I noticed that with slight adjustment on the Gekiro height that follow up crane j.MK will either hit in front or behind giving me a clean 50-50 mixup off a bnb.

On the other hand I was able to FINALLY get a consistent double safe jump OS on Gen BnB for 4 frame 5 frame reversals, by juggling high and landing the 3rd follow up kick of light gekiro and dropping down (not quick drop) that if you hold up that its a safe jump (if they tech on first frame if delay it will wiff) and if they choose not to quick rise you just option select sMP and jump again for another safejump. pretty cool.

After watching Infil use Akuma demon flip to escape the corner I have been utilizing Gen oga as a corner escape after a failed cross up corner attempt.

Diary Entry

I heard Ryu cannot hit Gen with U1 after an ex tatsu in the corner. Lol that’s so weird.

Well as it turns out it’s difficult to hit it point blank but from a mid range ex tatsu it works

Discovering that Gen has the longest focus attack range in the game makes me feel all fuzzy inside

I had always suspected that, good to finally know this for sure. Also a little interesting fact; I remember a commentator mentioned once that all the Chinese street fighter characters have the best focus attacks in the game, and they are all in your forum avatar; Fei Long, Chun Li, and Gen. I can’t remember whether that comment was made before or after the arrival of Yun and Yang though.

I can swear chun has the fastest focus attack lol. Don’t know about the range though. Nice to see you still hang around here man.

I lurk around here all the time, lol. With Ultra coming around next year I’m interested to see how the game and especially Gen’s play style will be affected with all the new changes, so I’m probably sticking around for a while. I’m quite disappointed with the 4 new characters actually, not very exited about them. Q from SFIII was one the characters I wanted to see return. But what about that 5th character? Deity Gen?? Gen finally becoming the grim reaper of the SF universe and giving Oni a run for his money, that would be sweet, lol.


Hello, I am new in this forum and this is my first comment.
I first played gen when I was begining with SF about five monts ago and was too much for me and didn’t go well, later I played Balrog and by that time I learned fundamentals. About a week playing with a friend that I cannot defeat, I picked gen and surprisingly I beat it. I’m playing gen a lot now that I have the fundamentals is much more easy and entertaining. Well thats my experience xD but I have a long road forward me. so if you can help me in this process I will be very happy. I’m relatively new in this game so I’m not used with the match ups. Sorry for my english, its not my first lenguage. regards for every one.