The Akuma Combo thread

Let’s get it all here instead of in the general thread. If we get good setups I’ll post it here too. Just tag me otherwise I may not see it.

Akuma’s almost anime in that he’s more about routes than just combos.

Basically -> cr.lp, st.lp
Counterhit lights ->, and can go into V Skill punch forces standing and can go into V Skill punch and kick (the Launcher)

Main links ->
CH ->
cr.hp ->, (including the target combo) ->

I’ll do a better explanation and tree tomorrow, but he has actual interesting combo mechanics for once

fuck yes, cant wait

This is everything I found as of 12:31am 12/21/2016 :

Normals and Specials

Note : frame data is just a guess since I dont have access to it. Moves were tested against a 3f light to determine if they were safe or not, so that part is probably correct.

Lights are safe
CR MP and CR MK are safe (-2?)
ST HK safe (-2)
EX Normal and Red Fireball safe (+1)
f HP safe (-2)
Demon Palm (+1?)
Divekick safe at low hit

ST MP : -4
ST MK : -3
ST HP : negative
CR HP : negative
b ST HP : negative
CR HK : negative
Normal and Red Fireball unsafe (-4)
Tatsu : negative
DP : negative
Divekick unsafe at high hit


Anti Airs, Air to Airs, and Followups

anti air : b ST HP xx Red Fireball / Demon Palm
air to air : j MP
optional anti air : (parry xx HK > delay >) M DP
optional air to air :

Defensive Options

VReversal : 3k (knockback, fdash)
Reversal : EX DP > ST HK (cc)
Armor : no
3f : ST LP
VSkill : xx HP (spaced) / xx HK xx Demon Pal (close)

Basic Combos

L Tatsu > DP

Light : CR LK > ST LP xx L DP / Tatsu / CA
Medium : CR MP > ST MK xx L DP / Tatsu / CA
Crush 1 : ST HP xx ST HP xx VT > Fdash > EX DP (VT needed midscreen)
Crush 2 : HK > Crush 1

Additional Combo Starters

List all ground starters
*LP > *LP
*LP > *LK
f ST HP > *LP
f ST HP > *LK

Frame Traps and Followups

j mk > ST HP



Trap 1 : *LP > ST MK xx Fireball
Trap 2 : ST MP > ST LP xx Fireball / EX Tatsu
Trap 3 : *LP > CR MP ( > ST MK ) xx Tatsu (hitconfirm if really close)
Trap 4 : CR MP > *LP/*LK xx Fireball / EX Tatsu

Knockdowns and Meaties

Sweep : Fdash > ST LP
Anti Air : walk > ST HP / throw
Air to Air : nothing
Optional Anti Air : walk > throw / CR MP > ST MK
Optional Air to Air : nothing
Crush 1 : walk throw / CR MP both cases
Crush 2 : same as Crush 1

L DP :
M DP :
H DP :
Demon Palm :
L Tatsu : Fdash > delay > anything
M Tatsu : walk > anything
H Tatsu : Fdash > throw / ST MP / CR MP / ST MK
EX Tatsu : none
Fireball : none
EX Fireball : none
Red Fireball : Fdash > Fdash > CR MP
EX Red Fireball : Fdash > Fdash > delay > CR MP


List Buttons : Spacing : Conversions
ST MK > Fireball
ST MK > L/EX Red Fireball
ST MP > Fireball
CR MP > Fireball


Properties overview
DP and Fireball cannot use EX
DP double damage, depletes VTrigger
allows demon, depletes VTrigger
double air fireballs, depletes VTrigger
double damage ground fireballs, depletes VTrigger
Combo 1 : Crush 1 / Crush 2
Combo 2 : CR MP > ST MK xx VT > ST MK > L Tatsu xx DP

waiting patiently for it bro. Akuma seems weird, like playing molasses.

Akuma has the best combo design of any SF character because there are meaningful choices to be made. You basically want to get the opponent standing. His best way here is to start a combo with cr.hp or combo into If he confirmed into, he has a choice, to go into the Launcher or LK Tatsu. Note that a longer string that involves 3 moves may push you out of Launcher range. If he did not go into but forced standing he will just be going into LK Tatsu.

