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Very surprised no one’s responded to this thread. But yeah. This was bound to happen. Are they staying there indefinitely?

It’s normal people who have school, college, work, family, etc. Some come and go and then others come and go, and the cycle repeats. It’s indefinite but they have stated to plan to centralize movements in Washington DC and other people worldwide are uniting for the common cause. They have a Wikileaks van with enough data to bring down the entire US government but that would be really stupid if they chose to release it, since it would do more damage than good. I think humans are more capable nowadays than just throwing shit at each other like their ancestors. I really don’t know what to think about the current situation, I’m too busy with work and family to be involved. I am worried about the consistent change of the human global consciousness, the way things are they can’t continue for long. I thought things wouldn’t get this bad until around 2020 but it seems that Dasrik was right and humans have less time than they think.

So basically, it’s a rotating free for all organized movement? I was thinking about this during the Egyptian protests, too. How are that many people able to sit in on a protest? Of course, the heavy unemployment doesn’t hurt it much either.

It’s entertaining and I’ve been watching the live feed all night. I really hope it catches on, but at the same time I think they need to set more specific demands, or at least state specificity what they’re protesting. I’m sure they have done that somewhere, but their protest has to actually go somewhere, cause it can’t just go on forever.

Just hoping everyone comes out of this safe, and the police violence and abuse of power doesn’t get much worse than what I saw in those videos. But I’ve got a bad feeling this is gonna go downhill real soon and real fast.

That is horrible that a young girl would get fenced in and maced like that by a dozen police officers, but what are they protesting exactly?
Why is this not on the news either? Its funny how New York has this tough guy persona about it, but, yeah, pen up and mace a little hippy chick lol gj ny

5 news teams pulled up about 20 minutes ago. Supposedly Good morning America wants to do interviews.

wow, what an embarrassment that is to this country. Macing a bunch of girls for protesting? C’mon on what grounds? Police have been spiraling out of control for to long, and this whole mob mentality of saftey at any cost is shitting on what is left of the constitution.

have any of you seen that new navy commercial. where they go on about being a global force, that is, they are the world’s police on the high seas and in other area’s. Didn’t Eisenhower warn us about this sort of activity?

As for health care, I don’t see it lasting, nor getting an actual solution to it. Look at the peanut gallery celebrate and cheer for death

I bet if it was poor little Jimmy they would scoop and receive all the free health care they could.

And as for the economy? I don’t see it getting better. More and more jobs are being exported, there are more and more people being born into a society with diminishing positions for work. And the education system is a system based on profit and gain, making school a much more difficult thing to pursuit.

And US involvement and continued support of Mexican drug cartels is very disturbing. Very, very, very disturbing.

Really it just sounds more like a bunch of angry people being angry for no particular cause other than to be angry. They need a leader so they can perform actual change.

Angry people is always a start, if its good, bad, or pointless, we’ll find out.

Wow. I have not heard this on any of the news channels that I usually keep up with–not CNN or NPR. Odd, since you’d think that protests on Wall Street would generate a bit more publicity. I’m interested since I spent 5 years in NY, so hopefully things don’t randomly devolve into chaos, like that wave of protests/violence/vandalism that hit Britain recently.

I’m still shocked that wall street is still up and running…

At the very least, the US financial system needs a complete overhaul. Too many buddy’s allowing for lax laws, and insane shot like allowing the federal reserve to be run by guys working at banks.

Technology is awesome.

  1. The global economy is in dire straights. The fact that they keep printing more money and buying debt with that money and NOT nationalizing the banks here in the US, is the biggest mistake that the bankers/wall street/treasury keeps making. But that in itself exposes the fact that the people running the US economic policy are practically in bed with wall street. GROSS conflict of interest.

  2. We are everywhere, that we need to be. Either for our own national interest/security or for “others” (china I’m looking at you)

3.The so called health care system here and in general world wide is a sham. Not only is the cost ever increasing, but the reach is ever dwindling. Has no one noticed the Cymbalta ad being pushed for pain? WHY would you prescribe an anti-depressant for pain?!!!

  1. Dont get me started on education. Especially on Rick Perrys bullshit policy/bait of giving illegals 100k in free higher education. WTF?!

Interesting note on education: your state university does not want you.

Basically they make more money off out of state students and international ones. So everyday people are getting shafted for out of state dumbasses with cash.

-The widening gap between the rich and middle class. It’s becoming even harder to become wealthy, as jobs are being cut or outsourced, wages stagnating or reduced. At this rate, there will be the rich, and the lower class, with no inbetween.

-Tech companies “hoarding” patents to protect themselves from lawsuits. This stunts innovation, and reduces potential jobs that could have been created. There is also a patent processing problem in general. It takes so much time and money to get a patent applied for. I hope This should changes immediately.

-It seems recently (probably within the last 10-20 years), that men have been getting the short end of the stick. Too many double standards where men get shafted or abused, and people turn a blind eye. It seems that people in general think that men should take this “punishment,” but there is only so much you can take.

