The COMPLETE Abel Guide!


Hello everybody and welcome to the Abel Guide…

Before you, you will find a vast amount of knowledge and information compiled together by myself, splurgendii, HAV, and many other Abel players…

Splurg made the extra effort to try and edit my information to make it as straight forward and easily digestible as possible, if you find it enjoyable or easy to read and benefited from the lay out please give him your thanks.

The Guide here attempts to be as completely comprehensive as possible and therefore it’s pretty much ALWAYS a work in progress. That being said, if you feel that you have information for the guide, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

So there you have it… A complete guide on Abel, covering everything from his Normals, to his specials; from his combos to his mix-ups; from an overview of the character to his match-ups; hope you enjoy :china:


[details=Spoiler] :pray: Abel, “The Rushdown Grappler”,:pray:
:clapdos: one of the most ExPlOsIvE eXcItInG CrAzIeSt characters in the game.:clapdos:
Dealing Jaw Dropping amounts of punishment and having DEADLY 50/50 set ups that KILL, The French Man strikes fear into the hearts of ALL who meet him at the versus screen.
With Command Grabs that Blow THROUGH grabs, with a step kick that rips 40% of your opponents life away and an Ultra that reaches nearly full screen and makes your opponents life “DISAPPEAR”, be warned that by choosing Abel as your main character, You will doom yourself to months… No YEARS… No An Entire Street Fighter Career, as long as you play this game, to having to endure the cries and whining and complaining to those whom you destroy, pound, stun and perfect!

But let me stop right here and change pace a little.
While it is true that Abel’s strengths and overall Meta Game is overwhelming enough to make even the highest of highest top players whine and complain, rest assured that the French Juggernaut does come with his fair share of weaknesses.
Not so uncharacteristic of characters coming from the heavy tank side of archetypes, he can have issues against opponents whom make it their goal to run away relentlessly. Also, the nature of his offense is that of “guesses” and therefore it lacks solid grounded assurance which those of a pessimistic perspective heavily crave (Bison Players) and he suffers from a wake up game whose options are unfortunately lacking.

Street Fighter 4,
being the game whose offensive meta has grown (or shrunk depending on your view) a myopic focus on hard knockdown/vortex,
has many characters whom possess offense which typically overwhelm a character like Abel.

Be Brave Young Warriors!
With practice in defense, good focus on options and a decent amount of character match-up knowledge, you’ll find that Abel, “Brings home the Bacon” as they say…:china:

[]1050 health/stun
]High damage output (Very High :wow:),
[]Overwhelming 50/50 Vortex Offense
]A Arsenal of footsie normals whom when compared to the rest of cast is lack luster.
( I believe his footsie game is just fine)…

[*]“Weak” Anti-Airs. (His Anti-Airs have a higher Skill Curve to master"),
]Poor Wake up/Reversal Game. His only answers against pressure are risky
#1 While it is the case that any character demands deep knowledge of the game to play at a high level, I posit that to play Abel well it demands the same, if not more or deeper knowledge.
#2 His “go to” combo is a difficult “1-Frame Link” and requires a great deal of practice to connect it consistently.
#3 Also, due to his poor defense and wake up options, in order to play Abel well you must learn to be patient and learn how to block, ALOT. :confused:[/details]


Abel’s Crouching Normals


Abel has some pretty decent normals with great priority. Let’s start off with the small ones and work our way up shall we? :coffee:

[spoiler=Crouching Lights]Crouching Lp:
It’s **+3 **on block and +6 on hit
giving it several good uses, such as:

[]a good normal for tick throws on block (or hit)
]a good combo starter (Combos into Far/Close :mp: and Close :hp:
[]great for block strings and frame traps
]AND it’s a great normal to lead into a step kick.
Crouching Lk:
Cr. Lk is +1 on block It’s **+4 **on hit

Good for Tick throws
block strings and frame traps
It combos into Close Fierce…

*The combo - “Cr lk - St Heavy punch” works against all STANDING opponents and about only a dozen crouching characters… :d::d:refer to chart further down the Abel guide:d::d: [/details]

Cr Medium Punch and Medium Kick

[details=Spoiler]Crouching Mp:
Cr. Mp is a decently ranged special cancellable normal making it an EXCELLENT Combo starter and a decent footsie tool…
*cancels into :mp: Change of Direction.

Abel cannot link into from any of his other normals
and crouching medium punch comes out in 7 frames making it a very situational normal to use upclose.
If it ever lands it has decent frame advantage:
on hit +4
on block +1
It’s frame advantage in either scenario makes it a very decent normal to frame trap and makes it a great normal to tick grab with!

More on frame traps later

Crouching Mk:

Crouching MK** is one of Abel’s Best Anti Airs****.**
It has a decent upward hit box and has 5 active frames making it very reliable! :china:
It’s angle however makes it unstable against neutral jumps and jump ins from relatively close distance. Its hitbox and angle best suit its against near to far distance.
As a connected anti-air, Abel can cancel his cr:mk: into his rolls for a very powerful left side/right side, command grab pressure-50/50s.
^ A very strong tool to add to one’s arsenal
More on 50/50 offense later.

While crouching medium kick’s main role in Abel’s arsenal is as an anti-air, it can also serve as a decent footsie tool in some match-ups!
Because it drags Abel’s body down and away from the opponent and has its hitbox sticking out toward the opponent from such a low angle, it can be perfect for puzzle piecing against certain grounded normals

Guile’s forward :hp:
Zangief st :hk:
Sagat st :hk:
Dudley’s forward :hp:

The main things to keep in mind about this normal is that

A = It has a great upwards hitbox coupled with a great low hurtbox… superb anti air.

B = It’s a little slow but it’s low angle makes it, “puzzle piece”, perfectly against some normals making it a great footsie tool in some match ups.

Cr. HP AKA The Elbow


Against grounded opponents this serves as one of Abel’s bed rock ways of beginning "resets"
more on resets later

Against air born opponents this is another one of Abel’s anti airs.
As an anti-air it on the whole is unstable, inconsistent yet yields good rewards if connected well.

The move has 2 hits where if anti-airs on the 2nd hit will pop the opponent in a juggle state from which Abel can
[]dash/roll for a falling sky
]go for a reset
I say this move is unreliable for a number of reasons
It comes out in 8 frames making it as slow as cr:mk: yet has his hurtbox extended upward making it must more prone to losing/trading.

With that being said, I recommend to seldom use this normal, do not make it a habit to make this your main anti-air tool. It should only be used in combos, against either telegraphed jump ins or out of desperation to gain an ultra opportunity.

The consistency from cr:mk: and the pressure Abel stands to gain off of it completely overshadows cr:hp: in terms of reliability.[/details]



Great range
Great post mix-up
Special cancellable
FADC able

[spoiler= Ground Game]
This is where Abel uses fear to his advantage.
Most people have at this point been acquainted with Abel and his lovely step kick of his.
Through their fear it will be common for opponents, when blocking a series of jabs and light kicks, to walk back to try and and avoid step kick. Their walking back leaves them vulnerable to unexpected sweeps.

For example: cr jab jab jab, St lk, SWEEP!!!
Very frustrating indeed for an opponent whom is trying to distance themselves from Abel, only to be knocked down and being forced to guess.

Also… Sweep as a whiff punish is not very practical but is very much a tool.
Abel’s sweep is virtually safe if you connect at the very tip, so if your playing against a character whose main poke is relatively long and slow , a properly spaced sweep should be a great tool

Example: Balrog’s sweep, Honda’s st fierce, T hawk’s Roundhouse, “Abel’s Sweep” LOL

During footsies if you use this sweep and by luck your opponent happens to focus absorb cancel your sweep into MEDIUM kick roll!!!
Abel will cross up to the other side but still be in close enough range to punish with a step kick!!! :tup:

Option Selecting Sweep

[details=Spoiler]Option Select: Veeerrrry Worth your time to learn! Abel LIVES off of getting Untechable Knockdowns.
learning to use sweeps to counter back dashes in various situations is an invaluable skill to master!!! so please please please, Refer to Option Select to read more! PLEASE DO!!! :blush:
Hint: Ryan Hunter’s Video is very good!:tup:[/details]

Sweep Mixups

[details=Spoiler] Mix Ups: I :pray:Courtesy of o RicoSuave o for these cute little sweep tricks. :pray:

After landing a crouching firece, instead of going for a typical falling sky or a reset of some kind, cancelling it into a :lk: roll and sweeping after is a great option.

“Down Fierce xx Light Roll, Sweep xx Heavy Kick Roll”

As Abel, if you do this set up ^ Abel can do the following options.

#1: Abel can cross up mk which turns out to be a 5 frame reversal safe jump!!! *
Anti Dps from.

  • more

Abel can also fake cross up with forward jump :hk:
Yes this normal has a use.
It’s check mark hitbox makes it whiff on cross up so Abel can use that time to his advantage for a surprise command grab.

#2 You can Lk roll BACK to where you started.
At this point abel has BIG Frame advantage and has a few options
[]2nd sweep to counter wake up normals
]Delayed :hk: overhead
[*]standard command grab pressure
Beside it’s post knock down Oki, sweep also has some mix up after it’s blocked as well.
It can be FADC’d dash forward for a surprise command grab.
Sweep FADC dashfoward leaves Abel at -2 therefore it also serves as a great bait against those players whom try to uppercut.

Another gimmick is to cancel to Axe Kick
Sweep hits low and Axe Kick hits overhead
cheap damage to end matches


Abel’s Standing Normals


[spoiler= Abel’s Standing Lights]
Standing Jab: lose standing jab hits twice and is cancellable into :lp: cod.
It comes out in 4 frames making it a good normal to plink with :hp:

Far jab has decent range

Standing Lk:
Hands down, the most important normal Abel has beside step kick
It does 40 damage
It comes out fast making it a great for whiff punishing
it recovers fast making it hard to whiff punish! :rofl:

To help players understand how using light kick can really add up damage over time, here is a little chart to keep in mind.
2 hits = Heavy Normal 80
3 hits = Normal Throw 120
4 hits = :lp: Tornado Throw: 160
5 hits = :hp: Tornado Throw: 200
6 hits ~ :hp: Zangief 360 grab: 240
7 hits ~ cr:hp: xx :hp: falling sky: 280

Keep these figures in mind when you’re poking with this :lk:
It is very very very strong and you best remember that!

It’s great offensively
its frame advantage make it a great normal to lead into step kick
It’s great to tag people whom at close range try to jump away.

It’s great defensively at the right range
Its range and speed make it very hard to walk forward and close distance
the perfect normal if one wants to play lame and keep away.

Standing Medium Punch/ Medium Kick


Standing Mp:
The 3rd most important normal
This normal is very special for Abel for a number of reasons

It comes out in 5 frames making it as fast as :lk:
It’s also a normal that Abel can finish a series of light
For example:
cr:lk: cr:lk: cr:lp: st:mp:
It has a decent hitbox and 6 active frames making it a great normal for stuffing a good number of special moves.
more active frames than start up @_@
For example:
Blanka balls
Jaguar Kicks/Tooths
Chicken Wings
Dive Kicks

Its greater number of recovery frames is its main con.
It is vulnerable to whiff punishment in certain match-ups.

St. Mk: :tdown:
By far, this is the most disappointing normal Abel has
Its angle lends it to be a corner anti air against opponent whom jump back.
Although it does “function” in the above scenario it does so with inconsistency.

With its 8 frame start up and its hurtbox extending past its hitbox
this normal lends itself to trade often and on the whole is unreliable.
Can be difficult to consider this move as a serious part of Abel’s arsenal seeing as how he has other normals and specials whom can serve the same function with more consistency.

Beside as a corner anti air
its secondary function lies in its forward mobility.
Because Abel takes a step forward, this normal could be used as a tool to close the distance with the opponent in those situations in which you may not want to roll or dash up.
On the whole a very lack luster normal. :wasted:

Heavy Punch


St. Hp:
Far standing :hp: is very slow but does 130 damage
No consistent way to connect it other than to preemptively hit a jumping opponent or a far jump in.

Close:hp: on the other hand is very important
[]It combos after step kick
]special cancellable
Earlier it was said that cr:mk:served ideally against near to far jump ins.
Close :hp: is Abel’s answer against very near/neutral jumps.
It’s quick speed and great upward hitbox make it very consistent and just like cr:mk: it can be cancelled into his rolls for 50/50 pressure.

With those two normals, Abel’s anti-air game is nearly air tight.

Standing Heavy Kick


St. Heavy Kick

Far :hk: is slow however has very far range
It doesn’t have a whole lot of use other than preemptive strike.


This is a little complicated to take in.
Abel’s close standing :hk: connects at 1 or 2 points depending on whether or not the opponent was crouching.

Against a standing opponent, the kick will connect on the 6 frame and leave Abel at
+0 on hit
-4 on block

If the opponent was crouching, the kick will continue downward and instead connect toward it’s final 5th and 6th active frames giving him more frame advantage.
In other words, as an overhead, Abel’s close :hk: comes out in 11 frames and leaves Abel at
+5 on hit.

:hk: overhead forces stand on hit giving Abel some follow up options
[]walk forward :lp: command grab
]st :lk:
Both of the above normals are 1 frame links

Another **very important **aspect of his overhead is its counterhit potential
+5 on hit thus on counter-hit = +8
If the overhead ^ was a Counter Hit !!! Abel gains enough additional frame advantage to connect into step kick!
A very deadly technique to master :nunchuck:
Not very many characters can deal 400 damage + knock down Oki off a counter hit overhead like Abel can.

Step Kick <3


:clapdos::crybaby:Forward Mk::lovin::annoy:
$$$$$$ JACK-POT $$$$$$

Many of you guys know this already, I cannot stress this enough.
*This is the one normal that Abel Resides off of. *
This one normal is the main focus of both Abel and his opponent.

  • It is the center of all the fear Abel imposes on his opponents. *
    This one normal on hit or block can single handedly change the pace of the match and quickly kill the opponent by either Combo or Mix-Up!

** Worship this normal as it is Abel’s Excalibur with which slays both dragons and gods alike!:pray: **:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

It comes out in 7 frames making it risky to use out of block stun.
One should lead into it with either cr:lp: or st:lk:

It is inputted by holding :f: and hitting :mk:
and is dash cancelled by inputting a second :f: afterwards


As somebody looking to pick up Abel, it would be wise to take Abel into training mode and not only practice inputting it but also familiarize yourself with its range. Knowing its range will become a KEY roll in match-ups as you try to use it to whiff punish certain things.

It would be smart to practice using it to whiff punish certain things such as
Ken’s step kick
Rose sould spiral
Fei Rekka
Honda far :hp:
Sagat forward :lk:
Bison st:mk::hk:

It should be known that after a dash cancel Abel is
+4 on hit
+1 on block *Exactly like cr:mp:

On hit it links into st:hp: which is a difficult 1 frame link which one should master
On block it leads into Abel’s very powerful mix up game. Command grabs/Normals etc.
More on mixups later


Jumping normals


Abel’s air to airs are very good imo, both offensively and defensively… they come out decently fast, they do good damage and when he lands first after hitting them he gets some mixups… No surprise.

[spoiler= Jumping punches]

Neutral jump Jab: :zzz:

Toward jump Jab: This move is One of THE BEST jumping attacks any character has! and no that’s not an opinion :slight_smile:

I know it might be hard to believe for some of you but truest me, this little jab is easily one of Abel’s best jumping normals…

**Offense: **It comes out super fast… and it’s hit-box is very good making it the hardest normal to anti-air. Obviously it doesn’t do enough hit stun for Abel to do meaningful combos unless he does it super late but since it’s hard to beat out it sometimes can be a free ticket to get in.

**Defense: **It’s angle is at something like a 45 degree angle downward making it a really good jump back normal to beat out late jump ins and Dive kicks :)… It’s one of those moves that don’t do a lot of damage but are very reliable!

Very good Priority!

Neutral jump Medium Punch: Meh… :bluu: Very similar to jumping fierce only difference is it does less damage but comes out faster… Not a whole not of reason to use this one imo… but it’s not bad.

Jump Forward Medium Punch: In my opinion one of abel’s underrated Air to Airs… It’s exactly the same as jump forward fierce but this does less damage and comes out faster…

Neutral Jump Fierce: Siiick!:nunchuck: Good damage and all around good choice of move… This move serves me well against bison after his head stomp if he tries to follow up with his purple claw. If your going to go Air to Air by neutral jumping this, imo, should be your primary choice!

Jump Forward Fierce: God-Like…:pray:

This move hits like Brick! At 100 damage and decent priority easily one of Abel’s best air to airs. [/details]

Jumping kicks


Neutral Jump light kick: A very good punish normal imo. It has a piece of it’s hitbox stretching behind him slightly so it covers both sides. You can think of this as a very gimped version of Chun-li’s neutral jump roundhouse.

Since Abel’s other neutral jump normals don’t have a decent hitbox behind him, Nj lk would be the normal to use against opponent who have wake up reversals that move them forward…

Cody’s Bingo and Hakan’s SPD for exmple.

The obvious thing to keep in mind is that this move is a light which means it doesn’t do a lot of hitstun. If your looking to get a fat punish combo off one of the moves I just mentioned, be sure to time your lk LATE!!! to get as much frame advantage as possible to link it into Cl. Hp…

It’s a decent move to use as an air to air but there’s little reason to use it since Abel has much better ones

Jump in Light kick: :wasted:

Neutral jump Medium Kick: … no comment :confused:

Forward jump medium kick: Abel’s cross up! It doesn’t do tons of hit stun to be sure to hit them toward the end of your jump arc to keep a block string going…

“Tornado throw - dash - Cross up medium kick, is a Yang like cross up that will get people who are inexperienced at the match-up.”

It’s angle is similar to Jump forward jab making it a good option to use against dive kick pressure. :tup:

Neutral jump Roundhouse: YEAH!!! this move is BEEEFY! As an air to air it’s pretty way decent but this move really shines as a punish combo starter!!!

It’s does good damage and tons of hitstun… Beginning a BnB with this can lead it to 400 damage…More if you got Ultra I stocked!


Jump forward roundhouse: This move can be fuckin Gimmicky as Fuck!

At first his CheckMark shaped angle makes this move seem fucking useless but it can actually lead to F-R-E-E command throws…

What do I mean? Because of it’s weird angle and hitbox this move DOES NOT MAKE CONTACT ON CROSS UP!!!

Wait… that’s shitty! why is this good? :wonder:

Because! if your opponent wakes up looking at you jumping over them , odds are, they’re gonna block. Sooooooo if you Fake cross up with this they’ll just sit there and be blocking, mean while you can just throw them :)…

My personal favorite set up for this move…

Blah blah blah, Down fierce, lk roll, SWEEP xx RH Roll… Cross up ROUNDHOUSE… then TT!