Your decision tree is thus


Landed relatively close

Damage: Launcher -> walk up HP DP
Oki: Launcher xx DF Palm
V Gauge: Launcher -> VSkill Palm Thrust

Sideswap Oki: Launcher xx LK Tatsu (whiffs) -> HK Tatsu
Sideswap Damage: Launcher xx LK Tatsu (whiffs) -> HP DP

1 bar Damage: MK Tatsu -> EX DP
1 bar Oki: LK Tatsu -> EX DF Slide
1 bar Sideswap: Launcher -> LK Tatsu (whiff) -> EX DP

CA: Launcher -> walk forward HP DP (2 hits) xx CA

Now, if you don’t land relatively close, it is possible to either be out of range for the 3 hit HP DP followup after a Launcher walk forward and thus need to go into DF Palm to maximize damage or have the Launcher whiff entirely! In that case or if you’re comboing out of a different cancelable button let’s look at the LK Tatsu combos; note that if you start the combo close enough you can actually go into MK Tatsu -> EX DP for damage, but that requires you to either be using or only have 1 hit against a standing opponent.

LK Tatsu

Damage: HP DP
Oki: Sweep or HK Tatsu (we’re not sure on the frame data yet but I think sweep gives you slightly more advantage in exchange for slightly less damage)
Air Reset: (in range for a throw!)

1 bar Damage: EX DP
1 bar Oki: EX DF Slide (as above)



Meterless: Launcher -> HP DP
Air Reset: LK Tatsu ->

1 bar: EX Tatsu -> HP DP
2 bar: Launcher xx DF EX Fireball -> EX DP
CA: MP DP (1 hit) xx CA -> LP DP

As to how to get that hit? Well here’s some solid strings to get you started! Akuma also has the best interesting strings of just about any character! I’ve sorted them by the frame gaps

3f -> st.lp -> (just go into a special if the hits)
cr.hp -> xx Hadoken (if the cr.hp is blocked then the Hadoken only combos on CH. Not a true blockstring but safe) -> -> (this one is super important. Basically if the second hits you need to confirm if they were standing or crouching. If they were crouching you can continue into If they were standing and you got a CH you can go into xx LK Tatsu. If the second is blocked you can do cr.hp which will whiff punish lights but lose to faster medium buttons)

cr.lp -> -> -> (needs a CH here) ->

5f -> ->

Delete me

*** ANTI-AIR ***
b+HP xx hcb+HP

*** CROSS-UP ***

Use j.LK and j.MK to start cross-up combos

*** COMBOS ***

cr.LK, cr/s.LP xx LP DP - 127/253
cr/s.LP, cr/s.LP xx qcb+MK - 89/173
cr/s.LP, s.LP xx LP DP - 137/253
cr/s.LP, cr/s.LP xx qcb+LK, HP DP - 181/302 - [whiffs on crouching opponents]

s.MP, s.LP xx qcb+MK - 119/203
s.MP xx MP+MK > P - 123/190
s.MP, s.LP xx qcb+LK, LP DP - 197/332 - [whiffs on crouching opponents]

cr.MP/HP, s.MK xx qcb+LK, HP DP - 238/310 - 258/409
cr.MP/HP, s.MK xx qcb+LK, hcf+KK > qcb+K - 262/446 - 282/496
cr.MP/HP, s.MK xx MP+MK > K xx hcf+KK > qcb+K - 266/448 - 286/498
cr.MP/HP, s.MK xx MP+MK > K xx hcf+KK > K, EX DP - 292/458 - 312/508
cr.MP/HP, s.MK xx qcb+MK, EX DP - 282/426 - 302/476

cr.MP/HP, s.MK xx HP+HK, s.MK xx qcb+LK, qcf+P, HP DP - 326/475 - 346/525

CORNER cr.MP/HP. s.MK xx qcb+KK, EX DP - 322/450 - 342/500

cr.MK can be cancelled into specials or v-skill
b+HP can be cancelled into specials or v-skill

f+HP, cr/s.LP xx qcb+MK - 119/203
f+HP, cr/s.LP xx qcb+LK, HP DP - 211/332 - [whiffs on crouching opponents]

s.HP > HP - 134/222

s.HK whiffs on croushing opponents

s.HK, s.LP xx qcb+LK, HP DP - 231/352
s.HK > HK, s.MP/MK xx qcb+LK, HP DP - 280/409
s.HK > HK can combo into any s.MK combo

