The Complete Alex Thread

Well, it seems like other characters are getting these threads, so I thought that Alex should have one too. I’ll start by writing the basic stuff, and, hopefully, people will add to it and/or discuss it (note: my Alex is decent at best, so I’m probably not going to write much about strategy).

If you want to use Ctrl+F to find something, I’ll start every section heading with #. So, if you want to search for standing normals, you can just enter “#Standing.”


SU: Start Up (in frames)*
BA: Blocked advantage (in frames)*
HS: Hit standing advantage (in frames; D means it knocks down)*
HC: Hit crouching advantage (in frames; D means it knocks down)*
Guard (H/L): Can be blocked high (H) or low (L)*
Parry (H/L): Can be parried high or low*
CS: Chains into itself*
SC: Special cancellable*
SA: Super Art cancellable*

*Stats taken from Brady guide

#Game Terms

UOH - Universal Overhead (:mp:+:mk:)
Meaty - An attack done early so that your opponent wakes up into it.

#Normal Moveset


#Far distance

:lp: - This move is fast and weak, providing a slight frame advantage if hit or blocked.
SU:4, BA:+1, HS:+1, HC:+1, Guard:H/L, Parry:H/L, CS

:mp: - Standing medium punch is a great move. It is your safest meter builder and whiffs quickly. You can also conceal charges by charging while repeatedly whiffing this move. It has better range than it appears to have (slightly beyond Alex’s elbow), and it works as a good anti-air option. You can link into EX Air Knee Smash if it’s hit or parried. You can also link into :lp: or EX Flash Chop if you hit a standing opponent. Additionally, this move has some sick-ass priority. With it, you can beat things like Hugo’s “ass-tap” standing MP, as well as Dudley’s standing MP.
SU:4, BA:-1, HS:0, HC:+1, Guard:H/L, Parry:H, CS

:hp: - This move is a slow overhead punch with decent priority, damage, and stun. You can stuff a few wake-up moves (like EX Spinning Bird Kick) if you attack meaty with it, and it will trade with some wake-up Shoryukens because it punches your opponent in the head while he punches you in the arm. Every once in a while, you can also throw this move out as an anti-air. It’ll knock your opponent down.
SU:14, BA:-1, HS:+1, HC:+3, Guard:H, Parry:H, CS, SC, SA

:lk: - This is a pretty fast, short-ranged kick that does a little damage and is safe if blocked. Its one application is that you can conceal charges and/or negative edge into Slash Elbows or Air Stampedes with it. I don’t really use it though.
SU:5, BA:0, HS:0, HC:0, Guard:H/L, Parry: H/L, CS

:mk: - This is a really good poke move. It’s fast and strong, and it has extremely good range, reaching over a lot of low pokes and kicking your opponent in the face. Sometimes, I’ll do this right after a hit or blocked cr.:mk: to either hit my opponent or move him away.
SU:5, BA:0, HS:+1, HC:+2, Guard:H/L, Parry:H, CS

:hk: - I call this move “The Boot” (a nomenclature I picked up from better players). It’s a standing punt kick with extremely good range and priority, as well as good damage and stun, but it’s very slow. It trades with a lot of other characters’ high priority moves and even stuffs some of them, but it starts up so slowly that you’ll probably just get hit while Alex is starting up. It has a few uses though. If you parry a low poke with a lot of recovery (like a Shoto sweep), throw this out to kick your opponent in the face?and then laugh at him for getting hit by The Boot. If you see your opponent throwing out an early jump-in attack, Boot him?and then laugh at him for getting hit by The Boot. If Dudley tries to hit you with a Short Swing Blow, stuff it with The Boot (it’ll reach across his back-dash and kick him in the head)?and then laugh at him for getting hit by The Boot. If your opponent repeatedly does jump-in attacks, Boot him until he learns to empty jump at you. Then you Power Bomb him for empty jumping at you (not applicable against Hugo)?and then laugh at him for getting Power Bombed.
SU:16, BA:-13, HS:0, HC:+2, Guard:H/L, Parry:H, CS, SC, SA

#Close distance

:lp: - This is a short-ranged version of Alex’s regular jab; the only difference is that this one is actually applicable for tick throw and tick Power Bomb setups. If this move is either hit or blocked, you will have a +1 frame advantage with which you can attempt to throw or Power Bomb (or Hyperbomb if you use SA1) him. KSK also does two and then cancels into SA2 sometimes.
SU:4, BA:+1, HS:+1, HC:+1, Guard:H/L, Parry:H/L

:mp: - This is exactly the same as its far distance counterpart.