Hate mail will promptly follow :tup: [/details]

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”>
<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”><br>
:china: <b>Step kick -Dash Cancel- Fierce Punch xx Cod FADC cr. HP xx Falling Sky</b><br>
:f::mk::f: :hp::qcf:<img src="/plugins/Emotify/design/images/10.gif" alt=":p" title=":p" class=“bbcode_smiley” height="" width="">:Any Punch — :mp::mk::f::f: “FADC” :d::hp::dp: <img src="/plugins/Emotify/design/images/10.gif" alt=":p" title=":p" class=“bbcode_smiley” height="" width="">:any punch<br>
<i><b>Main combo</b></i> and “IIRC this combo is one of Abel’s Trials”…<br>
It does a truck load of damage 365<br>
and YES <b>step kick to Heavy punch is a 1 frame link!</b> and YES it’s <i><u>fairly difficult</u></i> to learn and there is only 1 way to master it!<br>
You must<u><i> Practice Practice Practice :nunchuck:</i></u><br>
The Rest of Abel’s combos are similar in that many of them involve COD in some way.</div></div>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”>Cl:mp:<br>
All of these normals can link into :mp:Cod<br>
Cl:mp: works against crouchers and is a good choice to go to after crossing up<br>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”><br>
Cr:lk: to St:hp: xx COD<br>
Hits low<br>
Great combo to use in 50/50s<br>
<span style=“font-size:1.0em”>Cr:lk: Cr:lp: Cr:lp: St:mp:</span><br>
Abel’s only meaningful combo out of a <u>series</u> of lights…<br>
it does an ok amount of damage and leaves Abel in a favorable position afterwards so it’s very worthwhile to learn…<br>
Plus standing MP can be FADC for a quick TT gimmick…<br>
He’s at a frame disadvantage *<b>-3</b>*after cancelling it so it’s not a trick you can abuse…<br>
Cr:lk: Cr:lk: Cr:lp: St:lk:<br>
The first 3 lights are interchangeable since they cancel into one another<br>
Light damage - Easy combo<br>
And Finally<br>
Cr:hp: xx :dp::hp:<br>
If you don’t have the meter to do a normal BnB combo go ahead and use this</div></div>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”>Characters that Step kick -> Fierce works on when the crouch Abel<br>
El Fuerte<br>
Fei Long<br>
<b>(Guy :wtf:</b>)<br>
(<b>Sakura :rofl:</b>)<br>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”>Adon<br>
El Fuerte<br>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”>Frame traps are very important to Abel and to SF4 in general, for those of you who are new to the game and or are unfamiliar to what frame traps are exactly, here is great video on the topic. There are many other videos which can be found on youtube.<br>
All of Abel’s normals are relatively slow which makes for some frame traps.<br>
Whether aware of it or not, you’ll be doing frame traps alot so it pays to start thinking about how big of traps your setting especially in some match-ups, and it pays to think about what to do if Abel ever lands a counter hit :tup:
<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”><br>
cr:lp: to :f::mk: ~ <b>3 frame gap</b><br>
cr:lk: to :f::mk: ~ <b>4 frame gap</b><br>
cr:mp: to :f::mk: ~ <b>4 frame gap</b><br>
st:lk: to :f::mk: ~ <b>7 frame gap </b>(probably the most consistent:woot: )<br>
:f::mk: to another :f::mk: ~ <b>6 frame gap</b><br>

Non Step kick Frame Traps<br>
<b>Cr:lp: Cr:mp: ~3 frame gap</b><br>
<b>Cr:lp: Cr:hp: ~ 4 frame gap</b><br>
<b>Cr</b>:lk: <b>Cr</b>:mp: <b>~ 6 frame gap</b><br>
<b>Cr:lk: Cr:hp: ~ 7 frame gap</b><br>
<b>Cr:mp: Cr:lp: ~ 4 frame gap</b><br>
<b>Cr:mp: Cr:mp: ~ 6 frame gap</b></div></div>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”>Alright, so you planted a frame trap and it worked!<br>
You landed a counter hit step kick!<br>
or whatever normal you decided to throw out<br>
What special combos can you follow up with now?
<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”>Abel’s bread and butter<br>
:f::mk::f::hp: does not work on many crouching characters in the game.<br>
Thus, when Abel gets a counter hit and gets additional frame advantage it is then possible to link into either cr:lp: or st:mp: which then can successfully combo into the rest of Abel’s BnB.<br>
Counter hit step kick is primarily a tool used to connect BnB combos against crouching opponents whom otherwise would not work on.<br>
<b>Counter-Hit</b> Step Kick :f:<br>

<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>cr:lp: st:mp: xx Cod</li>
<li>st:mp: xx Cod</li>
<li>another step kick</li>
Ideally one should train onself to react to counter hit with simply close :mp:<br>
however cr:lp: could work as an elongated hit-confirm.<br>
A 2nd step kick is only recommended if the opponent was standing when the first counter hit step kick connected or if its a match up where the BnB already works.<br>
Double step kick combo leads to over 400 dmg!</div></div>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”><br>
Counter hit cr:lp: = +7
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>

<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>step kick</li>
Counter Hit cr:mp:= +7
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>another cr:mp:</li>
<li>step kick</li>
Counter hit close :hk: (overhead)
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>step kick</li>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler: </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”>The above Toggles go over only what I believe to be important combos,<br>
also I didn’t provide any numbers as to how much damage they do.<br>
If your curious to have a bigger scope to Abel’s combos and to have exact numbers as to how much damage they do, Sakeido put in a lot of work during the beginning of this game and laid out all that info a nice thread… Here is is<br>
Sakeido’s Thread: <a href=“Abel Combo Thread: the Emo Mercenary’s Arsenal!” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”>Abel Combo Thread: the Emo Mercenary’s Arsenal!</a><br>
By the way, I think these numbers were taken during Vanilla (2009)<br>
So keep that in mind when looking at the amount of damage combos that end in Ultra do</div></div>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler:[/details]
One Bar combo


<br>Against some characters Abel can perform close Fierce and cancel it into an EX axe kick!<br>The combo: step kick -> hp xx ex axe kick does 300 damage and leaves Abel at +0 on hit! which leaves room for mix-ups after wards]<br><br>This combo only works on select characters, here is the list<br><br>Guile<br>Juri<br>Chun-li<br>Dhalsim<br>Zangief<br><br>Abel<br>El Fuerte<br>Rufus<br>Viper<br>Bison<br>Vega<br><br>Sagat<br>Gouken<br>Seth<br>T.Hawk<br><br>Hakan<br>Rose<br>Adon<br>

<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”><b>Souless = </b>Amazing Ultra!!! :pray::clapdos::encore:
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>An Incredible Ultra! It does 461 damage Raw…</li>
<li>It goes through Plasma</li>
<li>and Abel can combo into it</li>
<li>Not to mention you can option select it to catch some back dashes and armor cancel into it as well.</li>
<b>Breathless =</b> <i>Another Great Ultra! :tup: </i>
<ul class=“bbcode_list”>
<li>10 start up frames.</li>
<li>It has hit absorbing armor during it’s start up animation which can be elongated by holding down the kick buttons</li>
<li>becomes strike invincible during it’s dash animation making it a great anti air ultra…</li>
<i><u>However it cannot go through plasma like Souless, </u></i><br>
<i><u>it can’t be combed into, </u></i><br>
<i><u>and it has heavy amount of recovery on whiff and cancel</u></i><br>
<u><i><b>On the most part, Souless is the better ultra to go to I feel, however I think breathless has it’s place</b></i></u>… play with them and see for yourself.</div></div>


Change Of Direction

**Change of Direction: **Abel’s rekkas!!! Where to begin…:wonder:

They’re central to Abel’s game being that nearly all of his BnB combos either end with it or incorporate it in some way… So here we go, lets’ start with the first punch.

[spoiler=Change of Direction] The rekkas resemble Fei long’s in that they are a series of three attacks the latter 2 having both a punch and a kick version.

If the initial punch connects the latter 2 punch-follow-ups link into one another in a smooth series like Fei long.

The kick versions on the other hand do NOT link into one another but rather are slower and function instead more as a reset option of which Abel stands to gain a lot of damage if he ever manages to get them to make contact.

Anyway… the initial Rekka is relatively safe on block, the frame data is as follows, all version of COD including ex are the same:

Block | Hit
COD: -3 | +2

So what does this mean? Abel’s fastest normals at a mid distance are 5 frames meaning that if you try to continue attacking with a normal after having a COD blocked, the opponent will have a total of 8 frames to respond with a normal, which if fast enough (Which the opponent WILL have something fast enough) will punish Abel out of whatever he tries to do :frowning:

The best thing to do in this situation is to simply block. The opponent may try to throw you, simply crouch tech and that will take care of that. (You could try and gamble by throwing out either normal or EX command throw).

Some characters may have normals which are 3 frames, such as Sakura, Balrog, Cody or Chun-li. That means that if they time it right (which is very difficult imo) they can truly punish Abel. Being that it’s so hard to do, it seldom happens very often however.

**BUT!!!:wasted: **
Where you need to think twice before throwing it out is if your match-up is with a character that has a 3 or faster reversal of some kind:These characters for example

The shotos (Ryu+Ken+Akuma) DP
the pure grapplers (T.Hawk+Zangief) SPD
Seth** SPD**
Gen Hands
Gouken Super
Ibuki** Ultra I**
Balrog, E.Honda or Guy Ultra II

all possess some reversal 3 frames or faster…

If the opponent is aware of the -3 frame opening, you should be very wary of throwing COD out willy nilly, not that you should be doing it very often anyway.

2nd High and Low


Let’s talk about the 2nd rekka follow up in both its two forms and how they work and how you can use them effectively.

2ND MID (Overhead)

Yup, it’s an overhead and after 3 years after the game’s release many players still end up blocking incorrectly…

It’s sad to admit it but throwing out COD and then mashing on punches often leads to more success than it should :nono:.
It can’t be FADC’d out of and it’s frame data is as follows *Keep in the mind that the frame data is only relevant if you choose to stop at the 2nd mid and refrain from continuing into the 3rd finish.

Block | Hit
…-9 -4

Besides it being an overhead, another thing which makes canceling into 2nd Mid very effective is the gap of block stun between the two attacks. Between the first COD on block and the 2nd Mid attack is 1 and only 1 frame in which the opponent is free to move about.

What does this mean? :smiley:

It means a couple of things:
For one, the opponent cannot throw abel out of it,
they cannot jump away,
nor can they interupt between the two attacks with normals of anykind.
IF They try to do any of these options, they will get hit!

Being that the opening is only 1 frame, there are only a few counters the opponent may choose to take.

They can block
they can back dash (which loses to the 3rd finish if you choose to cancel into it),
If the match up is a character with a 1 frame Super or Special, they can use that.
Or they can interrupt between the punches with a reversal that has some invincibility on it.

It’s often the case that the risk/reward of whether or not to cancel into the 2nd punch in Abel’s advantage, so long as you don’t gamble to often against an opponent that has an invincible uppercut, meter stocked to fadc, and an ultra…

If the opponent guesses correctly with an invincible uppercut between the two attacks, they net anywhere between 100-150 damage and some potential knock down pressure… If they guess wrong and uppercut they stand to either burn 2 bars of meter to make themselves safe or leave themselves wide open to a combo that will do anywhere between 250 and 500 damage… :sunglasses:

2ND LOW (Low Attack)


This follow up seldom used prior due to it’s lackluster risk/reward yield in previous games.
It has had a buff in 2012 and now serves as a respectable place within Abel’s game.
In 2012 this 2nd low has had a hit stun increase on FADC. He now gets enough frame advantage to follow it up with a crouching fierce!:nunchuck:

However I’d strongly advise to use it very sparingly and only if you feel confident that your opponent has been conditioned to block high!

Unlike the 2nd High attack, the gap of block stun between the initial cod and the 2nd low is somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-9 frames! instead of 1.
That’s more than enough time for the opponent to punish with virtually any normal they want, any reversal they want, Ultra if they have it stocked etc. They could also neutral jump and come down and punish which would not be very good. :crybaby:

Memories of Cody neutral jumping and punishing it with NJ Fierce makes me shudder…

If you manage to connect it and you have the meter and Ultra you can choose that…
if you have meter but no ultra you can FADC into a step kick and just reset the combo…
if you don’t have any meter you can simply end with 3rd High Finish…

3rd High and Low



Just as the 2nd high punch, the 3rd high finish is also an overhead. And just as before, despite the game being here with us for over 3 years, people often times block this incorrectly,

in fact it’s funny because sometimes people will block the 2nd high correctly but then forget the 3rd is an overhead, I always laugh inside when i see that happen.:rofl:

Another important quality about the 3rd Finish is the number of open frames between it and the 2nd Cod. Similar to the tight opening between the initial COD and the 2nd high, the opening between the 2nd high and the 3rd high is also very tight, 2 frames to be exact. And also similarly the number of viable options the opponent has is also limited.

They Cannot Jump away,
they cannot throw,
they cannot trade with Abel using any of their normals.
In fact, another special quality about the 3nd finish is that possesses armor breaking properties which means the opponent can’t use their focus attack neither.

What can they do?
They can block which is good since it’s HORRIFIC on block and Abel can’t fadc out of it
They can back dash and punish
They can reversal with something that has invincibility
Or reversal with something 2 frames or faster…

Cancelling from the 2nd low is a slightly different story.
On HIT it connects into 3rd Finish just like 2nd mid and by virtue of 2nd low being a reset, it results in more net damage. On block however the gap between block stun and the finish is slightly larger than the others: 4 Frames.

4 frames on paper sounds may sound problematic because it theoretically opens up **MANY **options, although it may be the case it’s not nearly as bad as you think…

You might think the opponent is able to throw…

So far i’ve only been able to have this happen with Rose in training mode. I THINK that to throw Abel out of the 3rd finish not only needs great timing but it also calls for a character with above average throw range…

This may not be the case, all I know for sure is that it’s very difficult to do

Now, what about 3 frame normals?

Confirmed! Yes! character with a 3 frame normal can interrupt Abel out of the 3rd finish but it’s incredibly difficult to time. On the very few times that I’ve managed to successfully hit Abel, it mostly ended in a TRADE rather than a punch… so don’t worry about this too much.

Back dashing is still a great option against this. The opponent gets out for free but luckily the whiff recovery isn’t awful enough to give every character as much time as they’d want to do a max punish… You won’t be punished as badly as possible ~depending on the match-up.

The opponent still cannot jump away :rofl:
It will still lose to reversals with invincibility…


Now i’d like to talk about the knockdown Abel gets from this the 3RD High Finish.
He throws them roughly 3/4 of the screen away meaning that he can’t get a side to side 50/50 set up off of it. Instead Abel gets 2 still very good choices.

[]He can dash once and then jump in for a meaty attack
]Or he can dash twice putting himself at the feet of his opponent in which he will have considerable frame advantage, enough so that he can do a MEATY overhead, meaty step kick, command grab~ Block or roll to bait. Not the greatest knockdown he has but still pretty powerful.


Similar to the 2nd low, the 3rd low finish cannot be combed into but rather serves as a surprise reset option…

The start up of this move is slow enough so that the number of open frames the opponent has between a cancelled 2nd high AND 2nd low is so great that I’m not even going to bother testing and figuring out the exact number.

It’s large enough so that the opponent can almost do anything they want.

They can throw Abel out of it,
they can hit him with virtually any normal
reversal him with any move they want, invincibility or no invincibility,
they can even neutral jump and punish with what ever BnB combo they want…

So what are the redeeming factors of his move?
I could only find 2

The 3RD Low Finish does, on it’s own, 150 damage!:cool:
In fact, doing a standard Step Kick -> HP BnB combo and then switching the last COD into the 2nd low and having it hit would give a total net of roughly 360 damage, which is more than his super and only a few points fewer than a normal BnB combo with meter @_@

So how the hell do you land it? Luck?
Mostly luck but there is one way to get this to hit via mind game.
There is a hidden advantage to it’s slow start up and that is that it comes out slow enough to catch back dashes, and I mean ALL BACKDASHES, both the quick ones like Cammy and El Fuerte, and the very long spaced one’s like Rose, Chun-li and Ibuki.

The way it works is that by the time the grab comes out, the invincibility frames of the opponent’s back dash would have long been gone giving the 3rd low its free opportunity.

I suppose you could condition your opponent to back dash after the 2nd high by occasionally stopping after 2nd high and trying other mix ups like step kick/sweep/ dash up command grab etc.

As for the set ups Abel gets after this knockdown, I don’t have any potent set ups at the moment and from what I can tell it’s very similar to the standing throw knock down… :wonder:



EX COD This move is Superb! This move is honestly one of Abel’s best EX normals and imo one the best in the game. It’s Identical to the other versions of COD in terms of damage and frame advantage on block and hit however, what really sets it apart is the
SUPER ARMOR :pray::encore::clapdos:

The** Super armor** grants Abel the ability to absorb one hit (provided the move in question isn’t one that has armor breaking properties) making it a fantastic special move to throw out against opponents who press alot of buttons recklessly, throw out predictable frame traps often, or quick frankly just to throw out for the hell of it :rofl:

I find that its armor and it’s safety on block make it a great special to throw out during jab string pressure. I think it’s smart to do this once every so often because its in a way afree ticket to see what the opponent likes to do during block strings…

Crouch teching, back dashing, neutral jumping etc.
*Obviously don’t do it if it’s against a player/character that will mash DP:nono: *

Another way I find it’s armor useful is catching opponents’ late punishes!
If you’re playing somebody who consistently punishes too late, or tries to punish something that isn’t punishable

spaced Axe kick
normal COD
spaced sweep etc.

Throwing out EX Cod may catch their punish. It can be cancelled like the other COD for 2 bars which either means an ultra, or another BnB combo of your choice…

EX COD can also be armor cancelled but I’ll discuss that later.


Wheel kick

Wheel Kick: The Axe Kick! This move can be great considering the fact that you can

#1 cancel into it after a Cr.HP
#2 It does good chip damage, and it’s an overhead.
#3 Is almost impossible to punish unless its poorly spaced, or the opponent sees your absolutely abusing it and is ready for it.

Axe kick could be used effectively as a way to close the distance between yourself and the opponent, provided that the kick is spaced correctly. It may even be an OK special to randomly cancel into from a blocked normal to catch your opponent off guard, since it is an overhead.

As stated before it is in fact unsafe ON HIT believe it or not so even in the scenario of a random surprise, understand that this special carries with it a considerable amount of risk…

Here’s the frame data to help put it into perspective:

Hit | Block
Light Axe -5 -10
Med Axe -6 -11
Hard Axe -7 -12
EX Axe 0 -6

I feel that throwing out axe kick is especially useful against characters who love being airborne (Yun, Adon, Juri) … You may score alot of milage out of this normal but I still advise you to still try and use it sparingly, especially if it’s within close range.

Aside from the EX version being immune to plasma, NON of the kicks have any sort of Strike Invincibility what so every. They will lose to correctly placed normals, specials, supers and ultras so be weary.

[spoiler= Axe Kick as Final Chip]
You will be very tempted to throw out a light axe kick if your opponent has pixels left for health. It’s understandable as they do chip damage AND they overhead. Be that as it may it’s a technique that has become expected from Abel players and therefore most people are expecting it.

You can do it to try your luck or you can do what some smart Abels have done and that is to do a light kick axe from full screen to bait what ever it is the opponent plans on doing, provided that it’s not something that would reach full screen anyway, like Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken or something like that.

Axe kick In the Corner


I’d like to talk about using Axe kick within combos.
When I have my opponent in the corner
I like to cancel my :d::hp: into :qcb::lk: axe kick, instead of :dp::hp:

The reason for this is because fallingsky switches the side and Axe kick does not, and at certain times and in certain match-ups, positioning post combo can be more important than the damage of that combo…

Take the Dhalsim match-up for example

When you try this technique for yourself, be sure to only use the :lk: version!
If you have your opponent in the corner, the :mk: and :hk: versions will either side switch or miss completly:lame: .

EX axe as combo finisher


Aside from axe kick being a good tool in the corner there is another scenario where axe kick is important and that’s mid screen when you need a little extra damage to win the round.
If you have at least 3 bars of meter, doing a #1 BnB Combo and ending it with EX Axe kick instead of falling sky is more damaging. Here are the numbers:

Normal BnB ending with falling sky:
365** Damage**| 465 Stun

Normal BnB ending with Ex Axe Kick:
377** Damage**| 465** Stun**

Doesn’t seem like much but I swear those 12 points can make all the difference in the world!:china:



Falling Sky

Falling Sky: :dp::p:

[spoiler= Anti air vs Combo Finisher] Very manly looking air throw it does good damage, is an untechable knockdown and sets up a 50/50 mix-up…

Despite all the good things about it, keep in mind that its grabbox/hurtbox ratio is less that fantastic and as a result it loses fairly consistently to decent jump in attacks.

