The 3S:OE update has come

How I feel upon hearing this information…

fuck making gill default banned

Of course it happens when I’ve got things to do.

Oh xbox has to wait. Score.

Netcode is better but i wish then when ur done playing someone it didnt take u to that menu, i can get like 20 games on ggpo pc in the time i get about 5 on OE ps3 :frowning:

I actually thought it was never going to come (serious). I have mixed feelings about it mainly since we waited since 2011 for it. I know it’s not the IG guys fault, I even talked to David Lang in person about it and he said they sent it to Capcom a long time ago.

At least it’s here though, I’ll buy xbl when the patch rolls around onto the xbox.

Maybe I’ll hop on psn later and give it a try

also what on earth is this

I’ve played for about an hour and have gotten a stable game with no rollbacks up to 200 ping. Other things that i noticed are a color indicator which distinguishes your character during mirror matches and urien 2p reflector ccolor fix

Gill is default banned!!!

Need more reviews. Keep them coming for PSN!

Is there a list of the patch notes available for the update…?



@Dander. What hours are the Super Watson Arcade open until?

@Sanchez. Mando-cabron, “Sanchez es grande-est blanco-est hombre I ever seen in my life!” que paso amigo?!

Til 3

ugh i know

i turned on the console for the first time in months just to see what was up. “matchmaking options” is a new option under the multiplayer section containing delay setting, filters, etc. unless the two random people i ran into in test matches were in canada, setting it to same region allows canadians to play americans, and thank god. setting the ping limit is weird because the ping that actually shows up in ranked matches will be overshot, sometimes significantly. so i guess the filter is basing it on the ping that gets determined before it shows up for the players. netcode seemed smoother than before (despite a high ping estimate on these matches) but its hard to make conclusions because i never knew what the pings were before this patch. in either case, even the best matches on ggpo are unplayable for me compared to the two i tried today. a delay of 1 in oe is much more responsive than a delay of 1 in ggpo, but obviously the latter is largely hardware dependent. super bars are clearly longer, aegis is blue. didnt get to try disabling stun or anything else

thats all i had time for so netcode impressions could be anomalies

Just had 2 games in and i already feel the difference.

The fact that I saw Elena’s EX overhead was enough evidence.
Played a game with WickedElement. Before, we had really skippy games but now I was able to see his movements really well. Felt arcade-ish and I even whiffed punished him!!

Don’t know about input delay though because I am just testing it on a pad. It would be a true bummer if there was input delay since OE is known for its smooth movements. That is the sole reason why I play on OE. Can someone test this?

The pings do seem incorrect. I should have a 30ms vs my local guys but they showed up as 150+

There was an explanation about the new matchmaking filters back on the patch notes page of the blog.

After trying to find the paramaters you chose for your match with the ping and region you specified ahead of the search, if it doesn’t find anyone it will still try to find players of any region/ping and connect you.

So that could be it. How long it searches before giving up and making it a free for all - find anybody search, isn’t known. Maybe we can ask them and then know exactly how long that window is.

Like checking once doesn’t sound good and intuitive. Like you don’t want to check ping just once but a few times to have a better idea of your ping to your opponent.

For people on PSN, Does the game only check ping once?

I’m on xbox and switched on 3soe but everything seemed the same

XBL patch isn’t released yet. A week or two of waiting left.