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The thanos vid does show some nice resets and ways to extend combos… but its mostly a fun vid. I’ve got better variants for most of that stuff now. Hopefully soon I can release a low tier vid showing full options for hulk, thanos, and i’ve added sabertooth to the menu also. Should be done in a couple weeks.

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Thats some nice stuff…

Rivals my Thanos lol. Instead of hk grabbing after crossup, I like to quickly do bubble infinite or just go for reset combo. Corner: cr.lp, (ahh, you know the combo) after the charge, knee down into space super. I like that hk grab into RubyHeart capture. Im gonna add that to my team, cause I play Hayato/RubyHeart/Thanos. Now I got some more hilarious combos to work on, thanks MadT that shit is legit. Its nice to see another Thanos player around, thats refreshing.

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This was my 1 year or so into intense thanos study vid. All of that crap is either on lockdown now or replaced with better stuff. Got a lot more resets and stuff now… I avoided using the inf much until the last few months where I’ve now got it to the point of catch em in it… inf to build a meter… use that meter which can easily combo back into bubble inf if you know how… in a couple different ways actually.

Also found some rejump stuff… 25 hit combos with no inf or super involved… 100+ hit combos otherwise… so much 100% shit… and I never use the lame old powa, powa… or powa, soul… just a waste… lol New vid is in the works.

ALL my shit uses simple setups that actually work. I play thanos like 30 matches a day online… and he rapes rapes rapes. Only slightly better with hulk now than I am thanos.

Rivals your thanos? Wait til you see the next vid. I’d take mine vs anyone’s thanos low tier team…lol Cept maybe seawang… …beats sticking thanos on his anak team is cheating…hehe

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Yeah, my Thanos is pretty solid and I have some cool stuff as well. I only made a couple of combo vids on Youtube cause Ive been busy with other stuff, but I’ll be making some more hopefully later this month. Some shit with Anak/Storm/Thanos pretty cool combos and DHC’s. With Thanos, like to cr.lp,,cr.hp, power DHC to Storm hail. You can adup for aerial combo xx lightning sword. Im trying cr.lp,,,cr.hp, power DHC to lighting sword. Thats badass, cause Storm can do several things while the ball is connecting. I dont think the DHC is a combo string, but I’ll work on it. Or you can hail after ball, then try a another hail. Theres nice stuff with Thanos, plus a surrounding cast.

most of my ground combos end with powa then put you in the bubble… and either inf or powa again followed by laucher to aircombo… your probably dead at that point but if not got a few resets to go for.

I don’t ever DHC thanos out unless I want him to go out. He’s got so many other options out of powa setups. Different setups allow for different things… but the absolute best setup is rollage… but rare for people to consistantly roll…,, xx powa… best setup ever.

but you need standing setup’s also… there are several good ones…in the corner the best being, xSJCx, sj.titancrush (lp version)… standing lp… (its a link) then onto wtver…

I normally go for the rollable setup tho… as I’ve done it to people over and over again… in match after match… and had them only successfully roll it like 20% of the time.

The only reason I DHC out is to get free (and meaty) damage with Storm hail. I rarely have Thanos at point, cause hes most likely going up against swifter feet opponents. I dont know who you play and whats their level of skill, but the scrubs where I play arent really scrubs. Theyve perfected unique fighting styles, in which falling asleep against them can cause you the match. I have him 2nd or last for chip tactics or suprising mixups. A lot of the stuff I practice on in training rarely comes out at the arcades cause theres just to much damn crazy shit all over the screen. But I have most of the stuff you have with him, we just may have different styles in executing it thats all. Im working on the bubble off-screen capture, it seems that in the corner when you, and wait a sec then throw bubble, the edge of the bubble leaving will capture them. I dont know if thats some sort of g-break but I’ll investigate lol. I try it with the corner air combo with shoulder charge and wait til they get up, it may have the same unblockable props as Sentinel laser. I dont know…

I start thanos on point… he’s plenty swift and has solid movement options for just about any situation. Thanos is a lot of keeping you are arms length while blasting your assists and trying to trick you into the bubble.

Throw the bubble a LOT with thanos on point. Like a serous lot. It builds meter ok… but if you do fp xx bubble it builds a lot faster and takes only 1 extra frame if your fast enough.

I can’t explain a lot of how point thanos plays… cept to state… stay off the ground to keep your opp off balance. Lots of sj.titan crushes… can get around pretty well. If cable keeps jumping backward and calling mando… repeated titan crushes w/out coming down will actually catch up with cable and if you time it right will outpace mando… letting you drop in free and clear a moment later. if your standing on the ground and not blocking… your probably throwing a bubble or POWAing and assist.

