The Chicago Matchmaking & Gathering Info Thread [**READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING**]

Due to a growing Chicago scene, and overall difficulty in finding & reading about local gatherings, matchmaking, tournament info, etc., this thread is being created to organize and easier locate matches with Chicago players. This is a trial thread to see how this goes, and has already been given the green light by Floe, so discussion of why this thread exists when there’s another Chicago thread already is not needed.

This is not a general discussion Chicago thread and spam WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in here. Please use the current Chicago thread located HERE for all general discussion not pertaining to gatherings, matchmaking, tournament info, etc.

Concerning local/arcade gatherings:

Please post as much contact information as possible including location, games you will be playing, time/date, console, and anything you would need people attending to bring. Phone or cell would be a plus but if you’d rather have that private, make a note that people can contact you via pm or such for more information.

Concerning Tournaments:

A direct link to your tournament in the Tournaments & Events section would be great if you have already typeset your information there. Again, please provide location, games played, time/date, venue fee/tournament pricing, and anything needed to be brought by players.

**Concerning Online Matchmaking: **

If hosting an online match via PS3 or 360, please list your psn name/gamertag along with the game your are playing & console. Any other info you wish to provide (rounds/lobby size/etc) would be great, but not required. When you are done hosting your session, please edit your post with “SESSION CLOSED” so people know this is no longer a game in progress.

Special thanks to Nives (Jerry) for basically developing the idea that sparked this by incorporating gathering info into the first post of the general Chicago thread. This thread is meant to be an expansion of that so he will not have to keep constant updates there. The players posting here will be expected to do so.

Feel free to pm me any questions regarding this thread or anything else pertaining to this. Keep this thread ONLY for the use of matchmaking.

Thanks guys, let’s make this a successful part of the Chicago scene!


click spoiler button for info on permanent weekly gatherings being hosted by chicago players! Please PM me if you are hosting regular gatherings and would like to have them added to this section.



Bombchivo’s Friday Gatherings

Casuals at Casa de orka**

Date: Tuesday, Aug. 11
Time: 6:30 p.m. ~
Location: Lincoln Square in Chi
Games: XII, BB, SF4 (if interest shown)
System: PS3

PM me if interested.

Casuals at my house on Friday!!

Start time: Debating on either Friday August 14 7:30 or 8:00 pm (might make the start time earlier on request. I’m trying to be flexible for you guys)

Cell #: ask via pm if you don’t already have it.

This is just a re-up with additional information:

This is an open invitation so anyone is welcome and I hope to see alot of you guys here. I don’t know how many plan on coming but I hope to have a good showing.

We will play whatever games are brought so bring what you like.
Games that have been hosted at my place include: SF4, Blazblue, CVS2, HDR, and KOF XII.

It’s mostly PS3, but if you have a full 360 set up(sticks included) and would like to bring it, but all means go right ahead.

Also, I need set ups, extention cables and power strips.

The location is by 5800 S Kedzie ave. Chicago, IL 60629.(This is not the exact location. This is to give people an estimate as to how far the location is. I live very close to this location though. If you plan on coming, please PM me so that i can send you the exact address!!!)

I live somewhat near two expressways. Theres the one by Prucha’s house( I think thats 55, you would get off at the Kedzie exit) and about 15 minutes from I 90/94(Garfield Blvd exit, trust me).

Those that have been to Prucha’s house in the past, I’m a 15 minute drive(10 without traffic) from his place.

I’m a five minute drive from the CTA Kedzie orange line for those that commute. You could either take the 52A/52 bus and get off on 58th and kedzie and walk one block east. You can also take the 59 bus and get off at 59th and Kedzie. Walk one block North to 58th S Kedzie and one block east(Yes, you may need to transfer from different buses to get on these but they are basically a one way shot when you get on them.) I suggest you use RTA website to plan your commute.

Also, I’m pretty sure that everyone knows how to act like adults so I expect that everything will go by smoothly. If your gonna smoke, smoke in the back yard.

