The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Thread

So who is going to be playing this? The franchise might never be what it was like in the 1.3, 1.5, and 1.6 days, but as long as this is a major improvement over the way Source currently plays, I’m all for it.
I might as well start a list so we can add people on Steam


Tweleve / Tweleve3s
del1rium /
m00b /

What the hell, they are making a new Counter-Strike?

Is it actually different or one of those giant patches that makes people think it’s new?

It still uses the Source engine but the gameplay supposedly feels brand new, getting a lot of praise from CS tournament winning veterans saying that it feels much better than how Source currently does, and it’s what Source should have been in the first place

They have that new grenade that leaves a fire carpet and does damage over time when you run across it. That seems pretty interesting. Being that CS is my favorite FPS, I’m pretty hyped up to try the game. I still miss those 1.6 tournament/lan days.

I’ll cop it on the, sigh, xbox until I get a new computer in 2013.

Dude you know what game series this is right?

If you need a new computer now to play CS then you needed a new computer ten years ago and shouldn’t have an Xbox >_>


I can play it on my pc but I’m so lazy.

…I pray to god PS3 won’t fuck this experience up.

Is the game coming out for consoles? My friend at school told me that the console versions of GO was scrapped.

Why would anyone buy this game on a console…

They don’t have a pc to play it?

It’s going to be on consoles, last I heard there was going to be cross platform gameplay

Direct quote from steam page
"CS: GO promises to expand on CS’ award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next gen consoles and the Mac."

I believe that they cut out the cross platform play cause of balance issues. Also known as, PC gamers just kicking the shit out of the console gamers.

I remember UT3 on PS3 let you use mouse and keyboard not only that but you could filter going into a match with keyboard players or non keyboard players. It also let you load mods off a usb too. God that was a good console FPS.

Too bad it was a horrible Unreal Tournament.

It really sucks for me that I will have to play the 360 version, my laptop is all sorts of fucked up right now. Either way though I’ll be playing a lot

true but then again a horrible UT is better than 1000 COD’s

Yeah, who knew that the cod format would turn into the new platformer. Back 15 years ago everyone is copying Sonic and Mario. To now copying cod which copied Day of Defeat.

Open beta comes out Aug14th for everyone who pre purchases on steam before then

There’s a 10% off sale atm, so instead of paying a full whopping $15, you can have yours for only a mere $13.49

I’ll be playing. Already pre-ordered it last week.

Steam name is m00b.