|| The Bang Shishigami || The Beginner's Guide to Manliness v1.2 for console!

Now that we?re top tier (and on console :D), the amount of new Bang players may even quadruple! In order help those new to the character and compile CS information, we have the next version of the Bang guide!

Table of Contents:
I:Who is Bang Shishigami?
II: Should I play Bang?
III: Bang Terminology
IV: Bang’s moves and their general uses
V: Combos
VI: Pressure and Mixup
VII: FuuRinKaZan
VIII: Misc. Tips
IX: Links
X: Closing
XI: To do.

I:Who is Bang Shishigami?
Taken from the official site (CT character profile, no biggie)
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Birthday: January 1
Blood Type: B
Race: Human
Hobbies: Training, thinking of names for his special moves
Values: The 6-foot nail (memento of his master)
Likes: Justice
Dislikes: Evil

A real man, who never compromises in either his duty or his desires. He?s very impulsive, although whether that?s a good trait or a bad one is open to interpretation. As he a ninja, he takes good care of his henchmen and subordinates.

After losing their home in the Ikaruga Civil War, Bang and his clan of ninjas fled to Kagutsuchi to regroup and wait for a chance to restore their homeland to its former glory. While in Kagutsuchi, Bang decides to make his debut as a ?Vigilante of Justice?. When he learns that Ragna the Bloodedge has come to Kagutsuchi, he decides to bring the legendary criminal to justice!"

In CS, Bang is looking for Lord Tendo?s son and of course any opportunity to impress Litchi. It is confirmed he has a Nox, but it is not active.

II: Should I play Bang?
That is a question you need to answer yourself, I can only guide you there. First some pros and cons

A fast character with mobility to be found in his speed, 2 air dashes (or an airdash + double jump in the same jump), teleportation during his autoguard, dash bumpers, and FuuRinKaZan mode.
One of the best mixup games, with improvements to 2a (low) and 6b (overhead) as well as his throws, and all of his tools from CT! This supplements his pressure game, which he can do strings with multiple highs and lows, go into tick throws from lows, jump cancellable normals on block, deadly frame traps and even pressure resets! FuuRinKaZan mode can make pressure and mixup beyond any known American blocking!
Strong damage output! A bnb can do about 3-3.7k, or 3k if you want to use Bang’s wakeup game and combos into super for over 4k!
Above average HP (11500), and 6 guard primers (tied for 2nd most).
Some of the game’s best normals that are fast, safe, and have strong priority.
Manliest character in the game!

Trouble on the defensive ? situational Anti-airs that always don?t get the job done, guard points are improved but can still be unreliable, and needs 50% meter for anyone to consider respecting him on wakeup.
Despite his pressure game, will rarely guard crush, as in his moves that take guard primers shouldn?t be used on block.
Short range ? speed can compensate for this a bit, and lesser barrier pushback helps, but it is an obstacle nevertheless.

Essentially, if you like speedy mixup or pressure characters that can deal and take hits, Bang will be a solid choice for you.

III: Bang terminology:
Well first of all, do you know your Blazblue terminology? And the game system? If not please review here: http://dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7828

If you do, great! But read it again anyway!

Directions will be referred to with a number pad system. Imagine an arcade stick or dpad for a moment… the number pad:

So basically 5 represents a neutral position, 9 jump forward, 2 a crouch, 1 pressing back and down diagonally, etc.

A/B/C/D Nails - Bang’s air 236 A/B/C/D. The button used is referenced.
Bumper - Bang’s 214 A/B/C/D. Maybe used with A/B/C/D first to refer to specific ones.
Command grab (may refer to air or TK versions if said) - Bang’s 623C, a command grab!
FRKZ/Bang Install - FuuRinKaZan 6322146D with 4 symbols. Bang’s powerup super!
Autoguard - During Bang’s 5D, j.D, 2D, and 6D he has certain frames that have him automatically block certain attacks, and continue the move. The game will look like it paused for a moment with the opponent’s move striking Bang mid move.
DaiFunka ? Bang?s autocombo super. 2362314 C.
Umbrella ? Bang?s Nail Rain super. 632146 B.
Ashura ? Bang?s explosion super. 236236 D.

