The Boxing Thread

The only one worth of note you mentioned was Trout.The Cotto was Cotto’s cokehead brother Jose Cotto, not Miguel. Sugar Shane has been shot since he almost took out Mayweather(Looked like crap and arguably lost to Sergio Mora after he lost to Mayweather, and he should not have even scored a main event fight against Pacquiao), and I can give credit to Alvarez for beating a ring saavy journeyman in Gomez(Nothing more to it than that). I see what you’re getting at in you can only fight what’s realistically available to you(Especially as a prospect), and it’s easy to forget this guy is only 23 so it’ll be interesting to see what happens, but I’m not still not convinced until I can see him against more fighters his size, where his power disparity is lessened big time.

Watch Floyd Mayweather jr vs Saul Canelo Alvarez Stream here.

I give him credit for the Trout fight though, Trout is not a bad fighter by any means. I don’t blame him personally for taking the Mayweather fight either, it’s not up to him to understand he’s not ready, he should feel like he can beat anyone. I like Canelo as a fighter and hope he has a good future ahead of him, hopefully with some better footwork.

Right now, this is probably going to just be Mayweather doing his thing. If you enjoy watching him be a technician out there, by all means watch the fight. If you’re looking for him to get knocked out, good luck.

This first fight is pretty damn good. I might miss the Matthysse fight…I still have no clue who will win. I’mma say slight edge to Matthysse just because Garcia was leaving himself open a bit towards the end of the Zab Judah fight and you don’t want to do that against Matthysse with that power. Pretty sure they’ll fight again somewhere down the line regardless of the result.

I see Cano was taking lessons from Vorg Zangief. He straight tried to pull off a white fang, lol.

Sigh…not going to get into a debate Bc Im slightly tipsey and don’t want to kill my buzz so ill just say this; Floyd has also fought fighters past thier prime(Oscar) or not at all (see winky, ward, Bradley, pacman) hell, he fought Oscar when he was on the decline. Most ppl dont say shit about that though.

Granted I think Floyd would beat ward, pacman, winky etc but lets not pretend he isn’t an opportunist himself. He doesn’t want a “1” on his record…his fight selections show that. Now I’m a fan don’t misunderstand…but my point is dont say canelo isn’t fighting guys at thier prime…shit, that’s boxing nowadays. Dudes don’t want fight each other.

One more thing Shane is like a Bernard Hopkins …he just enjoys the sport. Gotta love him. Also he’s still in GREAT shape.

ishe…more like amish emirite

Ishe throws leather.

Mayweather better win cause I put money on Money

Can someone send me a pm with a link to the stream if they find one? Thanks in advance!

Same here please! :smiley:

I just posted a link Muh Buckas LOL!

This has been a awful fight.

more like an awful ref. :-/

I would like a link if someone has one, thank you!

He’s massively overrated and isn’t near as good as people hype him to be? Agreed!

Andre Ward would make Floyd look fucking stupid in the ring. He’s bigger, faster, smarter, and the only thing Floyd has is experience but Ward has actually cleaned out his division when guys were at their best. Andre Ward is one of two people in boxing right now who can legitimately be once in a lifetime talents.

yawn@this sloppy fight

Link me to the fight, please

For those that keep asking for a link.