The ANTI Chie/Mitsuru thread #f*ckchie #f*ckmitsuru

The elephant in the P4U room. These are the two characters who annoy people the most in Japan and will do so even more here in the west.
They also won SBO 1st and 2nd place.
They have scrubby tools that are easy to use, and much harder to counter, but it’s still possible if you have proper knowledge and experience, hence this thread. Share your findings!
Some things to do against Chie’s meteors: (The general rule is to look for long invincibility, but other weird things may work as well)
Baiting and punishing Chie’s R-Action

Thanks to [S]@[/S]XiePlus for finding those vids and he can also answer various questions you have on twitter.


I hope Hell has a room filled with endless Chie 5DD’s for people who make hate threads against her.

I notice a lot of people (at high level) respect Mitsuru’s charging stab (not sure how it’s called or performed), the one where you can delay it. I can see not wanting to jump since at any moment she can release which will hit you out of the prejump frames but couldn’t you just R-action or all-out attack it?

I’ve been blowing through that move on reaction with S. Labrys R-action. Not sure what Chie can do against it but in the SBO finals Shuuto was using it a lot and Chie opponent just crouch blocked and waited to block it every time.


That meteor super is so hilariously braindead :lol: I have no idea why they would give a character that.

You mean #fuckshadowlabrys

I think Chie just has some patterns that are easy to recognize, it just tests people’s defense reactions. Is there vids of a good Chie on the East Coast? Since EC is a bit known for being good at Keep Away - Chie’s biggest fear.

It’s like Doom/Ammy team super.

Yeah except the game literally just gives it to you once you hit awakening. Since I play Aki he always knocks people far away after a combo so she gets free pressure after she hits awakening. I’ve literally just started not hitting her til I have enough meter to kill that bitch while she still as 40% or 50% health because fuck that shit.

realest shit you ever wrote lol

Hopefully I will get plenty of rage messages when I play Mitsuru online :slight_smile:

Oh yeah Shadow Labrys can just persona block (with D) all the meteors

Fuck Chie.
Fuck Elizabeth.
They both look so stupid.

Can’t hate on Mitsuru, though. That fur coat is sick.

Mitsuru is a miracle of the universe though.

It’s not a hate thread but a strategy thread…

Though I’ve yet to leave the lab in this game yet (aside from some offline casuals here and there and story mode) i’m happy to see a thread like this rather than the usual PLEASE PATCH/NEEDS NERF bs. LET’S STRATEGY YEAH!!

But Elizabeth is awesome! When you do an All-out attack (AB) on her she says shit like “Oh I’m spinning” and when you knock her down she gives zero fucks. She just stares at you…Hahaha

All of my hate is based off aesthetics. Play wise, I love both of the characters. Even though I can’t stand the smug look on Liz’s face, that is hilarious.

All of my hate is based off aesthetics. Play wise, I love both of the characters. Even though I can’t stand the smug look on Liz’s face, that is hilarious.

From watching videos, and reading the recent threads. It seems that this game has a lot of bullshit. I’m becoming somewhat interested in it.