:hp: - This is exactly the same as its far distance counterpart.

:lk: - This is exactly the same as its far distance counterpart.

:mk: - This knee attack is good for hit-confirming Alex’s best combo: :mk: x :lp: or EX Flash Chop. It’s a high-damage, high-stun combo that you very much want to land during any match, and you can also cancel EX Flash Chop into Boomerang Raid for extra damage if you use SA2. If you do this move meaty on your opponent’s wake-up, you can stuff quite a few wake-up moves. If your opponent likes to low parry during his wake-up, mix this up with close :mp:. There are three other mix ups with this move, too: 1. if your opponent blocks it, you can cancel it into a MK Spiral DDT and grab him; 2. if he parries it, you can cancel it into LP Power Bomb and grab him; and 3. you can charge down, get up with this move, and then press up and do a MK Air Stampede with negative edging.
SU:11, BA:-1, HS:0, HC:+1, Guard:H/L, Parry:H/L

:hk: - This is exactly the same as its far distance counterpart.


:d:+:lp: - This is a fast poke that gives you some frame advantage regardless of whether or not it’s blocked. Other than that, it doesn’t have many uses, since crouching :lk: is just better. You can do :d:+:lp:, :d:+:lp: x Boomerang Raid though.
SU:4, BA:+1, HS:+1, HC:+1, Guard:H/L, Parry:H/L

:d:+:mp: - This is a fast, long-ranged poke with good priority and damage. I think it beats out Shotos’ crouching :mk:, but it can be blocked and parried either high or low.
SU:7, BA:0, HS:+1, HC:+2, Guard:H/L, Parry:H/L, CS, SC, SA

:d:+:hp: - With this move, Alex does a 2-hit rising tackle with horrible recovery and poor horizontal range (okay vertical range though). It works well as an anti-air if it only connects with one hit (to do this, try to start this move as soon as you see your opponent jump) because you can then link into a :hk: or EX Rising Knee Smash. I rarely use this move.
SU:13, BA:-9, HS:D, HC:D, Guard:H/L, Parry:H/L, CS, SC, SA

:d:+:lk: - This is an okay move that gives you okay frame advantage. It’s not very fast though, but I think you can do :d:+:lk:, :d:+:lk: x Boomerang Raid with it (you can’t, so don’t bother).
SU:5, BA:+2, HS:+2, HC:+2, Guard:L, Parry:L, CS

:d:+:mk: - I like this poke. It’s not very fast, but it has to be blocked or parried low. You can cancel it into Boomerang Raid if it connects, but, if you do that from max range, Alex might whiff his grab at the end of his super.
SU:8, BA:-1, HS:0, HC:+1, Guard:L, Parry:L, CS, SC, SA

:d:+:hk: - This sweep is slow, but it has pretty good range. The best time to use it is after you low parry something like a Shoto sweep. You can also try to do it meaty during your opponent’s wake-up, but it’s pretty easy to see coming and highly punishable.
SU:11, BA:-15, HS:D, HC:D, Guard:L, Parry:L, CS, SC, SA

#Jumping (no frame data are given, except for start-up data. Also, all of these attacks much be guarded and/or parried high)

:u:+:lp: - This is a good attack to use for tick setups. It doesn’t stay out for the whole time you’re in the air, but it stays out for a while. To tick with it, jump at your opponent and attack with this move. If he gets hit or blocks, immediately do a Power Bomb, throw, or Spiral DDT upon landing. You can also charge partition while you’re in the air and do either Slash Elbow or Air Stampede when you land.
SU:4, CS, SC, SA

:u:+:mp: - I guess this move is pretty fast for a medium attack, but there’s not really any reason to use it. It has okay range and okay damage, and it will get beaten by most anti-air attacks.
SU:5, CS, SC, SA

:u:+:hp: - This is probably Alex’s best jumping attack. It doesn’t have much horizontal range, but it has good vertical range, and it does good damage and great stun. The main use for this attack, if your opponent is on the ground, is to start combos (okay, Alex really only has one combo to start with this). Jump in, use this move, and then immediately do close :mk: linked into :lp: or EX Flash Chop. You can also use this move to “swat” at airborne opponents if they try to jump out of a corner or dive kick you or something.
SU:8, CS, SC, SA