I’d say, and I think the majority of Abel players here agree with this, it’s best to rely on Cl. HP and Cr. MK as your main anti airs and use falling sky mainly as a combo finisher

Meter building


One of my personal favorite things about this move

It comes out and recovers decently fast and builds GREAT meter.
Here’s something fun I tested out:

Back in arcade edition where Yun built lots of meter with his whiffed Palm special, I put Yun in training mode together on opposites sides of the screen…

I then had Yun spam Palm as fast as he could and Abel Spam falling sky as fast as he could to see who would build their super bar faster: **ABEL WON! :clapdos: **
For the many of us who remember Yun’s meter build off his palms this may come as a pleasant suprise to you, and even better news is that as far as I can tell, Fallingsky’s meter build is STILL the same.

As far as I can tell, Abel’s meter gain is something I seldom hear people comment on. It’s understandable I suppose being that Abel possess incredible damage out put, has great mix up game, and incredible fast dash, and I throw invincible command grab. ~Random Though

As I was saying… Falling sky builds terrific meter so in the case
if your opponent is running away from you **or **
if you have 2-3 seconds of breathing room and you really need a little more meter to make your next combo HURT.
Go ahead and whiff this a couple times…

“Fast - Builds tons of meter… :china:”

Ex Falling Sky


EX Falling sky is very special :smiley:

Ex Falling sky is an exceptional anti air
It comes out in 6 frames
is invincible for 5
does 170 damage (iirc)
and just looks amazing…

It’s the anti air to use when dealing with a problematic jump when the grounded anti airs fail; such as:
Bison’s Jump in Fierce
Chun-li’s Jump in Roundhouse
E. Honda’s Jump in Strong

Also, keep in mind that this can be your go to answer anti air when your in the situation to anti air a jump in from a particular spacing…
What I mean to say is that although Close Fierce and Crouching Medium kick are virtually all you ever need to consistently anti air the majority of jump in moves the majority of the time, there comes that moment once ever so often when the jump in comes from such a sweet spot as to be too far to make close Fierce to come out, and to close so that it jumps over Cr medium kicks hit-box…

These moments for the most part are rare indeed, just know that EX fallingsky would be the anti-air to counter such a jump in.

Once last thing to take into account is the number of invincibility frames relative to the start up: 5 to 6. The first active frame does not have any invincibility and therefore the move in general is subject to trading on occasion. I was told at once point long ago that there are certain follow ups Abel has when trade like this occurs:

More on this later.


Marseilles Roll

**Marseilles Roll: **
:qcf: :k:
Abel curls into a little ball and then Rolls about…
It’s truthfully one of his most versatile specials being a one that plays a key roll in several important parts in Abel’s game…

Before we you delve into the world of using his rolls in their various ways:** Resets, Mix ups, Combos etc.** You should aquatint yourself with it’s weakness.

[spoiler= Weaknesses]

In a Nutshell
[]No invincibility on start up
]Rolls are vulnerable to throws the entire time
[*]Normal rolls have recovery
During the rolling animation, Abel does have some projectile immunity making it a decent tool to GET closer against plasma chucking characters. What’s to keep in mind is that the roll has roughly 4 frames of start up and therefore if you input the special when the projectile is too close, the plasma may counter-hit Abel before he could start rolling.

On that same not, it’s 4 start up frames have NO invincibility at all!
That being said it is NEVER EVER a good option on wake up!
It will lose to all jump ins, all throws etc.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all rolls have a decent amount of recovery at the end. Using them recklessly across the screen will usually get you in a lot of trouble.

To learn more about the positive qualities that Rolls have, refer to the latter portions of the guide.

Ex Roll


EX Roll: Nice Try!!!

While normal rolls have no invincibility, the EX version is HIT invincible from the very beginning to the very end.

You may want to use EX roll as an all purpose get-out-of-jail free card on your wake up but It won’t work. The roll is still vulnerable to throws :frowning: and it’s expected from Abel players that they use it on wake up so most players are waiting for it.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t ANY wake up value to this move. If the opponent times their jump in late it, you might get away with it.

So in general: Rolls are very risky outside of combs and mix ups and EX roll is a good Get-out-of-jail-free card during weak offense but don’t rely on it too much…

Remember the beginning of the guide where I wrote that, “To play Abel you should learn to block everything!?” Yep… I’m afraid it’s true. :shake:[/details]

Tornado Throw

**Tornado Throw: **Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream ScCcOOOooOoOoPsssSS

Ok I cant lie, this move is supremely OP. It does 160-200 damage and sets up a free 50/50 offensive opportunity.

All versions come out in 5 frames making them perfect for punishing tons of different things and the perfect speed to using after blocked normals- especially step kick :)…

Gaaaah There’s so much to talk about!!!
Lets’ get Started…

[spoiler= Difference between Normal and EX]

The most important thing you MUST know as an Abel player is that there is an important difference between the normal version of command throws and the EX version

:pray:This is why Abel is so Got-Rikke :pray:

Normal command throws are, “Invincible to Throws on their start up!”.

That’s right, so if it so happens that the start up frames of Abel’s command grab overlaps with an opponent who is at the same moment trying to throw Abel… Abel’s throw blow right thew and grabs them right out of it! :tup:…

This goes for ALL throws in the game including command throws like Zangief’s SPD /Ultra!
That’s right!!! Tornado throw will take priority over Gief’s SPD** AND **Ultra Grabs :china: Amazing!!!

EX Throws on the other hand, are different… While they aren’t throw invincible like the normal command grabs, they are HIT invincible!

So in the same way, if the start up frames of the EX command grab overlaps with the active frames of an attack from an opponent, Abel simply blows right thew it and grabs them :rofl:[/details]

Lighter the Punch = More Range


A pretty universal principal with any command grab.

For example, if you choose to do a 2 or 3 light chain block string on an opponent and want to go for the tick throw then and there, it’s more likely the case that you’re going to have to go for the light version…

Medium may work from time to time after a light series of normals… It’s range is haflway decent coming very close if not exactly the same distance as Rose’s standing throw range (~1.1) which many of us are well acquainted with :confused:

Fierce punch being the worst, has a range almost exactly the same distance
as Abel’s normal throw range [:lp:+:lk:]. It’s mainly used for up close scenarios like post blocked step kick, post COD or Armor Cancel…

*Ex throw has range slightly longer than mp version but deals heavy punch Damage… *[/details]

Lower the Punch, lower the damage


***The Lower the punch the Lower the damage.***… Another Universal Rule of Command Throws…
Lp = 160
Mp= 180

Higher the Punch the LESS recovery


The HIGHER the punch the LESS RECOVERY IT HAS!!!

**THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! :amazed: **

It surprised me as well when I started playing Abel but KEEP THIS IN MIND!
The Recovery frames are as follows:

Light: 51 Frames
Medium: 46 Frames
Fierce: 39 Frames

Fucking HUGE difference if you ask me!

So, after a step kick… if you choose to do a Command throw… you should always always choose to use either HP or MP…
Some characters have very floaty neutral jumps and neutral jump normals that hit very late on top of that, that 12 recovery difference sometimes means the difference between blocking in time and eating a very damaging combo.

So the moral of this story is:“If your in close range, Always use a higher punch… More damage and Less recovery!”:nunchuck:


Abel’s Option Select’s

[details=Spoiler]FIRST AND FORMOST
Before i get into any of this… What exaclty IS option selects anyway? :wonder: For those of you whom might be new to the entire concept:

Here’s a Video by Vesper Arcade… It explains what an Option-Select IS in general AND it explains OS #1… Enjoy:[spoiler= Vesper Arcade Option Select Tutorial] [media=youtube]auhEdKunIDM[/media][/details]

There are many many options selects out there and many more yet to be discovered, you can begin here with some of what I believe to be basic yet very effective option selects to get you going…

For more complex Option selects either check out the Option Select thread or search youtube…

Os #1 & 2


Os1: and then (
If the opponent doesn’t backdash two crouching light kicks will come out.
If the opponent backdashes the first cr. Lk will whiff and sweep will come out, punishing the backdash.

Os2: This OS is after a full COD.
Take a step forward and then empty jump or jump forward medium kick. On the way down or right as the kick is about to make contact: input HP and Cr. Hk right after.

If they sit there and block the heavy punch will come out like normal
If they back dash Abel will sweep them out…

*I catch a lot of people with this OS since they think its safe to backdash because abels so far away. take note this is not a safe jump, you can be DP’d:confused:

Os #3


Os3: Ryan Hunter Covers this one… So i’m just going to say how much I love this one… :love:

Similar to Os#1 this is another option to counter backdashes.
After a knock down, approach the opponent and input a meaty crouching medium punch.
As the medium punch extends input forward on your joystick and then right after input a command grab

Here’s a picture to help illustrate what i’m saying

:d::mp: ::f:: :hcb: Any punch… Obviously pick the strength according to the spacing…

Now understand: the extra forward in there between the crouching mp and the command throw serves as a **hidden dash **which will only come out if the medium punch whiffs if they backdash

*Just to be Clearn: * IF the normal punch connects.Abel Will NOT Dash The first forward motion will get drowned out in the block stun and then the command throw will come out normally…

If the normal whiffs.… There will be no block stun to drown out the first forward motion, therefore the game will read the first forward along with the first forward of the command throw as a dash!

The dash comes out and they get scooped out of their recovery time… THERE’S NO ESCAPE!!! :nunchuck:

^^^ This shit works! This got me alot of rounds against lots of really good players!

Os #4

[details=Spoiler] OS 4 Loooook At Dah DaammmaagggE! Yes, you can option select your ultra!!! Similar to option select #3

Since Ultra 2 is a little bit faster, I find using this as your ultra of choice for optoin selecting a little bit more practical… However because it’s 10 frames in Arcade edition I find that it’s mainly usefull for ANTI teleport rather than anti-back dash… But, that’s just me

Use this against your Flip Happy Vegas and teleport happy Bisons and Dhalsims…

After a hard knock down of any sort… Do a meaty jab and then input the Ultra 2!!! it’s that easy!!!Of course you have to work on the timing!

Don’t so it so fast that if they were to sit and block… you’d get ex roll… but not so slow that if they were to back dash the ultra would whiff… Just practice I guess :confused:

Here’s a video showing it in action! Ultra 2 option select&aq=f

This isn’t the EXACT scenario that I pictured above however it carries the same basic principal… If they back dash, they eat ultra… if they sit and block nothing comes out :slight_smile: [/details]

Ryan Hunter OS Vid



Striders Anti Shoto OS



Armor Cancelling


Alright… Armor Cancelling is a kind of option select. I would put it in the above toggle to include it with the other ones but I think it’s a little more complicated and important and thus deserves special attention

FIRST OFF you might ask yourself: What is armor cancelling exactly?
Once again Vesper arcade does a great job at explaining what it is and gives several examples of them in action, here’s the vid: [spoiler=Vesper Arcade’s Armor Cancelling Tutorial] [media=youtube]jpATFtLcbRg[/media] [/details]

If EX COD is to be cancelling into anything else, it must be cancelling during the first start up frame.(Maybe from 1-3rd frame, I’m not sure, just really fucking fast!!!)
Because of this it’s usage is mainly within Abel’s wake up.

After getting knocked down and facing a meaty jump in attack; input EX COD and then quickly input the special that you would like to cancel into.

The timing to do this is much easier than one would think. The game gives you a very wide reversal window so you can input EX COD well before waking up. Practice to get the feel as to how early you can input EX COD and still get it REVERSAL. From the ex cod input the next special input is VERY FAST.

Here’s another video this time showing off some of these armor cancelling in action and will show you what it should look like:
Armor Cancelling video



Ryan Hunter Utilizing Abel’s Normal Throw

[SIZE=3]HunterSFL, post: said: [/SIZE]
[↑](‘ / -’)
Most people attempt throws with the assumption they will land. Reform that habit: Assume the throw will whiff, and use the whiffed throw time to react to how they evaded, and punish it if possible. By preparing yourself for the throw to whiff, you’re ready to react to a possible backdash or vertical jump. “Worst-case scenario” is that they don’t evade the throw, or they tech it, and in either case, you have ample time to “react” to that, and do whatever you need/want to do.

For neutral jumps (and often jumps over you), your throw whiff will recover in time for you to cl.HP to anti-air them on the way down. The advantage of this, is that anti-airing with cl.HP generates Abel his most ambiguous mixups possible. Anti-airing someone high above with cl.HP xx LK Roll leaves you right under where they’re doing to land, and you can completely control to which side of you they will land on by walking slightly back towards where you were (or not), and/or crouching.

Here’s another reason why this habit is important: It strengthens your TT game. I’m sure anyone that plays Abel has had their TTs neutral jumped and punished. Most people don’t backdash them, they neutral jump them, and if you play against someone that neutral jumps a lot during your pressure, TTs can feel like they aren’t worth the risk.

This is the importance of normal throws for Abel, which a lot of Abel players overlook, which is ridiculous because normal throws are even stronger for Abel then most characters because people don’t try to tech against Abel, since TTs are throw invincible! Even if they start teching your normals throws, they’re setting themselves up to be TTed.

Once you realize someone is neutral jumping your TT setups, simply start doing your same setups, but use a normal throw instead. If they neutral jump, they get punished now. A smart player will recognize this, and start jumping back instead. Unless you have Breathless, you can’t really punish this, but it doesn’t matter, because the bottom line is once they start jumping back instead of up, attempting TTs has almost zero risk.

If you want to see a perfect example of this, check this out:

It’s a vanilla match video, but that doesn’t matter, the concept obviously still applies.

At 0:04, I do a standard tick into TT. He neutral jumps it. I mentally note this.
At 0:17, I land a CH t.MK which I actually wanted to be blocked. I was thinking about how I was going to set him up for the neutral jump, and wasn’t thinking about the stepkick possibly hitting. After the step kick I delayed my followup slightly, looking for him to neutral jump. He doesn’t, so I tried short short -> TT, thinking he was actually going to block now, especially after getting hit with the CH t.MK. He neutral jumps again. Now I know for sure he’s going to hold up every time.
At 0:24, I purposely do a roll mixup that’s not that hard to block and tick into a normal throw. He neutral jumps and I punish with a cl.HP into a completely ambiguous mixup, which he eats.
At 0:31, I do the same tick again to see if I can get another free anti-air cl.HP, but he’s learned not to neutral jump and he jumps back this time. (Note: I should have reacted to the jump back with a dash forward to stay on top of him, but I took a stupid risk and jumped toward him which was terrible)
SHIT, I finally made it to the match up part. Alright everyone, I hope all of the above information really helps you and helps shit get going.[/details]


:lol::clapdos::china: Alright!!!:encore:Finally!!!:wgrin::rock::smokin:

Alright, this is what you’ve been waiting for! This is probably WHY you’re picking Abel in the first place and what you hear people mostly talking about when talking about Abel. To begin let’s start talking by putting 50/50s into two different categories: Un-techable Knockdown(UKD), and Resets

However, Before we delve right into the grind of Abel the character, let’s talk about the foundation of mind games themselves. I think for those of you whom may be new to a character like Abel may benefit from taking a look at the first toggle.

In there I lay the foundation of 50/50 mind games in general and how they tend to manifest from Abel’s perspective and and through it you’ll get a more, holistic understanding of his offense.

Developing Mind Games


When one is playing Abel and is applying his mix-ups, they are creating certain kinds of mix games and conditioning their opponent to think and feel in certain ways whether they know it or not. It’s understanding how to make your opponent feel and think in a certain way that is going to give you an edge.

On the other hand, It’s not understanding this phenomena that causes players to** blindly** command throw or recklessly guess their next move…
Blind offense may work out sometimes, however it will eventually go wrong and then you may find yourself frustrated and not understanding why you’re not winning :sad:

[SIZE=4]Here is the information that will help you become aware of mind games, how to develop or overcome some bad habits and help to turn them into your advantage. :smokin:[/SIZE]

[spoiler=The Beginning] If your opponent plays Scissors and you play Rock… He’ll want to play paper next time around… **so think one step ahead and play scissors!!! **:tup:

^ This is very general however it gets the main point across…

It’s knowing your opponent’s options… how to counter them… and having an idea of what your opponent wants to do and calling them out on it…

This is the very Essence of Abel!

Abel has moves that can help manipulate the opponent; If you’re smart with your offense you can make your opponent **want **to use a certain escape option.

Abel has an answer for virtually anything the opponent tries to do to escape his pressure… Your job is to learn what to do against every option
and use your mind games to try and predict what your opponent is going to do and counter!

Again, in general terms.

Command Throws after certain set-ups will make the opponent try and avoid your command throws either by back Dashing or Jumping away… Abel can counter those options…

The Counters to jumping and back dashing will make the opponent sit still or reversal… Abel can counter those options as well…

Thus the mind games begin…
Welcome to playing Abel :smokin: [/details]


[details=Spoiler]AGAINST JUMPS:

After a step kick, if your opponent is trying to avoid tornado throws by jumping use your fierce to hit them out of their jump! Free combo… Fierce beats Jumps

Jab Pressure: Same idea… after landing crouch jab into tornado throw, they might try and start trying to jump back after blocking a jab. The answer to this is to simply do a step kick after the jab!
The step kick will catch them out of their jump giving Abel a free combo and ANOTHER opportunity to out guess the opponent.[/details]




If they start mashing DP, here is your answer: Use safe block strings and stop abruptly,

**Example **: cr:lk: cr:lk: cr:lp: STOP!!!
If they Dp’d either they just burned 2 bars of meter
or they left themselves very vulnerable!
Punish as best you can:china:

Some opponent will instead choose to use their reversal immediately after Step kick in which case you should simply poke them with empty step kick

That is to say to use step kick :)f::mk:) without inputting the second :f:
A step kick with no dash cancel[/details]

Back dashes and the False Option-Select



Some characters in the game have exceptional backdashes! (Chun-li, Makoto, Ibuki) and you should decide now as to what you’re going to do when you feel confident in a back dash prediction!

Either back dash on wake up or after blocking a step kick

#1 If you’re very confident that they’re going to back dash call them out by
throwing out a preemptive axe kick,
dash Tornado throw
or ultra!

#2 Use anti back Dash Option Selects… Abel has several… Refer to Option-Selects section

#3 ***OR!!! ***If you cant or don’t want to OS for some dumb reason… **There is an alternative. **:slight_smile:

[spoiler= The Alternative]
A very useful and powerful anti back dash technique I often see Robin01 use. (He’s a very very good Abel player from Japan in case you didn’t know).

Stepkick<Cr.lp<Stepkick. “The False Option-Select”

Crouching jab - walk forward a little bit - Step kick…

After a hard knock down… do a meaty crouching jab on your opponent’s wake up…
walk forward a little and then do a step kick…
Now, according to the opponent’s options… let’s look at what happens depending on what they do.

If they jump Abel’s jab will keep them on the ground. At that point, if they keep holding up in fear of a command throw, it’s a free step kick combo… :China:

If they backdash the jab will obviously whiff, however the jab’s recover will help time the step kick perfectly to where it will hit the ending/recovery frames of the back dash, free combo!!!:rofl:

If they block: Then they block :rofl: Perform your standard mix-up game
Keep in mind that Robin’s technique will not work against every back dash. The speed of the back dash and the distance need to be taken into account. The technique appears to work against the majority however :slight_smile:

Empty Step Kick


:pray: Empty Step Kick Is Baby Jesus!!! :pray:
I know I mentioned this :up:above:up: but I just gooottttaa say it again, It’s an awesome bait and a magnificent mind game.

Let me say it again: Empty step kick means step kick with no dash in.
you might think to urself…. “Ok how is this a mind game exactly?”