I don’t have any food but I will buy some snacks. They’re places to eat around my house. McDonalds is right behind my house(open 24 hrs). Dunkin Donuts(open 24 hrs), Subway(open 24 hrs), a Nicky’s(closed i think at 11pm), a Chinese(closed at 9ish) and a Mexican restaurant are one block(open 24 hrs) away all going south on Kedzie so you can’t miss them. And for those that want BK, thats in the same direction just 6 blocks ahead. Those that want pizza, well I have menus so just ask.

Theres also a supermarket(Closed at 10pm) right behind my house as well as a 7 eleven three blocks south of Kedzie (for those that feel like eating but would just rather snack on something.) Other than that, there are quite a few mexican restaurants around so feel free to look around. I’m just throwing stuff out there.

This is also a BYOB!!! If you plan to drink, Don’t drink my beer, drink someone elses!!! Pitch in with other peeps if you want!!

Also, they stop selling alcohol at 2pm, Just an FYI.

There are liquor stores around the area. They are no more than a ten minute drive from my house. Just ask.

I still have no furniture so bare with me. I will have chairs and tables.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

I dunno which thread this belongs in…but since it has to do w/ playing online, I’m gonna post it here. Jim, lemme know if you want me to move and/or delete this.

Just a heads up to anyone how wants to play GLB on XBL: I’m probably gonna start playing SFIV again, so I just wanna warn anyone who sends a friend/match request that you might end up getting me instead.

I suck, and you’ll probably be able to tell it’s me 'cuz of the difference in the quality of play b/w GLB and myself.

  • Mike

P.S. Also, we’re almost at the friend list limit…so don’t be offended if you think your request was ignored.

hey arturo i might take u up on that, send me a pm with your address


I might host a gathering at my place tonight if anyone wants to come. I am located in downtown Palatine. About 5 minutes from Woodfield mall.

Huge plasma mounted high on the wall (cant possibly have a blocked view) and good sound. Big open room with a ton of chairs for everyone. I have a PS3 set up with one TE stick, so we’d just need one more good stick.

Any good SF4 players want to come by? If so, PM me. Looking to play with serious players, not people who just play casually and play 7 fighting games at the same time.

so i finished up early today from work cuz i had to take a technical certification exam.

if people want casuals, i m up for hosting pretty much … any time starting now, and i can have up to 6-7 people here at a time.

Northwest Indiana Thursday night weekly gathering

The NWI Scene

I have been holding weekly gatherings at my place almost all summer. Some of the regular NWI folks (aka non-SRK) come nearly every week. I’d like to get some Chicago SRK peeps to come out from time to time, so I can show my friends here some real competition outside of our small group.

I’m sure some of you know me from tourneys and whatnot. I usually do okay, occasionally well, and occasionally quite bad. I’d say the level of competition here is close to equal to my level.

I have an apartment that can fit 8-10 people. We usually have 2-3 setups. I have every system and just about every game anyone would want to play. I’m really down for playing any games, and recently I’ve started getting into KOFXII.


For those who think NWI is too far from Chicago, you’re probably mistaken. I can get from my house all the way to Gurnee, IL in less than an hour and a half. I can be downtown in about 25-35 minutes. For some people in Chicago, I’m closer than Gameworks, actually.

[]3 minutes from 80/94
]7 minutes from IN/IL border
[]5 minutes from East Chicago South Shore station (I could arrange pickups or something I guess)
]10 minutes from 90 (I don’t recommend coming this way)

I live near Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, IN. My address is:

6805 Schneider Ave. Hammond, IN 46323


We start playing around 6pm and go until past midnight. I usually have some snacks and stuff, but it’s better if you bring food for yourself or to share. I live just a couple blocks away from plenty of fast food, and there’s a pizza place at the end of my block.

I don’t drink, but if you want to bring some for yourself, that’s fine. Just don’t get wasted and start throwing up all over my furniture. Smoking is okay on the back porch.

If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM. I’ll give you my cell number and help you with directions of how to get here.

I might be interested one day on the weekend. I’ll let you know via PM if I ever want to come over. :rock:

Bbq this saturday!!!

Just a heads up ill be having a gathering this Saturday at my place BBQ STYLE!!!

633 N Meadows Blvd Apt 1D
Addison , IL 60101

Be there anytime from 4 pm and up. If you want to help setup then please be a bit earlier, also the earlier means you get to eat sooner!

