Texas Showdown 5 Results

MvC2(76 people)
1st Justin Wong
2nd Sanford Kelly
3rd Joe Reyna
4th Jummpeee
5th X
5th Issac Graham
7th Combofiend
7th Magneto-X

CvS2(70 people)
1st Kindevu
2nd Ricky Ortiz
3rd Combofiend
4th Buktooth
5th BAS
5th Otaku
7th Justin Wong
7th Arturo Sanchez

3S(80 people)
1st Justin Wong
2nd Ricky Ortiz
3rd Fubarduck
4th Hsien
5th Kindevu
5th Alex Yoon
7th Combofiend
7th Jason Cole

Reload(70 people)
1st Kindevu
2nd BAS
3rd Marneto
4th Alex Perales
5th Ruin
5th Combofiend
7th Vigorous
7th R0B0T

CFJ(25 people)
1st Otaku
2nd Kindevu
3rd Ricky Ortiz
4th BAS
5th Sanford Kelly
5th Nestor

Super Turbo(29 people)
1st Cole
2nd Justin Wong
3rd David Sirlin
4th Jesse Cardenas
5th Flash Gordon
5th David Spence

Alpha 3(25 people)
1st Kindevu
2nd BAS
3rd Ricky Ortiz

Tekken 5(68 people)
1st JOP
2nd Ricky Ortiz
3rd Julian

Garou(6 people!)
1st Justin Wong
2nd Arturo Sanchez
3rd The Answer

Kof2k2(9 people!)
1st The Beast
2nd Justin Wong
3rd The Answer

Street Fighter Anniversary Edition(19 people)
1st Jumpsuit Jesse
2nd Buktooth
3rd DarksydePhil

SBO US Representatives
3rd Strike
Team WC - Pyrolee and Frankie3S(3-0)
Team SW - Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz(3-0)

hell yeah, can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Still no results yet, all tournaments still going on.

Can’t wait for the results as everyone else is eager and waiting for them as well. Take care.


Where are the results? What time is in in texas btw?

Right now it’s 2:41.

Southwest SBO 3S qualifiers results (9 teams competed):
1st Mike Jones (Urien) and Ryan “Fubarduck” Harvey (Chun Li) [Austin]
2nd Harvey “lled78” Chang (Urien) and Khang “ghengiskhang” Le (Alex) [Houston]
3rd Mike Lai (Yun) and Jaime (Ken) [Austin]

Garou: Mark of the Wolves
1st Justin Wong

KoF 2002 Finals:
Justin Wong vs One of the K-force dudes

Anniversary Collection (I only remembered a few finalists)
Buktooth was in finals
Jumpsuit Jesse in semifinals or so in losers
Afrocole in semifinals or so in losers

Team tournaments for MvC2 and CvS2 were still going on. Team #R was nonexistant. Tekken 5 was still goign on. Vampire Savior was cancelled. SBO CFJ and CFJ tourney hasn’t started.

gg at wong winning garou

Damn, Noc and I should have gone. Are the Garou matches going to be on the DVD?

some post match play by play would be helpful with Garou and KOF2002 matches

How tha FUCK!?

Jwong won garou!!

Cloudken: “OSCAR WHAT DA FUCK!!!”

yeah, took the words right outta my mouth, Ic3.

by the way…“One of the K-force dudes” = The Answer…dignify his defeat at least please…

Btw congrats justin :clap:

when i head to ny, gotta play you sometime.



~Born to Play~

Here are some random results. Javi will put the complete ones up on the T5 site.


1st. K-force
2nd. Empire

(plus they beat empire in team KOF for $50.00)

As you know with mark of the wolves Empire got first, top 4 actually. Jeron and Arturo.

Team Marvel,
1st. Empire (1 man team. Team originally was Santhrax, Justin, and Ricky; but we wanted it to be fair so we took Justin and Ricky off the team and left Santhrax to play alone. Santhrax got 33-0 (12 teams played.)

1st. JOP
2nd. Empire (ricky)

Team CVS2 is on right now, I don’t know who is going to win this but I tell you this, Nestor beat Japan two full games. Final four teams are
Empire Black
Empire White
Buktooth, Nestor, and unknown.

I’m tired, so I’m out.

Oscar (The Answer) beat me first round, played Justin second round (B. Jenet mirror match if I recall right), Arturo offered to forfeit against Justin, we coerced them into playing some, although it wasnt too serious a fight. Oscar eliminated me from loser’s, then lost to Arturo in a fight I didnt see. The only one recording Garou was another K-Force guy, and I only saw him taping Oscar’s matches; the match I won in loser’s bracket wasn’t taped. No disrespect to the players, but I was disappointed there were only 6 entrants for Garou :frowning:

As for AE: JumpSuit Jesse took first, with an unstoppable ST Fei Long. Buktooth took second with ST Chun. First game of that match, Jesse played ST Ryu, lost, then switched back to Fei.

Team Japan took the CvS2 team tournament. All of them played solid, but we got to see Otaku the most, and he was damned impressive. Played Rock, Hibiki, Kyo in different orders in the team tournament, and played all sorts of K groove characters in casual.

Must sleep now. CvS2 pools start in 7 hours.

Further results:

Street Fighter Anniversary Edition:

  1. Jumpsuit Jesse (fights out of the losers)
  2. Buktooth (stayed in winners until finals)
  3. Phil “DSP” Burnell (lost double jeopardy to Jumpsuit)

This tournament was crazy…players like Alex Navarro, Flash G, and Jason Cole got peaced out pretty early on. Hell, I BEAT JASON COLE in the tournament, what the fuck? You know that shit is random.

Marvel Team tournament:

  1. Sanford
  2. Team Matrix (Chris “Matrix” Ellis, DSP, and John from TX)
  3. Team N.O. sorry guys, I can’t remember your names

CvS2 team tournament:

  1. Team Japan (OTK, BAS and Kindevu)
  2. Team Empire Black (Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Keith)
  3. Team Genital Discomfort (Nestor, Buktooth, Asian Hitler) - Nestor couldn’t paint the fence because he had to stop to stratch his balls, and Buktooth was so shitfaced during the majority of this tournament it’s amazing he remembered it was CvS2 and not AE
  4. Team Empire White (Jeron, Arturo, Sanford)

Tekken 5:

  1. A real Tekken player
  2. Ricky Ortiz who abused Nina’s top tieredness through the whole tournament
  3. who cares

I’m not sure the names of the people who qualified for the Texas team for SBO 3s.

Both CFJ and the CFJ SBO qualifiers were postponed until tomorrow due to the existing tournies for Friday running until SIX IN THE FUCKING MORNING YOU FAGS!

thx for the updates triforce and dsp.

DSP your ST Vega is crazy good so is Jumpsuit’s F Long.

sanford fucking beasting lol…

props to nestor too for beating the japs. and congrats to phil for getting 3rd in ae.


And gogogo team EC in 3s!