It plants fear into your opponent and makes them question themselves every blocked step kick!!!.
Trust me, if you empty step kick and they mash reversal and you punish them with the 2 meter BNB… that’s 365 damage…
they’re done trying to mash:)…
and when they stop using Dp Abel can apply his mix-up game much more freely and that is where he truly fucks everybody up :smokin:



RELAX! I know there are lots of Toggles and you’re thinking, FUCK:mad: too much info!
A majority of the infor is covered in the 1st toggle through Youtube videos and an information chart…

All subsequent toggles simply go into greater detail piece by piece

[spoiler=Video + Chart]
Here is a PDF file going over Abel’s Hard knock downs and frame advantage courtesy of Mr. HFX, long time forum contributor, if you find this information useful, feel free to give him your thanks, here it is: The COMPLETE Abel Guide!

Here’s a video I found on youtube going over Abel’s basic Roll mix-ups: [media=youtube]x08a9WCgrX0[/media]

Here’s a Video Splurg made a while back: He talks a little too much but he explains it alright :wgrin:: [media=youtube]UxPoMhXk_IY[/media]

Tornado Throw + Falling Sky


Tornado Throw :f: Dash :f: :lk:roll = Front
Tornado Throw :f: Dash :f: :mk: roll = Back

Falling Sky :f: Backdash :f: :lk:roll = Front
Falling Sky :f: Backdash :f: :mk:roll = Back

**The Options **in roll 50/50s
Tornado Throw
Ex Tornado Throw
Roll ->Bait a reversal
Standing throw
Dash (Just do it):nunchuck:

crouch tech -> strider’s option-select
meaty cr.jab -> st. mp combo or sweep option-select
meaty -> Option select
meaty step kick
meaty overhead RH

Now meaties and combos post UKD is a very thick subject, one whom I think deserves its own section. The BnB combos are the following:
cr:lp: st:mp: xx Cod
cr:lk: or cr:lp: st:hp xx Cod

Sometimes one version works over the other depending on what knock down and depending on the characters, a very think subject indeed, the guide will go in depth on this subject a little later but until then…

Limits to pressure options

Using medium roll in your 50/50 gives Abel fewer frames of advantage meaning that his options are more limited compared to his light roll…

Crouch :lp: st :mp: combo works off of both light and medium roll just fine. Its meaty timing for medium roll is however very tight. That being said, given the relatively small window of frame advantage, it is nearly pointless to attempt to meaty the opponent with any slower normal.

Some pointless followups to stay away from after :mk: cross up roll.
**Crouching fierce **:d::hp:
**Crouching strong **:d::mp:
**Sweep **:d::hk:
**Step kick etc. **:f::mk:
All of these will very frequently lose to wake up jab and wake up throw


No 50/50 roll set up:sad:
Instead, Abel has a 4 frame safe jump which I’ll go over in detail later

For other forms of offense Abel can
[]roundhouse roll
]Or double dash up to his opponent
which then in both cases, he’ll have all the option listed above in Tornado throw + Fallingsky.[/details]

Normal Throws


Setups for forward and backward throw are the same

Throw :f: walk up a little bit, :lk: roll = front
Throw :f: walk up a little bit, :mk: roll = back


Throw :f: walk back :mk: roll = front
Throw :f: walk back :hk: roll = behind



Sweep :f: dash up = All the options in the world

Elbow xx :lk: roll :f: sweep xx :mk: roll , :mk:roll again
Meaty overhead set up + All the other options



After Souless, Dash up
:mk: roll to land in front
:hh: roll to land in back[/details]



Lots of resets, lots of room for creativity!
Here are some of what I think are staples for Abel. :china:
FYI, landing a sucessfull reset into another full BnB combo usually nets anywhere between 360 to about 500 damage!


[Spoiler= Mid Screen]
In these examples, you can reset with various normals and still get the 50/50 roll mix-up. In the examples I only list the normal I think is best.

After cr:hp:
Cancel into :lk: roll
Reset with cr :lp:
[]Dash immediately to cross under
]Delay the dash or don’t dash at all to end up in front
After cr :hp:
Cancel into :lk: roll
then reset with st:hp: and then
cancel into :lk: roll to land in front
cancel into :mk: roll to land behind

After cr:hp:
Cancel into :hk: roll
Rest with st:mk:
Cancel into :lk: roll to land in front
Cancel into :mk: roll to land behind
~This last one is VERY strong, the potential double cross under is very difficult to read![/details]



After cr:hp:
Wait until the opponent’s body is low as it’s about to hit the floor
**reset **with :hp:
Cancel into :lk: roll to land in front
Cancel into :mk: roll to land behind

Right after cr:hp: you can instead reset with :hp: early
That is to say, as soon as Abel recovers from his cr:hp:

From this point ALL rolls will have Abel end up in front.
I find that using :hk: in this situation, is very ambiguous.:woot:
Its animation is much slower and will seem to cross under!

*After a HP reset in the corner, Rico is famous for landing in front, doing a cr:lk: and then using the overhead, close :hk:. From there you can link into st:mp: which then you can FADC for a surprise command grab

This is an epic mind fuck :wasted: [/details]

Other Resets

First hit of COD :qcf::p:
and then Command throw :hcb::p:
Players usually sit and block in anticipation for the following rekkas, leaving them open for the grab! **This works very often!**
~Special reset, **AFAIK**, was invented by **Rico Suave**~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Anytime you connect a fierce punch
Cancel into :lk: to cross under the opponent
appear on the other side!
Surprise :hp: combo
Command grab
or any other option you want.
#3 Do a short block string such as
cr:lp: cr:lk: cr:lp
and then
[*]Dash up and surprise command grab
This will catch them if they were expecting the step kick and continued to block
[*]Dash up and then normal throw :lp:+:lk:
Safer option
If the opponent reacts and neutral jumps, Abel will recover in time to anti air
Either Close :hp: or Ex Falling Sky
[*]Or you can not dash and instead, just sweep.
This often catches opponents who try to block block the possible step kick
and walk back to create more room for themselves.
[*]you can cancel the sweep into a COD to make it safer
[*]or into axe kick.
Sweep hit slow and Axe kick is an overhead, this is very difficult to block the first time:looney:
[*]sweep can be FADC'd. Similar to :mp: Abel can cancel the sweep and dash up for a surprise command grab.:)

Anti-Air 50/50s


Anti Air a Neutral Jump with close :hp:
From there
Cancel into :lk: roll to land in front
Cancel into :mk: roll to land behind

Anti-Air a jump in with cr mk
From there
Cancel into :lk roll to land in front
Cancel into :mk: roll to land in back

Bait Setups

There are many different ways to bait your opponent to do something and different baits work against people; Here are some baits that I think are staples for any Abel.

[spoiler= AGAIN, 3rd Time] Empty Step Kick (No Dash)
Gives Abel an opportunity to punish a whiffed throw…
whiffed uppercuts
SPDs and other moves…

Besides punishing, it gives you an idea what your opponent likes to do after blocking a step kick… Ticket to building mind games :china:[/details]

These works too much


Step kick xx St. Hp xx Rekka(if blocked) xx FADC xx Light Roll.
This works extremely often from my experience. As the opponent flies up into the air, you can freely punish with whatever you’d like, including dash up, cr:hp: :f: Souless!

After Falling sky, immediately do a :mk: roll followed by a :rh:roll
It will space Abel so that he will be safe from reversals but still be Abel to punish throws and light normals with step kick! If you use this be sure to keep your eye on a potential counter-hit.

Another crafty Bait is the double Falling sky

After you end a combo with fallingsky, do another falling sky immediately after. It builes a little bit of meter and it makes Abel look vulnerable. If they wake up with a reversal Abel will recover in time to block. If you’re very confident they will reversal you can instead use a :lk: to dodge the reversal making it so that they can’t FADC!

Very strong :nunchuck:


Safe Jumps


Not really miscellaneous,
I don’t have a better Idea where to put this topic :slight_smile:
Oh well!, let’s get started anyway

[Spoiler= Secretly very dangerous]
Tornado throw :f: dash toward :f: cross up :mk:
This is very very common amongst many Abel players and it seems to work fairly often.
Although that may be the case, I’m here to tell you that this is as UNSAFE as can be!

At this point of my testing: I’ve found that It will lose to nearly every fucking dp in the game! and more!

The one exception I can recall is Guile’s Flash kick (Poor Guile :sad:)
but everything else
from all the shotos,to ex up ball,
from Ex head butt to ex SBK
from Ex Falling Sky to Ex Tatsumaki Gourasan

this jump is secretly FREE…

Oh ya to put it in better perspective on how poor of a cross up this is; Sakura can wake up and punish it with a cr:hp:. That’s right! the can wake up and hit Abel with a cr:hp: as he’s coming down!

It’s not a trade btw, it beats the cross up clean!

The False Safe Jump


Falling Sky: :dp::p:
Back dash :b::b:
Jump forward :uf:
Cross up Medium Kick, :mk:

Very easy to use and pretty safe and effective to use as far as reversal Dps go!

Instead of a safe jump, I like to think of this as a deflecting jump; meaning its a jump that consistently causes the opponent’s reversal to shoot off in the wrong direction

Here’s a list of characters whose reversals fail
Shotos, Juri
Sagat, Seth
DJ, Guy
Cammy , Yun
Yang **, Adon *
Viper **, Dudley *
Ibuki, Guile **

  • = Uppercuts cause the opponent to travel significantly far horizontally!
    One should option-select a :mk: or :rh: roll to insure the best possible punish

**= These characters’ reversals are HELLA FREE

The list above is not 100% comprehensive
in truth I didn’t bother writing down ALL the dps it works against because quite frankly, **It works against nearly ALL of them :slight_smile: **

However i’ve found a few reversals that actually DO beat this cross up out; here they are:

Blanka: EX Up-Ball
Chun-Li- EX SBK
E.Honda- EX Sumo Headbutt
Zangief- Lariot

Not 100% comprehensive at the moment…

True Safe Jumps


Here’s a video re-posted by HFZ, give him your thanks if you found this video helpfull

Just some thoughts regarding some of the safe jumps

Cr :hp: xx Falling Sky
Cr :mp: whiff
NJ :hk:
4 frame safe Jump

I found this fairly difficult to time…
For those of who are curious as to whether or not the wake up speed of certain characters throw this safe jump’s timing off: They Don’t

Confirmed: It works consistently against

Blanka’s Ex Up-Ball
Yun’s EX Upkick
Sagat’s Dp
Cammy’s Dp

  • Fun fact: Did you guys know that Ken and Dudley’s EX Dps are 4 frames? It was news to me… Also, this safe jump is safe to Guile’s 2-3 frame super :rofl:

F-Throw, :f::lk:+:lp:
:lk: roll
NJ :hk:
4 frame safe jump

Same story, a little difficult to time I found, and it works consistently just as the same jump above

COD :qcf::p:
Slight Pause
Jump Forward MK

The pause must be learned
Fairly hard to time at first.


Cross Up Falling Sky


:d::hp: xx :hk: roll into :lp: falling sky

Yes, Abel rolls UNDERNEATH his opponent and grabs them FROM BEHIND!
It looks very cool and covers roughly50-60****% of the screen~

Linking the falling sky is a little tight and will take some practice!
But it’s worth it!

It’s Character specific; Here’s the list of who it works on


Shotos;** except for Akuma/Oni** (Ryu, Evil Ryu, Ken and Dan) + Gouken, (Is Gouken a Shoto?)

**Shadowloo Characters **(Bison, Vega, Balrog and Sagat)

Black Characters (Dudley, Balrog + Deejay)

Grapplers; except for Zangief (T. Hawk, Hakan, Abel)

**OG SFII Characters **(Chun-li - Guile- Honda)

Some groupings to help you remember; just what I thought was easy :slight_smile:


Important Combo


Because of the opponent’s fear of command grab after tornado throw, they will sometimes preemptively jump out of the way which then a crouching light kick or standing heavy punch from Abel will stop them out of their pre jump frames.

Well it just so happens that against a good number of characters, a connected crouching light kick after a blocked step kick leaves the opponent close enough to link a crouching light punch and then a close medium punch which then Abel can combo into COD!

It doesn’t work on everyone however for the characters that it does work on, its a fantastic trick to keep in mind as its an easy way to net 200-280 points of damage

Here are the characters that it works on

[spoiler= List]
ALL The Shotos
Evil Ryu

Gen In crane stance


El Fuerte

For most of the characters in the above list
lk lp mp
will work on them after a blocked Cod FADC*

Stylish Combos into Ultra


#1 After an Anti-Air :d::hp: you cancel into :hk:roll
you then do a :lp: COD, FADC and then ultra!

Complete Waste of Meter~!
But it looks so cool

#2 After an Anti-Air :d::hp:
Immediately cancel into :mp: Cod
As the 1st punch whiffs, immiediatly cancel into the kick, 2nd Low!
The 2nd low will hit which then you can FADC it into Ultra

Complete Waste of Meter
But it looks really really cool[/details]

Frenchies Auto Stand Set Up aka Get Frenched


Alright, this is something that I personally invented and I’m so excited to share this with you guys. At the moment I don’t have the tools to show you visually how this works, maybe some day I’ll make a video but for now a textual description is the best I can do.

While roughly half the cast is immune to step kick :f: :HP: combo while they stand, there is a secret way to force them to stand!

This all works from a back throw!

If you land a back-throw, simply walk up a tiny bit and do a :mk: roll
Right after the roll do a step-kick immediately!

Oddly enough, unless they backdash or blocked correctly, the step kick will AUTO-STAND:party:
You’ll be happy to know that I’ve personally tested this on every character and I assure you that this is 100% effective against the entire roster!

It’s strange, even if the opponent was at least crouching during their incorrect block, they for some reason will Auto stand… It’s pretty nice huh?:encore:




The number of frames the opponent stays knocked down after various hard knock downs. Thanks to HFX for sharing

TT: 50
Ex TT: 48
FS: 58
Ex Fs: 61
COD: 42
Sweep: 43
Front Throw: 67
Back Throw: 56
Super: 56
Ultra I: 56
Ultra II: 49

Abel’s Dash is 16 frames
Lk Roll: 27 frames
Mk Roll: 30
Hk Roll: 32
Ex Roll: 32

Use this to derive what frame advantage Abel is after a particular set up


[spoiler= example]
Tornado throw -> Forward dash, lk Roll

Tornado throw gives 50 frames of advantage
Abel dashes forward and then does a light roll.

So we have 50 frames of advantage minus the time it takes for Abel to do a forward dash and a light roll which would look like this

50 - (16 + 27) = x
50 - 43 = x
7 = x

Abel is +7

Meaties & Combos After Roll Mix-Ups.

Earlier in the guide a little bit was said about subsequent normals after a tornado throw and falling sky in the mix-up section however had this section here been posted in that earlier section it would have been unfortunately buried deep under several toggles which in light of how dense the guide is as a whole, many players would grow lazy and perhaps overlook it.
Because this part of Abel’s game is SO heavily crucial and important, I felt that it would do the subject more justice if one entire post was reserved and dedicated to it and it alone.

Let’s begin.
There are two principal combos within Abel’s arsenal which are the “go to” openers for post hard knock down game and they are the following:

cr:lp: st:mp: xx :mp: cod 196
cr:lk: st:hp: xx :hp: cod 220

The first one is virtually universal, it is a two frame link and ought to be the main BnB.
The second combo is one that only works on some characters, is more difficult however it does more damage.
Any time that the second combo works, the first one will work also therefore its completely up to YOU, the Abel player, to decide whether or not you want to stick with whats easy or to try to do the 2nd combo. It does more damage and it hits low, however it is a one frame link so it will take some practice to get it down.

Below here are a few groupings of characters where we can see clearly what combo works on who and when after what knock down!
It’s pretty simple overall with a few nuances here and there.

Now, I think the best way to go about writing out this information is to take one combo at a time. It was said earlier that the first combo is nearly universal while the second combo only works on a select handful of characters. That being the case, it will be laid out first how the first combo fairs against the entire roster AND THEN the guide will back track and list the characters for the second combo.
This will make it easier for those of you who would rather stick with the first combo entirely.

One final note, while the information below is straight forward in that it will say whether or not the combo works, opponents’ wake up timing is a crucial element to take into consideration before deciding to actually apply this within the match! Adon and Yun for example have faster wake up speed so therefore although the combo DOES work on a cross up roll, because of the reduced frame advantage it may not be advised to do so!

Just a fair warning :china:

Let’s start with the problems, the characters whose hitbox make Abel’s offense complicated AKA non linear

The Problems


Gen is by far the most unique caste out of the whole cast I feel.
What determines whether or not a combo will work on Gen depends not on the Abel Player’s execution but on whether or not the gen player presses a button, what does this mean?

First, what is universal!
Abel cannot combo against Gen after rolling in the front, period, it will never work.
After a cross up roll however things get a little strange.

If the gen player does not press a button at all something special happens
After Abel cross up, (Only on cross up) Gen’s wake up animation is elongated!
Gen wakes up a little slower and there is a visible extension in his animation, almost like like he has to put a last minute extra effort to pick up his head!

What does this mean?
First off, Abel can’t combo cr lp to close mp! the mp will be far!
second of all! If Abel does cr lp at the standard meaty timing, his lp will be dodged in the extra wake up animation meaning that Gen could possibly punish with a delayed reversal! very strange


If gen does wake up with a normal of some sort than his hitbox is normal and Abel can combo him as usual; after a cross up roll only!


Very troublesome hitbox
After Tornado throw, Honda can only be comboed after a cross up Roll!

After Falling sky
Abel cannot combo honda regardless of roll
Medium roll does not cross up Honda


After a tornado throw
Abel can only combo guile after a cross up roll

Falling sky is normal
Abel can combo guile after either roll
[*]Roll mix-ups are not ideal against Guile, After either tornado throw or falling sky, its advised to instead perform the respective dash and simply cross up medium kick. It’s less risky and the subsequent pressure is very strong!


After a tornado throw
Abel can only combo Zangief after a front side roll

After falling sky
Abel cannot cross Zangief up with a medium roll
however Abel can only combo Zangief after a medium roll*

Balrog + Hakan

After tornado throw
Abel can only combo these guys after front side rolls

Against Balrog; after falling sky
Abel can only combo after a front side roll

Against Hakan; after falling sky
Abel cannot cross up with a medium roll
Abel can combo Hakan after either a light or medium roll

Rufus + Seth

After tornado throw against these guys
Abel can only combo after a cross up roll

After Falling sky; exaclty like Zangief
Abel cannot cross up these two after a medium roll
however only after medium roll can Abel combo

**Ibuki + Abel + Gouken + Fei Long **

After both Tornado throw and Falling sky
Abel can only combo these guys after cross up rolls[/details]

Everyone Else

With a few random, funky issues here and there, Abel can combo on most of the cast from both sides after both Tornado throw and Falling sky.

  • will be marked after characters whom have issues from time to time

Evil Ryu

El Fuerte



is the most inconstistent
After a light roll post Tornado throw, mp will sometimes be close and sometimes be far
I’m not sure what determines this
Post Falling sky works 100% though.

After both tornado throw and falling sky
mp in front tends to turn to far from time to time
I think it takes good meaty timing on the crlp to link the combo correctly

Same as Adon but less severe

Same as Juri but less severe

Same as Juri but very rarely does the combo fail!

Everything works on T.Hawk
however after falling sky, Abel cannot cross up with medium roll
the combo will work after medium roll as well as light roll however.[/details]

2nd combo


Alright, now that we’ve applied the first combo to the whole roster, we can now go back and see where the 2nd combo fits into all of this.

To no surprise, crlk sthp is a combo that only works on characters with larger than average hitboxes so it will work on all characters whom step kick into fierce works on crouch and then some

In regards to the problem charactres
in the areas where the first combo works, Abel can use the 2nd combo against

Fei Long

Only Ibuki and Rufus are exempt*

In regards to the normal characters it, it will work on
El Fuerte

As described above
This combo will only work if Gen does something on wake up
The light kick will whiff and the Hp will be far hp if the Gen simply chooses to wake up and block!