Even still, I will refer to most moves by their command!

IV: Bang’s moves and their general uses

http://dustloop.com/guides/bbcs/frameData/bang.html - table version

http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?8537-BB-CS-Bang-Shishigami-FRAMES - forum version, a bit less data but easier to read

The move?s command - Description
General uses and expectations for the move.

Bang tends to give his special and supers stupidly long names that don?t say much to us, so those will be left out of here?


5a ? Bang throws a quick left jab.
Great starting poke. Fast at 5 frames and good priority. Still starts pressure strings or combos. Can do some anti-air work. Will be a go to poke for sure, some people call this character 5a with Bang attached!

5b ? Bang throws a right straight.
Has range and damage over 5a, but starts up slower and prorates more. Also can do some AA work. Strong priority, and is a mere -1 on block. Which means frame traps. For newer players, don’t let that MINUS 1 fool you, this move is SAFE. So you can go into say a 5a right away. Spacing this combination is one of Bang’s mainstays of frame trap pressure.

5c ? Bang slams his hands on top of his opponent.
Overhead. Part of the mixup game. Leads to some good damage or you can further mixup with other moves. Forces crouch state. If hitting an airborne opponent, they rocket onto the floor. Air unblockable, and has some good active frames. Jump cancellable on block, but you should probably continue your mixup instead of resetting it at that point.

5d ? Bang?s gauntlets glow, then he lunges with an uppercut.
IMPORTANT - Now only autoguards mids and highs. Faster than CT. However, cannot jump cancel on block this or any other D move! Grants a seal on hit. Has longer range than 2d, but does less damage and has less overall autoguard.

6a ? Bang lifts his leg up then thrusts it low.
Hits low, but kinda slow. Doesn?t connect much outside of combos. I believe this is jump cancellable on block. 5c can gatling into this for safer high->low than 5c, 2c. (+1 vs. -2). But 2c is unreactable and forces a guess.

6b ? Bang does a flip forward connecting with his leg.
Overhead. Safer than CT, and you can follow up with 2a. More useful overall. 5c, 6b is a double overhead gatling!

6c ? Bang leaps forward with a high kick.
Doesn?t hit crouching. A combo filler move. Now hits all characters standing, even the likes of Taokaka and Carl! Takes off a guard primer.

6d ? Bang turns around and delivers a low kick.
Hits low. Now has full body autoguard? Takes a primer. Despite it still having the earliest autoguard of Bang?s moves, it?s still very slow and has small hitbox. With a lack of jump cancel on block, the move has become near useless. Grants a seal on hit.

2a ? Bang crouches down and gives a quick chop to a feet.
Another low. Much faster, and can be repeated once more quickly. Then you?ll need to take a small pause before another 2a. Barely any pushback on block also makes it safe to hit confirm your 5a combo with at the cost of some damage and turns it into a strong tick setup, despite it being -2 (see, minus is ok). Now a great move!

2b ? Bang thrusts his elbow forward.
An important move, because it is jump cancellable on block, yet is fast enough not to be reacted against in pressure, with some possible extreme exceptions . This will let us reset our pressure game as you?ll find out later. Also important because it is used for a variety of reasons in many combos, and it has a long reach for Bang. Not generally something to just throw out on its own though.

2c ? Bang does a sweep kick.
Hits low. Combo filler and potential frame trap with surprising -2 on block. After this move connects, otg is possible with 2b. May need to dash first depending the distance it connects.

2d ? Bang?s gauntlets glow as he crouches, then he uppercuts.
Still a useful move with improved speed and autoguard, but lacks range. Remember no longer jump cancellable on block. Combo timing for j.d without counter hit varies by character, as does the need for a super jump or regular jump . Grants a seal on hit. Autoguards highs and mids.

