The Bama Thread - "Everyday is Halloween"!


I want to say thanx to all the new and old players joining and supporting the scene.

Who’s planning on attending evo?
who signed up already?

Shouts out to Skeletal Minion , Zero , Lamar ,and ben for hosting whenever he tells ppl.

New tournament venue and gaming center opening this summer. Looking like july right now.

who’s going to the MS tourney?

Sup to coast I remember you from fall brawl.

Im taking MM’s from anyone in B’ham any fighter cept brawl, we play Mario Kart tho.

Sup to coast I remember you from the

I know its late, but to all those who went FR. I’m mad proud of you guys, good stuff.

ok wtf new thread (ONCE AGAIN).

Zero: Give me a time. You out for the summer rite? OMGIMCOMINGAT1!!

Isaac: I’m working 2 jobs now and my 2nd hasn’t picked up on hours yet (should be next week), but given I don’t have any sudden/unnecessary money issues between now and the end of June, I’ll be good for Evo. If not, I’ma just go rob a bank yo. Also, me and Doren checked on tickets not too long ago and they don’t look so hot. Perhaps with your gdlk airline exp (apparently), you can hunt for some tickets on the low low. Oh nvm you still probably have like 50k frequent flyers.

And uh, I’m going to MS tourney. Who driving?

Also shoutout to Isaac’s knee for allowing him not to go to Final Round. Oh yeah, and your boy LuckyStar raping niggas in that 23v23. Just got youtube’d. Watch that shit.

Well lemme go ahead and spit this fire for ya’ll real quick for you newbies: My name is Ben and I play Melty. You wanna play Melty? Get at me.

^wait there was another thread? ya well.

Anyway I do have mad frequent flyer miles ,but i’ll look for a group rate.

We need to reserve a room also.

gimme link to lucky star plz.

Looking like i will make a appearance somewhere. wes’ house being the flattest , it will be there.


Nigga goes inbetween C and F, destroys Hagi with F.

^Hawt. I don’t think H is that solid.

Committment and Determination. Learn from this guy’s example. Play until your body fails. OLOLOLOLOL!!!


oh yeh and this is how God views tornado’s. I swear they are like LASER BEAMS FROM THE SKY!!!


I’m out of school now so if any Huntsville area guys wanna get together and do something sometime, hit me up. I’ll be on Xbox Live almost everyday trying to strengthen up my SSF4 game, and I would really like to learn Melty as soon as I can get it running on my PS2.

Gaijin, would it be possible for us to meet up sometime this week so you could get FMCB working on my PS2?

And to Zero and Jesse, it isn’t looking like I can make it to Nashville this weekend. I’ve tried reasoning with my parents but they’re not listening *-_-

I’ll try and make it down to Bham sometime soon for a game night or something, though. Maybe in the next week or two.


^mixed thats wasup bro, hope you can make it down.

My trip to Game Galaxy may be totally fucked, guys.

ok just finished my college classes so i’m rdy to train in super. c deezy let me know when yall gonna play and just hit me up but i’m down for the TN tourney tho.

Zero hit me up on XBL sometime. i know you been seeing me online but that wasn’t me playing tho. too busy studying for finals and such.

i might be free next week Mixed

most of my time is being taken up finding a job now that the state of alabama deemed it safe for me to start driving again

Jeeze. I’ve been away so long, the old Bama thread got closed. So, how have all you fine folks been?

Yo guys,

I’m holding a tournament over in Oxford, MS at Ole Miss (it’s in Northwest MS), and I’d love to see some of you guys there!

Mississippi Madness – [May 29th, 2010] – SSFIV & T6

My finals are Tuesday. After that, I’m up for SSFIV whenever. I’ll add the rest of you guys on XBL when I get off work tonight.

My final is Monday morning…at 8 AM…too early for me to do anything if it’s not Formula 1 related.

For those who are looking to attend my tournament, please visit the thread and vote on whether you want SSF4 on PS3 or 360.

I don’t even know if I will be attending that, Vice, but if I were, I would vote for 360.

Huntsville reporting in, anyone wanna get a game night going up in huntsvegas?

Went through and added a bunch of people on XBL. Hopefully get a chance to play with yall soon.

We should chill soon, man. I live in Harvest and am always looking for some good offline sessions, especially in SSF4. You down to chill this week(end)?