:u:+:lk: - Like :u:+:lp:, this move is useful for tick setups. It also stays out for the entirety of Alex’s jump.
SU:4, CS, SC, SA

:u:+:mk: - This kick has very good range and stays out for a while. It’s a good move to use when you’re jumping away from your opponent, but it’s also useful for mix-up purposes. Before you jump (from the left; reverse the directions if you’re on the right side), crouch briefly by holding :db: (maybe whiff something to make your opponent think that you’re attacking). As you jump, continue to hold :db: and use this move to attack your opponent. When you land, you can use your charge to either do an Air Stampede or a Slash Elbow.
SU:9, CS, SC, SA

:u:+:hk: - This is a good move too. It has good horizontal range and decent priority but not very good vertical range. You can use it like you would :u:+:mk:, but your timing has to be precise. If you connect deeply with this move, you can also go into a close :mk: linked into :lp: or EX Flash combo. One thing you can do with it against Dudley is to jump straight up and do it if Dudley does a Short Swing Blow. You’ll end up kicking him in the head before he can hit you.
SU:8, CS, SC, SA

#Command normals (from the left; reverse directions if you’re on the right. Frame data are only available for start-up and blocked advantage. Guard and parry data are unavailable)

:r:+:mp: - This, chop, which is not an overhead, works alright as a poke and anti-air, but its main use (at least for me) is stopping cross-up attempts?especially Ken’s cross-up attempts. Because this move has good vertical range (its hitbox actually starts from above Alex’s head) and decent priority, you can swat cross-up attempts out of the air before your opponent gets a change to cross you up.
SU:7, BA:-2

:r:+:hp: - This lariat has good range (both horizontal and vertical) and decent priority. It’s also not too unsafe if it’s blocked. Use it as an anti-air against jump-in attempts, and try to vary your timing so that your opponent doesn’t know when to parry. A good time to use this attack is right when your opponent starts to jump because he’s still probably tilting the joystick up and/or up-forward, so he won’t be able to parry your attack. This move is also great against Dudley, shutting down his jump-in game just as well as, if not better than, Ryu’s standing :hk:; you can also hit him while he’s crouching or in the middle of his Ducking move. If you connect this move on a crouching character (Hugo and Dudley), you can link it into Boomerang Raid. You can also conceal charges with this move.
SU:9, BA:-1

:l:+:hp: (head butt) - This command grab is probably my favorite move in the game and the reason I started to play Alex. It’s extremely powerful and does the most stun of any single-hit attack in the game (I think), but it whiffs against crouching characters and is highly punishable. The best time to use it is when your opponent doesn’t expect it. Sometimes, you can do it during his wake-up, while, other times, you’ll just walk right up and do it. It’s hard to land though, so don’t do it too often. When you do connect with this move, however, be sure to charge while Alex is headbutting his opponent. As soon as Alex lets go, you can do a Slash Elbow or Air Stampede that your opponent probably won’t expect. Also, during this move’s active phase (pretty much from when Alex extends his arm about halfway until just before full extension), this move has very good priority, and you’ll be able to pull people out of their supers (you can pull opponents out of Corkscrew Blow, Houyokusen, Hammer Frenzy, and probably other supers). You can also reach through Aegis Reflectors with this grab, if Urien his doing something stupid behind his reflector, like building meter.
SU:8, BA:-11

:l:+:hp: (sleeper hold) - If you grab your opponent from behind, Alex will do put him into a sleeper hold. You can mash on the buttons and rotate the joystick to do faster (more?) chokes, and you can link Boomerang Raid right after Alex lets go. It is imperative for you to know, however, that fast, reversal supers can be used to punish you after your grab, so be careful.
SU:8, BA:-11

In the air, :d:+:hp: - This move sucks. The only time I ever do it is when I mess up trying to do something else. It’s slow and completely unsafe, even when you hit your opponent (if he’s on the ground). If your opponent sucks, you can throw or Power Bomb him after Alex rolls, but most opponents will never give you an opportunity to do so. If you hit with this move as an air-to-air, you can set up some juggles, but I still wouldn’t recommend this move. Don’t do this move. If you must do it, however, try to use it near the ground, against a crouching character. Most players won’t expect this big, stupid dive move from you, so you do get a few lucky hits in. Against Ibuki, if you land this move as an anti-air, you can juggle with forward+HP to do a good amount of damage and stun off of two hits.
SU:10, BA:?