Never do n.jump titan crush…

Live on the knee drop…

Don’t waste your meter with double powa or powa xx soul… unless it’s for a kill…

Don’t DHC thanos out unless he needs to come out. No reason to. I can tack on more dmg using normal strings to extend a combo than DHCing to storm. Both in the corner or midscreen. Believe it.

Know what characters the bubble inf works on midscreen. Most people don’t know it… but you can do that inf midscreen to almost 1/2 the cast… it works in the corner on all but like 2 characters.

Know how to combo stuff and connect assists AFTER powa connects. Again… different setups work for different things… not talking DHC’s… that’s a waste. Talking powa connects… thanos smacks em again… causes hit stun to connect more attacks/assists (preferably bubble.) Finding all the setups and proper connections took a couple hundred hours in training mode… but it’s worth it. Took a bit longer even… to be able to use the stuff right.

Dude, I know all of that stuff…
I dont play Thanos at point, thats it and I do just fine. Most Cable players are pretty sneeky and they will bait you with that whole titan crush deal, I wouldnt advise that strategy. Plus, they can pushblock to keep you in those frames and quickly do ahvb (I believe so). Rather against Cable, it would be best to not even have Thanos vs Cable cause Cable has a bit more speed and can really catch Thanos in one of his moves like charge or crush. If you do, you should whore assist with powerball to chip away at Cable. Like I said, youre advice where I play would not work at all, and they would beat Thanos pretty easy. Because you have to consider the opponent and their assist as well. Instead you have to work mixup in and keep the opponent off balance with supers and assist combinations. He isnt fast enough to keep the pressure on his opponents, and he isnt nimble enough to evade a lot of typical mixups like startups. I think you kinda are playing people where you dont have too much to worry about, you even said you play like a gazillion scrubs in one day online. Play people where I play, and you’ll realize that you cant just sit back and throw bubbles and titancrush the whole match, they’ll get around that fairly easy.

OMG you haven’t heard a word. Idc… your gone.

In case anyone is wondering sj.titan crush is your best friend against cable. You do it as a proactive reaction… not a pattern… and it works pretty well if your not retarded. Thanos is plenty fast and has great pressure options. It’s due to thanos recovering form powa before the super stops hitting… and recovering from bubble very quickly. And having a 1/2 screen fp that easily cancels into several instant startup moves…

Anyone with any real questions about anything going on in this vid feel free…

That video was amazing.

tyvm but the next one will be sooo much better :slight_smile:

adding more hits/dmg to the non-super combo portions and often comboing or resetting into bubble and/or bubble inf.

I’m learning to play thanos, and man I know u r the man when talking about this char, so I came here to watch ur vid, but I can’t seems to be 4 VIP access, is there any way that I could watch it?? Also the threat u posted here was deleted… So sad.

Honestly the vid isn’t that great… it does show some thanos little known bnbs, some resets, and some fun stuff to do with different assists… but overall I made this vid when I had discovered some things… not so much when I had mastered what to do with those things. If you want a quick run down on some good stuff with thanos…

corner stuff…

anything xx powa, pause, xx lp titan crush… falling OTG lk (unrollable b/c of flyscreen), link powa, sj. magic series ending in fp…

You can vary this in a lot of ways… does crazy damage even if you skip the 2nd powa and relaunch instead. Screw linking a soul after powa if your in the corner… pointless… costs meter… less dmg. If you have 2 meters… screw linking soul… hit with 2 powas. You can also replace the 2nd powa with a reality super as well… for way more hits/dmg but the timing is slightly harder. The key is that after a sj.titan crush in the corner… you can always OTG for free and then connect a super or more combo after. Play with this… and you don’t need to see all the combos in the vid… you’ll find them.

Thanos can also link stuff after the 2nd titan crush in the corner. Mostly air normals. This lets you reset people on the way down and he has a HP throw setup at the end… so it basically goes… anything xx powa, pause, xx lp titan crush… falling OTG lk, relaunch or powa, sj. series ending in lp titan crush, link fallking lk, mk on the way down. This resets them and you can hp grab them on the ground during their first recovered frame.

Speaking of which in the corner… after a hp throw thanos can combo OTG after… you can do launch into some of the stuff I have been talking about… or after the throw you can do titan crush xx super (any) with reality being the most dmg (tons).