Some of the exceptions, meaning characters whom get hit by step kick fierce when they crouch yet at the same time do not get hit by cr lk st hp after roll mix-ups would be:
To name a few.

<span style=“font-size:1.17em”><b>HAV</b></span><br>
Havoc did a lot of great work writing up on several match-ups and for the sake of having everything in one place for everybody, I thought it made more sense to not only take Hav’s write ups and put them here, but to group them together in one section for everybody to reference.<br>
Cheers to our long loss contributor<br>
Where ever you are HAV, we all thank you :china:
<div class=“UserSpoiler”><div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”><b>Ultra Selection</b><br>
<b>General Strategy</b><br>
So, obviously Adon is that new hot shit. Gotta know how to fight it. I actually have a pretty good deal of Adon practice. I played Gamerbee a little at SB, and I practice fairly regularly against a Gamerbee student, and Gamerbee’s student’s student. So… yeah.<br>
In this fight, Adon can bully Abel on the ground, early. Jaguar Kick is really tough to deal with, and it can be hard to space out, since Adon has so many variations of it. Adon Stand Roundhouse is also a very good poke from mid range, as well as Low Forward. It can be tough to fight Adon on the ground. I tend to stay back a little, and try to catch a misplaced Jaguar Kick or Stand Roundhouse, so I can Step Kick it, and get in. I’ll also neutral jump a little from far away, in hopes of landing on a Jaguar Kick, but this isn’t consistent at all. Honestly, I feel like Adon beats Abel the fuck up on the ground, so you’re gonna need really good footsies to get in.<br>
Sometimes, I’ll roll if I spot a Jaguar Kick early enough. You won’t get a punish with this, but it takes the pressure off of Abel, and puts it on Adon, which is what you want.<br>
Pressuring Adon can be a pain too though. He’s got a 3-frame Low Jab (that combos into whatever), a DP, and he ducks Stand Fierce so getting in off of a blocked Step Kick isn’t really huge for Abel. Adon can easily turn that around. I tend to go for Low Jab or Stand Strong after Step Kicks… it loses to RJ and frame-perfect Jabs… and that’s one of the things you’re gonna have to show me before I respect it. As with anyone else with 3-frame normals, you’re gonna want to utilize normal throw out of Step Kick situations also.<br>
Problem with this… against most characters, normal throw is a pretty safe option. If they DP, they beat it, sure… but anything else is pretty safe. It’ll beat pokes, and if it gets neutral jumped, Abel can just hit Stand Fierce for AA and continue pressure. Against Adon, this doesn’t work at all. If Adon attempts a neutral jump, he can just do nj. MK xx Air Jaguar Kick, and start pressure himself.<br>
Which brings me to the next point… dealing with Adon up close. Fuck. That shit is hard. Gamerbee caught me with his Stand Fierce frame trap to blow up crouch tech, early on when i fought him, which basically meant that I had to let him throw me, since taking CH Fierce-> Low Jab xx Rising Jaguar wasn’t really in my plans. But… you really can’t just let him throw you all day, which means… you have to guess.<br>
Oh, and don’t get knocked down. I usually have no trouble with cross-ups, but fuck Adon’s cross-up on wake-up. Blocking that is hard as fuck…<br>
Damn… the more I write about this, the more hopeless this match-up seems… but I don’t really lose it that much, so I must be forgetting something, lol.<br>
I think it’s just footsies. A perfectly played Adon should beat Abel, but if you have superior spacing, you can create opportunities. If you get a Jaguar Kick to miss, that’s free Step Kick into 35% gone. You don’t need too many of these to win a round. Also, once Abel gets ultra, the fight changes dramatically. Jaguar Kick is now off the table. Any Jaguar Kick loses to Soulless for huge damage. You <b>have</b> to be looking for Jaguar Kicks whenever you get ultra or super… btw, it pays to hold onto meter in this fight if you’re getting bullied. I’ll blow the meter on combos, but nothing else, really. Super is too valuable in this fight to blow meter on shitty guesses.<br>
But yeah… once you get super/ultra, mid range opens up dramatically. You can now start getting your offense going a lot better. If Adon tries to disrespect you with Jaguar Kick, take your 400-500 and keep it moving.<br>
Umm… what else… Jaguar Tooth isn’t a factor. Stand Strong when you see him hit the wall. If he does it when you have Ultra, if you’re at a certain point on the screen (about 2/3 away from the far wall, or further) you get free Soulless, if you wait for him to come halfway off the wall.<br>
Also, Adon wakes up faster than anyone in the game. Your canned Abel oki shit will not work on Adon. You can’t do stuff like TT, dash-> Medium Roll (to get behind)-> whatever. That just doesn’t work. Adon is already up. He can just throw you out of that. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. It’s still good to use. Just know that it isn’t the same set-up as it is against other characters.<br>
Safe jumping him is possible, though, again… it’s just different timing. It’s impossible to safe jump Adon after a full CoD, so don’t try it. After TT, you can do it though.<br>
Lastly, Breathless is worthless in this fight. Adon has good focus breakers, and he can just do Jaguar Tooth on reaction to Breathless and get out of whatever genius set-up you come up with. Breathless doesn’t work as AA really, either, as Adon can do Air Jaguar Kick to get over Breathless if you try to use it as AA.</div></div>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler:<br> </div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”><b>Ultra Selection</b><br>
<b>General Strategy</b><br>
This is another fight that can seem like it’s really uphill for newer Abel’s, but I feel like this fight is close to even, with Abel having a slight advantage.<br>
Why’s that? I feel like this is a fight where Abel has answers for everything. At mid range, Rog definitely has an advantage as far as range goes. He’s got better pokes at mid range. A little closer, Rog has the advantage with Jabs. Seems rough… until you realize you can block by holding back. Then it’s not that big of a deal. When Rog starts Jab pressure up, just block. Normally, Rog’s do that Jab shit from a range at which it’s too far to throw. They’ll have to walk up to throw you, or they just get pushed out of range, and you can poke back with Stand Short or Stand Strong (an important move in this fight, IMO). If they try to walk up, you can retaliate with a Jab or your own, or just late tech the grab attempt. Really good Rog’s will have counter-hit set-ups to counter this, but those are very hard to time, and not reliable enough for me to worry about, personally. Just make sure you tech <b>late</b>, or you can eat fat CH RH combos, and you don’t want that.<br>
Back to mid-range for a second… even though I feel like Rog owns this range as far as options go, this is a fight in which Abel, while he loses as far as options go, he wins in terms of damage. Rog can keep you out all day with spaced normals, and even knock you down a couple of times… fine. But if you can sneak in one Step Kick (usually with CH bonus), you’ll more than even out whatever damage you will have taken in getting that off, if you have decent footsies. It can also pay to fish for focuses at mid range. Rog has AB’s… sure… but they aren’t what he really wants to be focusing on. You can sneak in a crumple or two from time to time, or at the very least, take his focus away from protecting mid-range dominance, and place it onto breaking your focus, and you can turn that to your advantage.<br>
Similar to the Bison fight, IMO, even though Rog dominates mid-range to a certain extent, unless you’re just giving it up, he shouldn’t be actually netting too much damage from establishing this dominance. I mean really… what is he gonna hit you with from 3 characters away, if you’re not just giving up damage? He has to earn it, and, IMO, it’s hard for Rog to get damage safely. He has to start taking risks like jumping (Low Forward all jumps from afar), or just trying to bum rush in. You can throw his dashes, EX CoD most of them, or even Step Kick any of them without armor, if he does them from far enough away. Again… if you play solid from mid range, you can make Rog start throwing out Rush Punches from pretty far, and punish them hard.<br>
If Rog does work his way in, stay patient. I still don’t see what the huge deal is with Rog up close. Block his shit, late tech when he gets <b>really</b> close… just chill. Most Rog’s will lose patience and try shit like Overhead Rush. The safest one is -5. Free Jab TT on any of them, into oki.<br>
Where Rog does frustrate me, somewhat, is his defense is really strong against Abel’s shit. If you get a Step Kick blocked, you want to get in and fuck shit up, but between Rog’s Jabs, Headbutt, and EX Rushes, he’s got good answers to all of your options. This is a match in which I don’t even feel like Abel has the advantage on blocked Step Kick. That being said, you definitely have options for all of Rog’s answers, but it’s a shitty guessing game, that I don’t feel like is worth getting into if you can avoid it.<br>
From what I’ve been writing, it makes it seem like this fight is free for Abel. Not at all. Again, Rog controls the pace of the fight (at least until he gets knocked down… which is something he <b>can</b> completely avoid), and he can keep Abel from getting any of his shit off, and put the pressure on Abel, and make the Abel player start taking dumb risks (like jumping, rolling, Wheel Kicks, etc.). Once Rog gets a knockdown, he can get really safe pressure off, which, if applied properly, Abel just has to block. If you’re one of those Abel’s that doesn’t like to block (and there are a lot of you out there), this can be a really tough fight. Even if you’re not, the fight is still hard, and will come down to hitting on a couple of key points and key times. If you get a knockdown, try to ride momentum out, but stay aware of Rog’s options, because unless he has no meter, he <b>always</b> has options.</div></div>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler:<br></div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”><b>Ultra Selection</b><br>
<b>General Strategy</b><br>
OK, so this fight really used to be the bane of my existence. Early on, I had zero idea how to beat Chun in this game, but I think I’ve got it pretty well figured out now. Key things to remember are this: Chun has no life, and Abel does a lot of damage.<br>
Obviously, you want to get in on Chun, and you can afford to take some risks to get this done. Watching poking patterns is essential in this fight. Paying attention to how Chun pokes gives you key information, so you can know when might be a good time to jump, or respond to Chun’s attempts to keep you out, by sweeping her. Once again… footsies matter. Even though Abel’s walk speed is horrible, you can still force action by walking at Chun. Even with that slow-ass walk speed, it will elicit some sort of response. Pay attention and take advantage.<br>
At mid range, obviously, you’re gonna be dealing with Stand Strong, Stand Fierce, Stand Roundhouse, Sweep, possibly Low Strong from time to time, Kikokens and Hazansho. Know the ranges on all of those, and ways to capitalize, ie. punishing whiffed sweep, with a sweep of your own to get in, or jumping Stand Roundhouse, etc.<br>
I always have my eye out for Hazansho, because that’s my biggest opportunity at mid range, and I don’t have to do much to get it… just be ready. If I see Hazansho, it doesn’t matter how late I react, I just focus absorb, dash TT. Easy damage, and it gets shit going.<br>
EX CoD is also a decent tool against Chun, though, I’m not the hugest fan of using it, since moves like that die to neutral jumping, and Chun’s neutral jump RH is so fucking good, and leads to big damage. Still, it’s an important tool.<br>
Anyway, once you work your way in on Chun (how you do this, obviously depends on what your opponent is doing… but no matter what, there’s a way in), it can be really tough to stay there. Chun has a great backdash, and EX SBK, while not amazing, will kill standard Abel side switch shit, and any other ground-based attempt to cover the backdash, so her defense is potent enough, even when she’s on her back. The pay-off on successfully mixing her up in these situations is too great to ignore though. You have to take advantage of these scenarios. Standard Abel side-switch shit works, rolling in for launch, or rolling behind (to potentially thwart backdash attempts)… it all works, though it’s far from fool proof. Like I said, Chun can backdash out, or EX SBK. It’s just a normal SF oki situation though… nothing to run from. Yeah, she can guess right, and maybe do some damage, or maybe get away (closer to the corner in the process), but who gives a shit? Abel may just do another 35% off Chun’s wake-up, and that’s well worth the relatively minimal risk of attacking Chun. Get good at mixing up, and understanding when Chun wants to EX SBK (-18), and Chun really can’t do shit, once she’s down.<br>
Now the other dynamic to this match, is Chun’s offense on Abel. Once she lands a knockdown, she has super safe set-ups, OS’ing against a roll-out, so you have to deal with them. Safe jumps to establish point blank range, from which range, she can implement normal SF4 mix-up of tick throws, vs. frame traps. Chun’s frame traps hurt. Counter Hit Close Roundhouse xx MK Hazansho-> cr. Jab-> st. Jab-> st. Fierce does 333, meterless, 503, with super tacked on the end. That’s no joke. It can be really tough to deal with Chun up close, and there’s no easy answer to this. Learn to live with taking a throw or two, is my advice.<br>
All in all, I still feel like this fight favors Chun, but only very slightly. She wins out in terms of tools, IMO. On the ground, she’s just better… but Abel can definitely minimize the damage he takes getting in. Once he’s in, Chun <b>can</b> get out… but she can dies in 2 mix-ups, just as often. Strong footsies will get you the knockdowns, or unmolested jump-ins you need to get in close, and from there, if you pay enough attention, you can kill Chun very quickly, which is your goal. Get in and kill quick. Leave a little room to bait, and fuck Chun up hard whenever you block EX SBK. Make her scared to use that move, and she’s absolutely free on wake-up.</div></div>

<div class=“UserSpoiler”>
<div class=“SpoilerTitle”>Spoiler:<br><br></div>
<div class=“SpoilerReveal”></div>
<div class=“SpoilerText” style=“display: none;”><b>Ultra Selection</b><br>
<b>General Strategy</b><br>
I play Dudley more than any other SSF4 character outside of Abel, so I know both characters pretty well. I fucking hate this fight. Abel/Abel is probably my least favorite fight in the game, but Abel/Dudley (on either side) is a close second, for pretty much the same reasons.<br>
Neither character can really deal with the other when they get going, and I don’t feel like either character has any huge advantage in footsies, so it’s just a really random race to the first knockdown, then guess after guess on wakeup for whichever character got knocked down first.<br>
Neither character can jump in on the other, so it’s a grounded fight. At mid range, from Dudley, you need to be looking for Stand Fierce, Fwd+Fierce and focus as the main threats. Dudley’s focus is really good, and a lot of Dud’s (myself included) spam the shit out of it, hoping for that crumple. These are all really good pokes. On your side, it’s just like any other footsies based fight, in that you’re looking to toss out Stand Short, to open up Step Kick opportunities.<br>
Dudley’s offense is just like yours in that he’s trying to get in, and utilize his wealth of options to mix up. He’s got frame traps for days, so once he’s going, it can get really tough to get out, especially for a character like Abel. You have to try your hardest to keep him the fuck out. Stand Short is your friend.<br>
On defense, Dudley is ass. Here’s all the pertinent info:<br>
Dudley has no reversal without meter. His Jet Uppers don’t have invincibility, and they’re slow anyway. If you ever fight a Dudley that uses this move for anything out of combos, they suck. Just beat them… Anyway, his Cross Counter (which is just a shitty guess “reversal” anyway) has 3F start up, so it can just get stuffed. If you get a knockdown, the world is your oyster. Do whatever you want. You have nothing to worry about. If you get Dudley to block a Step Kick, he does have a 3F Jab, which links into his big combos, and can knock you on your ass. Step Kicking Dudley is still necessary, IMO, but it can backfire on you easily. There isn’t much Abel can do to bait this stuff either, without meter. Even with meter, you’re just guessing with EX TT to beat the Jab mashing after a Step Kick. Like always though, when dealing with 3F moves, Normal Throw is a great option.<br>
Luckily though… people still don’t seem to know that 3F moves really cause Abel trouble out of Step Kicks, so you’re not even terribly likely to find a Dudley mashing Jab on you, since that’s not really part of most Dudley’s natural game, and we all know players would rather bitch, than learn the Abel fight, so I guess you’ll only need to know this if you fight my Dudley? So just go crazy after Step Kicks, unless the Dudley shows you that he knows something.<br>
Once Dud gets meter, EX Jet Upper has invincibility for days, but it has a weird angle. It can be tough to reversal cross-ups with it, even if the Dud’s auto-correcting is on point, so crossing Dudley up is a good choice. Don’t be scared of pressuring Dudley even when he gets one bar. It’s still just guess uppercutting on his part to stop you, and he needs 3 bars to keep it safe. I’d rather have Dudley blow his bar on EX Jet Upper, than on MGB combos…<br>
Lastly, we have Breathless… up against Dudley’s general lack of options at mid range. Dudley is a character that you can just do Breathless on. His AB is really slow, his jump sucks. As a Dudley player, the only thing I can kinda rely on doing is Thunderbolt from certain ranges, but most Dudley’s forget this move exists… plus it requires charging, so I usually like to hold my charge for a split second before I let it go. Against Dudley’s that actually know what’s going on, it can pay to just do Breathless, and not even hold it. Just let that shit go. Dudley’s jump is so bad, that no good Dud would even try to use it to get away from Breathless. There’s gonna be something else he’s trying to do… so he’ll stay on the ground for a little bit, and you can just grab him up.<br>
It’d work on me. <img src="/plugins/Emotify/design/images/7.gif" alt=":-/" title=":-/" class=“bbcode_smiley” height="" width=""><br>
Um… yeah… that’s all I have for now…</div></div>


Ultra Selection

General Strategy

I go from thinking Honda has a slight advantage in this fight, to thinking Abel has a slight advantage in this fight often enough to just call it even. Well, maybe at the end of the day, Honda has a slight advantage, but w/e. It’s not so huge that it should scare you at all.

This is yet another fight that requires a good deal of patience from Abel, as Honda has tools and quirks that cans stop you in your tracks. Defensively, Abel has some issues with some of Honda’s shit. Honda can be tough to AA, and once a good Honda starts working his grab/low Jab mix-up, it can be tough for Abel to deal with.

From mid-range, Honda out pokes Abel between s. RH, s. FP, and Jab xx Hands. It can be really tough for Abel to get in, and trying to force your way in from this range is a surefire way to kill yourself. Another issue from mid-range is that Honda will inexplicably just phase through your shit, if you land a Step Kick. s. FP seems to just miss most of the time, and even Low Jab will miss on CH Step Kicks. Shit is silly. You can combo S. FP from Step Kick from close to max range, so it’s better to operate from just a little further out that you would against other characters. Honda out-ranges you, so it’s best to dance just outside of your poke range, and look to punish whiffs with Step Kicks, and work to maybe score CH Step Kicks when you get more comfortable with the footsies in this fight. CH Step Kick leads to an easy combo into s. Strong, that won’t miss. If you’re confident in your links, CH Step Kick also combos into Low Fierce.

If you can dance around this range enough, you can get the damage you need , while avoiding Honda’s bullshit, and maybe induce a jump or two. If you get beat up around this range, don’t compound your issues by starting to attack Honda recklessly. There’s nothing worse you can do in this fight.

I’ve seen countless Abel’s fuck their shit up by being hyper aggressive on Honda, as if he doesn’t have one easy-ass answer to any linear offense you throw at him. You have to pick your spots well, and mix up really well to be effective on offense. Honda has braindead reversals, so your offense has to be intelligent. Check this video for help on this. It’s from Vanilla, but it still applies.

Defensively speaking, you need to utilize all of your anti-airs in this fight. Depending on spacing and jump angles, you’re gonna want to have cr. FP, s. FP, cr. MK and Falling Sky at the ready. When Honda gets in, he can make it really tough. I just block until the Honda shows me he can run a good throw mix-up, personally. If Honda can throw well, it gets a lot trickier. You can’t rely on jumping way, as Low Jab will ground you into hands for big damage. Backdash will lose to Jab xx Hands also, as Honda can just see the backdash, and mash FP to get Hands out. You just have to pay attention and find ways out. No easy answer here, as far as I know.

As for Ultra, personally, I prefer Breathless, as it completely shuts down Honda’s jumping (which can be tricky to deal with), punishes ALL Headbutts, and has a few good set-ups to deal with common Honda shit. It just disrupts his game greatly, IMO, and takes things off the table that Honda really needs to use in this match-up. That being said, while Breathless does take shit off the table, it requires Abel to differ in a lot of situations and choose to block, which changes the dynamic in it’s own way. There’s a little back and forth, but overall, I think Breathless is very useful in this fight.

