The "Check out my Supergun!" thread

I got to ask the difficult/dumb sounding question.
What is the audio attenuation circuit for?

Dark, the audio coming off of a JAMMA Board is at speaker level, not line level. If you hook it up to a TV or Stereo and forget to turn a volume pot to the lowest it can go it blows your amp and or speakers out. The attenuation circuit brings it down to a near line level so you can safely hook up a board without touching the pot for volume.

New MK48 Built! Now with 100% more RGB output!

Awesome thread! Really interested in building my own supergun as well.

Awesome! If you have any questions, let us know! As you can see I’ve built a number of them and have a few things that I learned the hard way and a few things I implemented by using some of my Nuclear Engineering background.

Nuclear Engineering? FGC so diverse. Drug Dealer here.

Same here @PrinceMurphy. Ha!

I actually am a Nuclear Engineer in the US Navy. It’s my day job. I digress…

I have two MK30s coming in soon. Ill be documenting the build and shipping them to their new owners soon after. The MK30 may be my best version yet.

The new MK30 SuperGun’s are in! Well, two are and will be built out over the next week!

I always love your stuff. I may have to invest in getting a case made since right now everything is attached to a sheet of lexan haha.

Thanks Slash! Wait until its all built out! Then it will be beautiful!

i really like the stuff you do jasen, its very clean and its very nice lines

that stuff looks sick

I’ll be excited to see for sure. I wonder if what I have can fit in one of those cases…might be an investing thing AKA cmonnnn financial aid

Thanks for all of the comments! I’m looking forward to getting them all built out. Definitely going to document with my traditional poor quality youtube video.

Yep…I’m going to need one of these cases in my life soon. Maybe in dark purple?

Shucks, no dark purple powdercoating available. Sorry bud. I have a few other good colors though.

I’ve already decided to skip out on next gen consoles in favor of a Supergun. I just have to wait until my ass loosens a bit and I can allow myself to spend that much money on myself.

LOL really? MAKE THEM GET IT! haha

I prefer Raisin Bran.