The Alternative Fighting Games Thread

Post here about any obscure but oh so great fighters that you have come across.

This can be anything from flash to fully polished, published fighting games, both 2d and 3d.
Recently I found a game called Vanguard Princess, a gorgeous (and i don’yt mean pretty for a homebrew gorgeous, we’re talkin megan’ fox fused with monroe like itgirl status gorgeous.)

Linklink for Video Get!
Visually speaking, It’s very moe-like and high res, very cutesy, like a cross between melty and arcana heart. I features an all female cast and is sort of like a cross between street fighter, kof, DOA, and a “Guilty Gear light”; being that it has kof-like team elements, an sf based system (more kinda like st or four, hardly any air combo bs), guilty gear like wackiness and damage scaling (everyone also has crazy hp to boot), and DOA-ish moe female sexualizing.

Yes I do realize people have talked about this game before. however this is a thread to discuss alt fighters in general, not just the ultra cutesy, “Oh-god-yer-an effin-otaku” inducing V.P.

The Last Blade 2 is awesome.


Its this game by SNK. But it DOESNT suck actually, because its all dark and samurai-esque. And you can fucking hit people with your sword, and the sound effects are awesome and theres a shitload of blood. Its like Samurai Shodown but its cool.

Go play it, its on GGPO now.

Last Blade 2 is awesome. Been playing it for 8 years now, on dreamcast and arcades. Highly recommended!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!


Its cool because it has bananas. Every character can do fun things, both on offense and defense!

ggpo and 2df are calling your name!

been there and I have jjknb/ jjba. Challenge me and my somewhat scrubby jotaro/mr. muda.

I would post something else, but unfortunately much of what id like to talk about is already taken.
Iamp looks interesting.


I mention this game all the time, tobal 2. Its one of the best games no has played. Never saw a US release and only released in japan. part 1 was released in the states but its much slower with different normals.

this game was designed by a dream factory team that no longer is together. The leader of the project was also working on VF ekken and this game bares a resemblance to both.

The throw system in this game is probably the best system of grappling any game has tried to use EVER.

8 way run like soul calibur.
8 way jump.
One of the first 3d games to use jframes.

I could go on about this game. One of the coolest features about this game is the attack lay out design. The game consists of 5 buttons, high, mid, low, jump, guard. If you want to attack mid, you simply hit mid+directions to create different mid attacks and so forth. No need to memorize your high\mid\lows like in games today. Its very intuitive and you can pick it up and start playing immediately with HUGE amounts of engine mechanics to take advantage of.

Somehow I got hold of Tobal 2 I was a kid. I believe it was given to me by a radio DJ (sister’s ex) who would get all sorts of promotional items. We also had Tekken and Soul Blade at the time, so those got all of the playtime from friends and family?but when 2am rolled around and everyone fell asleep, I would rock the shit out of Tobal No.2’s Quest Mode.

Rock on. \m/

Edit: Now that I look at the Videos, I think it might have just been Tobal No.1. Now I’ve gotta gotta get a copy of No.2!

Actually that one does suck, Last Blade 2 is ridiculously broke. It is really pretty though, but not very good for competitive play. I think it has the biggest “banned for tournament play” list ever lol.

For good SNK games though, one of my favourite picks would be Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. Although I agree with some of its detractors in that it chose a bad way to balance stuff (removing some move), it’s a great game with lots of viable characters that finally got the lineshift system right, and a really different experience from other fighting game sagas.

Oh and of course I can’t forget about Karnov’s Revenge, a game a lot of people dismiss because it looks like a ridiculous SF clone, and while that might be partially true because it started as just another SF clone, Revenge keeps the old school feel (good untechable throws, no supers, good zoning) and mixes it with some great “new school” shit with its unique combo system and a weak point system that, far from beng just a gimmick, adds a lot of strategy to the game combined with the ability to stand or crouch mid-hitstun/blockstun.

The game is relatively well balanced (Karnov doesn’t own the game like some people wrongly believe) too with a pretty varied top tier:

Zoning/rush: Ray
Turtling/zoning: Jean
All out rushdown: Lee, Zazie
Mixup rushdown: Karnov

More people should try it against good players, its a really great game that I’m sure a lot of OG SF players and new players alike would love if they give it a chance.

Haven’t played 2, only one, enjoyed it nonetheless. Is the Offensive Orgy still in there?

Dang who super rep’d me? I went from 3 blips to 3/4ths full in a day. WOW.

Last Blade 2 is SNK’s best game in terms of overall presentation and gameplay imo. Unfortunately like someone said it has a lot of issues and is pretty broken/silly, especially as you get to high levels. Still a good game though.

Marstorius ftw man. DUBBEL GERMAN!

Clayfighter: SC is at the top of the list for me. Would have been tourney viable if Icky Bad Clay wasn’t so damn broken.

IaMP is fine until you try to play it, upon which people quit because it’s too hard.

whatever i used to think that about most games, especially sf.
so if iamp is a challenge a step up from that whatever.

EDIT: Well here’s another DF game called Kakuto Chojin… Like Tobal 2 it’s surprisingly well animated (unlike certain 3d fighters, which can be a bit jerky.)

Mind Arms

goddamn i love this game so much, the inputs are simplistic and easy and the in-game system is pretty damn complex because of the Mind Debt and Mind Percentage. it plays much like MvC2 with the whole get-that-bitch-in-the-air-and-combo-the-shit-out-of-him style.

its a tad hard to learn thanks to all the moonspeak, but its a damn blast.

Also; Urban Reign for the Ps2. 4 person 3d fighter that is just fucking magnificent and i dont know a soul who plays it

Buy a month of premium and find out.

I second JoJo’s Bizarre Adv. It’s this game by Capcom, but it DOESNT suck actually, because its all dark and cartoon-esque. And you can fucking hit people with your shadow, and the sound effects are awesome and theres a shitload of blood. Its like Darkstalkers but its cool.

chill dude, I’m just playing.

My two cents:
Advanced VG 2 is basically Real Bout(aka Fatal Fury) minus multi lanes, but with only girls. That latter detail killed the series, but considering the gameplay aspect, the game is fukken fantastic.

Another game is Ehrgeiz. I never saw Ehrgeiz in its very short competitive prime, but to me, that game is pretty solid, the high-mid-low game is pretty clear.

i played Advanced VG 2…for certain reasons

Shit I did it for pron I ain’t gonna lie
check VGNeo, for quality beyond words. I think one of the chicks actually bend her thigh over her spine in one of the scenes, lol jpn.

Speaking of that side of the line, though, best perv fighting game is probably Metal and Lace 2, very much like a mix of CVS2 and AOF.

Oh, and uh… I forgot the 3D DBZ games. Pretty solid although they’re mostly same character repackaged into 110 roster.