Corner is also free bubble infinite on anyone cept bbhood or doom if the bubble lands.

midscreen stuff…

You have a lot of options… the best combo is generally rollable though…, xx powa…

Here are things that can come after the powa in that setup…

1.) cr.hp (launcher) into wtver air combos stuff
2.) link soul (bah sux)
3.) pause, link reality (awesome)
4. pause, link bubble (awesome) -> then wtver…

Midscreen stuff that isn’t rollable looks a lot more bnb to be honest. Psy assist can help b/c anything ending in +psy… you can cancel the to bubble and then continue. A lot of times… midscreen… if I think my opp will tech roll the first setup I’ll go for the thanos divekick reset… outlined below…

anything -> cr.hp luancher, xx divekick (you cross below) at this point you have several options…

1.) on most characters you could try to cr.hp relaunch again as they fall
2.) on some characters they will fall lower and recover literally on the ground in front of you(after you divekick under)… for these guys you can do back+hk launcher but since they are on the ground it just hits em back and you can cancel to bubble… and go strait into bubble infinite if it works midscreen on that char… some other bnb otherwise.
3.) after the divekick crosses under you can also on most all characters do instant back+hk throw… which with some assists will combo and you can keep it going… like with ironman… here’s what I often do… cr.hp launch, sj. lk xx divekick under, call IM AAA + backthrow with hk, (they bounce on ironman AAA), hit em with a bubble as they are falling…continue however… other example assists that combo after that throw are collosus AAA, ken/ryu AAA, ruby capture, and a bunch of others I can’t think of atm.
4.) POWA… yes there are some characters that recover much faster from the divekick reset… generally still in the air and to high to try and relaunch. Characters like this (often storm) will try to airdash back immediately after the reset to avoid dealing with stuff. If you just powa strait away after the reset… it’s safe if they block… and eats their attempt to air dash away (or hit any other button) if they try.

There’s to much stuff to add but I’ll throw out a bit more…

POWA is really good and safe on block at any distance. You also recover faster on block than they do… often giving you a free high/low/throw mixup after. It’s also godlike to punish assists if you have a good AAA. If your AAA hits both their point and their assist… or hits their assist while they point is high and far away… you can just keep chucking powas til the assist dies. Their point will be stuck blocking it all.

Double snap…
Thanos has double snap setups but they normally use an assist to help. Example… call a proj assist while snapping both their point and assist… their point goes out… their assist gets hit by the projectile as they fall from the snap… soon as you recover do reality… which will hit both close and far… and throw the assist up into the air (in addition to dealing good dmg). At this point you can just use titan crush to keep juggling the assist to death. Works corner or midscreen…

As far as thanos as an assist goes… check out this thread… it’s not all thanos as assist… but there are tons… and it shows probably the best ways to use it. Lots of these are for low tier… but work just as well with gods…

Those show you some great ways to use thanos bubble for max effect as an assist. Without a doubt the best thing is that anytime you as thanos hit with a bubble you can hard tag for free and it will combo. You can easily setup anything from Ironman infinite to ROM off that (as well as all the low tier examples in that thread.)

In my opinion ALL the best thanos teams can take advantage of this and that means you need a character with a super that gives crazy y-boost when it’s DHC’d from. This lets you do stuff like rogue -> goodnight sugah DHC before the last hit to thanos powa (which whiffs and thanos recovers while they still high up), make them fall into lk bubble then hardtag to wtver (I go back to rogue and do dashing launch+call thanos assist then sj. and knock em back down into the assist, dive kick into them, and go back into another good night sugah combo for 100%).

I trash soul in most combo situations… mostly b/c people love to link it after POWA instead of all the wonderful things they could be doing… but soul is really good. Basically you can do it on reaction to a lot of stuff… aka sent flying… magnus doing a hypergrav, doom doing pink shit, storm shooting typhoons, ect. It IS a throw so if it hits anything else on the screen can’t touch you till it’s over. You can also use it to extend shit. Another rogue example (anything -> soul… let it hit 4 or 5 times then DHC to rogue good night sugah which whiffs as they fall, then unrollable OTG into whatever.) Lastly the healing may be minor but is still an important factor. It gives 9% life to thanos when mashed… so if you can hit with it 3 times in a match (not always easy) it’s nearly another third of a character you get back (assuming you had red life to heal.) Not pointless for sure.