3c ? Bang does a slide kick ala Dictator, Claw, Dhalsim, etc.
Unsafe on block. On hit, can combo 2a to pop em up depending on distance. Takes a primer, and fatal counters. Use 2b to combo in such a case. Also used outside the corner for a free extra hit after an air throw (in the corner you can do oh so much more…).

j.a ? Bang throws a quick air punch. Can be repeated for a couple of punches switching hands.
Fast short range air poke, a way to potentially anti-air even. In a couple of re-launch air combos, and can start them.

j.b ? Bang kicks horizontally in the air.
Longer range air to air, used in air combos and a potential poke. Can go into an ground bread and butter if hitting a grounded opponent.

j.c ? Bang kicks downward.
Air to ground. Occasional air to air too. Will send an aerial opponent to the ground. Can go into an ground bread and butter if hitting a grounded opponent.

j.d ? Bang gathers energy into his hands and slams downward.
Autoguard properties. Used in some air combos as well. Downs opponent no matter where you hit them (air or ground). Halts aerial momentum. Grants a seal on hit.

j.4b ? Bang kicks behind him.
Bang?s old j.4c, basically j.c in the other direction. Crossup tool. Hits pull them towards you.

j. 4c ? Bang performs what looks like a 6c in the air.
Air to air and combo filler mainly. Jump cancellable on hit.

Throw (bc) - Bang grabs his opponent, disappearing before coming out with a drop kick.
Wallbounces. Bang?s throw has an upgrade in this, because by cancelling the recovery by throwing a b nail before you hit the ground so that the nail doesn?t come out, you can combo after this throw!

Air throw (j.bc) ? Bang grabs his opponent, then disappears before teleporting behind (infront if you input 4bc) with a kick.
Causes groundslide. Followups are now possible, though simple midscreen, you can do some of Bang’s strongest combos in the corner.

Special moves:

Guardpoint A/B/C ? When your D move autoguards an attack, pressing A, B, or C will have Bang teleport, then finish the attack.
Button pressed determines distance teleported, A being the shortest, C being the longest. Learn to know which to use, or even to teleport at all, depending on the situation.

623c ? Bang grabs the opponent, sending them upward delivering a few hits before kicking them downward.
Command throw. Part of your mixup game, as it cannot be broken outside of hit or blockstun. You retain aerial options (such as jumping, dashing, etc.). Rapid the last launching kick to get some combo follow ups.

j. 623c ? Bang grabs his opponent, kicking them up once, then downwards, followed by launching them in the air.
Aerial command grab. Catch predictable techs or jumps for some solid damage. Halts momentum if whiffed. Rapid before the launch (but after Bang gets to the ground) to go for combo follow ups.

623b ? Bang throws a punch with both arms engulfed in flame.
Wallbounces. Less recovery time and sends opponents higher, which make this more of a combo filler than ender! Takes a guard primer off. Fatal Counters.

j.623b ? Bang lunges forward once again throwing a punch with both arms engulfed in flame.
Similar to 623b. Game counts it as a different move for damage scaling purposes. Does slightly more damage. Used in some air combos, and can get some relaunches off of them.

j.236a/b/c/d ? Bang throws a nail from his supply of 12. The button pressed determines the nail.

A nails are thrown at a 30 degree angle and Bang retains his momentum. These nails poison on hit. They have a much better poison than CT, and can be worth using after a j.c depending on preference. Can be used to maintain distance from afar.

B nails are thrown at a 45 degree angle, and unlike in CT, Bang retains his momentum. These nails will bounce off the ground or whatever they hit and then make a small explosion. Covers space, though not as effective as d nails. Can use the momentum to change Bang?s positioning after a throw by inputting the move, but Bang will land lagless before he throws the nail.

C nails are thrown at a 60 degree angle and Bang stays in place. These nails upon hit will ensnare the opponent in a net. Not as effective with Bang?s combos generally having more D moves, unless you want to go for 3 and 4 seals as your average bnb.

D nails are 3 nails thrown at a time at all 30, 45, and 60 degree angles. They halt Bang in the air, and bounce off the ground. They are also fast to come out and recover. D nails have a ton of versatile uses, such as controlling space, keeping distance, providing cover, and even resetting pressure. As expected, they consume 3 nails from your stock instead of 12 unfortunately.

