Texas Showdown 4 Planning

K, first off I know its a little early to announce it, but I think its best if we go ahead and start getting some things ready since it is our BIG tourney.

The date I got picked out is March 12,13,14

Why 3 days you ask?

Well, we might be adding events, its always been hectic trying to squeeze everything into 2 days. This way we might be able to fit everything in without worrying about time, etc.

Games(subject to change)
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Guilty Gear XX
3rd Strike
Super Turbo
Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken 4
Soul Calibur 2
Virtual Fighter 4 Evo

Depending on certain issues, a venue has not been decided on yet. I’ll have more details later on. Please post suggestions, comments, etc.

Sounds good…I’d like to nominate a Halo tournament…with this much time in advance, I’m sure we’ll get a good turnout…this past one was a flop since we only advertised it here on SRK (a mostly fighting games sight) and on a car club site. If given enough incentive for out of state people to come, I’m sure they’ll make the effort to attend it. Luis and I will talk to a few places and companies that sponsor Halo tournaments to see if we can get it sponsored. They’ll give away door prizes and lots of other cool shit if they see that it is worth putting their name on the tournament. Its up to you but I think it would be cool. Alex Navarro is sure to come to TS4 and he told me that he plays Halo…The Chief and some Nebraska cats also play…lemme know…

Puzzle Fighter!

Halo sounds like a good idea depending on the location. I also think that you should try to get more console games into the turny scene (ssb, Halo, Madden, etc)

I think we should be able to get more than 3 people to sign up for Evo this time. Thanks for not totaly giving up on this badass game. (#1 in Japan for a reason). Another thing that a few people might like is a console GGXX # reload tourney. If SBO comes after Texas shodown, i would think there would be a higher intrest in both games.

Ps. I give a thumbs down to any non traditional fighting game Tournament. Whats next? Gran Turismo? Armored Core? Best freestyle in Parappa?:lame:

Is there a chance for GG Isuka to be imported before TS4? It seems like it’d be fun for team comp, although I’m sure we have NO idea how well it’d do money-wise.

Evo just won’t happen its not for us USA’ins. And best freestlye in papper sounds good to me. :lol:

btw ima fan of vfevo

Heeheh it good to plan ahead, but arent you guys just a little worn out from lastweek for TS tournament thinking already?

sigh well dont forget Puzzle Fighter I guess

Bleh. hmm. I wouldnt mind volunteering to Write,Enter, and call names at the tourn desk. There, I have helped.

(P.S. Freestyle Parappa Tournaments are the best thing anyone has ever thought up of.ever. this reply post was just an excuse to say this)

HAHA, see thats 2 for freestlye Parapper the Rapper right there.:smiley:

You’ll be in charge of those cute lil pictures everybody loves =P

big ranma, is there any ideas on the place yet? im sure sg is too small and u mentioned no venue as of yet but is there any that yall are looking at?
also, me concern is that shit like vf and the like will not draw alot, will there be team tourneys also?

i challenge stiggz to a bubble bobble tournament…and don’t forget Golden Eye…

omg seriously maybe a bubble bobble tourn would be a good idea…

(has wasted away about 2 years just shooting colored bubbles at each other)

just saying is all:sweat:

We should have NOT have team tournaments and the CvS2 tournament on the same day. I don’t know about you guys, but I like to eat at least once a day. 24 tacos rocked the house.

I want to make a trailer for TS4. Sorry about the last trailer I had it ready the week before the torney but couldn’t host it up fast enough. Jake already has some pretty sick ideas and I’m sure with the 3 months heads up we can produce something that will blow everyone away. My aim sn is keefla402, aim me if any good idea comes up.

i think that we should NOT have VF:EVO. not only will there be a small turnout(we need 16 minumum), but it is just another game that we will not want to run( ranma knows what im talkin about). also, i think that TTT and T4 should not be in the venue unless we also get TiT to join TS4.

Eddie Pistons: please talk to ranma0005 about the TiT buisness. thanks.

p.s.: puzzle fighter would be cool

Go have a Halo tournament with your mom guyz =(

And I also agree with Kenmasters that Isuka would be a good idea. Einstein’s is going to try getting it in December, and even if the game sucks it would be fun just for the team aspect.

Also, I should have cheerleaders.

I hear from betatest reports that you can get free orbs for Zappa by hitting your partner. I’m sure you’ll abuse that. :lol:

Oh, and I hear Vanessie thinks your cute. <3

Fubar is my ex-girlfriend…

Vinny…i’ll own u in bubble bobble and goldeneye

Goldeneye is a classic but it’s all about Perfect Dark. Punching someone in the face and making their screen blurred while taking their gun and killing them with it is a feeling of joy that cannot be recreated by any other game.