I’ll toss on a few tricks vs gods also…

sent-> soul his ass if he want to fly and stomp. Actually sent can’t fly vs you. Even without soul you can just stay full screen and do sj.hp xx titan crush and if his ass wants to be flying… he has to be below you. That wont work out to well when you cancel the crush to divekick right after. It’s not a ton of dmg but it shuts down his bread n butta positioning which is hugh. Combine this with a nasty AAA and his ass is grounded. You can also soul on reaction to hsf and punish rockpunch or spit with reality on block. If you leave an assist standing and he’s gonna hsf loop them… sj.out before the first drones… use your ghetto air dash (lp titan crush) and come down in a free overhead hk into combo.

cable-> Punish pretty much anything he does standing with reality supers. Anything he does normal jumping… you can soul super on reaction. Granted good cables rarely do anything on the ground and don’t normal jump to often… … but it helps. They do n.jump grenades once in awhile from full screen b/c it feels safe… but don’t expect them to do it more than once if punished for it. Try… and you die.

storm-> she can’t build meter like normal b/c you can just soul her outta those floating normals. He ground projectile xx hail can be soul’d on reaction to the projectile. Titan crush eats a lot of her air normals that she normally thinks are uneatable. Honestly DON’T let this bitch get the life lead on thanos… if she does she can run away almost forever. You have no airthrow and your ghetto air dash wont chase her down when she has a fast as hell 8 way REAL air dash.

magnus -> use jump back hp a lot like mega man would. be prepared to take some risks and most certainly have a really good AAA with you. If you have meters it’s not so bad. A good AAA will keep him off you… and you can freely cover the assist with safe powa’s if you know the ranges… but your blowing valuable meter the whole time. Honestly against good magnetos you are normally facing msp and will be way better off finding your way to hitting psyloche with 3 x powa and kissing her good bye. magnus becomes much easier to deal with by then. To be honest though I don’t like starting thanos vs magnus at ALL. If you have to… try to space things so you can make him run into or tri-jump into a bubble. Lets face it… he is so fast that if he goes for one of those at the same time you shoot the bubble… and the spacing is right… he can’t even stop himself from going into it. Still… he’ll rape your face off if he box jumps over the bubble… so calling AAA while doing it might be wise :slight_smile:

Omg this is so fucking long…lol

Last thing I’ll add is get use to doing sj.titan crush… a LOT. It’s really safe… you can do or sj.hp and then cancel into the crush. The crush recovers really fast in super jump state and you can knee dive after… then cancel the knee into crush again. Basically you can get around fast… avoid stuff… yada… but you have to get used to the timing to really use it like an air dash. Also NEVER do n.jump titan crush since you cant block til you recover.

The knee dive itself… is a REALLY good an fast trijump… but you can’t combo off it without using an assist. Still even combining it with a simple AAA hit can give you instant overhead into 25% so not bad.

Honestly there is sooo much more. I feel compelled to post this stuff since I have been playing much more rarely recently and have actively realized I’m forgetting shit that I never even showed anyone…lol

Pff this is a lot man!! What an answer!! And the last part about “I have been playing much more rarely recently and have actively realized I’m forgetting shit that I never even showed anyone… lol” This is hilarious man!! Gotta learn all this stuff, u even posted things I was gonna ask before I did it…, u made a complete guide on how to be a beast when playing thanos, the one thing I find weird is the link u posted, cause it just directs me to “the general strategy” section, I don’t know if this is exactly what u suggest me to check, but anyway… I owe u this one!! Ask me if I can do something for 4, thanks a lot

I Think it’s the low tier whiff DHC 100% combos thread.

thats the one

Thanks u bout. It was a lot easier to look for it by name, I underrated thanos a lot!!! A single bubble combo can lead into a dead char with help of the right chars, again I say: Let know If there is something that i can do 4 u, thanks again.

If you play Thanos with rogue then after any powerball in the corner, you can follow it up with sj Lk, spear, falling Hk, land, call Rogue just before standing jab, … bubble as they go across screen, j.Hk, lk, mk, Hk, Powerball.
and IIRC Rogue can call Bubble assist, Hp throw and it combos - but only on sentinel.

You can snag airthrow into the bubble on anyone tho… the best way is to call thanos assist… then wave dash… you get REAAAALLY good options this way.
->If they do something dumb you can just combo into the bubble and go for a 100% off a GNS combo… using the previously referenced techs…

->If they turtle up in response to you dashing at them just trijump using her HK… combo the bubble… yada yada OR cross them up and let the bubble stick them from behind… (2 options in one)

->If they try to n.jump back (the most common response to rogue pressure b/c of her leet dive kickness) you just airthrow and toss em into the bubble.

Against most characters you need to get decently out ahead of the bubble to airthrow them down into it… but that’s not really a bad thing since the bubble will also help cover your ass and erase your mistakes.

To be honest I really wish a VDO, vegetax, ect… level rogue player would pick up thanos assist. I tend to 100% people off just about any random hit that leads to GNS… and my rogue is several levels below theirs. I feel like rogue is mid tier or maybe upper mid… but with thanos assist she literally jumps into the top 10 (or at least as a point character… her assists can be questionable).