214a/b/c/d ? Bang lifts his arm up and places a bumper on screen.
A and B versions set bumper in front of you, C above you, D behind you. Jumping into a bumper then pressing a direction will cause you dash in that direction. Only one bumper of each version will be set at a time, setting a second say, A bumper will get rid of the old one, but setting a C bumper while an A bumper is out, will have both of them on screen. Not used much with Bang?s greater options, because they consume one nail each.

Distortion Drives:

2363214c ? Bang dashes forward, if he connects, will perform a damaging autocombo.
Very useful super. Carries opponent to the corner. Has invincibility on dash, but cannot go through bursts anymore due to the new burst system (you did read the mechanics guide right? If not shame on you, go back and read it). Damaging, perfect to end combos with after a 623b. Unsafe on block. Afterward, can do 5a,5b to set up for an air tech trap as well as some extra minor damage, more advanced stuff depends on what moves combo’d into it. Takes a primer off. Let’s Bang convert a majority of hits into 4k damage.

632146b ? Bang throws an umbrella above his opponent, causing many nails to rain from it.
Improved since CT, because the umbrella will NOT disappear once Bang gets hit. Still consumes all nails though, with more damage/hits depending on remaining nails. Good invincibility. Generally Bang?s other supers are more viable, but this has uses too. Try using it up close to bait DPs, even if it means a trade, you?ll get the free damage in that case or a chance to start pressure. IMO underrated.

236236d ? Bang goes into a powerup stance releasing tons of energy around him. On hit, the opponent will get sent up and 2 Bang?s will appear, attacking in an X formation, as the opponent drops down, Bang will pose like a Kamen Rider.
Bang?s new super. Unlike Daifunka, covers above him. This plus the invincibility can make this a reversal of choice. Forces opponents to respect you when pressuring or getting up or get hit. Safe on block (and usually whiff due to the area of effect) too. Takes a primer off.

632146d ? The game will pause, Bang?s special theme will play, and Bang will pose, powering up into FuuRinKaZan.
Bang becomes extremely fast, with his normal movement being changed into a special 8 way dash that can go through opponents. Most normals (I believe the exceptions are 6b and 3c) become cancellable into this dash, and you can cancel the dash at certain points with a throw or attack. In the air, you can dash 3 times at most before you fall to the ground. You cannot throw nails while dashing. Activating this move I believe will create frame advantage once more. Due to the fact that teachable time is determined by attacks, not time (you still didn?t read the mechanics guide?), you can activate mid combo and finish it with FuuRinKaZan. Cannot block due to dashing, but you CAN barrier block. Remember, you can now barrier after a burst?

Astral Heat:

j.6321463214d ? Bang will get the giant nail off of his back and stab. Connecting will cause Bang to go through many random old Japanese styled doorways on his way to drive the nail into his victim. Bang will then do his FuuRinKaZan victory pose (crossed arms posed with the letters on the side)?without wearing anything but a scarf and underwear.
No minimum height requirement allow this to be tk?d! Has lots of autoguard everywhere. And can combo off of a throw in the corner. Oh but it’s unblockable too :yaaay:. If you have the heat at the end of the match, go for it! You?ll be the hero at your arcade/tournament/gathering for sure!

V: Combos
Without training mode, practicing can be hard. Bang?s combos are generally easier to perform now on the other hand! They are longer and more damaging too!

After a j.c in some air combos, you can add 236a for little more damage and poison at the cost of sending your opponent to the ground. On Arakune and Tager, you can get some extra damage by adding j.623b at the end of the combo after dj.c.

Combos into 2363214c: You can combo afterward into 236236d if you have the meter to spare and it would finish them, otherwise get knockdown or throw in 5a or 5a 5b to start the tech trap game.

After a 623b, any combos involving 6c or 2b will require a bit of dashing forward. Depending on distance, same for after a 2c 2b.

Bang?s combo situation is fairly unique because he has different combos on standing and crouching foes. Please learn to hit confirm this, double 2a works really well after a 5a if you have trouble. j.C, j.b or j.4b can be done before these bnb combos if the opponent is standing.

I must now refer you now to our dedicated combo thread to learn combos.


