The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Thread

Honestly why didn’t Valve just make this free?

I’ve played cs since the dawn of time (beta WoN server days for any of you that played HL 1,TFC and all that) and 1.6 competitively for years…and what they wanted to accomplish with this game is bring all the 1.6 people and source people together so they can all be satisfied under one game and it really doesnt do it…it feels ALOT like source and nothing like 1.6…It definitley just feels like a big update patch and thats about it.

Open beta now, eh? I feel a tiny bit special for being in the closed beta, hah.
But CS:GO is a really solid and fun game, like previous CS games. Many people will complain that it’s just a graphics, guns and map pack update. And that’s more or less what it is. But for €15 you’re getting a great FPS that is an updated version of what you’ve played before. You’re not losing much by buying the game anyways.

Pre-purchased it a few days ago, and am looking forward to playing finished game. :wink:

Edit: Steam ID is Yamatsu if any of you want to play a few games with me.

Counter Strike is only meant for PC. Its just going to be butchered on consoles.

Sorta already is, they took out the little things like trash flying everywhere when you shoot it and barrels falling over. Corpses don’t even react to shots. I think they were getting rid of these things for the console release.

Interestingly enough, the PS3 version will support Keyboard and Mouse.
Its funny, because PS3 has pretty much always had keyboard and mouse compatibility…just no games that actually used it…

Theres already a hardware attachment you can buy that lets you set up your keyboard and mouse on the Xbox as well. I’ll obviously play it for the PC but it is fun to hook it up and kill kids on COD.

Open Beta should be available in about 47 minutes

Is this good? I get my laptop in 31 days and I’m hype as shit for this

If its half the man 1.6 was or at least the man source was Imma go Ham

Definitely better than Source imo

I actually had alot of fun on the xbox version of counter strike. >_>. But I always played 1.6 waaaaaaay back in the day in net cafes and rape. Those were the good old days. This game feels like a casual-catered cs: source… Which actually isn’t a bad thing! The game feels pretty good. Although the recoil feels a bit “arcadey” you won’t see yourself spraying and getting kills.

Good goooood this will be the first thing I put on my new alienware m18x…

I read the primary reason for cross platform being dropped had to due with updates. Considering how often Value patches their games they would have to spend a fortune to get the console versions up to date with it’s PC counterpart.

As much as I don’t want to… I have to get this on Xbox. I’d much rather play on PC like I did for older counter strikes but I don’t have the money for a proper computer. On some real shit this computer crashes out of runescape in 10 minutes, minecraft straight up tells me my computer isn’t good enough, and league takes ages to start :frowning:

It’s still fun, but Valve continues with their console indifference…game is glitchy as hell. Matchmaking is broken if you try to play with friends, it just searches forever and if you do manage to get in, it dumps all your teammates. Don’t think they save stats server side either…I dashboarded from the game to accept an invite into another and when I came back, everything was gone and 3 or 4 times when I booted the game up it mysteriously de-programs all the controls…
Hopefully Valve will patch it…within 3 years or so. Console lazy bastards.:rofl:

Liking it a lot so far, feels much better than source.

Alienware!? Check the sig, man. I can’t let you buy an Alienware. I’ll even price match it if I can.

There’s been some heavy server side lag lately, even in 15 ping it seems like the game just stops and people teleport around

I’m not the kind of person to rage over games, but missing an AWP shot on someone standing perfectly still just puts me in one of those moods…

I was lucky enough to play it during the last week of the beta, and I was impressed with the game. I’ve been playing the crap out of it ever since. :smiley: