The "Check out my Supergun!" thread

This thread probably won’t become as popular as the “Check out my new arcade stick” or “Check out my arcade cabinet”, but anyhow.

Considering how many people make their Superguns to be more than “just-a-connector-box”, Superguns seemed like they deserved a (small) thread of their own.
@Jasen Hicks has recently been selling some pretty kick-ass metal Superguns and Supergun-cases; and @Gummo had made an amazing PS2-case-based Supergun a year or two ago, to name a couple.

So post your cool-looking (and even not-so-cool-looking) Superguns here!

Due to an unexpected acquisition of a CPS2 A+B board a few months back, so I’ve only recently got into arcade hardware, but it’s been fascinating me since then.
Here’s my Supergun, heavily inspired by Gummo’s PS2 Supergun; I finished this about a month ago, but didn’t get around to taking pics or writing up an explanation until now.

Note that I built this exclusively for CPS2 (and by consequence CPS3, and some Naomi) use only; the JAMMA wires for audio-out (10/L) and buttons 4/5 (25/26/c/d) have been removed.


  • The 360’s power LED turns on when the Supergun is on
  • Standard Supergun DA-15 ports have been installed in the Memory Card slots
  • The stock Sync button is now the Test button
  • The stock Power button is now the Service button
  • The stock USB ports are still in place; waiting for @undamned’s USB->Discrete PCBs!


  • Power plug hole has been enlarged slightly to take standard C13 computer power cables
  • Stock multi A/V output jack is still in place, and supports composite and component through standard 360 cables
  • Stock LAN/USB port has been removed and replaced with a power rocker switch

Cable bay:

  • Stock HDD bay cover
  • JAMMA harness, Kick harness, audio RCA cables, and power cable are fixed and roll inside, there’s about 12" that you can pull out on each of the cables; there’s sadly not enough room to fit in the A/V output cables as well.
  • Makes for easy transport!


  • Custom hand-cut-and-built ABS wire-“cage”
  • JAMMA and Kick harnesses are connected to their appropriate spots
  • Audio RCA cables are connected to the audio output L/R signals on the stock 360 multi A/V-output jack
  • The stock 12V 360 fans cool the power supply as well; I tried to run them on 5V to keep them quieter, but the power supply didn’t provide enough juice on the 5V line for that.


  • Running my favorite fighting game of all time: Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes.

While I’m waiting for @undamned and his USB–>Discrete boards, I have one (old) arcade stick wired up to a DA-15 plug, but I also made a couple of adators to be able to use PSX/PS2 controllers/sticks on via the DA-15 ports, using a couple of FGW Converters from @Toodles:

I may build yet another Supergun (of a different design) in the next few months if I have the time; but we’ll see how that goes.

So sick, dude. Great idea. Top notch execution.

I like this thread. I wish my supergun was good enough to post though. It’s hard to find the motivation to finish it 100% when you have two cabinets to play on, I guess.

Very awesome work with that supergun, dude.

I’ll post a few up when I return. Love SuperGuns :wink:

super guns are great. Arcade hardware is just so much more interesting and fun to work with than consoles.

Oh man. I was gonna go to bed but I guess y’all would get a kick out of mine.

I’ve built two more, no longer own them, I’ll hunt down pics later, maybe take more of this atrocity too. There’s some backstory but I’m tired and I’m just gonna leave these here without context for now.

edit: OK so a bit of story. I’d had two superguns before this and sold them, because I’d always had a cab. The time came to get rid of the cab, so I needed another supergun. Only, I really didn’t want to spend a lot. So using nearly entirely scrap parts I had on-hand, I cobbled this thing together, with zipties instead of screws, hardwired connectors for RGB on a PVM (with RCA jacks instead of BNC) and on a KV25-XBR. The wiring came from a DB-25 cable I cut apart for its wires, an enormous 5’ long multiple twisted pair cable I got from my old work’s junk bin (must be easily 100 wires in there), a 12’ RCA cable I cut in half, and a floppy drive cable for the KV25-XBR.

Most of it was built in a little more than an hour and only worked on the KV25-XBR (didn’t have the PVM yet) and only with the NeoGeo since I didn’t have controller ports or audio on it. Then a friend was bringing Cave PCBs to a gamenight of mine, so I added the missing functionality in another few hours before the gamenight, which was the controller ports, coin buttons (those are Hori EX2 buttons btw, can you tell I’m a bit of a pack-rat??), audio, and PVM connections (the KV25-XBR isn’t as good for tate-ing and I like the PVM more).

I’ll post my earlier two later.

I fucking love it.

Haha, that’s probably better than the one I have sitting in my closet. It’s like the mechanic who’s car is falling apart. Maybe I should post some pics of my embarrassing supergun.

Dan, if it works that’s great!

Here are my more recent SuperGuns. A few MK48 JAMMA SuperGuns and a MK54 MVS SuperGun

My very first one. It worked and was a neat concept but I like the cleaner lines and builds associated with the new cases I make.

I have a supergun but the PS2 controller part broke, this thread makes me want to learn how to actually make one from the start. Cant wait for undamned usb.

You guys should get a good laugh out of this one. My first supergun™, an Applecolor RGB monitor, and a plain jane neo aes stick:

I gutted an old PC power supply and put everything inside (yo dawg). The wiring inside is terribad. It was one of those “don’t bother me about doing it right, I want to play the games!” sort of builds.


@undamned @Jasen%20Hicks
See, this is interesting. Not only do we get to see where you guys are at now, but also where you guys started out with these things. It’s really nice to see how far this hobby has come.

The “Supergun360” (har har, I should call it that) that I posted up there is my first Supergun, but I learned from all the info and data that people like you guys have been compiling for years.

Aside: dammit, I can’t get the @-notification-tag-thinggie working with Jasen’s username, with the space there and all…

Tis ok FreedomGundam! I guess Im difficult…

Here’s the MK30 I am designing. It’s almost ready for a production test:

Wow, Jasen that looks beast. Like I’ve told you before, your stuff is right up there with Sigma brand superguns (if not ready to surpass).

Thanks UD! The MK30 Mod 1 will be even better. I have a lead on some sweet USB-JAMMA converters some guy is making that will make my SuperGun compatible with PS3, XBOX360, and PS360+ controllers.

** For folks wondering where I get my naming, it’s actually simple. I am an Active Duty Submarine Officer in the US Navy. My most recent sea going job was as Weapons Officer onboard the Fast Attack Submarine USS SPRINGFIELD. The MK54, MK48, and MK30 are all Torpedoes in Fleet Inventory ( Surface, Submarine, and Air Launched variants). Anyone familiar with Submarine Warfare knows we don’t use “guns” as our means of attack, we use Torpedoes meant to destroy ships and other submarines. These names pay a little homage to my chosen career path in life. **

I’ll be building another MK48 when I get back. Its going to be a slightly newer/modified version to include an internal attenuation circuit (no more switches), an MVS-JAMMA Swtich, and RGB out. I’ll be posting pictures and potentially a timelapse build video for the fun of it.

Here’s something useful… SuperGun audio attenuation circuits! Debating if I should sell them or just use them in my SuperGun builds.