VI: Pressure and mixup.
This is Bang?s specialty! First a list of moves with special hit properties to get you an idea.
2a ? low
6a ? low, jump cancellable on block.
2c ? low
6d - low
5c ? high, jump cancellable on block.
6b ? high
2b ? jump cancellable on block.
623c ? grab ? untechable.
4/5/6bc ? grab ? techable.

The usual pressure string is 5a 2a 2a 5b 2b 2369d. After 2369d you can do a short dash (your +8 on frames) and repeat. But with guard libra gone, and a limited amount of nails, we can, and you should do more. Now I?ll list the ?mixup properties? of said moves.

2a ? low, 5a gatlings into this. Can be repeated once really quickly. Then needs a brief pause before the next set of 2a. Barely any push back on this move. After this move, generally you?ll gatling to 5b or go for a grab of some kind.
6a ? low, jump cancellable on block. 5c gatlings into this. Can go to 2c or 623b afterward if not jumping.
2c ? low. Pretty safe on blocks for frame traps, but 5b is superior for that purpose alone. This combines mixup and frame trap. 5c and 2b gatling into this.
6d ? low. If this move came out during a blockstring, you messed up big time. Hope your opponent doesn?t punish.
5c ? high. 5a, 2a, 5b are most popular to set this up. Can go for after a 2369d pressure reset too. You can go for 2c or 6a for low mixup or 6b for the tricky double overhead.
6b ? high. Generally this will be used after 5c or one of the faster moves. It?s safer than before, but will end your pressure upon use.
2b ? jump cancellable on block. This is an important trait. After this you?ll generally go for: 2369d for an easy reset, j.c deep to possibly crossup, j.4b crossup (sometimes from an instant air dash).
623c ? grab ? untechable. Popular grab setups include 2369d, 5a, 2a, jc, or j.4b. If you get blocked air to air though close to the ground, when you guys land, you can go for a grab which can catch people off guard.
4/5/6bc ? grab ? techable. Same setups apply, just remember it is techable. Faster than the command grab though.
Remember not to do your grabs during hit or blockstun to avoid !! purple grabs. These will be teched by any competent offline player…

These are not used much anymore, and were a gimmick to begin with, especially since they take from the important nail supply. However, a well placed bumper can still lead to damage. Generally you?ll be placing them above your head or infront. Try to use your dash similar to a FuuRinKaZan dash to catch your opponent off guard with a mixup. You can go for a crossup j.c, a 2 or 3 or dash into a mixup or pressure, or a grab.

VII: FuuRinKaZan

For further reading, please go to http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?8940-BBCS-FRKZ-The-benefits-and-problems-of-using-in-blockstring.
632146d ? The game will pause, Bang?s special theme will play, and Bang will pose, powering up into FuuRinKaZan.
Bang becomes extremely fast, with his normal movement being changed into a special 8 way dash that can go through opponents. Most normals (I believe the exceptions are 6b and 3c) become cancellable into this dash, and you can cancel the dash at certain points with a throw or attack. In the air, you can dash 3 times at most before you fall to the ground. You no can throw nails while dashing. Activating this move I believe will create frame advantage once more. Due to the fact that techable time is determined by attacks, not time (you still didn?t read the mechanics guide?), you can activate mid combo and finish it with FuuRinKaZan. Cannot block due to dashing, but you CAN barrier block. Remember, you can now barrier after a burst?

FRKZ is generally only an option and not a requirement for Bang, but a powerful one that can screw with your opponents with unbelievable mixup and powerful combos.

Another option with this powerful technique is to abuse the speed of FRKZ to run out the clock when you have a life lead. Frowned upon by the average player due to “cowardly” nature.

You can combine FRKZs mixup with the ability to lame it out, to try to bait frustrated opponents into making mistakes, then punishing from nearly anywhere with a combo.

VIII: Misc. Tips

Do your best to learn to instant block. It builds meter and reduces one’s frame advantage by about -5. This lets you punish many more moves even potentially mid string, particularly with Bang’s 5a for attack speed, and supers for invincibility.