To be continued…


#Throw, Kara-Throw (from the left), UOH, and Taunt

:lp:+:lk: - Alex does a body slam. You can hold :l: or :r: to determine in what direction he throws his opponent. It’s pretty strong, and it has decent range.

:r:+:hp: and then, quickly, :lp:+:lk: - This is the command for Alex’s best kara-throw. It has decent range. You’ll know if you successfully pull it off by looking for a stray frame of :r:+:hp:'s start-up.

:mp:+:mk: - This is the command for UOH. Against small and medium sized characters, you can do (from the left; reverse for right) :r:+:mp:, UOH x Boomerang Raid. Against medium sized characters, you can also do :d:+:lp:, UOH x Boomerang Raid. Against Oro, you can just do UOH x Boomerang Raid.

:hp:+:hk: - Alex’s taunt increases his attack power. You can hold the command to make him continue to rotate his arms, or you can taunt multiple times for a full power boost to his next attack (I think Shiki Dan’s FAQ on GameFAQs specifies that he gains an additional 7-8% attack power per two arm rotations, with a maximum boost of 8 arm rotations).

#Chains (Haw, haw :rolleyes:)

:d:+:lk: to :d:+:mk: - I guess you can cancel into Boomerang Raid after this, but I don’t use this chain.
SU:6, BA:-1

:d:+:lk: to :d:+:hk: - I’ve never used this chain before, so I don’t know anything about it. From the frame data, it looks like a faster way to sweep your opponent.
SU:6, BA:-15

#Specials (from the left; reverse directions for the right. Also, only start-up and blocked advantage data are given)

Flash Chop :qcf:+:p: - It’s not very safe to use on its own, but the :lp: and EX versions work well in combos. Try to land a jumping :hp:, then quickly do close :mk: and link it into either :lp: or EX Flash Chop. The EX version knocks down, and it can be cancelled into Boomerang Raid for extra damage, but I don’t think the extra meter is worth it unless it wins you the round. Occasionally, you can randomly throw out a :hp: Flash Chop (my friend calls it “Fl-ash” because it’s so slow) to try to catch your opponent off guard because it’s so slow compared to the others.
:lp: SU:12, BA:-2; :mp: SU:16, BA:-1; :hp: SU:20, BA:-1; :2p: SU:10, BA:-1

Power Bomb :hcb:+:p: - It’s pretty hard to land this move outside of a parry or tick setup. If you grab your opponent from behind, Alex will do a backdrop, which does more damage. I’d stick with :lp: Power Bombs in tick setups because it’s faster and has more range.
:lp: SU:7; :mp: SU:8; :hp: SU:9

Spiral DDT :hcb:+:k: - Your opponent can duck under this move, so it’s not very easy to land. There are three ways I use it: 1. throw it out at random every ten matches or so, 2. do a low/high mix-up during my opponent’s wake-up by whiffing some low attack and then doing Spiral DDT right away, and 3. do a lame version of Urien’s whiffing headbutts and throwing game. For the third use I listed, it might help to cross up your opponent with the Spiral DDT, but it’s still not that great. Use this move sparingly. Oh, yeah. If Hugo jumps in on you, you might be able to option parry and then do :lk: Spiral DDT to leave the ground and grab him in case he tries to land Gigas or something.
:lk: SU:21; :mk: SU:24; :hk: SU:27

Air Knee Smash :dp:+:k: - To be honest, I don’t use this move too much either because it’s terribly unsafe if you miss or if it’s parried. The best way to use it is to combo into the EX version after a standing :mp:. You can also combo into it if you only get one hit from an early :d:+:hp:. The EX version has some invincibility frames during its start-up. DO NOT wake up with this move; it’ll whiff against crouching opponents.
:lk: SU:7; :mk: SU:8; :hk: SU:9; :2k: SU:4

Slash Elbow (charge):l::r:+:k: - Always charge for this move because it’s the best way to close-in on your opponent. If you’re charged and have meter, use EX Slash Elbows whenever your opponents dash or try to build meter. You can also use this move during mix-ups. The EX version is significantly faster than its regular counterparts, so mix in some slower Elbow Slashes once in a while if your opponent starts to parry your EXs.
:lk: SU:16, BA:-2; :mk: SU:19, BA:-8; :hk: SU:21, BA:-8; :2k: SU:10, BA:-6

Air Stampede (charge) :d::u:+:k: - Read this thread.
:lk: SU:24, BA:-3; :mk: SU:26, BA:-3; :hk: SU:27, BA:-3; :2k: SU:27, BA:-3

To be continued…again…

…Even more…

#Super Arts (from the left; reverse directions for the right. Also, only start-up data are given)

Hyper Bomb 360+:p: - I don’t use this super; one meter just isn’t enough for me. The only consistent way to land it appears to be after a parry.

