That's why I'm a super soldier. Combos/Resets!

Cap is BUFF in ultimate. Not only do his combos do huge damage (800k+ without too much difficulty) but he also has a great opportunity for resets because of his double jump and ability to combo off his grabs.

I’ll post my basic bnb combo here for now and I’ll update this one (more than I did the other one LOL) over time! Don’t have the time to do all these threads perfectly today.

I’m gonna write the combos ignoring everything that happens before the initial launch if it’s a combo like that - I’ll write out some hitconfirms off shield slashes and things like that later as well)

My day 1 bnb (easy mode - should be able to do this online too)
S j.uH xx l shield slash j.uHS l shield slash (dash up) S j.MMH j.MdHS l shield slash xx hyper charging star (mash)
Damage: lots. ranges from about 750k-810k depending on what you do before the start. I actually like to end this combo (for consistency sake) with just a simple j.MMHdHS rather than double jump - sometimes I’ll do MMH wait double jump air throw to get something else going at the end.

Don’t forget to mash!

Some other combos

Forgetting to mash but my bonbons has been

L M crH xx Hss, H xx Hss, j M dH xx Lss , S, sj M, H, S land Lss super or assist

Right now I’m trying to find an assist where I can dash forward L charging star x2 super

Without mashing its 650000 ish

Wait. . . what was wrong with the other thread? lol

Good combo off Sent drones is
Sent drones hit, c.L M c.H xx H SS, j.H xx M SS, L CS, S j.MHdHS, L SS xx HCS

Does around 720k, and much easier to do than the regular LMHS j.H xx L SS while drones are hitting.

Good job.:3

The other threads would have new players going through “?” pages of information that doesn’t apply any longer.

ported from the other thread…

CaptAmerica/RocketRaccoon/Sentinel…the foot soldier, the heavy artillery, the air raid (kinda, haha)

unfortunately, i don’t have video, but i got this combo to work. 1,033,000 damage, starts with 1 meter, builds 1.5 meters (so realistically, starts with .5 meters), works on standing sentinel and probably standing nemesis, opponent in corner.

j.S, rejump, j.A, j.B, j.C, j.S, land, S, sj.B, sj.B, sj.C, sj.d+C, sj.S, flying screen, call out Rocket Raccoon Pendulum, otg L Shield Slash, (wallbounce), S, sj.B, sj.B, sj.C, sj.d+C, sj.S, flying screen, land, call out Sentinel Drones, tiger knee (or jumping) L Shield Slash, dash forward a bit, L Charging Star, (drones begin to hit), L Charging Star, H Charging Star, wait, Hyper Charging Star (mash) xx Rock N Roll (mash)

i haven’t experimented with Mad Hopper instead of Rock N Roll yet, but i’m pretty sure raccoon can get some additional damage post Mad Hopper and break the 1.1 million mark, and maybe build another .5 meter. keep in mind, i’m not even doing cap’s best combos yet, so i’m betting even crazier shit is possible.


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saw this on the weekend roundup. isn’t this gimpy’s bnb?

not quite - he messaged me and said he took the same concept and managed to break 1 million - but i want to break a million with a single bar myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it’s closer to ken’s combo i think though

I found a nice corner combo with Nova’s centurion rush assist:

cr.L, st.M, cr.H, S, j.MMHdHS, Nova assist, L SS, st.H, S, j.MMHdHS, L SS, Hyper Charging Star

It does around 725-760k if memory serves me right. Not bad for using one meter. It’s probably close to being self sufficient too. I call the Nova assist as soon as I land, then immediately do the light shield slash. As Nova is prepping the move, Cap picks the guy up, then Nova ground bounces him. Pretty fun combo! Also, the initial fly combo has to be done almost as soon as Cap jumps, in order to hit the air S. Doing Final Justice after the Nova wall bounce gives you around 900k damage.

lol thats my bnb now. I’m using centurian rush now because of the easy unblockables. . . .and that combo works wonders lol.

I want to be able to do cap’s corner loop from vanilla which i could never do.
<vanilla combo>
S. j.MHdH (wait) j.LdH (land) l.cs, l.cs xx (super) or (land) assist, l.cs, S sj, j.MMHS (land) otg assist, l,cs xx super

tips on geting the air part ? j.MHdH (wait) j.LdH

and are there any combo’s/setups that can end in a air throw reset ala wesker?

That is all, back to lurking I go.

Its for vanilla but all the information still applies. . . .

i’m working on a cute little combo using the same concept as that wait corner vanilla combo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

for some reason i never watched your part 1 when you first released them so missed that. but is that the secret? delay the Sjump if it hits the chest you are golden? I really want to get this down so will practice it super hard in Ultimate. also did his standard BnB change ever so slightly with the different H kicks and SS used when in the air or is this a byproduct of the overall decrease in hitstun.

The Smash player?

I’ve been using the combo in the OP as my BnB, but obviously it doesn’t work in the corner, so I developed this quick and simple combo:

:m::h::s: sjc j.[:m::m: djub :m::s:], land, OTG :l: shield slash, dash forward, :s: sjc j.[:m::m::h::d:+:h::s:], land, OTG :l: shield slash xx Hyper Charging Star (mash). Does ~740k.

djub = double jump up back, in case that wasn’t clear. I’ve tried M H djub M S and other variations, but the only one that really seems to work is M M djub M S for some reason. Then again, I was testing on Wolverine; it might be character dependent (Wolverine is kinda small). I decided to just play it safe and use M M djub M S.