The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2014)



looks excellent. wish rhino was just a buff dude in the skin tight suit, and not that idiot paul giamatti in battle armor, but whatever. i know it can be hard to bring comic book characters to life, especially the rhino since he is huge, like 7 feet plus and hundreds of pounds. so you either gotta go with a battlesuit, or change his story that he changes like the hulk, and use cgi to make that happen, but fans will have a hissy fit if you turn the rhino into hulk light. the best shot they had at bringing rhino to life was “the rock”, but his schedule is rough. im sure there are other tall, muscular actors that could do the minimum needed to play rhino, but whatever.

it just sucks that a character as beast as rhino has to be toned down to an ugly chubby man in a battle armor suit. :confused:

trailer was still bomb regardless, and most of the budget definitely went to electro. jamie foxx is pretty fucking ugly as electro, but it looks like the movie is gonna be a lot of fun.

Those lips on Electro

I’m glad the original suit is back. :tup:

I’m not. Because the mask looks odd. Like too comical. I like the original suit they had. It had a more natural look to it. Even Raimi’s suit looked better because the eyes were not as huge and white plus Tobey had a bigger frame.

Don’t get me wrong, the OG suit is CLASSIC but still nothing with a fresh of breath air. Like Ock’s suit in Superior.

Kinda like the suit coz it looks similar to the mcfarlane version.

That harry osborne reminds me of spider-man 3 emo parker though. Bleh.

Man this trailer…soo much easter eggs!

So are there 3 villains? Electro, Rhino, and a Goblin?
Last Spider-man where they had more then 1 villain, it didn’t turn out so well.

I hope they can pull it off.

This looks nice, they are doing a good job of really making Spider-Man…well Spider-Man. And I’m not sure if Harry will actually be the “Goblin” in this movie, probably in the next one, this seems to foreshadow. I just wanna see a movie with Carnage, Scorpion, and a better Venom.

The suit from ASM1 was a near perfect redesign (minus the glowing web shooters). Spideys design has always been too top heavy with the color distribution the redesign was ace :tup:. But then again im that spider-fan who thinks he should have kept the black symbiote design forever (black cat had made him a replica out of cloth). That shit is sleeeeeek and perfect. Oh well maybe one day

saw a vulture easter egg lol…oscorpe following the cartoon spidey??

As someone who actually enjoyed the first movie, I am looking forward to this.

lol! I was listen to JM’s Tightrope when I saw this, I was like “Damn, this fits together a little too well”.

The black suit was sexy. And having Spidey wear that while teaming up with Black Cat is one of the best couples hands down. The Agent Venom suit isn’t too shabby either.

Looks promising. I just don’t like how anyone looks though. Seriously, EVERYONE in Webb’s Spidey movies look off. Peter is some skater dude, Harry is too emo Peter, Green Goblin looks like New Goblin, Electro is like Ultimate Electro but weird (seriously, what’s with the lighting bolt veins?), and why is Rhino in a robot suit? New suit is like the classic suit (thank goodness, the first suit was terrible), but the eyes should be smaller and less white. Raimi’s suit was perfect.

And am I the only one who thinks the naming of these movies is a missed opportunity? Amazing Spider-Man 2 is so lazy and predictable. They should’ve changed the adjective for each film (make this one like Spectacular Spider-Man or something). Yes, they are different comic books, but still, it’s way better than just calling it Amazing Spider-Man 2.

However, I’ve wanted to see Rhino and Electro in a movie for a long time so I want it to be good.

Rhino has a mechanical suit in the ultimate universe but has the body type to support it. The trailer makes it look like a robotnik contraption of some sort but I guess it works.

Hope for the 3rd movie they go into Gwen’s death and mention how Green Goblin gave Gwen the dick so good she got pregnant.

Well then . . . . I think I can get into this

Looks shit.