|| The Bang Shishigami || The Beginner's Guide to Manliness v1.2 for console!

Having never played GGAC, think you could explain this? So I’m pressing 6D, jumping during the recovery animation and immediately 623B? I’m definitely not getting this right. Love playing Bang, he’s a blast. And thanks for the great guide!

The tiger knee motion is still used though, unless I’m mistaken. I’ve been doing 62369B and getting the ground version. That’s how it’s supposed to work, right? And then it just cancels the jump into the ground punch.

Does he have any moves that can be dash cancelled? Trying to improve my ground pressure, but I always seem to wind up out of range of his throw/overheads.

Bang vs Arakune - the hardest matchup ive ever played in ANY game… Fuck that curse!

Sooo Day 2 playing bang and this has all been very informative. And now onto random findings.

First probably known but you can always get two seals (I don’t think you can go into the 4 seal at least I couldn’t on noel) without a counter hit you just do 2D,J.D asap. Easiest way Ive found to do this consistently is to do 2d and as it hits do u,d+D seems to work everytime. Best combo I could figure out with this against noel is

2D, J.D (land) 2B xx 623B, dash up, 2b,6c, dj.C xx poison shuriken. Does around 3700 damage and nets you two seals. (or you can do the first 2b xx 623B into the running super for like 4500)

I also found out that there is a better throw follow up, and its accomplished by rc’ing the GRAB portion of the grab, sure it still takes meter but basically you do B+C, RC, and then go into the combo listed above or whatever other combo you feel like doing. Pretty sweet. If this is already known I apologize but I didn’t see it before.

Also I tested against Noel and while it only does about 3200 damage if you want to do say 2b, 2c super on her all you have to do is do 2b,2c,6D and then jump cancel into the super. Pretty easy though the damage gets scaled but it will connect.

Finally random FurenKanzen note. You can actual jump cancel grounded D attacks into each themselves when you are activated, I found that out when messing with my double seal combo while activated. So like you do 2D, as it connects, d,u+2d and bang will do 2D canceled into 2D. I imagine it works for all of them. Also pretty cool, not that useful I imagine but cool.

It works like Viper’s jump cancels in SF4 (except it doesn’t require an SJ). 6239B is probably the easiest input, but you may have more luck with jumping first (i.e. 9623B). Try them both out and see what works for you.

5A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 9236D, 5B, 2B, 2C, 9236C, 623B

This uses a lot of nails, but its fun to do and its a reset after the 9236D with great mixup options

If you Bang users get any complaint mails after a win, PLEASE respond with “Talk to the hand, girlfriend!”

lol it’s rough, you got to burst early and never let him move. Autoguards and D nails are useful tools here to avoid and stop curses.

And if anyone complains to me after winning with Bang (and against a lot of these people online who don’t know how to block, I do win QUITE often), I’d be too busy laughing at them to respond more than likely. Somehow hasn’t happened yet (nor rage quitting).

im having some trouble linking the 623C into Fatal Eruption. every time i connect with 623C they are able to roll out before i can connect with Fatal Eruption.

at first i thought maybe i was just executing it to late, so i played a few player matches with easy combos on. i hit 623C and instantly hit Fatal eruption and they still had time to roll out. so i kno the problem isnt just me being slow.

any help here would be great. also any other ways to link into Fatal Eruption.

Im having trouble landing the 623b into auto combo super is there some kind of trick to it? They always tech before I hit them with the super.

lol dude i just asked that in the post above urs

I thought you were asking about his command throw rapid cancel into autocombo not the wall punch.

o ya ur right. i meant to ask the same thing as u but i wrote C when i meant B

Found out the hard way:

While in Ultra Gar Mode… Bang will dash out of his own throw if you don’t return the joystick to a neutral position, causing the opponent to drop to the ground receiving 0 damage. He disappears, reappears and instead of drop kicking the other player he’ll dash off in the direction you’re holding.

BTW, the correct term for making the 623B cancel is ‘Jump Install’, but because I hadn’t had much sleep when I posted, I called it a TK -.-

Not exactly, a Jump install was a guilty gear term in which you kept you did the same thing, but it granted you options during a super jump that you did not have as well.

im having A LOT of trouble with bang altogether. im getting pretty frustrated cuz i can easily beat my friends with Ragna no problem, but with bang i get owned every time. I started out with the attitude that i will main bang no matter how hard the matchups are, no matter how low tier he is, but now im starting to think its a lost cause. i just cant seem to get in close on my opponents, id say about 90% of the DMG i deal is due to properly timed D.

if any1 is feeling nice and wouldnt mind sparing for a while and teaching me anything u can i would REALLY appreciate it.

I’m sure there is a lot of crazy shit you can do out of this, but I’ve just been canceling the throw by dashing down, and then doing 5C into super.


dunno if its been posted yet elsewhere, but someone recorded Bangs theme. here ya go

Don’t forget about his 3C slide kick for characters that like to run away and throw shit at you, too. It’s only unsafe if they block it. Catch him stopping to drop a bell bug or something with the slide, and you’re right in their face with them on the ground. Not something to abuse, but not something to forget either.

What are people doing for a combo after landing something like 5A,5B string as an air hit? Often times I’ll either anti air with it or catch someone trying to jump out, and I’m not getting any damage for it.