-Terrible family environment. IMO, it takes 2 people to raise children; I know there are exceptions, but if you look at many single parent homes, there is a hostile environment. The kids probably aren’t doing well in school, or are getting in trouble, while the parent has to work to support their kids where they have little time to be around them, to bring them up to respectability. Kids will learn more from others than a single parent. With the divorce rate at 50%, it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better.

Random conspiracy theory rant of the day. I figured this was as good a place as any to rant. :rock::rock::rock:Basically, a lot of politicians say the economic problems are caused by social security. Some even want to get rid of it.

I was talking with one of my old friends recently the other day. He’s around my age -27- and currently doesn’t work. Even though he’s fairly old, 3 of his original grandparents are still alive. All three of the grandparents live together in one tiny apartment and split their social security checks into one enormous pot. Does anyone know how much his grandparents are making just in social security alone? Approximately 20,000 a year each for a whopping total of 60,000. All of his grandparents are in excellent shape and don’t have any medical problems. They pay for his apartment, car, video game expenses you name it. The grandparents donate the rest of the money to their church and other religious groups. He does nothing, and is paid by other people-his grandparents- who get paid to do nothing.

A lot of religious and ethnic groups in America/Europe actually explicitly say that’s like “their strategy in life”. Keep as many old people alive and healthy as possible. Hopefully they won’t have to spend any of their social security money on medical expenses. Spend the rest of your left over social security money exclusively on young people of your religion or ethnic group. Basically the religious/ethnic group with the most old people alive becomes the most rich group. All the young people who don’t know any old people are shit out of luck.

Any of you guys ever watch the show Pawn stars? chuckles That show owes it’s success to social security. lol none of those antique collectors that buy all those crappy antiques are young. Nobody would ever pay their hard earned money on that sort of junk. A ton of old people go crazy at those auctions buying stuff for nostalgic reasons because they didn’t have to work for the money. 2,000 on a mickey mouse lamp, sure why not!!! I can’t believe that show is so successful and popular with young people. I find it “weird” that I’m the only person annoyed with that show.

Here’s a brilliant idea I read on a political blog. I actually seriously think it’s a brilliant and not silly or stupid. Old people should get the same amount of social security money as before but there should be restrictions on how they spend the money.
If they have serious medical problems, they should be able to spend their money for surgeries and operations. The medical field would prosper in a huge way from social security just like the current system.
BUT, any social security, and rent/living related expenses should only be allowed to be spent on services and goods provided by young people. For example, old person homes should be run exclusively by people under age of thirty five. Any restaurants they go to should be staffed by exclusively young people. A policy like that would slice the unemployment statistics in half.

In the current system, I don’t really blame young people in countries like the UK for rioting. What else are they supposed to do? The system favors old people so hard core.

Yeah yeah US and Global troubles. Random thoughts:

  • What I find most troubling is how people keep saying “Double dip recession”. We never left the first one. Ever. I can’t think of one individual around me that has felt financially secure since all this has started going down.

  • And yeah, OMG Congress what the fuck. It’s like we are going from drinking water to drinking our own piss to survive. This magic money to fix the nation’s issues need to stop.

  • It seems everyone in the world is yearning for a future that our current system cannot support. It scares the shit out of me that other countries want the same middle class American dream when ours is falling apart. Like if we can’t do it how can two nations of a billion+ people each do it?

  • Vladimir Putin wants to be Prime Minister again? How do the Russian people stand for their government? What good are the laws when the leaders can so blatantly wipe their ass with them? If you spent years under such a whack system as soviet communism how can the people stand for such bullying today? Are they even more spineless than the average American? Also Russian aviation regulations must be ultra ass.

  • I won’t even pretend to understand the patent wars going on but omg wtf is this shit nuts. Like what the hell were we doing before all of this when it came to inventions?

  • Women can vote in Saudi Arabia. Hot damn. But why can’t they drive still? I’m entirely baffled by this.

  • And to come full circle. If this world’s financial situation is shaky ground when the fuck are we as a people going to stop living a life that we can’t afford? I won’t even front. I’m hella guilty of this too.

I have multiple sclerosis and my mom has cancer and is fighting for her life, my aunt is a balling ass lawyer and scrapes to give me any money to buy food. She’s unreliable, my mom was my only resource. This shit is wack man, I need a damn intervention like yesterday. SSI is basically saying"your MS IS bullshit, you can work. denial after denial. I’m going to have to get a job through a disability agency if they deny me again after appeals. I have medicaid and they pay for my medicine, it runs out at the end of the year. Will they renew it, only time will tell.:coffee:

Well Anon posted the family info on the cop who pepper sprayed the protester. Good for them. I am usually rather pro cop but that guy’s actions garnered looks from other officers. He holds a position of authority not only over the people but also other officers in his precinct. He has the old school asshole cop mentality where they think that they are untouchable to the common person. While I hope they stay safe and honesty don’t think that his children are in any danger, I hope that the speed in which the entire country found out where his child goes to school resonates with him and weighs heavy enough on his mind to not only effect his future actions but to make him advise other officers who share his same mentality.

I wish the democratic party would mobilize like the tea party and get a message out