The Boxing Thread

A search engine search yielded no results, so I decided to start this thread. Any boxers here on SRK?

About me, I’m a brand new boxer that’s hoping to go amaetur in due time. I’m still learning to perfect the jab, speed bag, left hook, uppercut and foot/leg movement. I know I’m still very new so I’m looking for beginner tips. Also, does anyone know how time I should dedicate each day to this craft? How much is too much and how much is not enough?

To answer your question, I would twice a day. This is based on the assumption that you work during the day. I would also point out to you that to become a good boxer, this requires tremendous amount of engineering, research and design, and of course diligent training.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is ST Akuma broken tier? Love him or hate him, it’s true. He’s like the Mike Tyson of this age…

Floyd finna give it to heem tomorrow

All I know is shits gonna go full on retard in here after the fight is done.

I doubt anyone in this thread gives Alvarez much of a chance. You’re thinking of Facebook, shit will go full retard on Facebook before/during/after the fight.

Speaking of Alvarez:

Lost another thread to Skynet huh…

I’m more excited for the Danny Garcia - Lucas Matthysse fight. Can’t really call it, I like both.

Floyd gonna Floyd. If Alvarez can’t do anything early it is GGPO.

Article went in on him. Harsh but hard to argue a lot of it. He’s fought mostly overmatched competition and he usually has a weight advantage which is extra insurance against those opponents.

The article’s pretty unnecessarily hostile and I never really understood the purpose of pointing out that the media created hype around somebody.

I think Alvarez has a pretty good chance at winning, I think the fact that Mayweather is entering the ring with an opponent who will outweigh him by 20lb is a testament to how much people expect of him. Anyway Floyd isn’t exactly a spring chicken any more, his reflexes is dull, he’s not as sharp fighting at Jr Middleweight, he’s prone to getting out muscled at the weight and there’s obviously less margin for error.

I expect him to win comfortably but at the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if Canelo caught him, or bullied him out of the fight.

How many other opponents that Floyd has faced have been media creations? Ortiz, guerrero? Lol.

I like canelo. I believe floyd will win but i still like the kid

Canelo has a bright future either way. Granted Floyd is older, his boxing iq is ridiculous. So if anything he can rely on that and wear down Canelo.

Canelo is largely unproven. He’s mostly feasted on bloated 140-147 lbers.

If that article hit on anything, it’s that he hasn’t shown the best footwork in there against anyone yet. Poor footwork against Mayweather, good luck catching him.

He’s young, he’s got time to improve that and I hope he does. Would hate to see his career just die off because he wasn’t ready for Mayweather.

Canelo is legit. Unproven? Smh Lol…welcome to boxing. You’re “nobody” until you beat somebody in this sport. What’s funny is he has wins over GOOD/GREAT fighters…not scrubs. Trout, cotto, sugar Shane, Gomez etc etc. ppl just only started paying attention to him…those who really watch boxing know this kid is nothing to play with.

I’m still pro Mayweather this fight but, idk…if he lands a hit? It’s not going to be pretty. We all remember when Shane got that touch on Floyd. Now keep in mind canelo at this point is heavier and hits harder than Shane…

Again I got Floyd getting the W Bc in sure once he gets canelo a timing it’s all over. Floyd likes to analyze and make you pay…similar to winky in a way. If Floyd fights his typical outside of the pocket style with the occasional inside game I see Floyd winning UD. If Floyd gets baited into fighting canelos fight and or tries to play for the crowd…he WILL end up like my boy Anderson Silva :sad:

Will there be an SRK chat open for this fight? If I am able to stream it, would like to chop it up with all of you. Either way I will be live tweeting and posting on here.

I haven’t kept up with any sports in years but I want to see this fight hopefully I can catch a live stream online.

If I find one, I will send it your way via pm.

That goes for anyone, if I find it I will send it your way.

All of them except Trout weren’t exactly in their prime, though. Overall, I agree with you, but I definitely see where the doubt comes from. I think the biggest thing in Canelo’s favor is that Mayweather’s closest fights have all been against heavier opponents. Given that Alvarez is going to rehydrate up to probably 170 and is a lot younger than the guys who’ve given Mayweather some rough times in the past, it really could be trouble for Money. That said, I’m still doubting the odds are as close as the books seem to be making it, but I also can’t agree with the people saying Canelo doesn’t have a chance.

I’m probably gonna have to catch the early via update, unfortunately, so my main hope is that it’s not an early knockout; I don’t want the fight to be over before I get a chance to even start watching, haha.