Soulless also has uses. There are a couple of extra set-ups against Honda to land raw Ultra (like point blank Roll through EX Headbutt-> Ultra), and obviously you can combo it, which has its uses.

Overall, Abel has a tough time dealing with Honda’s shit once he gets going, but Abel can keep Honda from getting going. Offensively, if you know how to fight Honda, there is all sorts of shit you can, actually must, do to be effective. This is not a fight that allows you to play standard Abel game and win, IMO. You need Honda-specific shit, but with Honda-specific shit, Abel can be very effective offensively.

Either way, though, this is a tough fight for both characters. Even, IMO.


Abel’s got a pretty decent OS against Honda.

If you can land Falling Sky on Honda, if you step back just a little bit, then jump, you can cross Honda up with a safe jump MK. The way that jump works, I don’t believe Honda even has time to charge a Headbutt (I wasn’t able to do it in training mode), and even if he does, it would take so long, that the Honda would need near a near frame-perfect charge time to execute it, so he wouldn’t benefit from SF4’s huge reversal window. It would have to be a ST reversal, if it’s even possible.

Now… what you do from here depends on the situation.

You can OS a Short Roll here, and that will beat all normal Butt Slams. It loses to EX Butt Slam, though. If the Honda you’re fighting doesn’t do EX Butt Slam, or if they don’t have meter, you can just OS with Short all the time. The Butt Slams will whiff, and for punishment, well you can have whatever you like. Stacks on deck.

The problem with EX Roll is that it’s much harder/impossible to punish the Splashes without Ultra, so Short Roll is better for the punishment, but it carries a higher risk.

If you do have Ultra and one bar though, then EX Roll is what you always wanna go for. Obviously, since it’s an OS, you won’t get the EX Roll unless Honda does a Butt Splash, and any one of them, including EX, gets punished by either ultra.

The other benefit of this OS, is that it’s pretty damn good even if the Honda smartens up and just blocks. It’s pretty tough to backdash out of this set-up, so the only options are Splash or block. Splash gets covered, and if Honda blocks, he’s point blank against Abel, and he doesn’t have either charge. Back charge was lost on the cross-up, and down charge was lost to be able to block the jump-in. So you can go for whatever you want right here. It’s a small window, but it counts. SF4 has so few situations where the attacker is at 100% advantage, and this is one of them for a short time.[/details]

Fei Long

Ultra Selection

General Strategy

I’m gonna be honest… this is not a match that I know all that well, but I played a good number of games with 300 lb. Eugene yesterday, and I never really play Fei’s so now’s as good a time as I’m ever gonna have to get some match impressions out there.

I think Fei causes problems for Abel, but it’s not a horrible fight, or anything. Most Fei Longs are gonna look to control mid range with Rekkas, and then bombard you with Chicken Wings, since it’s just really effective on Abel. On block, it leaves Fei at even frames, at point blank, and Fei’s options up close, especially at even frames, trump Abel’s IMO.

Still, I don’t think the fight is that bad. Poking at mid range with Stand Short helps control what Fei can get away with. Dancing around at max range on Stand Short allows you to pepper some pressure in, and be able to block Rekkas on reaction. If Fei starts up with CW, Stand Strong beats it clean. This fight is all about footsies, IMO. If you know how to play footsies, you can earn yourself some Step Kick opportunities.

Speaking of Step Kick, Fei is another character that won’t succumb to standard Step Kick shenanigans on block. Reversal CW will beat every single normal option Abel has out of Step Kick. I find myself doing stuff like Step Kick-> Jump Back, to try to punish CW attempts. Yeah… this isn’t great, but it’s better than just giving away damage if you miss time a whiff punish or something.

If you let Fei get in on you, on the other hand, his up close game can get a little tough. Quick light attacks combo into knockdowns, and the pressure continues. He’s got an overhead, that’s safe on block against Abel (-4), and even though his command grab is slow as all hell, it really doesn’t pay to press buttons on D against Fei, so you can find yourself getting caught with Tenshin anyway. It can really get difficult if you let Fei in, and he’s never more than one CW away from establishing point blank position.

You get beat down for a little while though, and you’ll get that Ultra up. For me, this is a Breathless-only fight. When I play this match, I literally expect to land Breathless every single round on Fei. This move definitely helps out in the match.

All in all, I think Fei wins the fight up close, and he’s got pretty braindead ways to get in. All this means is that you have to play a range game, and look to earn your damage through footsies. Fei’s footsies are pretty good, but they don’t own Abel up at mid range, IMO. Between Stand Short to just cause frustration, Stand Strong/Breathless to punish CW attempts, and Step Kick to punish all whiffs (Rekka, low Fierce, etc.), Abel can more than hold his own at mid range. Up close, Abel loses, so it should be your goal to stay out of that spot. If you can do this, you can beat Fei, IMO. If not, you lose. Overall, I think it’s easier for Fei to impose his will, than it is for Abel to disrupt it, so I give the match advantage to Fei, but Abel can definitely fight this one out.


OK, so the major shit here is about Breathless.

Fei is one of those characters that gets fucked by Breathless if he finds himself in the corner. As such, whenever I get openings, I try to push Fei to the corner. Standard Abel FADC combo (without the Step Kick) leaves you pretty much exactly where you started, though with a side switch, so depending on where I’m at on the screen, and where my Ultra bar is, I’ll tailor my options accordingly. If I’m almost in the corner myself, standard Abel combo is lovely for putting Fei back into the corner. If I’m at mid screen, a reset at the end, that leaves me on the same side (like s. FP xx Short Roll) works for me, though you can always go for the gusto, and go for a reset like cr. FP xx Short Roll-> Low Short xx Short Roll that will switch sides, then TT to put Fei in the corner, on his back. Either way, the point is, tailor your options to put Fei into the corner.

Once he’s there, he’s just fucked.

Jump out. From just a little closer than max Breathless range, Fei can’t do shit. CW is worthless here. It goes for one hit, that is harmlessly focused by Breathless, and you get your damage. He can’t jump. Rekka is easily hit on reaction. Even Fei’s super/Ultra aren’t options. Fei’s Super and Ultra do not break armor. If you’re at the right range, the first hit of his Super and Ultra should miss, then you can release Breathless on the 2nd hit, absorb it, and catch him. I find that if you try to release it on the first hit, if you do it too early, Fei’s invincibility will outlast Breathless’ active frames. You’ll absorb the first hit of his Ultra, but then Breathless will just whiff, and you eat the rest of the Ultra/Super. If you hold it, and release to catch the latter part of the first hit, the 2nd hit comes around too quickly for Breathless to interrupt, and you eat the whole thing. You have to space it so that the first hit whiffs, then it’s free. This is not terribly hard to set up.

Strategically, what this means is that if Fei has you in the corner, and you have Ultra… and if you know me, you know I usually don’t say shit like this at all… but it pays to try to mash out EX TT somewhere in this, or try to get EX CoD off somehow… or something. Risk/Reward is just great. You risk getting hit and staying in the corner (that was probably gonna happen anyway…), but your reward for success is whatever damage you get from EX TT or EX CoD (200 or so, depending), plus a free Breathless set-up.[/details]


Ultra Selection

General Strategy

Ok… some people say the Rose fight is hard… I just don’t see it. Sure, she has great pokes. Yeah, she has cl. MK, which is kinda annoying… Yeah, Soul Satellite can be stupid to deal with… I don’t think any of that translates into Rose winning the fight though.

Her pokes are cool and all, but this is just like any other fight with a character with good mid range options… just don’t get hit. It’s not like Rose has some 4F low attack that hits from half screen. There’s no mix up here. From mid range, just don’t run into shit. You can still fight well, with Stand Short and Step Kick, just like any other fight. You just need a little bit of footsies. If you’re the type of Abel that struggles against Rose, Bison, or any other character like that, you just need to focus on footsies for a while, because you really shouldn’t be losing those fights, unless you’re just being outplayed.

Anyway, yeah… don’t run into Rose’s shit, and she’s not that big of a deal from far/mid-range. While she outpokes Abel to some degree, damage output is waaaaaay in your favor here, should you land one Step Kick, or even just get one blocked. There are a lot of characters that I believe are in a favorable position after blocking a Step Kick… Rose isn’t one of those characters. Sure, her back dash is really good, and it’s hard to turn her back dashing into damage for you… but the thing about her back dash, is that it’s too good, IMO. She’s got her back to the corner after like 2 back dashes. It’s a fairly large risk for Rose to backdash. Luckily… most Rose’s don’t seem to get this. Anyway, outside of backdash, to deal with Step Kick situations, Rose has EX Spiral, which is an OK reversal, but it’s one of those reversals with invincible frames that don’t last until the move’s active frames, so you can hit it in start up. You should have set-ups for this.

Rose’s only other threat after blocking a Step Kick, is her 3f Jab. Meh… if it was a 3f Short, I’d be concerned, since she could plink it, but 3f Jab requires absolutely perfect timing to actually be a 3f attack out of the block stun, unless you’re playing somebody that does Back Plinking… and I’ve never come across that, though it is technically possible.

So yeah… now… your options to cover one thing, over the other, will leave you vulnerable to some of Rose’s options, but I still feel like Abel wins out in terms of momentum and damage.

Another huge tool in this fight, IMO, is EX CoD. There aren’t a whole lot of fights in which I think EX CoD is really important, but this is one of them. The whole way Rose even stands a chance in this fight, is because of her mid range poking game. Umm… so go through it. One trick I like to use is to empty jump in front of Rose, and EX CoD on landing. Most Rose’s rely on Low Fierce as anti-air, and that won’t hit Abel jumping from the front, if he doesn’t actually attack. Most Rose’s just freeze here, and maybe try to hit Low Strong when I land, or something like that. This gets me a bunch of knockdowns, that I can use to shorten the match.

You can see it here:

Really, that whole round was won off of landing that dumb gimmick, then taking advantage of her shitty wake-up… understanding when the Rose was gonna Satellite, blocking it, which sends the message that her little get-out-of-jail-free-shit didn’t work, so she’s free for the rest of the round, then following through on that.

Speaking of… I really think Rose is free on wake-up. Yeah, there’s Spiral, but that can be easily OS’d, and that needs meter. Against Rose, you can just Roll into her, and do what you want. Once you show that you know how to compromise her back dash (there are a bunch of ways… OS Sweep… Rolling behind when you know she’s gonna backdash… or my favorite… just saying fuck it, and dashing into her on her wake-up), and EX Spiral (delay… anything, or do cl. MP on wake-up), Rose players don’t know what to do. Take advantage of that.

I also like to just cross Rose up on wake-up. That is FREEEEEEE pressure. EX Soul Throw is a 6f move. That is a complete non-factor. If you’re still in the air 6 frames after Rose wakes up… you really need to work on your set-ups. EX Spiral is a 13f move, so again… that’s a non-factor. If a Rose even tries this, she’s basically doing EX Spiral at point-blank, which leaves her at -6. Free TT. Also, it can be tough to backdash out of cross-ups, so it’s really just free pressure.

Once Rose has U2 stocked, obviously, you need to switch up, and start peppering in blocking into the mix, but don’t let it control you.

Defensively… um… uh… I really don’t see how Rose can really hurt Abel, unless you’re just giving away damage. Rose is easily anti-aired, and her ways in on Abel all carry a large risk. If she happens to knock you down somehow… just block and late tech. It seems like all Rose players love to just stand there on my wake-up, and just hit cl. MK, like I’m some dumbfuck that’s gonna try to throw them… just don’t. Let them have that. Just block. Now what is she gonna do? I can’t think of anything… If you want, you can EX CoD. I do this sometimes. It’s fun.

Overall, this is a fight in which Abel can grab momentum really easily, IMO, and just never let it go. Like usual, you can’t just go in dumbass-Abel style, and try to grab all day, or whatever, because Rose can beat that, but if you choose to use like 10% of your brain, she doesn’t have that many options… pick one or two to cover, and live with the consequences if she happens to outguess you from a defensive position. Her pay-off for her correct guess is nowhere near as great as yours is, and you’re at a higher percentage, anyway. Don’t run into her from far range, and don’t spazz on defense like an idiot.

If you can play footsies (ie, don’t run into her pokes) and you have halfway decent defense (ie, you’re not compelled to mash some move every time you’re on the defensive), it is REALLY hard for Rose to drain your life bar.[/details]

M. Bison

[details=Spoiler]I used to think this was a really bad match for Abel, early in Vanilla, but as time went on, this fight got easier and easier. I don’t think Abel runs away with this completely, but I think it’s in Abel’s favor. Funny thing is, if you ask most Abel players about this fight, they’ll tell you Bison wins, and if you ask most Bisons about this fight, they’ll tell you Abel wins.

Generally speaking, I’m not really afraid of Bison at any point in this fight. He controls space fairly well, sure, but he doesn’t do any damage when he’s trying to do that. From mid range, he outpokes Abel with S. MK and S. HK, but whatever. Just don’t get hit by that stuff. Also, S. HK can be whiff punished. He can’t just throw it out there like it’s nothing. You can look for spots to whiff punish with Step Kick or sweep, and start your offense from there.

Once you get Bison into a bad spot, he’s not a character that you can attack with normal linear Abel shit. You’re gonna have to mix it up, and it helps to have Bison-specific stuff to lean on. I’ll cover that in the Heartless section.

Generally speaking though, this is a fight that requires patient play until you can garner some momentum, then you want to try to end it quickly. When Bison has space, I think he dictates the pace of the fight pretty well, though he doesn’t do a ton a damage doing this. This just means that you should be patient during times when you don’t control the fight, and avoid taking huge risks. When you have real opportunities, take advantage of them. Even still, stick to safe pressure. Don’t get over-aggressive. Unless you just give damage away, it’s very hard for Bison to take it. Work on getting a life lead, and pushing Bison to the corner. Neither one of these objectives is very hard to do, IMO. Once he’s there, just keep him there. He doesn’t get out without taking significant risks. Cover them.

Defensively… I don’t know. Bison doesn’t have much to worry about. Just block, late tech his shitty grab set-ups. Um… yeah. Don’t force your way through his wall of pokes. It just doesn’t pay. Chill. EX CoD if you’re getting desperate, but otherwise, I just chill. When he’s doing all that Scissor pressure. Just chill. You have plenty of life. No need to take unnecessary risks, and eat s. RH or more Scissors. If you just HAVE to get out, EX CoD can be used here to some success, but I still advocate just blocking, unless you notice a pattern that you can exploit.

Overall, Bison controls this fight, and can create space so long as his back isn’t against the corner. I just don’t feel like he gets anything from that control. Abel wins this fight in a couple of bursts, IMO. Just be patient, and don’t force anything that shouldn’t be forced. Once you get in, do your damage.


It’s pretty easy to apply pressure to Bison without taking any real risks.

When you knock Bison down, an easy option select to allow pressure, but avoid risk is to just jump in with MK, then OS a short roll. So let’s look at the option tree.

Block- Abel creates contact, can continue pressure
EX Psycho Crusher- Abel rolls through harmlessly, Bison escapes.
EX Scissor Kick- Abel rolls through harmlessly, Bison escapes.
EX Headstomp- Abel rolls through harmlessly, can punish on landing
EX Devil’s Reverse- Abel rolls through harmlessly, Bison escapes
Teleport Back- Abel rolls into Bison, can punish
Super- Abel can block, punish
Ultra 1- Abel can block, punish
Ultra 2- Abel can just jump out, punish
Backdash- Bison can punish the roll, but Bison pretty much has to know it’s coming. If he reads the OS, and starts doing this, you’ll have to switch up.

There’s an online match, in which I use this OS on pretty much every knockdown. Obviously, that Bison wasn’t very good, but you can see the application of the OS in the match.

All in all, it’s a pretty good OS, in that it allows for pressure, while keeping Abel safe. A lot of Bison’s options are safe, but they burn meter, which is good. The less meter Bison has in this fight, the more free he is.

It can also be good to allow Bison to think stuff like wake-up EX Psycho Crusher is a good idea, throughout the fight, because if you block one of those later in the fight, that’s free Ultra (U1 or U2).

Another thing I do on Bison’s wake-up, is I’ll just sit right next to Bison waking up, and I’ll jump forward.

If he does EX PC, or EX Scissors, he’s out. If he does EX Headstomp or EX Devil’s Reverse, I hit Jump Fierce and dash under for free mix-up. If he teleports back, I can do Jump MK to hit him out of that.

As for other general pressure shit, the only thing you really have to fear from Bison is EX Psycho Crusher or EX Scissors. Most Bison’s opt for EX PC since they feel like it’s safer, and a lot of times, even if they get hit, they’re willing to trade damage to escape an unfavorable position, since PC will switch sides. OK whatever. Either one they go with still poses an issue for them. Both of those moves are slow as fuck. EX PC @ 14f, EX Scissors @ 13f.

Well, Abel low Jab is a 13f move from start to finish, which means that in pressure situations, you can always safely pressure with low Jab, and block any reversal. After a Step Kick, you’re at +1 on block, so with perfect timing, you can never be reversaled out of that move. If they go for EX Psycho Crusher, you block, and get free punish with Jab CoD. If they do EX Scissors, that’s free Step Kick on block.

Basically, it’s safe pressure, which you can follow up with whatever you feel like doing on block, or combo from it on hit. This also applies to wake-up pressure. Low jab is super safe as a meaty on Bison, so you can keep momentum.

Lastly, on Bison, if you’re still having trouble with Bison’s reversals, in wake-up, or air flip-out situations, just make sure to cross over/under him before he can do anything. On wake-up, roll through him so he loses his back charge, and the only thing you have to worry about now is his down-charge options, which pose no real threat to you, as they are mainly just escape moves. After an air-to-air reset, dash under Bison for the same effect.


—skyfall, jump over, meaty low strong~dash~step kick
~This one I’m really proud of because fucking Bison is my achille’s heel. He has so many wake up options I thought I could never cover them all. Backdash and EX Devil’s Reverse allow him to escape, and he can reversal or counterhit you between strong and stepkick.
I’ll have to check if there is a way to set this up off any other knockdowns. Fuck Shadowloo! -HAV-[/details]


Ultra Selection

General Strategy

Another one of Abel’s match-ups that just gets better with age, the Rufus fight has matured a ton, since the days of getting dived on all match. This is the very definition of a momentum-based match. The match has 3 distinct situations. 1) Far range, from which neither character has much advantage, 2) Close range, Abel pressing, and 3) Close range, Rufus pressing.

The key thing to understand here, is that while at neutral state, both characters are obviously trying to move into close range on their terms, or prevent the other player from doing so (which, in turn, can allow the defender to successfully do it… more on this later), while in close range defense, both characters are trying to work their way back to neutral state, or better yet, to their advantage.

Now, the same generally can be said for most matches in SF history, but it is especially pronounced in the Rufus/Abel fight, so I’m gonna break it down like that.

Neutral Game

At the start of the match, while it is considered to be in Abel’s favor to start, I don’t think it’s that simple at all. Popular belief states that Rufus, without meter, just has no defense. I think this is greatly exaggerated. You can’t jump on Rufus to start a match; that is easily dealt with by Low Strong, which causes enough flip-back, for Rufus to start diving on Abel. Problem. So you have to approach on the ground. Well, Rufus doesn’t have a whole lot to deal with Step Kick at mid range, but he has a tool or two. More importantly, Abel has shit walk speed, so even establishing Step Kick range isn’t just free. It isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do though, so that should be your focus. You must take control of the match early

Abel Pressing

Once you do get the Step Kick off, Rufus ducks Stand Fierce, so there’s still a game to play. If you attempt Stand Fierce, he can respond with Low Short into link combo to Stand Strong for OK damage (132) and significant push-back (not to mention the all-important meter gain)… Again… nothing to be terribly concerned about, but it’s there. You can try to TT, which is a very good option, no question, but he can jump out of that, dive on you, and take complete control of the match. The only thing that’s pretty much foolproof is Close Strong after a Step Kick. That covers anything Rufus will do outside of blocking, and it can set the standard for how you want Rufus to defend you (which opens up trickier shit).