Bring SETUPS AND JOYSTICKS, we always run into a joystick problem please fucking bring them. I hope my 360 is fixed by then if not then you guys are really going to be the only way we are going to have setups.

I dont mind drinking and as usual we can all pitch in and get something together or byob.

Smokers going to have to smoke outside due to so many people probably showing up :). Although weed hypes and stuff can do it in the bathroom like i do!

BRING MEATS and stuff that you WANT to Grill, EVERYONE PLEASE bring something to grill or something for yourself. I will be bringing in some burgers and polishes to grill up…

We will be playing BB and SF4 for the most part but if you want to play another game then by all means try to bring a setup for it. Id like to have 2 sf4 2 bb at least going then ANYTHING else.

Hope to hear from you guys shortly new school, oldschool or whatever. Any questions or comments please PM.

This thread should get stickied!!!


Ok guys, I’m hosting on Friday that way there won’t be any conflict with Saturday’s gathering.

I won’t be making it friday, I’m going to the beach that night. Hope to see your ass at domingo’s.

Hopefully I’ll have my ps3 TE soon. This will encourage me to participate in these gatherings more :D. Fucking work still sucks though.

MBAA Ver. A PS2 launch party

Date: Saturday, Aug. 22
Time: 3:00 p.m. ~ 1:00 a.m.
Location: Lincoln Square in Chi
System: PS2

What is MBAA?**

Melty Blood: Actress Again, the latest installment in the Melty Blood series, formerly belonging to French Bread and now developed by Ecole. The game features characters from writer Kinoko Nasu’s fictional universe (most notably Tsukihime).

Links of interest

[]MBAA Ver. A PS2 homepage
[*]Melty Bread - English Melty Blood strat site

PM if interested!

Friday Night Fights

Date : Friday, August 21st
Time : 4PM to 11PM
Games : BB, HDR, Whatever people bring really
Location : 46W979 Country Lane
Maple Park IL 60151
What to Bring : Systems, controlers, sticks

Whats up : Basically a gathering for ANYONE who wants to play. We got two tv’s (62" and a 20") with little lag, a PS3 set up, and a DC MvC2 set up on the smaller tv. We ha a good amount of people at my place for my B-day (8 to 10 peeps) and I’d like to get greater numbers this time.:looney:

Date : Friday, August 21st
Time : 6:00pm till whenever
Games : SF4, BB, HDR, GG, etc…
Location :

Use this to find my house:
39 Cheyenne Ct, Elgin, IL 60124

This is my actual address, I do this because google maps doesn’t like the address at all for some reason.
39w 055 Cheyenne Ct.
Elgin IL, 60124

it’s the grey ranch in the back of the cul-de-sac

What to Bring : Systems, controlers, sticks.

I have lots of TV, but only 1 360, no extra sticks, and no extra fight pads other than my own. If you have a system/games to spare, please bring them.

I’d love it if someone could bring a set up for GGAC if anyone’s interested in playing that. I have a ps2, but it hasn’t been used in a long time so the whole “working” thing isn’t guaranteed.

Also, I have a pool/hot tub, and pool table if you want to take a break. So if you think you’ll use either bring a suit/towel or pool stick. There’s also a deck attached outside to just chill on as well.

Smokers gotta stay outside though, this includes weed.

Food/Drink: I have a grill, so if you wanna bring anything to throw on it feel free. Same for drinks (not the grill part).
There’s also a ton of local stuff to eat, pizza place right down the road, fast food’s about 5 minutes away by car as well.
**Feel free to bring your own stuff for yourself/others, the booze and food that’s here is my pretty much parents and not for public consumption. **

This will be starting later than most, so it’ll run later as well…you can stay until whenever you feel like leaving, if you want to crash that’s cool too… I have couches and plenty of ground space, if you have a sleeping bag or something maybe packing it along wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Set up your commute accordingly, there’s train stations that are only about 10 minutes away from my place, so if you’re coming from the city or farther out in general and think that it’s a pain to make the commute, think again because it’s totally possible to come get you easily.

Finally: Please PM me if you plan on being here, I’d like a head count to plan things accordingly, if you’re awesome enough to bring a set up let me know about it so I can get an idea of how many tv’s we’ll need. I’ll shoot you back my phone number in case you need some more info/get lost.