Boomerang Raid :qcf::qcf:+:p: - I listed a few ways above to land this super, but I use it mainly to stock EX moves.

Stun Gun Head Butt :qcf::qcf:+:p: - Read this thread and this thread.

You should probably read this thread too.

#Backward Kara-Flash

:qcf:+:hk:, then, quickly, :p: - You can punish throw attempts with this manuever.
Frame data: Unknown

cl.forward xx rh stomp crosses up. my favorite. =]
alex’ dash looks good and quick too. dash,cr. lp x2 xx sa2.

Alex’s Dash is a great way to get close to a knocked down opponent.

Characters with no wake up anti air are powerbomb bait.


You can dash in up to 2 or 3 times depeding on characater and how they wake into a powerbomb.

The trick is to get right on top of them before they get up.Once there getting up you can do an early to pait a parry or block which is a free grab :karate:

kara-throw is the only top-tier shit … for alex …

i kept on executing more than 3 throws on opponent’s wake up , thanks to kara-throw …

you should laugh at people who got head-butt on wake up …

sigh true, kara throw is alex’s only angle in hi end play. Meaty headbutt destroys option select wakeup, but no one worth their token will option select wake up.

Oh can I get some info on UOH xx Boomer raid? only crouching opponents? distance? all characters?

meaty uoh xx sa2 on wake up,crouching/standing it doesn’t matter.

I somewhat disagree because meaty headbutt will beat many a wake-up attack as well. I still wouldn’t do it all the time though.

The best way to land a headbutt, in my opinion, is to just walk/dash up and do it when your opponent is pretty low on life or almost fully stunned. This wrecks Hugo, especially, because he’s probably itching to parry something (like Alex’s neutral :hp: overhead, which it seems like you’re going to use) and grab you. Of course, you can’t do this all the time either.

Works both on a crouching and standing… be a good distance away a little more than kara range… you can hit confirm it. I beleive it can be done on almost all characters… I have done it alot on chun ken and yun so no worries.

Question: Does Flash chop wind-up avoid throws? I’m sure it’s happened before, might it be a viable throw fake out follow-up?

Nope. If you want to do that, you’d have to backwards Kara-cancel it with The Boot.

what i do sometimes is if i get a kncok down i’ll walk up to them as they get up pushing there body backwards, then at the last second i walk back away from them and let them miss throw. if they wake up srk or anything i get a nice clean block. alex really has some nice footsy games when he’s in and out of throw range.

if they miss the throw i could just throw them back or hit cl mk into ex slash.

Good mind games, but sometimes not the best option agaisnt Ryu or Akuma since they have real good kara ranges.

Quick question: can Alex combo his Slash Elbow from a MK or MP? I’ve been trying for a while, but I cant seem to get it to connect. I have not problems with the EX version, though…

Nope, only the EX one.

Im not sure if im reading this right but you can do light slash chop off of close mk or close mp.

Try jumpin fierce punch mk/or mp qcf+lp.

Slash elbow is the charge back, f+K move.

Here’s some relatively new (not really): The air dive move (In the air, :d:+:hp:) is pretty good for knocking Akuma out of his tatsumaki because of its oblique hit box.

Other notes: :d:+:lk: will combo into light or EX Flash Chop on standing characters. You can also cancel it into Boomerang Raid.

After an air-to-air reset, you can dash forward and Powerbomb, dash forward and tick into Powerbomb, or, as a mix-up, dash forward and do an EX Flash Chop.

Here’s something I learned from EVO: Alex’s :l:+:hp: grab can grab Q out of SAI even if Alex does it AFTER the super flash (it has to be right after though), so you are relatively safe from Q randomly activating his super.

You can’t combo anything after c.LK except another c.LK, SA2, and MAYBE EX elbow which I haven’t tried. No flash will combo after it. You sure you didn’t try that on Makoto or something?

After air-to-air reset, personally I would never do EX flash by itself. An early close MK into the flash might be more effective.