Once you’re able to knock down Rufus, without meter, you can attempt whatever the fuck you want, because he’s just a guy with no reversal. Abuse that. I tend to stay away from TT in my Rufus okizeme, just because it’s the only option you can take that poses any real risk to yourself. General side-switch shit is more than good enough here, and it just leads right back into itself.

If I land CoD on meterless Rufus, I go for safe jump OS Jab Falling Sky. Nothing he can really do to get out. Safe Jump OS Sweep serves the same purpose, but I prefer the FS knockdown, and it does more damage. Basically, just keep up pressure.

Once Rufus gets meter, it’s a little trickier. EX Messiah is of extreme importance in this fight because it gets Rufus out of pressure, and immediately turns the tide in a dramatic fashion. Because of this, you MUST account for it in your offense. Unfortunately, there’s no cute OS for this. You have to interrupt your offense to deal with it, and that always carries a risk. Doing stuff like Step Kick/CoD FADC -> Short Roll is a good bait for EX Messiah. You can punish with Ultra, or MK Wheel Kick (don’t use HK… you can be punished on hit). Step Kick/CoD FADC-> Jump works as well, though that can lose to reaction Jump HK from Rufus, for big damage. One thing I started doing to combat this, is jumping forward instead of a neutral jump. While Forward Jump can still be tagged by J. RH, it’s much harder to do it on reaction, and I find that Rufus players will jump forward to deal with the normal Neutral Jump attempt from Rufus, which will actually make their RH whiff, and you can Ultra the recovery. This doesn’t work if the Rufus is just holding U/F though. If he just does it immediately, he’ll still catch the HK. Just something to think about.

Basically, cover the EX Messiah. You can’t let it control you, but be mindful of it, and understand when you are able to go for real mix-ups. You have to pay attention to tendencies, and try your hardest to create feelings in your opponent (either create fear, then cover the Messiah… or create comfort, then throw… you get the picture). Again… this isn’t easy, and it carries a large risk. Speaking of which, cater your offense around the situation as well. Sometimes you can afford to eat a Messiah Kick, and the following pressure. Sometimes you can’t. Understand that, and act accordingly.

Rufus Pressing

OK… so here’s where it gets difficult. Lucky for me, I’m sick of writing, and there isn’t really that much to defending Rufus. Keep him out. Stand Strong, Stand MK work well as AA’s from far… Low Forward, Low Fierce, Falling Sky from closer, Stand Strong/Step Kick are great at midrange… I pepper in sweeps too, to try to gain an advantage.

Anyway, once Rufus is in, he’s gonna work his Dive Kick/Throw/Counter-hit mix-up. Understand the dynamic here. Your main defensive tools go like this.
[]Option Select Tech (with Strong or Fierce). This deals with Dive Kick (well, Rufus can High Dive over this, but most won’t, and at least you’re making him mix it up, with something less effective than his normal Dive Kick), while teching throws. It also can get you luckbox Low Fierces… be ready to tag Ultra on the end of this. It’s free. This option loses to delayed Stand Fierce/Stand Strong from Rufus. Also loses to random Messiah Kick.
]EX Tornado Throw/EX CoD. This deals with the subsequent attempts from Rufus to frame trap you. This also deals with Dive Kick-> Stand Short. Loses to throws, as well as Dive Kicks. Also loses to random Messiah.
[]Backdash. This can create some space, but we all know Abel’s backdash isn’t the greatest. You can get reset by any attack, which leaves Abel very vulnerable for more Dives. Also loses to random Messiah.
]Jab Super. Good in some spots. Bad in others :rofl: HUUUUUUGE risk… but hey… sometimes you just gotta do it. Also loses to random Messiah.
[]Block. One of the only things that really beats random Messiah (though to say it beats it is kinda generous. It just doesn’t lose free… you still have to deal with a mix-up afterwards… I’ll touch on that later). Loses to throw. Deals with everything else insomuch as you’re not taking damage, and it just brings you to the next stage in the dynamic of this phase of the up-close game.
]EX Roll. Very useful. Loses to throw, but escapes anything else, really. A very useful move, in not only escaping Rufus pressure, but also just letting it be known that the Rufus player has to attempt to throw you. This important because if you just leave it as a game dealing with catching your OST attempts, you will lose.
So yeah… try to pick an option to start with, and if it fails, try to switch up and get it right (you’re taking damage here, so think quick), if your defensive option is successful, and the Rufus you’re facing doesn’t suck, understand the defensive progression here. You can’t run the same stuff. If you hit OS Fierce on a Dive Kick, the next time you’re in that position, the Rufus may very well try to frame trap you. Switching to EX TT here pre-emptivelyis big. You can’t afford to let Rufus change up first, because then you lose the momentum in the mindgame, and you have to guess again… at the same time, if you change up quicker than the Rufus does, it will have the same result. Rufus will dumbfuck his way into a correct response, since you were too smart for him… and you’ll pay for it dearly. Understand your opponent, and deal with it properly.

Once Rufus Ultra, tailor your responses to account for that. 3 bars and Ultra, obviously brings in another dynamic. Just watch out. It can be frustrating.

Dealing with EX Messiah on Defense

Good Rufus players will use EX Messiah as part of their offense. It beats all of Abel’s defensive options, outside of just blocking, or guess EX Roll. It’s just really good. If you block it, there’s still a mix-up here, that Rufus controls. His high and low follow-ups are both safe on block, so they are safe options. They lose to focus, so you can focus here, sometimes. Focus will lose to the Flip Kick follow-up, though that is obviously unsafe on block (unless Rufus has 3 bars). Focus will also lose to EX Messiah -> Nothing. Rufus can throw here. Backdashing after blocking EX Messiah is a decent option as well, thought Messiah-> Nothing will beat this also, as can other options, depending on timing.

Anyway, just to conclude, I think Rufus beats Abel, but it’s a very close 6-4 at this point in the game. Abel can really hurt Rufus, but Rufus can hurt Abel, and not let up. You have to be engaged in the mental battle on defense, and if you are, you can make a whole lot of sense out of it, and deal well with Rufus. On the other hand, Rufus still controls the mix-up, and if he’s one step ahead of you (or even one step behind), he can make it really hard on you.


Nothing really super cheap here… just some stuff to think about.

When Rufus attempts to frame trap you, if you block it, a lot of the times, he’ll do Close Fierce xx Fierce Galactic Tornado. If Rufus does something like Short, Short, pause (for the frame trap)-> Stand Fierce xx GT, there’s a gap there, and you can EX TT. It’s a free opportunity to get out of the mix. Umm… yeah. That’s it for now.[/details]

Thank You Hav


At this rate, we’re going to run out of posts to put ALL of this information in!<br>
For the next few matches, the information will be posted here, however when things get too crowded I’ll take to creating more threads for each match up and simply post the link here under each respective character’s name :china:<br><br>


<br>[spoiler= Footsies]<br>Ryu!<br>A match where you can strut your fundamentals and have fun beating Ryu at his own game!<br>While your normal Abel instincts may lead you to simply score the knock down and vortex your way to victory, you must learn that there is a more effective, consistent way to win this fight! Let’s start with the neutral game.<br><br>We all know at this point in the game that Ryu’s primary zoning tools are his two main poking normals: cr mk and cr hk and his hadoken so lets begin by talking about Abel’s meta with respect to these primary tools.<br><br>Light Kick! <br>that should be enough to get you through this part of the match<br>Abel’s standing light kick has  a good hitbox and more range than Ryu’s crouching medium kick making this footsie game very winnable.<br><br>Landing Light kick and nudging forward will eventually get you to the range which a step kick followup would work<br>It’s never a bad idea to do this in fact it’s probably what Abel should do. Nonetheless it’s also a good idea I think to stay within that range and to continue playing footsies instead of going in.<br><br>Remember to keep into perspective Abel’s light kick damage, 40 points each one! <br>playing footsies with ryu for 15~20 seconds could net you 5-8 tags which adds up to be a whopping 300 damage! It’s a great way to net SAFE damage.<br>Eventually, the life lead will compell Ryu to jump or execute some other offensive maneuver, try your best to counter appropriately.<br>Cr mk and St hp work great against ALL of Ryu’s jump in normals!<br><br>*important note<br>Unlike Ken and Akuma, Ryu’s crouching medium kick xx hadouken IS A TRUE BLOCK STRING<br>however it’s applicability of being a block string is dependant on the ryu player cancelling early enough and spacing sometimes, it’s wise that during footsies to keep an eye out for certain spacings that lend themselves to gaps between normals and hadoukens, this will give Abel the option to counter<br><br>Focus attack<br>Ex Cod<br>Ex Axe Kick<br>Ultra 1<br><br>If the hadouken infact was successfully block stringed into and Abel is forced to block it, keep in mind that Ryu is -6 and that it is safe to nudge forward a little bit or even PUNISH with light kick if Ryu is close enough afterwards. ALways keeps this in mind!<br><br>But if we take low mk out of the picture and just have Ryu throwing fireballs across the screen, what then?<br>Besides the obvious of jumping toward him or using Ultra/Ex Wheel, the more advanced counter which is always available unlike the ultra or ex moves would be to use his focus attack dash toward command grab.<br><br>For the subsequen command grab after absorbing the fireball to be a true punish, the focus portion must be done roughly right outside st lk range<br>It’s fairly difficult to do so it will need much practice<br>It helps me alot personally to watch Ryu very closely and watch for a quick “crouching” animation.<br>From walking forward or back, inputting a qcf motion quickly will make Ryu duck and stand up VERY quickley, if you’re looking for that that it will make it  reacting to fireballs much much easier, and that goes for ultra and ex moves as well.<br><br>If Ryu does EX fireball on the other hand, then I’m afraid the only counters would be to ultra or ex axe kick, not much else to do!



<br>Not much to say here I think<br>Ryu does not have a command grab and he has no unblockables against Abel that I know of, pure fundamental pressure.<br>He DOES have a cross up tatsu that can be annoying and some ambiguous cross ups along with some other gimmicks, on the whole, must less to deal with that other characters.<br><br>Is cross up tatsu on block safe? Answer for this later<br>You’re going to deal with up close cr mp frame traps/throw mix ups but on the whole Abel does have the tools to deal with that so it shouldn’t be overwhelming by anymeans<br><br>Ryu’s cr mp is +2 so hitting buttons afterwards is a liability if Ryu hits more buttons but will counter Ryu if he tries to walk forward and grab<br>After teching a throw, it’s relatively safe to throw out a light kick seeing as how both characters’ main pokes are the same speed, 5 frames.<br>It’s also a good strat to throw out a premptive EX COD in hopes of catching a normal!<br>Be careful though because Cods are all -3 on block leaving Ryu with the option of DP punish!<br><br><br>But lets talk about Ryu’s most powerful offensive options:Ex Hadouken and Ex Tatsu<br><br>Ex Hadouken leads to a free ultra so it’s ultimately best to block as much as possible in the corner and try your best to minimize the risk of getting hit by this.<br>Ex Hadouken is +1 on block! Any movement Abel does is liable to be frame trapped so be very careful, it’s a situation that on the whole is largely in Ryu’s favor so it’s best to whehter teh storm and block subsequent normals try your best to predict a throw and or frame trap and punish accordingly.<br><br>Ex Tatsu on the other hand<br>In the corner it will lead to ultra just like Ex Hadouken<br>Ryu will try to walk toward you to bait a throw and counter, try your best to not get hit by this<br>Ex Tatsu is virtually unpunishable, Abel cannot counter however the spacing is roughly reset! Abel gets a good amount of room back taking away some of Ryu’s advantage<br>At this point, one can return to the footsie game/ reacting game and try your best to either fend him off with light kicks or try countering something with a command grab which puts Ryu in the corner!



<br>First let’s talk about post step kick options<br>Ryu has a 3 frame crouching jab which means that after blocking step kick, If ryu correctly times a crouching jab as soon as possible it will beat out every option Abel does except for Ex Tornado throw and regular throw. It’s difficult to correctly time the jab but regardless, it’s something that you should know ahead of time.<br><br>Heavy punch does not hit a crouching Ryu so after step kick it’s smarter to either go for a standing medium punch cod or better yet, the hit confirm chain crlk crlp stmp xx cod. The latter is smarter because Cod is punishable by Dp so always risky blindly cancelling into it against Ryu.<br><br>Important note: Ryu’s backdash is terrible, 27 frames!<br>If ryu tries to back dash after blocking a light normal, you can calmly punish with step kick.<br>If ryu preemptively level 1 focus attacks after blocking lights to counter step kick… try your best to punish the back dash as Ryu is -11.<br>If you step kick anyway but are lucky enough to not get crumpled, Ryu’s subsequent back dash is still heavily punishable!<br><br><b>TORNADO/SKYFALL<br><br></b>After both knock downs, cr jab st mp combos works from either side! so mix-up well!




Another shoto? yes!
however the match won’t feel like Ryu.
Ken’s unique twist to the shoto move set has a more pronounced offensive edge to it and less of a linear footsie dimension which will make this match a headache of a different sort

[spoiler= Footsies]
Slower walking speed and a low forward with 70% the range of Ryu, the footsie game against Ken is going to be completely different.
Ken’s footsie game is mainly going to revolve around his step kick, F+MK, just like Abel :wink:
It travels a great distance, is safe on block and is going to be how Ken initiates close quarter pressure game which will be discussed later.



[spoiler= Offense][/details]



[details=Spoiler]This match up is 6-4 in Abels favor.

Air is write about keeping Abel out in this match up, so now you know what most ryu’s should be looking for. If ryu is trying to rush you down without knocking you down first, hes looking to get fucked up. Os for backdash etc to keep the pressure on ryu. Since he doesn’t have kens step kick this match up is a lot easier for abel to play footsies with ryu. St. Lk will blow up Ryu’s Cr. Mk from max range. Keep in mind when ryu has 2 meters try and bait srk by doing empty step kick etc roll mix up on his wake up. If they have 2 meters and ultra they will most likely go for it because they think because they have meter its 100% safe… well not on abel. Also light rekka max distance is safe as a footsie tool against ryu on block.

That’s all for now, if any Abel has advice I missed please write me and ill update it.[/details]


[SIZE=2]This match up is 5-5 IMO. If the sagat is playing a fireball zone game mixed with safe tiger knees it can be difficult for abel to get in. Honestly as the match starts I back up and build some meter. Now of course in this match you cant always do this because sagats fireballs are so fucken fast and he can punish you every time. So my advice is to play a strong footsie walk forward game. You have to be so patient in this match up or you will get blown the fuck up. Do not roll to get in however I can say I Do see Robin01, Nekojita and Rico do a heavy roll if they predict fireball and then do step kick to punish if sagat did do a fireball. My personal advice is to walk forward and push sagat to the corner. Now you have PLENTY of health don’t worry about the chip fireballs your eating… Now im not saying eat 30 or 40 of them… But don’t be afraid to take the chip to get in… Most sagats know exactly how to apply safe pressure. Well heres what you can do… I notice that most sagats will do a normal or a block string to fireball… And then do light tiger knee. If you feel this is coming simply backdash after the fireball and you get a free step kick punish! Fuck that move. I use this strategy against a lot of sagats and it scares them to even throw that move out like that. So that makes the match up even easier. Once you get ultra he cant throw fireballs so now he is double fucked. Under pressure just block and stay calm. Most Sagats after an Ex blocked tiger knee will go for grab or shoryuken… Only the scrubs do srk without meter BTW or unless you give them a reason to srk. So, if you know sagat is gonna do ex TK to throw… Just do Heavy TT after the blocked TK. Next time block and expect different. You know when you block a tiger knee and its unsafe because it will hit multiple times… unless its ex…ex is safe while blocked normals non ex TK’s with multiple hits are unsafe… free step kick combo here. Do a fair amount of Empty step kicks against sagat because they tend to get a little uppercut happy. In the corner, you can do Crouching Heavy punch to ultra without having to waste meter on rekka fadc. Shout outs to Rico.[/SIZE]
That’s all for now, if any Abel has advice I missed please write me and ill update it.[/details]


[SIZE=2]This match up is 5-5 IMO. Its fucken ridiculous when it comes to both sides to be honest. Sakura for her damage output and pretty much free jump ins and abel for his 50/50’s and damage output on sakura. This match up is all about the first knockdown. So keep your eyes on the prize and don’t get impatient or your gonna fucken hate what happens lol. you’ll be stunned before you know it. DO NOT jump in on her… Her crouching hp is fucken stupid… Even if your jump is angled to cross her up it will still knock you out of the air. If you can, try your best not to hand free damage. Make her work for it. Your best bet at anti airing her is cr. Mk… I try and I get stuffed every time by her. Her jump in hp and hk are fucken ridiculous. When fighting sakura I crouch tech just because most of them don’t know proper CH set ups and they go for throw all day anyway. DBJoseph is the only sakura I don’t crouch tech on… Hell do something like st. jab on block to light tatsu and fuuuuuck here comes the damage… again. So play patient and look for an opening to get out of pressure… Ex roll isn’t the smartest idea since most sakuras are going to go for a tick throw anyway. Now how to get in on her… is the hard part… She has baby hadokens yea… Not a huge deal but with Cr. Hp it is. it’s a huge deal cuz u cant jump lol. So walk forward and use st. lk to Step kick on her if you can to get shit started… Sakura without meter is hella fucken free so don’t worry about reversals… After step kick on block OS for backdash or do the jab step kick shit. However if you play a sakura that shows you they know they can cr. Jab into a combo after ur step kick if you try to do a normal… utilize the normal throws on her… You do not want to get knocked down by her. You can do Step kick to stand fierce on sakuras crouch so if you hit that shit… bring it home baby.[/SIZE]
That’s all for now, if any Abel has advice I missed please write me and ill update it.[/details]


[SIZE=2]This match up is 6-4 for abel due to seths NO HEALTH issue =D. Personally this match up is a fucken mix up EXTRAVAGANZA. However abel just has to mix seth up once and the match is over… thank god right? Anyways all I can really say, is play patient and hope you guess right. If seth tries to bounce off the wall at any point in time, jump back mk or hp. His Dive kick should stuff your anti airs clean so don’t try it. Also on offense I do many empty step kicks… I apply this to any character with a decent reversal. I check seth first… If he dp’s hes gonna wish he never didn’t … if he doesn’t the next time I mix his ass up. The main goal is not to get knocked down. So my advice is to stay on your side of the clock and just wait… You should actually turtle this match out lol. If seth is applying the tanden mix up over and over… and you see what normal they do it after… Press up… If tanden comes out… Huuuge punish time… If it don’t… go back to down back… don’t hold up. Just tap it. Also is seth approaches you with meter… most go for uppercut fadc since it beats ANNYYTHING. I don’t really know what else to input on this match up… If the seth is 360 happy press up now and then… If not… Just block and wait for your time to strike. Here is a vid by HAV.[/SIZE]
—Skyfall, backdash, jump fierce~dash~stepkick
~This one isn’t a true meaty either, but it’s the only way I found to beat EX sPD.
That means non reversal SRK or simply crouching will both beat this.
Sometimes teleports will auto-correct and you’ll end up on opposite sides of the screen, who knows why.
Between jump fierce and stepkick is a true block string so it can’t be mashed out of either. This also punishes focus-backdash for a full combo also.

That’s all for now, if any Abel has advice I missed please write me and ill update it.[/details]



Abel Vs T.Hawk


[details=Spoiler]This match up is 5-5.