Final edit: No idea if this will be important to any of you, but in case it is it’s a pretty big thing. I have a dog, just in you’re allergic to dogs/cats at all… just saying so that you don’t step inside and then instantly die from being terribly allergic.

Forgot to mention this before, in my living room there’s a glass table in front of the TV, do me a favor… DO NOT PUT YOUR STICK ON IT. The last thing I need is my parents to come home and see a massive scratch or scuff on it from someone’s TE.

Updated first post with a new weekly gathering section. If you plan on hosting regularly scheduled gatherings and don’t feel like posting every week, PM me what you want added and I can add them to that section. For all other gatherings please continue to post as you have been. Hope this helps a few of you!

Weekend @ Casa de orka II

Date: Saturday, Aug. 29
Time: 3:00 p.m. ~ 1:00 a.m.
Location: Lincoln Square in Chi
Systems: PS3, PS2
Games: MBAA, BB (plus KOFXII, SF4 or GG if enough interest shown)

This will be my second weekend gathering. I am interested in people that want to play/learn MBAA, but anybody that wants to hang out and play games are more than welcome.

Set-up specifics:

The PS3 is connected to a 40" Bravia through HDFury2, which is virtually lag-less (6ms; less than half-frame delay). The people that’s played on my set-up can attest to this.

The PS2 is also connected to the 40" Bravia through HD Box Pro, which is supposedly virtually lag-less as well (and also makes PS2 games look beautiful through video upconversion), but I haven’t had the opportunity to run tests on it.

If you would like to bring a set-up of your own, I would definitely welcome that as well.

Dining options:

I live in the heart of Lincoln Square, where there are literally dozens of local restaurants and bars within walking distance. There are also standard fares such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Potbelly, Jimmy John’s, Subway and Little Caesars all within 3-block radius as well.

Nom nom nom. :grrr:


You will need to park roadside, but shouldn’t have much trouble looking for open spots in my neighborhood.

PM me if interested!! My apartment is somewhat small, so I will be addressing people on first-serve basis.

Best Regards,

With 3 months time til frosty faustings, i am up for playing 3rd strike, or GG any time with people. if anyone wants to get into it, i m willing to sit down and go over the basics and mindgames. i remember there were some players ive never seen before like 3-4 people who live pretty close to me who generally had their basics down for the game, but i didn’t get the opportunity to get their info and see if they wanted to meet up for casuals.

i also would like to learn more about 3s and Marvel if there are people who would give me a hand. i m free after 6 or 7, pretty much all the time (except i will be gone this weekend), and don’t mind getting magneto infinited, 1 frame supered, stomped by giant robots, low forward into supered, or have everything i do parried as long as they are willing to tell me why it happened, and what i should be doing better. my short term goal for MvC2 is to just look like i know how to play (really i dont).

i am also up for KOF12 and SF4 to some extent, but to be perfectly honest, though this is no secret, i do enjoy good GG competition over any of the games out now. not really feeling BB that much, but it is fun on occasion, just not motivating me. With SF4, i kind of know what direction to take the game in to get better, but i feel like there is a big chunk of something that is missing and i’d like to figure that out.

also this is probably late, but i m relatively new to having my xbox360, but i found they had Ikaruga on xbl. so if anyone is into that and knows what they are doing, all i really want to accomplish is to get like an A (or an S grade might make me tear in joy), on any of the levels.

damn, so many games, so little time. i m pretty much partitioning things to accommodate all the other stuff i m trying to do lately. will also post this in the matchmaking thread, cuz there is so much accounting stuff here that this might get lost in.

Date and Time: Monday to Friday and maybe the weekend, PM me whenever you are free.
Location: North Center - Lincoln and Berteau, close to the Irving Park Stop on the Brown Line.
Systems: PS2 and Xbox360
Games: Guilty Gear, SF4, 3rd Strike, anything else I have on the system.

EDIT: There will be a Guilty Gear gathering at my place, as well as anything else people are interested in WEDNESDAY, AUG. 26TH - 6:30 PM TO 11 PM

Just to let everyone know, I do host games every week. This is just an fyi for those that haven’t checked up the first post.