The Batman: Brave and the Bold Thread. Season 2 has begun!

This new DC animated series is based on the ‘team-up’ comic book series, where various DC characters to team-up and go through adventures and such.
In fact, the series is more closely based on the original B&B series whereit would mostly have Batman team up with another DC character.

If Bruce Timm isn’t in charge of this, then more than likely, it will not steal any win off Wolverine’s sail.

lol@ guy gardner

do u know which robin its gonna be…dick or tim?

So it’s basically the Silver Age meets the Modern Age.

So they pretty much took everything that made the movies good and threw it in the garbage?

^…and yet Teen Titans wasn’t all that bad, the art style doesn’t seem so bad, it’s a nice treat that some character are drawn like their silver age look.

Bruce Timm doesn’t seem to be working on this, but that shouldn’t mean it won’t be entertaining.

@Debaser: Umm what’s the movie got to do with this show?

Looks like trash.

Bruce Timm = quality.

Bruce Timm not working on it = trash.

its a kids show…i thought that was obvious…of course its not gonna be movie based.

I respectfully disagree, my good sir.
Bruce Timm doesn’t have to work on a DC animated series for it to be good.

Nothing really. I just wish that DC would start marketing to an older fanbase with a more mature program instead of trying to win over the 5-13 age group with cookie cutter shows. This show feels like an animated version of the Adam West one without the spoofiness.

This won’t be better than Wolverine and the X-Men. Not even close.

EDIT - And yeah, it’s a kids show. So it will definitely suck compared to the Bruce Timm stuff. Spectacular Spider-Man set the standard for this generation. This show isn’t living up to that standard based on that trailer.

Yeah, it might have some cool characters that we like in the comics, but that’s not gonna mean it’s great.


i thought that was clearly the point. why do u think bats is…fuckin smiling?!

I see what you mean, I too wish they’d make an animated show for older demographs, it can do well.
Then again…an animated series for Logan should be for a mature audience than for kids, but hey you guys seem to like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey a lot of people thought that Spec. Spidey wouldn’t be interesting, but look how it turned out?
The same applies here, this whole negativity is just initial judgment, the show has potential to be entertaining, just give it a watch.

I’m also going to disagree with you here. I haven’t seen Spectacular Spider-Man yet, but Teen Titans is probably one of the better non-Bruce-Timm DC cartoons out there. Great fight sequences, lots of references to story arcs from the original Teen Titans comics, decent humor.

Teen Titans was crap, too. Yeah, a few references here and there is cool and all, but it didn’t draw me in like Justice League did. Same goes for Batman The Animated series or Superman TAS.

Spectacular Spider-Man was a cartoon that was done right and followed in the footsteps of Batman TAS while using Ultimate Spider-Man as it’s main resource for information. Teen Titans just tried to be something it wasn’t: Anime.

I thought Timm did work on Teen Titans?
IMDB states that he worked on the first 2 seasons only though.

Oh yes he does, name me one good, QUALITY, DC animated series without Bruce Timm.

That’s right, there’s none.

Teen Titans was good, despite its anime art it had some nice stories and character interaction.

Since we’re mentioning Timm, how was Superman: Doomsday? Heard it wasn’t all that good.

DC’s just doing a symbiote thing off of Batman or Superman. The last season of The Batman was basically Justice League Limited, and you might as well call Brave and the Bold “The Batman Season 5(6?)” Hence how legion couldn’t fly on it’s own without Superman being there.


This looks fucking awful