Be unpredictable, and even creative when you can. Bang is a rushdown character, following the same patterns every/most times will lead to you getting read and punished. But you can cause confusion, panic, and frustration when you manage to continuously break your opponent’s guard, which makes their mistakes more likely to happen. Creativity can be especially useful, because doing things no one sees before, means they’re figuring out what you’re doing, before they can even fathom how to stop you.

Similar to the above, Bang was blessed with many types of nails, bumpers, autoguards, invincibility frames, untechable throws, fast attacks and a super mode. When something important in your normal gameplan stops working, mix it up with something else. Better than trying the same thing 4 times in a row and getting stuffed.

Misc. Links:
http://dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7828 ? Once more, Blazblue CS mechanics and terms. Memorize it.
http://blazblue.co.nr ? Another community site, you can find some BB related things there that are not on dustloop.
http://Shoryuken.com ? The legendary fighting game site, Blazblue is minor there, though. It is also home to the boards for Evo2k, the US?s biggest fighting game tournament each year.
http://www40.atwiki.jp/blazblue/pages/204.html - Bang?s page at a jp. Wiki. Translation would be nice (or if you want a laugh, put it into your favorite translation site).
http://www14.atwiki.jp/sisigamibangu/ - specific Bang page. LOTS of great info…in moonspeak. Translators would be praised to the highest degree!

XI: Closing
Have to cut due to SRK post length. But…
You, the reader, for making it all worth it.

X: To Do
Suggest something for me.

Bang is top tier, this guide may lead to friend cancelling, rage quitting, and hate mail. I’m not responsible for any of these or any other negative impact Bang may have on your life, no matter how much you read this guide. For more info, please check around the Bang boards and the matchup threads.

the first character im going to use online


Yeah, he’s going to be my secondary.

@orochi: nice av! :tup:

Thanks, and gl to your development, Bang as a 2ndary can be quite harsh though! Also matchup thread posted (instead of work ^_^)

I’m not 100%, but I think i’ll be using either Bang or Litchi. Can’t wait to try this game out tomorrow :slight_smile:

His theme is so epic, I have to play him. :3

Hey guys you like Bang?

Hey I like Bang too

Bang Bang Bang

Bang Thread

Hmph, the lack of activity compared to other character threads is downright injustice. Thus, the guide is up! Hopefully it will give us something to talk about and help ya out!

Just saw his new “shit” from dora:
Opponent in the corner,
J.c cancels into “bumper dash” forward into another J.c (or just land and low after the 1st J.c)
which makes a mixup a-la accent core millia.

I didn’t wanna post in this thread until I actually got the game, but this thread needs my bump! :lovin:

ive seen him do something like that in FRKZ mode, but the opponent was in the air for the first j.C. The crosses them up and did a j.C when they landed. So sexy:lovin:

any thoughts on good bumper builds/bumper use in general?

like how many are good to have? how far apart should they be? are they too hard to get out? just a waste of nails etc.

i assume that they suck for some reason cause i never see any bang players use them except every once in awhile… but on paper they seem dope as hell.


def going to either be my main or alt!

Do bumpers stay out for of the duration of the round? Just watched a vid where Dora used them and they were still out when the round ended over a minute later.

yeah they stay out all round.


Whats the deal with 6D to 623B, for whatever reason I can’t get the 623B to come out, tips?

O, wait, TK…gotcha

I agree. I’m curious if there’s some untapped potential since I have never seen any vids of extensive bumper use. I’ve seen like maybe one vid where someone did a really good crossup with two of them, but that was it. Is there a limit to how many bumpers can be on the playfield?

You can have four bumpers at one time.

Not TK (though that does work, has more recovery), you want to jump cancel the move, then execute the move before you jump, cancelling your jump with the attack. The only thing I can related to it is Accent Core Slayer and Dizzy.

Yes you can have 4 bumpers out, one for each button.

Been trying Bang today. Definitely digging him. The sliding low kick is a beautiful thing. But all this talk about cancels and such makes my mind hurt. Scrub here.

Those 10 hit combos in some of those videos are so fun to watch. Wonder if I’ll ever be able to execute them.