The Bama Thread - ALT Costume 6

New thread new beginnings.

Good luck to all goin to evo

Everyone plz try and make it to the Dothan tourney June 30th

Big ups to all players ,old and new.

Yay! We made it to new thread status.

Let’s work on state unity and networking with the whole South. Get out of the house, go to tourneys, talk to people, play well, and come back having made a good name for you and your area.

Good luck everyone, rep Bama well.

No KOF at Dothan and I ain’t ready for Marvel tourney yet. I’m semi broke so I will not be attending. Good luck to EVO cats.

I hate that Bama has to be a big ass state. Only if it was smaller, we would have so many people at tourneys and for casuals. sighs
I lost most of mah Mojo in KOF so Marvel is basically priority right now. When my team molds right, I will be unbeatable. It’s already melting well so you already know what it is.

Guilty is getting back big. As much as I want to play two characters… it’s gonna be hard lol. Whatever, I’ll be good by August if I keep playing the way I am.
Basically how the shop has been this summer with everyone coming out to play.

I am only playing XIII and VF5 at the moment. GG will come back whenever tournament official EX mode version comes out.

I’ve been dodging the store alot lately because I need to put more effort into finding a job. Either that or I get called in to do shit that day. I guess I’ll play P4A but I question its lifespan with everything else we’ve played in the past. It’ll be aight though I believe.

Also, if you haven’t read the news about a month or two back, I’ve been given the OK to restream GODSGARDEN 6: a Melty-centric invitational. I’m probably going to have it in Atlanta unless there’s a place around B’ham I can lock down for about 24 hours. Putting this here for anyone who is interested or knows anyone/any place that can do this for me. If it is here, it would be nice to see some of your faces throughout the night.

Link to the Dothan tournament tomorrow?

I’ma just leave this here.

i forgot that this existed!!

What’s that? SRK?

GGs to all in Dothan today. Enjoyed the character variety, and glad I got to get in some Rose tourney matches finally.

Mobile Bay Area Fight Club is holding a casual meet and greet Saturday, August 11 at the Tillman’s Corner Community Center! Plans as of now is to have at least 3 tvs running all night with different games ranging from AE 2012, UMvC3 and SFxT to Tekken 6, SCV and KOF XIII. Festivities start at 6 pm. We’ll be taking suggestions on how to move forward with future events so be sure to come, meet your fellow fighting gamers, and help build a strong FGC in the Mobile area.

We’re taking a head count so please go to the event page, and let us know if you plan to attend (and like the page to show support:D ). Thanks.

Hear are so random what ifs for vega for sf4 remix.

1.chain combos.
2.Make his roll instant which can be in a combo. (Fuck that slow useless think about ass roll)
3.Airwall Dive should get a massive speed up, at least match up to ST Wall dive.
4.flip kick should knock opponent way higher in the air which can be combo with wall dive claw, or wall super.
4. rather then the slide kick having bounce to it, how about give his crouching fierce more priority?

That’s all I can think of now this are this off the top of my head.

New thread…nice. Anyway, pissed that Aquapazza got pushed back…AGAIN…so that fucks my whole month of July. I’m hella broke so I can’t do nothing, state trying to get $1,060 from me, military hasn’t sent me my basic housing allowance since April for school and their taking their sweet ass time with my paper work & money…yeah, I’m very agitated right now.

Guess I’ll continue playing AH3, VF5FS, SSFIV:AE, & pick up Persona 4 Ultimate when it comes out. It’s going to be a dull ass wait for me to get going again. Good luck to all of you that are going to EVO.

Isaac you’re a scrub in vf and there are literally multiple ppl that think you’re better than me for no known reason.

That being said we should play more.

Also fuck marvel

thats not guilty gear tho

Thinkin about doin monthlies on 28th of July.

Gimmie some feed back if too early . can’t make it, you wont be available until, etc…

this sounds good to me im talkin to paul

I’d prefer a different date because I’ll be going out of state that weekend

Well Wandles is apparently trying to run something in August(early). That July weekend I’m probably going Nagato Lair mobbing because nigga needs a place to stay near campus come august 18th.

Also, if you think Duo Lon is top tier now, you are wrong lol. I predicted MADKof giving Bala a hard time but to beat him in 2 sets like he did… just wow. :eek:


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