*** DIZZY ***

j.HP, s.HK > HK, s.MK xx qcb+LK, HP DP - 289
j.HP, s.HK > HK, s.MK xx qcb+MK, EX DP - 315


COUNTER HIT cr/s.LP can combo into cr.MP or s.MK combos
COUNTER HIT s.MP can combo into s.MK combos
COUNTER HIT cr.MP can combo into itself
COUNTER HIT cr/s.MK can combo into s.MK


cr.HP, s.MK xx qcb+MK, EX DP - 318/506
cr.HP, s.MK xx qcb+MK, EX DP xx HP+HK, HP DP - 341/481
s.HK, cr.HP, s.MK xx qcb+MK, EX DP - 361/563
s.HK, cr.HP, s.MK xx HP+HK, s.MK xx qcb+LK, qcf+P, HP DP - 385/588

*** CRITICAL ART (qcf qcf+p) ***

cr.MP/HP, s.MK xx qcb+LK, LP DP xx CA - 416/359 - 436/409
CRUSH COUNTER s.HK, cr.HP, s.MK xx HP+HK, s.MK xx qcb+LK, HP DP xx CA - 465/459

found these, i don’t know if they are optimized or not but they are just for starters


2mp->2mp, 5mk pushes Chun Li to far away to combo Laucher.

2mp->2mp, 5mk xx tatsu, dp seems to work.
Can also do 5mk xx lk/mk df ->p for a dirty reset.

Yeah, going into LK Tatsu after 3 mediums is the way to go. As a rule of thumb I prefer oki when given the choice so I like Launcher to DF Palm on close confirms and either sweep or HK Tatsu off of LK Tatsu

When you can’t combo into Launcher to DF Palm, you get better oki from MK tatsu (2 hits). (e.g, from 2 lights, F+HP, far mediums).
Here’s some more meaties, these all meaty both normal and back recovery if available:

MK tatsu (2 hits):
	Midscreen: slight walk forward > F+HP
	Corner: (whiff) cr.LP > (whiff) cr.MP > cr.HP

	Corner:(whiff) cr.LP > cr.HP
	Counter: Dash > Dash > (whiff) st.MP > cr.HP

MP DP xx CA > LP DP (corner):
	(whiff) cr.MP > cr.HP 

Demon Flip > Throw
	Corner: cr.HP

jHP crMP stMK vskillMK DMflip Palm -> dash forward crHP bHP EX demonflip tatsu = 1061 stun

The dash forward crHP will work against both back tech and normal recovery and will crush 3f jabs.

Made a CV:

st.HK xx HK > cr.HK is something i use when st.MK is too far to link. you can get a counter on normals by immediately doing a MK Tatsu after the sweep but i haven’t been able to do much after that.

F.HP can be VT cancelled. Leads to full combos. IE, F.HP Cr.Hp XX

Dece. How strong is his oki?


Someone probably has noted this already, but akuma has a combo that is 4 heavy punch variations ( 5 in the corner).

j.HP-c.HP-s.HP->s.HP(target combo)-f.HP ground slam(only in corner)

I just thought it was cool that he had a 5 hit combo of all HP variations.

NICE! (But it leaves out BHP)

He can also combo 3 heavies midscreen:

Cr.hp CC>dash>BHP xx heavy blue or red fireball.

I didn’t know that cr.hp linked into st.hp. That’s NICE!

One vortex setup, I think there’s a way to corpse hop on knock down with tatsu. Also keep in mind, ex srk upon v trigger cancel causes hard knockdown.