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What’s the most damaging practical combo you should do? When I’m trying to do big damage with poison, it seems poke into her whip of love rekka just doesn’t do that much damage.

. . . .really the GD thread is right there…with all the info you could want…and combo thread progressively getting bigger. . .

no but seriously…she doesn’t do alot of damage…you have to burn meter for a 1 frame link or even worse rely on jump ins if your not at a corner…and even then you still need meter for longer 1 frame loops…>_>’

you don’t play Poison for damage o_O

Yea, Poison isn’t a big damage dealer. That said, for quick short damage, just doing j.:hp:, cr.:hp: xx :hp: Aeolus Edge/:hp: Rekkas does roughly 250-300 damage, but yea, Poison’s more a lock down, zoning type

If Meter isn’t an issue, you can do a poke into EX Rekkas, after the fourth hit, just link cr.:mk: into Super… uses up your entire meter, but you get about 466 damage I believe

Poison teaches us fundamentals over flash :slight_smile:

yeah but she can be stylish too~ like anytime her EX rekka is involved lolz~

Been having this problem where even though I input the rekka once she does it twice? I can clearly see the inputs in training mode and it shows qcb+p once and even if I don’t piano the punches it still comes out. I’ve noticed most of the time it happens if the timing feels a little off but it happens to me far too frequently, especially against blocking opponents >:( I keep eating punishes because of this.

Did you even try to read the data thread?
its “Highly” likely your inputting another :p: during 1-8 frames after the first rekka…this advances the rekka to the 2nd stage…so in short…stop mashing.

Exactly when am I supposed to Cr. F to AA? It’s like I gotta wait to the very last moment otherwise I’m just getting Ch and eating damage

its tough…personally its character specific for me…like against King i can freely do it…but say against Ken or Ryu I have to resort in using :mk: Kiss by a Goddess or other defensive moves like :ub: :hp: or backdash to avoid dumb stuff like crossup tatsu’s or dealing with their safe jump set ups…

I think its more to it then just a simple answer of…your doing something wrong or your not using the right AA…Right now Im holding gatherings at my friends house and we are getting used to the wicked set ups and stuff we seen at Super NCR and are trying learn ways around them or likewise apply them to our game. Learning what anti-air’s works best for you is what is going to work most of the time…

as for the actual timing, it depends on your opponents jump…the arc, the timing of the attack all factor in “when” you do it…there is no general set time in when your suppose to do the AA, you actually have to “see” it…like with crossups or anything else…you have to “see” it before you can react to it. makes sense right?

If its a deep jump in, then you do it later if you want the counter hit, earlier just to AA them. If the jump in attack is high/close to the apex, then doing the AA early will beat it…also its spacing depended too so thats another factor, then dealing with tricky stuff like cross up tatus, your going to need to use other methods…however nothing will do you any good if you can’t see them coming.

Like with VesperArcade said, if you know your ranges then you eliminate the possible things they can do to you…after a knockdown, if they are close they have alot of options…like crossups, fake cross ups, empty jumps, etc. however if they are far from you…those options are limited to maybe a cross up tatsu…so you can deduce the possibility by the range they are at. by doing this, it can help you see what is going to happen and lets you plan accordingly…

I know this didn’t exactly answer your question Combo_Knight but i hope it helped…even slightly

I’m sorry, you misunderstood me. I am inputting the motion once and pressing punch a single time yet the 2nd stage is coming out. Thought it was a stick problem but it happened on both of my TEs so I thought I’d see if anyone else was having this problem.

could be negative edge

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most people have a problem with getting the move out in generally (getting it with consistence) others have asked for short cuts( normal WoL do have a just frame short cut), I Though your problem was ur mashing on :p: and your getting the second rep through the just frame. if thats not it…then it’s a execution error on your end…no one else have had that problem >_>

That did a good job, I appreciate it.

Decided to drop Akuma for Poison, and something has been frustrating me.
I’m sorry if this has already been posted in another thread, but since this is a Q&A Thread I thought I’d check here first, so my question is:
Is there any way to plink kicks? When I plink the backflip comes out all the time, and I’ve seen my input and it’s a correct plink. Does her BnB’s not use kicks? Or does she get enough frame advantage from like a cr.jab that I can just double tap or even single tap?

Her only BnB link that uses kicks is cr LP to cr MK. Its 2-3 frames, so you probably wont even need to plink, but if you want to, you could plink LP+MK

What can poison use to tag into the other character other than cross rush? I’m using Lili.

Look in the combo/synergy thread >_>’

Alright, since I can’t find a matchup thread, I’ll ask here. What are Poison’s tools or her general gameplan against characters like Vega (claw) and Rolento?

I find it really hard to get in their face. Am I simply overlooking some normals that are godlike in those specific matchups? They feel so short-ranged. At least her backflip is godlike against Vega’s wall dives, but Rolento?