The Cartoons and Animation Thread

Here we chat about cartoon shows we like, what we used to like watching. What is coming up, whatever. Spongebob, Amazing World of Gumball, Thundercats, Family Guy, you get the idea.

Also how is the current state of animation? Were the 90s a truly magical era? Were the old Disney/WB cartoons better decades ago? Will Flash kill everything? and what of GCI films/shows?

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Also wanted an excuse to post this:

Seriously I slept on this Sonic Boom show and it’s funnier than I thought.

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Animation is mostly garbo these days, Steven universe has some good bits but even that’s mostly just trying to pull from 80s anime influences like Superbook. The story is pretty good though. I often wonder if we’ll even see another animated movie masterpiece like Ghost in the Shell. Everything is just too “clean” now.

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Old school Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry are the best cartoons.

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These damn kids today just don’t know. All that shit like Tazmania, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, good times man.

There’s no originality now. Nothing on the level like a Samauri Jack or the Eddys, Reboot, shit like that.

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Rick and Morty say “Get Riggity Riggity Rekt Son”

I recommend for everyone The amazing World of Gumball. if you haven’t seen this show all of you must see it.

Some good ol’ Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Charlie Brown, Tiny Tunes, Duck Tales, and Animaniacs.

I still got the old VCR tapes of Tiny Tunes: How I Spent My Vacation and Duck Tales Treasure of the Lost Lamp!
Those were some pretty good ones!

Co-signed that World of Gumball; my 8 year old nephew showed me an episode and it had me rolling especially that video game episode. So much old-school reference.

Recent cartoon I actually enjoy is ‘The Regular Show’; the show’s creator is a big cartoon fan especially 80s/90s. Reference-galore.

Dat Evangelion intro :tup:

I still need to collect all the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

been watching steven universe again

show is so fucking good.

To this day, this is one of the most beautifully animated scenes I’ve ever viewed.

To think fucking TOEI did this back then, compared to the shit they put out now…

You’d think GI Joe would get a far more stronger push these days what with everything going on in the world.

but since we’re on the subject of cartoon intros. A few faves that never get old for me:

I know it’s been discussed to death but Extreme Ghostbusters and Batman Beyond by all accounts sounded on paper like disasters yet blew everyone away and turned out to be amazing.

I really liked the last GI Joe series Renegades. I liked how it turned the Joes into the A-Team. Turning Cobra into a pharmaceutical company I thought was dumb. Who the fuck would trust a company called Cobra?

There is a Cobra health insurance so stranger things are possible lol.

if you watch GI Joe in the 80s, you know Cobra did stranger things.

They even have their own Cobra Scouts, Cobra amusement park called Cobra Land, their elite guard the Crimson Guard is all trained as lawyers, and they clone their own Dinosaurs years before Jurassic Park.
Cobra Island eventually ended up as Sovereign land (thanks to the Crimson Guard) making it illegal for the Joes to set foot, Cobra even has their own UN representative. Cobra also has the tech to pluck a Autobot from their body and dump their mind in a clone human body.

Cobra Commander is that dude… Going from used car salesman to head of a terrorist organization determined to rule the world takes moxie.

That whole Cobra-la thing is fanfiction, lol.

All of Cobra with a few exceptions have humble origins.

Cobra Commander was a used car salesman with super human charisma.
Dr Mind Bender was originally a dentist.
Tomax and Xamot were Bankers/Lawyers
Baroness was a spoiled daughter of European aristocrats and was the original SWJ Student Protester/activist prior to the internet.

Destro on the other hand was always a bad ass and has this weird yet rich family history.
He a descendant from the original man in the iron mask, owns a multi-billion dollar heavy industries and defense firm, and his own private Army is better equiped than Cobra and the Joes combined.

Favorite cartoon from each decade?


70s: Speed Buggy/Star Blazers/Jetsons
80s: …that’s not even a fair question.
90s: Timmverse, DBZ, Animaniacs
00s: Timmverse, ATLA
10s: Young Justice, Korra

I cannot name just one so im gonna name… lets say 3:
80’s - Transformers, Galaxy rangers and Bionic six
90’s - Batman TAS/Batman of the future, Xmen and DBZ
00’s - Samurai Jack, JL/Unlimited and avatar (or Naruto/Boondocks)