Both players explained it very well. Once abel knocksdown vega or gets him in the corner… its pretty much over… Well discussed by both.
That’s all for now, if any Abel has advice I missed please write me and ill update it.[/details]


All I gotta say is FUCK this match up. Its SOOOOO free to both pretty much… Id say 7-3 yun and 6-4 yang. I cant say I know much in this match up because I get fucken bodied by yun… But not yang… To stop dive kicks use st. mp.
Use st. mp to stop yuns ex rush… If timed right it will trade in abels favor. Even though it trades it shows the yun he cant use it to get in.
After blocking ex rush punch hes 100% safe… They either go for Dive kick or throw… St. hp after block to beat DK and tech to tech the throw. Oh they also randomly will go for Dp… So yea just be careful at what choice you make.
Use st. Hp to punish yun or yangs who double dive kick.
If they Dive kick above abel’s knee cap they can be grabbed out of a dive kick to normal… But if they dive kick and angle it under the knee cap, follow up pressure is safe for them.
Do NOT FOCUS in this match up… Everythings an armor breaker. All I can say Is play you’re A game on footsies keep em out if you can… Try your best I know that’s asking a lot… but if you get a knockdown 50/50 them. THEY HAVE NO LIFE… 2 combos can kill them.

That’s all for now, if any Abel has advice I missed please write me and ill update it.[/details]


****This match up is 4-6 in Giefs favor… especially in AE with that fucken light spd range. Ultra of choice: souless or breathless. Ok to start things off this match comes down to pure zoning and footsies… YOU HAVE TO KEEP GIEF OUT. If you let him in you are fucked. Stand your ground! don’t back yourself in the corner because he may take damage but once he gets you there…. Your really really fucked. Use Cr. Mk as a good anti air and some ex falling skys for extra damage. Light wheel kick at MAX DISTANCE ONLY… Anything deeper is a free SPD. Do not jump in on gief… That will be the only mistake you’ll get to make before you get tossed the fuck around. Also a lot of giefs have gimmics when it comes to landing SPD.
1: light green hand, 360.
2: Whiffed St. RoundHouse, 360
3: Cr. Mk, 360
4: empty jump, 360.
1: This set up is rather unsafe for gief and you can turn his gimmic into your advantage if your fast enough or don’t choke. Whiffed green hand or on block is a FREE TT.
2: Whiffed St. RoundHouse, has A LOT of range opportunity for the 360 set up… I’d say over half screen lol its ridiculous… Anyway the answer to this is the same… FREE TT if your fast enough… Don’t try to jump after blocking it if you do manage… He can do jump head butt… 650 stun… Yea… No don’t do it… A more safe approach would be back dash.
3:Cr.Mk, 360… This 1 is a gamble… I backdash after I block the cr. Mk. Im not sure if the gief can cancel it into green hand… If they can… Well ive been playing unsafe lol if not… Then it’s a solid answer… Like I said if you jump your gonna get exposed real quick.
4: the empty jump im talking about is when you knocked down and waking up. This one can be the trickiest of all but you don’t have to guess… With god like reactions you can overcome this… I simply hold back and by the time he hits my head if he hasn’t done a normal… I neutral jump… And he eats Nj. Hk xx step kick xx St. Hp xx Rekka xx FADC xx Cr. Hp xx Souless.
If he does random lariat on wake up or any point in time and you block… Punishing it with sweet is your only real answer. Or breathless.
A good bait for Giefs is to do tornado throw dash heavy roll backdash… They can catch on and dash forward and 360 you… But ive only seen 1 gief ever do that… It wasn’t aqua silk or vangief either lol. That’s all for now, if any Abel has advice I missed please write me and ill update it.[/details]

[spoiler=End Credits]I just want to thank the people who encouraged me in writing this rediculous long fucken guide lol. It took about 40 hours + to write it so please any comments or even critism post it. If you have any questions or need something shown to you in game feel free to send me a message on xbox live. Gamertag: NAH Frenchie
Please if you have the time thank me personally and tell me what you think of my guide via xbox live. Also you can message what you liked about the guide or EVEN what you would like to see in the guide and ill hop on it ASAP to include it. THanks Everybody. Shout outs to Rico and HAV baby.



Obviously the mirror match is 5-5, but sometimes it can feel like 7-3 if you’re the abel that gets knocked down first. Personally, I own this match up pretty well because I know my character and I know exactly what to look for. My MAIN goal this whole match is not to get knocked down. My advice? Play hella patient in the beginning. Don’t do anything stupid or risky that can give your opponent the knockdown. Use St.Lk a lot at max distance to stop abel from attempting to dash in and TT or trip. If you can score it hit or block throw in a step kick afterwards to get the pressure going. In this match I apply OS’s for backdash all day. Abel is not going anywhere once it gets to this point. If my opponent has meter ill always throw if he doesn’t have meter ill try and sniff out a backdash. Once you knockdown your opponent, disrespect his ass till his life bar’s completely fucken gone. If you give abel the chance to breath and he has full ultra with meter, you best believe one step kick can end the game for your ass. So if you run into this situation, back up sit on the life lead and be ready for stupid ass attempts to get in. Other than that, there’s really not much more to say about this match up. If you get knocked down, all I can say is pray to Jebus you guess right and gods speed nigga.


This match up is 5-5 and is really dependant on footsies and reading your opponent. Adon can be a huge pain when it comes to dealing with his normals and jaguar kicks off normals etc for pressure. It blows up trying to crouch tech, focus, and jump. At the beginning of the match, try your best to back up and build a little bit of meter. Now im not going to lie, a lot of Adons will try to jaguar kick straight of the gate to try and get on top of you. So at the beginning of the match throw out a stand Mp incase they do attempt this. If your mp gets stuffed you did it too early, so try to press it a little later next time. If you have quick reactions you can react to it and do St. Mp but I warn you it will trade unless you smack start up frames of this move. Your best answer is to stay calm under pressure, and look for an opening. Most Adons abuse the same set up for jaguar kick, so if you see a pattern don’t be afraid to roll if you predict a jaguar kick coming. Now HAV says there is no punish but you get the keep the pressure on, well he’s incorrect on this one folks. If you roll right under Jaguar Kick you can punish it with a step kick combo. I know because I apply this against many Adons. While playing footsies at any point in time during the match, some Adons get really frantic and really want to get in. If they do Jaguar Tooth, Standing Mp will stuff it clean. That goes for the Hk and Mk versions btw. If you have Souless, you can ultra any one of these thrown out randomly. A lot of Adons like to do the short one full screen randomly to try and fake you out. This is a FREE ultra. If they throw out Mk or Hk version of Jaguar Tooth they can be ultrad as well, but you must be at leat 2/3rds screen away for it too work.(Mid-Long Distance). As HAV said, once you have Souless it really changes the pace of the match. If they Do Jaguar Kick it’s a free ultra. If they attempt Jag tooth its an ultra if spaced correctly. So keep in mind that when you have ultra, an Adon should respect you more easing up the match a bit. Since I’m Discussing the defensive topic first, Im going to add in that If you are crouch teching against a really good Adon player, You will get BLOWN UP. So try to spot a throwing pattern if you can. I wont lie you cant get thrown forever so you really just gotta guess, or like I said make a real good read on there throw attempts. On the offensive… This is where you really want to put a dent into Adon’s health bar. Take note that by the time you get in, the Adon player should have meter already. Be very careful what you choose to do. I personally bait Adons more than any other character just because they seem to be REALLY uppercut happy. Also in Super you could not apply 50/50 roll mix ups on Adons wake up because he rose too quickly. Well, welcome to AE! He wakes up like everyone else now and can get meatied off 50/50 roll mix ups. As HAV said once again, after step kick you normally want to go for pressure game on most characters. But since Adon has that 3-frame normal he can punish you for attempting pressure after blocked step kick. I normally wont dash in on Adons until I can condition them, that im not a fool. I use a lot of empty step kicks in this match and im actually quite successful at baiting adons Dp that way. Like HAV said the normal answer for another character doing this is to simply apply normal throws, but Adons N. jump Mk is FUCKEN RETARDED. You can not anti air this shit. So my answer to this when I empty step kick is on reaction when I see jump I do wheel kick to smack him out of the air. Now I say on reaction because if u empty step kick and he does nothing and hes waiting for wheel kick because you’ve used the set up 1 too many times… He can DP ur ass or worse Ultra with raw damage. Other than This I have nothing much else to say. [/details]


[details=Spoiler]This match up is 4-6 in Akumas favor. A lot of Abel’s struggle with this match up, but personally I don’t. I struggle more with sim then akuma lol which is sad. Ok anyway this match up is hard because once Akuma Knocks you down there is literally no escape if he is option selecting off demon flip palm or Meaty Divekick’s. There is only one simple answer for this match up people, BLOCK. Most Abels are so determined to get away and they just keep eating damage after damage until they stun themselves. Ive played many great akumas and have achieved victory, except Tokido. I havnt got the chance to play him yet but im pretty sure hed expose why the match up is so horrible. So at the beginning of the match take your time and start plotting on how your going to win this fight. Throw out some falling sky’s but be careful cuz if he guesses right he can demon flip palm you, and now you gotta eat Os’s or block and deal with pressure game. At footsie range, if the akuma likes to use St. Hk you can use EX TT on reaction and throw his ass right out of it. You may think its impossible but its not lol, I see Robin, Rico, Pikagoma and myself do it all the time. If the akuma likes to abuse Demonflip at random times or does a reset to demon flip, N.Jump HP is your answer. This match up takes a lot of patience because Akuma has the tools to keep out, and if you arent ready for teleport when you finally get in, hes right back out again. If you see an Akuma applying the heart exploding Technique, just know you can EX falling sky this. Its not safe. And for those of you who are clueless to what the hear exploding technique is, its when akuma does F. Throw, double dash, Mk Demonflip, Divekick. However if he is using palms, its completely safe. I know ive mentioned how important blocking is in this match up, but keep in mind that if a good akuma sees that you refuse to reversal or backdash on wake up, they will start applying demon flip throw. If you feel like a demon flip throw is coming your answer is to do backdash TT. On to offense! Ok so if you get a TT or any knockdown that you can apply 50/50’s to… Good SHIT! Personally I always choose to look for teleport first before anything. Akumas are hella scared of abel when he gets a knockdown so they will do anything to get out. One tactic I apply in this match up is to cross him up and option select heavy roll. If he teleports forwards, you will roll right with him and you get a free step kick combo. But if he chooses to teleport backwards, you will roll the complete opposite direction. Most akumas don’t teleport backwards btw… seeing as once there cornered there really in trouble. Take note that if you apply the cross up OS you can be auto corrected by DP. Only good akumas apply this, most will teleport or block then DP or Teleport. If you can punish his teleport, it makes the match up easier, because they are more afraid to try and run away so they get caught up in trying to block. Remember one Step kick or opportunity from Abel to land ultra can end the match for Akuma. If you have ultra pretend like your going to 50/50 akuma but just block… If he does demon ultra… If he does dp cr. Hp ultra if he teleports free ultra. OH also, if akumas are using that jump back fireball bullshit… just know on reaction you can ultra that shit… Even if its ex. “I like to use ultra 2 on good akumas because if I block a sweep it’s a free ultra but more importantly if they are applying Option select demon off of palm or dive kick, once U2 goes off it lowers abels hit box and causes raging demon to set off since the palm or DK will whiff allowing abel to ultra right through akumas.” -Rico Suave-
That’s all I have on Akuma for now. [/details]


Time to get paid or time to get shit faced? This match up according to many sites is 5-5. However I Disagree in AE. I feel it’s a little more in abels favor and to be honest, ive played really really good balrogs and havnt lost in a set except once. Abel has to work his way in on a turtle rog but once abel is in, HES IN. At the beginning of the match, throw out a standing lk with the intentions of stuffing a rog trying to dash straight out the gate. In this match St. lk is one of your best friends, it will stuff just about any rush punch besides ex. Blocked Overhead attemps are a free TT. Getting in can be kind of tough since Balrogs normals are MUCH better than abels and are fucken ridiculous when it comes to damage and combo potential. So take it easy and don’t do anything your going to regret. Getting knocked down by rog can suck considering if he lands a jump in or a CH roundhouse combo Your health is going to take a sick a dent. Once you work your way in, try and use safe block strings at first. Some rogs like to use random head butt to scare you and throw you off you’re a-game. If they Headbutt punish hard and don’t let them forget what happens when you rely on HB. If they don’t HB big deal, start walking forward. If you can slip in a TT on Balrog, hes in for a lot of trouble. Abel has a nice set up after TT and it goes like this. TT xx Forward dash xx light roll xx Cr. Lk xx Cr. Lp. Now check this out. If he does any HB your safe… Non ex head butts get stuffed and with Ex its tricky. Even though you input and cr. Lp after, Ex HB will be blocked anyway. The most common Follow up after a 50/50 situation for me is to cross rog up. Be aware against good rogs they can auto correct light HB but the timing is fucken ridiculous. So unless they show you that they can apply this to abel’s cross up don’t respect them. Now, most rogs put in this situation will start doing focus backdash on wake up thinking it’s a safe get out of jail free… well its not. If you see this cross up and do trip on reaction… if you have souless do that instead. BTW option select rogs on wake up for backdash. They love there dash and will do it. Don’t option select souless however, because rog recovers in time off the dash to block it. If the rog is abusing wake up TAP, just do souless on reaction, you have all day.
Once you get in try your best not to let rog get away and remember, use safe block strings now and then. After step kick apply normal throws if the rog is jabbing you out of pressure game. That’s all for now. He cant st jab pressure no more so im not going to even discuss it.[/details]


[details=Spoiler]This match up is 6-4 in Abels favor. Now I don’t know about you abel players but I still struggle with this match up lol. Ok lets get started. The reason I feel this match up is in abels favor is because, Once abel has u1 blanka can not do random blanka balls. ON HIT OR BLOCK you can get a free ultra. Also if you have great reactions you can St. Mp blankas blanka ball on reaction. If u block a deep slide, it’s a free step kick combo. If blanka does random ultra after u block it, you can get a lvl 2 focus attack and crumple him into a huge combo, as opposed of just falling sky as a punish. Go to the training room to practice this. If you have Blanka in the corner, and you predict a Rainbow ball coming because they’ve done it or you know they just want out of the corner, do Cr. Hp as a meaty. The tip of the elbow will smack the rainbow ball just as the invincibility runs out, sending him into a juggle state for a free follow up combo. Blankas get destroyed by pressure, even if you get hit by a random blanka ball just dash forward and keep the pressure on. If you run into a blanka spamming electricity because they think there safe in footsie range, max range step kick will stuff it. Also Im going to tell you a strategy I use on blankas if I have the health and souless. I will constantly attack attack attack and not stop… The reason why is because there not going to block forever, they eventually are going to blanka ball. And when they do this, it’s a free ultra… Even on hit. Yea its cheap, but hey! FUCK BLANKA. Ok playing defense. Anti airing blanka can be quite tricky since his jump hk is fucken ridiculous. It comes down at an angle and it comes down FAST, with priority. Use cr. Mk to anti air at peak of his jump… U gotta have reactions. The hop mix up… ok so everyone gets annoyed by this… TBH its like a 50/50 u have to guess… if the blanka is hopping and throwing… Just throw out a TT if he hops just before u wake up it will auto correct to a falling sky. Now like I said its like a 50/50 so you cant rely on tt to get you out. Some blanks will apply the CVS2 style jab electricity pressure. If you attempt anything other than EX TT if a blanka does this, he will counter hit you into electricity. So play smart and try normal throw if you wanna play a little safer.
Blankas 50/50 ultra set up. Ok so this is what ive heard so don’t hold me to it if im wrong. If the blanka is lined up at your characters feet or past, its not a cross up. But if blanka is withen your legs to the feet it’s a cross up. I believe Scumbag told me this when I ran a set with him at EVO. Im not sure I cant remember lol. Well that’s all I have for now.[/details]



[spoiler= Cammy]This Match up is 4-6 in Cammy’s Favor. Once she gets in she DOMINATES Abel for free lol. Ok and honestly this whole lecture shit is getting annoying. I have 39 characters to talk about so im going to list main points if I can so forgive me.
Start match: Ok so at the start of the match back up if you can and try to build meter. You have to be careful because high level cammy’s WILL use drills as a footsie tool since they are safe on block at max range. Use standing Lk and try to keep this bitch out of the air. Light axe kicks now and then should prove useful. Don’t overuse them or use them in a flowchart because they are punishable. I try to surprise cammy players by dashing in and doing step kick, but like I said they use drill sometimes as a footsie tool. If they are, Try dashing in and hold down back. If you can bait them and punish them hard they will try not to use this as much and walking forwards becomes easier knowing you don’t have to watch out for it as much. Use Jump back Mk or Hp for air 2 airs. The goal in this match is to zone her out, Which will eventually fail or to rush her ass down hard. On the ground I feel abel has the advantage. So play Smart and look for those jumps and punish with jump back mk or Mk anti air.
Offense: Ok, You have to take in consideration that this bitch does mad damage, but she has NO health. 2 combos and she can be stunned or nearly dead. Id say go for 50/50’s while mixing her up good. If you playing in a set… 50/50 and block at certain times, the players bound to guess right once in awhile. If you get TT, Fs, or anything that leads to a Untechable knockdown, attempt 50/50’s. However if you are on the offensive trying to make your way in, be careful about doing step kick to TT… after step kick she can do ex CS and trust me you don’t want to eat this against a good cammy. You will eat Ex CS xx St. Hp xx Cr. Hp xx St. Mp xx Mk Drill. YOU DON’T WANT TO EAT THIS, like 380 damage and 600 sumthing stun. Eat 2 of these? Stunned. Anyways the same goes for when your attempting a 50/50. If your thinking about doing a TT off a 50/50 you better think twice. However if the cammy player isn’t showing there capable of doing this don’t worry about it so much.
Defense: Ok this is why the match up is hard. She can literally kill you in 2 combos. Well not literally but she can stun you in 2 combos that leads to another combo and another wake up situation. Also she has frame traps for days. Id say crouch tech the LEAST amount that you can. Some cammy’s will do a jump in normal(meaty) and then do Instant Ex CS. Like I said this leads to huge damage. But, if you notice the cammy player is abusing this, you can do St. Hp after the blocked jump in and it will smack her clean out of the air. Don’t option select crouch tech with Cr. Hp. IT WILL NOT WORK. Blocked Dp’s are free step kick punish combo. I don’t advise using U2 in this match up, since she can change the trajectory of her jump with a delayed CS. That’s all for now.
ronnin1183 said:
I would like to add a few deets about Cammy.

  • Normal height canon strike is a free lvl 2 FA.
  • EX TKCS can also combo into Ultra.
  • A blocked canon spike can also be punished via dash up cr.fp xx FS.
  • Close RH is punishable on hit(-7) or block(-11). Although I don’t think any respectable Cammy would use this crap ass move.
  • After a FS dash back jump towards+ forward cross up stuffs reversal canon spike loses to delayed canon spike.
  • Common knowledge but should be mentioned. As enticing as air delivered cooch to your face may seem, Hooligan shenanigans on wake up is stopped by cr. jab.
  • Thank goodness she can TKCS without meter anymore



[spoiler= Cody][/details]

I dont know man, I need to read ALL the stuff first, sure there are plenty of stuff/infos posted but not sure how many of those are actually good infos. Though from some parts that Ive read, its just like reading a rant or something, some of the characters section is really hard to read, not just because of whats written, but also how its written. Maybe its just personal preferences but I guess I kinda prefer the way HAV’s wrote his stuff,

OP dont get me wrong, I aint saying what youre doing is wack or useless or anything, props for starting a thread and hopefully maintain it. But I’m yet to sing my praises LOL

well, you can’t doubt the effort. He’s trying to include everything into this. keep it up!

Yeah, to start a thread is the easiest part.

The maintaining it is the hard part, ask HAV. LOL

But yeah, if this thread will get people to start posting again, its all good.

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